The True Value Of The Material World

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hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Viva la vida de la kita Baba kitabi Wella Sharia Tabata Shariati. mavado Mila Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Furman Zhu Zhi Hua and Inari. Hillel Janata.

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wirkkala Tada, woman who may yaku Laura Bana Tina Fey, dounia Hasina orfila sen joaquina

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sort of colonialism, respect respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept us in this world and we are in this world this what is known as the material world. Also in our parlance, we also call it dunya. And this is a reality, the way we are one day going to die, which is a reality. Today we are going to go in the topper which is a reality and we are going to face the accurate which is a reality. In a similar way for us to remain in this world. In this dunya till whenever Allah decides is a reality. He dounia via karateka register after a cookie cutter up yep JP Hakata to Smith, Amara Caribbean achaia logona Dora yah yah. Now since it is a reality, what is our

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attitude towards this world? What is our attitude towards this world? In the past we find that people have used the intellect, the desires, and they have gone astray. Some people have said that this dunya in this world is just merely a bridge. We just have to cross it over and go to the accurate it is nothing yet dounia qui hottie Courtney Smith qui serenade is nothing good in this world. It is only something for you to trample upon. And you have to love an accurate is a reality and the objective. Now there have been people who have adopted this views, especially in the past Christianity. ally in the Holy Quran has made mention of it. Or a Bernie attorney better ohama

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Katana Holly him that the monasticism of early Christianity What was it? The only way you can achieve Allah pleasure is to forsake everything of this world. Dunya cipco taluk naraku who's worked up Allah tala caribou

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and tell you to not come close. You cannot come close to Allah until you don't forsake everything of this world. That is one of the views that have been no one attitude towards the world which had been adopted. Like even today there are Buddhist monks in in Nepal and other places who were absolutely nothing but one pair of clothes in the field. Until we don't do this we can come closer towards Almighty Allah Islam hasn't adopted this. Remember this what I'm saying? Islam hasn't adopted this there is no joy in life after this and love very very clearly the Holy Quran tells us yeah you

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know not to remove to you but ma Hello hola hola como believers don't make haram t but the good things of this world which Allah has made halaal don't make it haram when I thought it would go Don't go beyond the limit if you make it haram dunya ki chizuko, agar apni haram kiya

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you are going beyond the limit of Allah tala kena for Monica. You are going against the commands of Allah. Allah tala tala via cream sauce alum yeah you know you limit to harima Hello Hola Hola. Oh no, no, we do not make haram what Allah has made Allah. So this particular attitude is wrong. There is another attitude which has become more invoked today. And that is champion by the western civilization and modern civilization that everything is only dunya sapkota dunya. Only dunya only matters with regard to this world. And only worldly pleasures means everything. If you don't get worldly pleasures, you don't get wealth. You don't get material things. You are You are a failure.

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Allah Allah has also referred to this in the Holy Quran in here Illa Hayato dunya nimue to Anna here hamanaka butene. Allah tala speaks about the people who say, but Tonia saccucci everything is dunya hum curiosidad honey hyssop kutako. Honey is nothing like his app GitHub There is nothing like accountability everything is fully dunya in between these two particular aspects is the beauty

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The full aspect of Islam. Islam is disregarded both both these views. Islam doesn't say that dunya is everything. And neither does Islam say that dunya is nothing. Remember what I'm saying? Islam does not deny the importance of dunya Islam does not deny the importance of this material world. What it denies is its supremacy and its priority and lie so beautifully put it in the Holy Quran. Cool in Canada. Oh come on. Oh, come on. Oh como que como la Sierra token? Rama Luna Katara to Moo Ha. What ijarah to talk Shona, Casa de Massa keynoter, Dona de la to the people who prefer to format your life your parents, your children,

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your family and your tribe. One while you need to have the wealth that you collect, you accumulate what ijarah to your businesses which you fear loss in. The greatest fear of a businessman is that

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there must be no loss every day he's looking at his bank statement. Every day he's looking at his turn over. The greatest thing of businessmen fears is his loss with the development of Shona kasana Misaki no tortona the houses that you live in a hapa la comme la come more beloved to you than Allah is Rasool Allah say, he didn't say it is not Beloved, he says, a happy la come more beloved in a line is rhassoul more beloved than striving in the path of Allah, more beloved than Dean, then you wait for lateralus commands, then you wait for Allah subhana wa Taala as punishment. So Islam has not denied the importance, it is denied its supremacy in his priority in his proper place in his

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proper way. This material world is also good. It can also bring benefit but let us look at both views. Most but are many people look at the positive let's look at the negative. I'm going to make mention because it's a very very long topic. You can speak for many dramas, but sometimes you do speak for many drummers you lose the thrust and you lose the lesson. So I'm going to make it short. Gonna make mention of few points that you have Okay, will you remember it inshallah. Firstly, the material world is part of life's possession. It is not the entire possession multiplicate his or her man, the Holika his or her?

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wealth is part of life's possession. It is not the entire possession. And natella in the Holy Quran has spoken about more important possessions. What do you mean Allahu Akbar?

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The greatest thing is to achieve the pleasure of Allah. You remember this number one, number two, since the year after is permanent. Since the year after is permanent, the year after must be given preference over dunya.

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Since the year after is permanent, it must be given preference over dunya human care after a die me Hank was quoted in

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the policy subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Holy Quran any complaints how many times we read sub isma which is to not read at the time of

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the different times and of course to read maybe salsa mystery super surah sub Esma in Juma so there in that Surah supima Balto thirunal hayata dounia when ophira to Pharaoh abacha oh you might be in you give preference to this world, but accurate His hair

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is better. It is more permanent. Okay, give me an example of how maybe a cream sauce lamb regarding this permanency. One day Nivea cream is awesome. And very seldom it happened in the life of newbies awesome. There was a sheep that there was a sheep and a lamp or whatever. There was a sheep that was cut in the house of Nivea cream sauce and Nivea cream said Allahu Allah wa sallam came home and he answered Aisha what is left of the ship? What is left of the ship? So she replied and said one small piece of shoulder. Otherwise everything we gave it away. So do you know what maybe a crimson also said? Everything is left but the shoulder.

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Just remember, physically, definitely the shoulder was the only thing left. But how did

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you say everything is left? But the shoulder. Everything we gave is for accurate, it is more permanent. is better. Everything is left but the shoulder is not left Miss McCoy. We will use it we will eat it will qualify Danny. We're not going to get set up. Look at how beautifully put it and that is part of the higher MA in the chameleon further mama

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In the law, he buck, whatever you utilize is going to die one day, whose beautiful home most beautiful car, whatever you have done is going to die is going to perish. No one is going to take it was Alexander the Great when he died, he made, you know, he wrote down and he said, when I die, take my hand and put it outside my coffin. People said Why? He said to show people I am the greatest King in the world at that time, but I'm also going to leave without anything. Right. So my second thing, since you're after is our real abode that should take precedence. The third thing, it is not the highest of our aspirations and desires. yamahai shotkam merkez or Mahoney. Dunya is not supposed to

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be the highest of our aspirations and our desires. Therefore NaVi Sausalito Hello mulata Amina elimina, Bettina Oh Allah do not make this material world the highest of us aspirations, the reason why we gain knowledge for and be all and end all of our desires. First thing I made mention, dunia is not the highest of our aspirations and desires. Fourthly, more often than not, it takes a person towards Guna Ensign Moll bootsy Murtala Mohammed ko Nikita Mukhtar karate, more often than not kita

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kita was too hot means the Kitab of piety. Many people have written kita Busan, Mr. Muhammad Ali Rokita Abdullah Ali Rokita so in Nikita.

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Mubarak is different. There's one incident that when different type of wealth came into Madina munawwara many wells came into Madina, munawwara and it was piled up into the courtyard of Machida nabawi and humara to Latino from the morning was sitting with it wealth, and he was telling people distributed sort of came and said ameerul momineen, there is so much wealth, we can distribute it leave it in the bay tomorrow is the need comes we will distribute it to the people any sort of drama and don't leave it distributed. I want nothing in the bay tomorrow. I want all of this wealth and he started weeping. And he started weeping. And when he started weeping, you know, man said Amira,

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meaning you are crying, everyone is happy, so much wealth in this world. Can you imagine this whole South Africa is crying about wealth and wealth distribution? I'm not saying that it is wrong and not justice on its place. I'm just telling you about priority. A top seller crying, camera man said I'm a Romanian Why are you crying? He said I know I know that this world is appealing. But I also know from what the Quran says. Whenever wealth comes, it brings in its wake Guna it brings the sun, it brings in its wake enmity, it bring in its weight hostility, how many arguments are only because of this material world, when there is nothing, no one for fights. When there is nothing no one fights

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when there is wealth everyone fights. So he said, I know that this is appealing but I also know whenever it comes in brings about maybe a cream sauce them said I don't fear poverty from a woman, I feel wealth, that they will get wealth and they will become so engrossed in it and that they will become destroyed the way that people have the previous boomers became destroyed because of excessive love and engrossment to this material world. So that is the fourth thing I made mention of then Firstly, weight matters most wealth will not be any benefit. Weight matters most. It will bring no benefit until you utilize it for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala japie misurata Khurana

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to malpighi fidonet diga jeptha komnenos malko Allah tala Kira steamier

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otherwise it will bring no benefit to you in the year after wealth in itself will not be able to benefit you in fact, wealth will be a disadvantage. Well it will be a disadvantage in the in the after, because you have to give different type of accountability with regard to that wealth. The very famous Hadith which I have many times we mentioned that the acronym salsa one day was speaking about the different type of Sahaba and when he spoke about the difference Avinash said in Neela Rajan Krishna who is Mojave Mila Yachty Baba Mina Baba agenda de la casa marhaba marhaba Oh, I know a name of a person I know him. I know his father. I know his mother. Whenever he comes towards

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Jenna, the doors of Jenna will say come towards me for you to come towards me is my honor. Not your honor. And sir manifest Sugata de la mata fionn Shan, who Yasser Allah, whose great rank is this, Yasser Allah, and then we saw some said

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Abu Bakar, the Latino, and then he said I saw most beautiful palace in Ghana. I saw most beautiful petals. I said, whose penis is this? He said, Futterman Porush, a person from Porsche. And then we saw them said such a beautiful palace, perhaps

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Might be minds, and I took a step forward towards it. And an angel said, you had a cinema, this belongs to Homer. This belongs to Homer. And maybe sauce them told us, Homer, I thought of your anger. And I didn't go forward and never hasn't almost started crying and said, alcohol, her hero, so I'm going to show anger and display anger towards you. How can I do that? Then he turned towards a Brahmin. after Ramadan. I waited for you, I waited for you. When are you coming to Jenna? And then eventually you were delayed. And you came crawling into Jenna, you came crawling into Jana? And I said, Why are Rasulullah he said we had wealth. We have to give his up five days No, well, no, he's

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up. Today, if you go for example, for any trip trip, and you go to the checkout counters, buy whatever you got nothing, I only got him luggage Go quickly. Whatever you got, I got checking luggage, how much weight is it now overweight, not overweight, how much? You see, if you got weight, if you got check in luggage, you have to give this up. You got no checking luggage to go straight in. In a similar way. In general, it is going to be the same thing. How much you got? How much you got? Give yourself? Is it overweight? How much Allah gave you did you make enough? Do you make enough good for that? And that will take you some of that. So there where it matters most, it won't

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be an advantage. It might be a disadvantage. That's a fourth thing I made mentioned. And then the sixth thing it is not the criteria for success. It is not the criteria for success come Joby or who Sheikha parvana ne, ml Tamia p or who Sheikha Purana Lee, this is something you must get out of our heads. Sometimes I find it so amazing. A person he will say I am a failure in life. But why are you a failure in life? I didn't make enough money. He himself says this. Then what can you think of a person when he himself is saying I'm a failure? Because I made several business endeavors. Nothing past nothing but God, God good for me. So I'm a failure. On what basis Did you regard yourself as a

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failure on the basis that we made money, God made money didn't make him successful,

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didn't have money didn't make him unsuccessful, Yala, where we bought this whole particular notion with regard to it. So this is an aspect. I've given you six points with regard to the negatives. Will you remember it the material world wealth is part of life's possession. Not the most important aspect of life. The year after is more permanent, it should take preference. Thirdly, it is not the highest of our aspirations and desires. Fourthly, more often than not, it makes you engage in sin. Firstly, where it matters most, it will not be of benefit. And then secondly, it is not the criteria for success and happiness, six points I've made mention of. Now, let us look at the other aspect.

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The other aspect is, as I said, Islam doesn't regard the world as nothing. Islam regards the wall also has something in this particular regard.

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In this particular regard, look at what the Quran has made mention of with regard to the positive

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benefit, dounia Asana, Allah give us good in this world. So Allah Allah has told us that this world is also good, therefore we want good of this world. Allah didn't say, I don't want this world

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in higher to Sahaba hasn't this

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person making dua and in that particular job, he was making dua to Allah, save me from this world, save me from this world has a lot to say what type of dua you are making. He said, I'm making dua that Allah saved me from the school is they don't make this dua. Don't you want? Well, he said, I want Don't you want children I want. So he said that, you know, then don't make this law. Make this type of to Allah grant us the good of this world, in Congress, and save us from the evil of this world. We want the world but we want the good. We don't want the world to take us away from Allah. We don't want the world to take us away from relationships. Today, this is an aspect people are

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building their their whole relationship based on wealth.

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And wealth is taking us away from Allah Allah commands laterally Kamala Kamala Hola, como en de la. Oh believers do not allow this material world to make you neglectful of Allah, to not let it ever ever I'm saying this again, to not let well become a criteria in relationships. Many of the disputes we have is because of wealth.

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Many times estates many a times family businesses people are fighting because of wealth. Don't let this world Imam Shafi Rahmatullah used to say bye, you will get another piece of land, you will get another wealth. Once you break a relationship, that relationship won't come back again.

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People are fighting. So one day there was a people were fighting with regarding was st the father left behind some big property. So the small brothers, they came to the big brother, they said by you make decision, you are the big brother, you will make fair justice, we believe in you, you are the big brother. So they put him on a pedestal. So, he said on it, I will make I will make himself I will make now proper distribution. So when all the brothers and the sisters and the nephews they came, so the big brother, he gave his decision, what decision he said, he said this entire property from the earth till the ceiling till the end of the ceiling belongs to me.

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So all the other people are looking at the bigger brother. He said what type of justice is this? He say for us? He said I've given you more. He said what? from the ceiling till the seven heavens is yours. Your sub abcya to buy them this type of things. How is going to happen? One day in the time of Libya Crimson Allahu Allah wa sallam. There was two Sahaba one silver lane to another savvy and listen to this. As he sold the land to this hobby. There was some treasure that was found in that land. So they were both they went to Nivea cream sauce. Now they fighting we're fighting this is mine. Not yours. Day fighting this is not mine. This is yours. So the one who sold says jasola when

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I sold him the property I sold him the property and whatever it belongs is his this person saying yeah rasulillah when I bought it I bought the property I didn't buy the wealth it's easy it's not mines Can you imagine they fighting not mines yours today everyone fighting mines Mira sub coach, who's Kearney? This is completely opposite. Never heard them. Nobody saw them in quiet started speaking to them by Do you have any children once that I got a son, once I got a daughter, let me start silom said testing, get them married, give the wealth to them. So Allah so this aspect, brothers the same wealth has been the means of people rising up one day in a time of avocado

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villatoro there was drought and a lot of wealth game now because it's drought everyone is worried about this. Now all of a sudden days demand is demand for this, this goods and all the wholesalers are there for that goods and hoodie belongs to us.

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And they come to us man or someone sell us. We want to wholesale this now. We everyone will want this beer because this is such a great demand in the market. And one of the lotto is in charge of the goods. How much will you give me? Someone said double the market value? Someone said three times the market value. Someone said no, I don't want to sell it. So one person said was man who are you going to sell it to? All the people who buy the goods? are you? Who are you gonna sell it to someone who said will you give me 10 times the market value? He said no.

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He said mala he said man jabil has already fallen washu I'm fairly happy. Whenever does one right is this Allah multiplies it 10 times I have given everything because of the drought in the path of Allah go and give it to the poor, they are suffering go and give it to the poor. right this is what the Latino was mundo de la jolla gave so much wealth in so much wealth. That's our say that nebia creme de la silla many gave dinars over dinners and gold coins over gold coins. So we saw someone was playing with those gold coins and he was crying and he said Mother rose man mamilla bada boom nothing What happened was man after what he has done today, nothing will harm us man. Oh go was one

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your agenda t because of your generous now Where did he get gender from? From this material world? He got gentlemen from Estonia. many examples I can give time as ellipse. So this is an aspect. Always when we speak you must speak with a perspective. Sometimes you only speak about one side we only speak about the other side, get the right perspective. These days most but admin fee there is positive and negatives, we must all strive to get that which is positive, not that which is negative kringla inshallah, we'll all do it. inshallah, towards the end, just one or two small announcements. Today brothers, there is 10 that is outside on the right hand side of the masjid, the Muslim aids

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program. It is our Islamic contribution towards the fight against AIDS. And we know that one of the greatest ways of preventing age is through the means of abstention and not making haram for not getting involved in things which are Haram. In this particular template will be templates that will be highlighting the Islamic aspect. There is also an aspect of testing yourself for HIV. Now we don't we don't deny or we don't say that we doubt anyone. But of course, today there is a great appeal from the government to know your status because you know your status. They especially in those communities, where it is widespread, it becomes a means of combating it. So let us be amongst

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those who are not worried and we will test to know our status to make it widespread. We are

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Living in a community you can't be alone on your own, you are not an island on your own. So this particular aspect is a 10th. Big go and go past the 10 if you get an opportunity, the second thing but as we all know that there are different situations in the world, our Muslim community and Muslim Ummah is facing a lot of challenges and oppression, injustice, sometimes this year, sometimes it's there, in those last few weeks and months to countries in particular have become the target of great oppression and injustice. One is Burma, and one is Kashmir. Great amount in Kashmir. You can imagine the Golem in Burma you can imagine the zulum in Kashmir, there is a specific campaigns sometimes to

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rape the Muslim woman to rob them of the honor and sometimes to shoot in such a way which makes people blind 1000s of people have become blind. And in this particular way, part of our response, they should be other responses also but at least this much, I will make an appeal to rockets of namaz after after Juma for the people of these lands inshallah we'll do that. May Allah Allah give us also part of making dua for rain is that we seek is to find forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala that rain can come we know in our country there are certain situations where water restrictions have applied by part of that is to make it stiffer and we'll make it stiffer and

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lighter as possible inshallah come down May Allah give us a trophy.