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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala manana v

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ahmadu photo Villa community shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, in Accra McComb in de la here at Capcom, Sara Kala will assume

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respected elders and brothers.

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One of

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the aspects that human beings have been grappled with from the beginning of time has been debt of socio social classification and merit,

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who is better than another person? And On what basis is he better?

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Who is better than another person and On what basis is he better is something that human beings have been grappling with from the inception of time.

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You would recall his the Quran reminds us that when Allah tala told the angels to make sister in front of Adam alayhi salatu was Salam. The angels is is they want Leia Suna Lama Amara, whom they never go against the commands of Allah, they immediately they responded. He believes who was with them? He did not do so. And what did he say? I

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mean, I'm better than Adam, social classification and merit. I am better than Adam. Why am I better than Adam collected him in our wahaca woman, I have been created from fire. He's been created for me a Deus. So shaytan used substance from what he was created to regard himself as superior to Adam alayhis salam. So from the very beginning, we've got this argument. Then.

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Another aspect is that people regard themselves superior to other people on the basis of their wealth.

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Right. It is not something that is correct. But it is something that is common. And that Allah in the Holy Quran has said about a conversation between the owner of two gardens who was extremely wealthy, and a person who was not in that category. He didn't have that wealth, and the exact word which allow users in Surah Kahf, which we are supposed to recite today. And UK federal min Kamala was una Farah, I got more wealth than you because I got where more wealth than you I'm better than you, I'm more honorable than you. So some people have used the amount of wealth they have as a basis that I'm better than you. And there has also been discredited in the Holy Quran, where Allah tala

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hit showed that qarun despite the wealth that he had, together with his wealth, he was destroyed. But

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some people have used the ethnicity and the tribe they belong to as a basis of regarding themselves as superior to other people. Something that is very common. I'm from royal blood. I'm from this particular village, and I don't even know the name, but he's just name I've got to be very careful what I say. I'm from alipore. I am from kholvad. You know, I'm from lodgepole. I am better than you because I come from these particular villages, or from this ethnic group or from this tribal group. I'm a causa I'm a Zulu, and Zulus are supposed to be having royal blood. I am better than a causa or pedi it's something that is there. Allah tala has also refuted that and has discredited that. Thus

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we find that and that Allah has made mentioned with regard to that, as I will go on to make mention so and Sam will come here and he said the Messiah button. These lineages and tribes are for the sake of identification, not for the sake of regarding yourself superior. So what I'm trying to prove to you is that this has always been the situation of humankind, that they read, use different false merits to regard themselves superior to other people. And perhaps and that is the topic for my crowbar. Today, the most shameful tendency of humankind has been to use the color of your skin as the basis of being superior to another person to use the color of your skin to be and regard

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yourself superior to another person on the basis of the color of your skin. And this is something that human beings have always been doing not only in the time of apartheid South Africa, even before that, Allah tala in the Holy Quran has made mentioned with regard to the creative power of Allah. Woman it

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was killer for Allah cinetic Omar

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awareness amongst the signs of Allah He created the heavens and earth. And he made people into different races, different colors with different languages that Allah has created people with different races, different colors, is not a basis of superiority It is part of the creative power and the greatness of under. Now this aspect of regarding yourself superior on the basis of the color of your skin is not only now it happened in the time of Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wasallam the Arabs prior to Islam, Islam brought a change to it. They used to have great racial prejudice to such an extent that when Nivea cream sauce, conquered Mecca, and you would recall that nebia Kareem sallahu

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alayhi wa sallam made a statement and nebia cream sauce Islam told Bilaal a black ever senior and slave to stand on the top of the cover to give the call for us and

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it didn't happen after that, and is not the norm. This was because nebia Karim saw cillum conquered Mecca and maybe salsa made a statement bilello raviolo to climb on the top of the cover, and he gave us

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and the Arabs of the time who are now what not missing. The resource limit given them amnesty now they're seeing this. They were recorded in the books of history. Some of them said we are happy that our father died before seeing this disgraceful day that a black Abyssinian slave is standing on top of the tower and is giving the other

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this is something that how the Arabs of the time were they couldn't even comprehend something like this happening. It is also manifested in certain ways. So you'll find that as

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an m&m companion one day, address as a beloved with your mouth run when told him the son of a black Abyssinian slave.

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And when we are cutting sauce and came to know about it, maybe a Kareem saw some said our boozer

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you are a person who still have traces of ignorance in you.

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said such a statement is ignorance, it is credit of

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that he became the greatest proponent there after of equality, he took equality to another height.

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And he

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taught the aspect of abolishing all types of class discrimination. It was to the credit but he saw some rebuke abuser and said, You have traces of ignorance. Brothers, when we start regarding

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people superior on the basis of the color of your skin, or another person is inferior on the basis of the color of the skin. What you are by implication saying

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and listen to this very carefully. Eliyahu Billa Allah made a mistake in his creation.

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You are saying that Allah made a mistake in his creation by creating someone inferior. You are implying that and that Allah has made a mistake in his creation. And that is why our beloved Maria Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam has made mentioned with regards to it, making a clear cut distinction that people coming from different races, different ethnic groups different tribes has never been for the basis of superiority. Yeah, you are nurse enough fella Tanaka min Zachary won't

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come show what other

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people we have created to in from one male and female we have made to into different races and tribes and colors for the sake of identification, not for the sake of superiority. In a Chroma come in the law here at koco. The most honorable amongst you are those who are the most pious, the most honorable amongst you are those who are the most pious

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that is an nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam proclaimed this long before it became trendy. In the celebrated could have had

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long before it became trendy. Now of course, whether people follow it or not, whether people live by it or not. It has become trendy, trendy to speak about, you know, we against racism. So our Constitution, for example, speaks against racism. Long before the famous. I Have a Dream speech of Martin Luther King, where he said I have a dream that my small children will grow up in a society that they will not be judged by the color of the skin, but they will be judged by the content of a character. The very famous speech of him I have a dream long before that. Libya Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam told the people in the celebrated football or people Now fortunately Arabic

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In other words,

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there is no superiority of the other over the other, there is no superiority of that.

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There is no superiority of the white over the black, and there is no superiority of the black over the white. Except you all start off on an equal footing. You are all equal, except the one who searches ahead, he searches ahead not on the basis of the color of his skin, or his race, or his tribe, or the amount of wealth that he has, or his social status status, or his fame. He searches ahead on the basis of righteousness. This is what our beloved Maria Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam came to be known for. And he proclaimed it long before it has become at least an ideal for which Muslims or at least human beings, talk about that particular ideal, recent happenings that our

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country has brought this particular aspect once again to the for what has happened in Durban, what has happened in Phoenix, what has happened in other places has brought this particular aspects when our tongue, people have spoken about racism, people have spoken about the aspect with regard to it. And he's not only here in South Africa. This morning, while I was just sitting busy doing some research on this topic, I saw an article by the yaqeen Institute in America. And this listen to this, they said two thirds of black American Muslims, two thirds 60% of black American Muslims have felt a certain degree of discomfort in coming to the massage

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in this was a survey that was carried out in 2017.

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And of course, we know that when you look at the definition, no, white is superior to a black and no back is superior to a white. The definition works both ways. They can be racism, and they can be reverse racism. But throughout history, and especially recent history, black people have been the people who have been marginalized, they have been on the oppressed, and they have the people who have been on the receiving end of oppression. So therefore, when we talk of racism, normally it is, although by definition, it can mean both ways, racism and reverse racism, but because they have been the target of oppression, it is normally the way it is meted out to the black people. And I know it

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is very important for us to make mention with regard to it, that

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for people

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who have been known for the race, racial equality, from the time of our beloved, maybe occurring SummerSlam, a person came in the budget have never murdered anybody. Right? He was from one of the prominent Arab tribes. And when he came there, he saw nebbia cream sauce and I'm sitting in a gathering with the Quraysh. What's the answer? What's so hateful Brown, who was a white person from sue him from Rome, below from Abyssinia, and salmaan, an Asian so we could say baby, perhaps a brown skinned person, like from India, Pakistan, and Asia, he saw them all sitting in a gathering. And he walked away from there saying, I can understand if Muhammad was teaching to the Arabs, I would have

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perhaps looked at it. But look at this whole particular situation, that he's teaching to her, you know, a group of people who are coming from such diverse backgrounds, the vehicle themselves silom did not listen to him that we saw slums, you know, defended, that this is the beauty of Islam, that we accommodate. And we have equality with regard to people that come from different races, backgrounds. We never ever regard ourselves superior on the basis of that. we regard ourselves superior. On the basis of taqwa a person who has taqwa is superior in Islam, even if he has to be a poor person, with a person that is not looked upon in a social status is very highly, and a person

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who is not righteous. He can have the greatest, greatest social classification. He is doomed. He is cursed, even if he be the uncle of novia curry sauce alum

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who is greater in terms of social classification? Who is greater than the database, that tribe come from the tribe of Islam? The point that I'm going to make is very important that, yes, the accusation with regard to racism sometimes has political motivation in South Africa.

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It has political motivation. However, for us, we have been the greatest proponents from historically for racial equality. For us, even to be accused of racism is a tragedy.

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For someone who has throughout our history, we have been known for racial equality. We change people's life because of that, Malcolm X, Hadji Malik Malik Shabazz Muhammad came from America, where there was deep seated and deep rooted, you know, racism

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And then in his autobiography, he writes his beautiful words.

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I never,

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ever thought that I will see with my own eyes get spectacle, that a black Muslim from Africa, and a Muslim from the Scandinavian country with blond hair, and the face of complexion, would be performing the same rights together, standing shoulder to shoulder, I never, ever thought this would be possible, until I saw it. And he changed his own situation becoming a true Muslim, going away from the Nation of Islam to become the Sunni Muslim.

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So, brothers, that is what we are known for. And for us to be accused with regard to the opposite is a tragedy. And therefore, I will conclude by saying that we have to be very careful with regard to this portrayal. We have to challenge racism, if it happens in our minds, even if it happens from our friends, who sometimes use wrong language, we have to challenge it and put it to a stop immediately. Who are we to say that to you know, a certain word, you know, that is used, if it's hurtful to other people, by the definition of Islam, it is able to use it.

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If someone dislike something that you are saying, then for you to use that word, it is hibbott it is backbiting what it may be. So some said saying something about a person if he comes to know about it, he just likes it that is revert. So if you use to refer to a person of a particular race with a, with a word that they dislike, it is Hibbert, it is backbiting. We have to watch our tongue with regard to it. And we have to empathize. And we have to be very careful in portraying the true Islam picture and the true Islamic teachings with regard to racial equality, the way Islam has taught us, May Allah give us the topic of making Allah What an amazing thing I can say what

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I can say with it.

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But all the people that we regard is honorable, on the basis of your race, on the basis of your ethnicity, on the basis of your wealth, on the basis of your fame, on your formation, in terms of your social classification in the society, put them one side, put one bill on one side,

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without data will outweigh one of them.

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Despite how we look upon people from a particular race, that has always keep that in mind.

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