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Ebrahim Bham


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Ml Ebrahim Bham speaks about avoiding disputes.

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The negative impact of social interaction on human health and relationships is discussed, emphasizing the importance of avoiding misunderstandings and disputes in order to avoid damaging relationships. The use of illiteracy to avoid damaging relationships and the importance of finding one's own resolution and avoiding accusations of mistake are also emphasized. The importance of forgiveness and the responsibility of others is also highlighted. The segment provides tips for avoiding an argument and maintaining a healthy relationship, emphasizing the importance of finding one's own resolution and avoiding accusations of mistake.

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Hello Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah he Allah hilmi bada

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bada bada qulity was salat wa salam O Allah Gambia

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where Allah Allah He was Javi was seldom at the Sleeman Kathy and Kathy raw

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photo villa. Tony rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. While at the naza oferta

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de hukum was

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set up Allahu la Zim

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respected elders and brothers,

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you and I, as human beings, we are social beings.

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We interact with one another

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and these great benefits in interacting with one another, communicating with one another, having relationship with one another.

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And Allah Allah mentions the favors of Allah upon human beings. Allah Allah says Allah Collinson, Allah will be an AI created human being and I gave him the faculty Faculty of speech and communication that he can communicate with one another.

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Now via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a hadith in Sahih Muslim and Muslim lady you Holly to nurse

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Cairo Mina, Muslim Isla de la Holly buenas

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a Muslim who interacts with people and he makes supper upon the inconvenience is better than a Muslim who does not interact with people. And he does not have to bear the inconvenience many times people say we are independent. I am Casa Casa Milan a charter that is not a Muslim, a Muslim is He who meets people and he interacts with people. And in interaction there is sometimes inconvenience. And one of the aspects in interaction is that there is always

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an aspect of misunderstanding disputes. When you interaction interacting. There's always going to be a charged chance of misunderstanding disputes arguments. Look at the beauty of a last column and the last was an alarm makes mention of the fuzziest of Hajj. And Allah Allah says it had his photos for Man Photography hidden al Hajj fella Rafa Tawana, for suka wala Judah

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in hajj becomes porous amongst the things we had when it becomes Paris. When you go for Hajj, don't make jakara don't go and argue and disputes because you are meeting people. When there is a meeting and occasion of meeting there's also the possibility of disputes. So Allah specifically says, Well, don't go and fight in hedge because it had you a meeting. And today there is edit dimensions with regard to fighting in hedge. Sometimes jamela sometimes is out so people are fighting. So illiteracy is in heights don't go and fight what I did Allah Phil Hodge, this is the reality. Now argumentation and dispute is no ordinary matter. In sand coprosma Monday, July or Musalia kisara Tim, click here

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is Darren OPERS Mick Jagger, Jagger Kasama kidnapper to a three cheesehead ally in the Holy Quran, it said, We're currently in Santa Clara Shay in general, a human being is prone towards argumentation. He is prone towards disputes. There's always a time there is an opportunity for dispute we've got to suppress the number what I'm saying we have to suppress the desire to get involved in argumentation. Geography is a bizarre and Natalia sometimes is a very various way. They say one day the husband and wife are talking so the husband and wife now they were supposed to come at a very important anniversary. So the wife gave a hint to the husband and said I want to give that

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can go from zero to 100 in spile six seconds she was now hinting towards a very fast car. So the husband went to get her a weighing scale

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also go from zero to 100 in one second. So human being is by nature argumentative now this is not an easy matter to know he's gonna be a Mercury supernatural Allah tala kurama jaggery Allah tala Kira mucha Hama Maroon cordata Wanaka NASA Oh, don't argue

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In disputes don't dispute for tough Shalu Allah will take over your strength and Allah subhanho wa Taala will make you cowards. When you argue in dispute, Allah tala takes away your strength look at what is happening, whether it be in the mud, whether it be sometimes many great empires, family empires, they started arguing and disputing what happened with him and natella took away the strength and allow will make you cowards. The reason why today we are cowards to be able to face the challenges and the enemies of this world because we are fighting with one another. So illiteracy is what

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it takes away.

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Rama totally makes mention of Hadith in Sahih Bukhari Karim saw Selim was coming to tell the people the precise night of raela to cater to people who are fighting and because of the two people fighting ethnocracy rights, the pernicious pneus of that Allah tala took away that knowledge of the day of gamut. Don't ask me okay geography Allah subhanho wa Taala a little cutter. He just said Hirata and Atlanta, Moscow Maroon Korea, chakra Cuba. Then on MRI, I said look, man's very beautiful statement. May May you Cyril Mira, yes, Timo use them. He who gets involved in an argument. He will either swear someone or someone who swore him

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to secrecy jerrica yato kisi ko gallega, Yaki, Sica, Gali Sunita, whoever gets involved in an argument, either he's going to swear someone, he's going to abuse someone or someone who's been abused or sway him. So what's the benefit? This is a very beautiful statement of Abdullah, Hassan Al Hussein that the Allahu Allahu said, when someone asks you, what do you think about disputes? So you say disputes and arguments, spoils old friendships. How many times people have friendships are so long, they argue they dispute the friendship has gone down the drain, and service firm relationship. It is at the very least a means of overpowering others in argument which is a greatest reasons for

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arguing for cutting off ties. So even if you have an argument with someone, even if you beat him in the argument, you will win the argument you will lose the person so you will win that but afterwards you will lose the person. So therefore to stay away from our and also it creates ill feelings and hatred amongst people. arguments and dispute creates ill feelings and disputes. So therefore, Islam and our beloved maybe a Kareem saw Selim the Quran has told us to stay away from arguments now how do we do so? Let me give you a few fourth few few tips. One is stay away from an argument before it happens. juggle a sip bandage aggressive Bizarro Jericho, Jericho, pass mud on a dinner. Don't let

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an argument come close to you. And this is a Quranic hint with a thought of a homology Luna called Osama. When an ignorant person engage you in argument. Hallo Salama, says salam, I don't want to get involved in an argument.

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Very famous Hadith which we quote at the time of Ramadan, that when you are when you are Sam Bahu

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when someone wants to argue with you when you got Rosa folio, Cole, Delon, to him in a moon sign. I am a person who is fasting my Buddha, Buddha nature, yeah, I don't want to get involved. So when you are fasting and someone comes to argue with you tell him nicely. I don't want to argue with him. First thing to avoid a dispute is don't let the dispute come near you avoid the dispute before it happens. And this is also very important. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation you know you're not going to agree with someone you know in a family you're not agreeing with someone and there is a possibility of an argument. I will never say cut off relationship in the emotional argument

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to maintain the relationship is part of human cut down. If you feel there is a possibility of having an argument with someone have less to do with him. Again kisi kisaki Nova yonder yonder Chavo to settle Luqman Kimiko

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Tanaka, Tanaka taluks a partner, they can put that down so you don't get involved in an argument. First thing, the second thing Allah have made mentioned that consider unilateral withdrawal.

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Sometimes consider if you are having an argument someone just walked away from that argument. Walk away from that argument. It's sometimes very difficult upon the ego, your netscaler Bob Bashara Nicolas

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Rihanna you're allowed to enter Ramat or risky Jessa or SP sahab Subhan Allah. What a great thing to walk away from an argument via cream sauce No daddy Tina Buddha would

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even be biting fee was subtle Jana lemon, Tara Kamara, who am

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I guarantee a house in the middle of Jelena for a person who walks away from an argument? while he is correct? Hmm. I will repeat that. I guarantee

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a house in the middle of Jannah for a person who walks away from an argument while he is on the right. So hon Allah, it's such an amazing thing. Maybe Australia, Janet casamino johaug perawatan Jackie walk hamartia her young children.

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Janet massaman ditto, they would Janet malayala sometimes consider unilateral withdrawal. It is a very difficult thing. But it is very rewarding. The third thing is forgive a person who has done you wrong. Forgive him. So Angela, so if someone has done you're wrong, go and forgive him. It is something that is so rewarding. It is closer towards the sooner nebia cream sauce Rahman Allah subhanho wa Taala encouraged us to do so.

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But we don't like to forgive my dear respect, we like to keep the fans of argument all the time. Husband and wife was one day fighting. So when they were fighting, they were going on the road. So you see now how it happens instead of not forgiving. They started now cheering one another, they started you know, poking and provoking one another. So one of the spouses I won't say who nowadays you have to be gender sensitive. So Oh, so when they were growing they saw a group of donkeys on the side. So one of them told others your relatives

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so the other one replied, Yes my in laws.

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You see how we fight all the time? So forgive my dear respective brothers learn to forgive what is forgiveness? Allah in the Holy Quran says What shall we say yet in sia to Mithra

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forgiveness is a right to which you are entitled to but you forego it for the sake of Allah.

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You you are entitled to that right? Someone is offering you 100 grand, you are entitled to that 100 grand he doesn't want to give you his making a big argument. And you say go from an alpha drala you forgive him pick n your reward was we were Allah tada wonderful Akram otaku I'm just giving you the definition. I'm not saying you must necessarily forgive but the definition is to a right you are entitled to but you forgive for the sake of Allah Wanda for Accra taqwa, if you forgive it is closer towards taqwa. It is closer towards piety. It is an amazing aspect and many times people consider forgiveness a weakness. It is very wrong. Only those can forgive who are the strongest because they

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have control over their emotions. Despite the hurt they tend to move on to overcome the grudges. Since a lie in the Holy Quran, while a man sabara in a radical amin as we know more, the man who makes suffer and forgives it is an act of great courage.

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It is an act of great courage to courage is not to take revenge

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that the two year gap capacity or adrena analogy was to scrub masculinity. Another Holy Quran says well, yahoo

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yahoo yahoo.com there's a very long incident behind this I won't go into it. It was pertaining to our karate Ultron who said he will not forgive those and will not do good to those who has been in the forefront of doing what have been in the forefront of spreading rumors about his own daughters Eliyahu Pilla Alia who are co founder passion with regard to his daughter's immortality Leah

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has said I will never give them any charity. I used to help them now and help them after helping me helping them this is what they did. And I says Well, yeah, when I live in

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a desert we have such a great person. Well yafo pardon them forgive them. Allah to Hippo, don't you love Allah must forgive you? When Abubakar heard this? He said yeah Allah I wish that you must forgive me I forgive them.

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Via Karim saucepans, Hadith, whoever pardons these three things that he saw some said I will take an oath on I will only relate the one that is to the topic. No one forgives another person except a lateral increases in honor.

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With no one forgives another person except Allah tala increases

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honor and respect. So my dear respective brothers it is something that we have to keep in mind. Sometimes you forgive not to the person who is who you forgiving is worth your forgiveness, but you forgive for your own sake to bring peace unto yourself. Third thing forgive. Then sometimes also there is an aspect of making surah Allah in the Holy Quran says was suhaila Sula is very, very good. What is compromised Kuru Salaam, je Zubaydah Muslim in a cream sauce woman said in a hadith every compromise is permissible between Muslims except that compromise which makes a halal haram or vice versa. And what is this something what is compromise? compromise is you got a problem. Use give and

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take you say I'm entitled to 1000 I will compromise I will take 500 instead of the 1000 that is due to me for the sake of reaching a compromise and for the sake of closing the argument. A Soho higher. What is the lesson the Quran says Sula is very, very good. It is here. So sometimes is an aspect of making Sula. Then another aspect with regard to it is, if you can't make sure that you can compromise, then you go for mediation and arbitration.

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Then you go to someone who can resolve your differences. We're in Clifton shikaka, bay Nima, forbartha, hakama min Allahi, WA hakama min Alia, if there's a difference between the husband and wife, then the husband appoints someone from his side, the wife appoints someone from her side. He read his law Hi, if they come together, wishing that they must be reconciliation and law will reconcile them. So the other aspect with regard to resolving your dispute is go for mediation, arbitration, go and give it to someone who's got the wisdom to be able to resolve the differences. So this is a reality with regard to it. Now, just two more other points I will make mention of one

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other aspect is it's also been given the harms of disputes and arguments. It's also the responsibility of other people. When you know that someone is having an argument and dispute to try and resolve it. In

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house Leo Bay in Hawaii, we all know the first portion of the iron, Muslims and Mormons are brothers and to one another for us to reconcile brothers. So if you know that there is someone who is arguing, in your family, in your community, you got influence, use your influence to stop the arguing. Stop the disputes. Right? That is a Quranic guide. We also in another way, if at any minimum we need to be Noma if people are fighting, bring them together. And

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we have zealot daraja Takai milele wasa Amina hora

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de tola Sahaba Sharon, I tell you something that is even more rewarding than salads and charity balaia Rasul Allah tell us jasola what is even more rewarding than salads a cotton charity and

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bring people together reconcile

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cities Novato Georgia card salad or tahajjud sippy burger, Nicki jasola bataya logo Caribbean sunako

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Jagger a wicked Damion sulaco because I will say let me sell some said because jakara and disputes here Holly

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it's it is a shaver and I don't say it shaves off your hair. He doesn't start a shaver that shaves your hair, it shaves your D it takes away your dean. So Logan sulaco Lastly, don't ever get involved in religious arguments.

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Especially human because Allah Allah is mentioned religious arguments is for the Allah. You and I you know what must we get involved in various arguments by we just get involved? Joker Nikita Walker Thoreau Madhavi boss monokini fall to occur much Matina ii allama, Barrera body's most beautiful poem. I never got involved in religious arguments. I don't have spare intellect to get involved in religious arguments. And you know, what if mother la comunidad alhuda illa auteuil jeden maybe a creme de la la la Solomon says there is no one who goes astray after begin he given given Hidayat except through the means of unnecessary argumentations. Mr. Moser said whenever Almighty wants evil

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to befall some people, he keeps them in continuous disputes and arguments and make them stop doing good deeds. Whenever allow once evil whenever

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wants to punish someone. He makes them get involved in arguments and they stop doing good deeds. And that'll keep us away from all types of juggler. I've given you the hands and has given you certain practical measures of staying away from juggler Elektra keepers all the time, and keep us away from all types of unnecessary disputes and arguments are for that one and

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we are fortunate. Today we have Holly Sutton, Amani who is a very prominent curry who has the ability not only to recite very beautiful but also has the ability to imitate the famous scorer of the world, whether it be the mouth of the heart, I mean other people and inshallah you will be performing the goodbye inshallah