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The speaker is exploring a historical site in Dr. Frankenstein where they are impressed by the overwhelming victory and the people of the town who were punished with rewards and captured and imprisoned. They encourage viewers to read the history and learn from it. The group of people who were captured and punished with rewards and captured and imprisoned were punished with rewards and captured and imprisoned were punished with rewards and captured and imprisoned were punished with rewards and captured and damages. The importance of verifying information and following the system of their religion to avoid becoming too crazy and risk getting too far out of control is emphasized.

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us Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you around you and make peace emanate in all that you do today. Friends, it's a wonderful off, you can feel the breeze. I'm here at Masha Toba, the first month of Islam. A wonderful discussion can be had about it, but we're here out on the religious sites that we are visiting today. We're going to visit Mrs. Kuba but I want to save some of the real for her. So we are in day three let's get ramped up see what the day has for us. Maybe a Hamam visit, which is like a spa. place to get a massage and stretched out and get another workout in. Let's see what the day has in store. Welcome guys. Let's keep hugging a set. Armonico Morocco LA.

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Oh the villa Jimenez shaytani R rajim. I will do my best to give you a quick update made it here to Hamam Hannah, and feel it in my whole body is to bark Allah. So these moments you don't know what to say. But it's the right type of healing that you want to have before Hutch. If there weren't so few people in the masjid I wouldn't even be making the video. But here we are in Masjid Kuba. This is the extension area here that you're looking at. And that is the prayer space. Anyone who comes here and makes wudu and prays to her car has the reward of Umrah let's go get completely forgiven and get ready for the next step. To show you on your own he has been on Laguna you know,

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on a gun dog on bone model shooting all me.

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Let's get our prayer on today's technology, utilizing the prayer to heal yourself to V align the joints and to utilize the vehicle that is prayer to transcend this world to leave the body in a posture to train the mind to repeat the vicar and for delighting the soul free.

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The idea is a quick recap a quick cliff notes in Arabic

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landmarks the word for landmarks is my limb.

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And what does that mean? A legislative man landmark. The Muslims in the second year after the hedge Allah, they participated in the famous battle of Beddoe. The believers were not going for a battle. They had other intentions in mind that are not pleased that these people who are part of their community, part of their society, part of the economy are leaving Mecca. So they would actually try everything in their power to stop them as well. So we have stories of families being separated, where a wife is taken away from her husband, and the child is taken away from her mother in law, we have instances where people are stripped of all their wealth, right all their material possessions

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were taken away. There's instances where people were captured and imprisoned. There were even instances where people were killed. So in this scenario, the Companions slowly slowly started migrating until the Prophet SAW Saddam was then given permission to migrate. And then after the prophets, so then migrated to Medina. This really, really made the people of Polish extremely angry, that How dare the prophets all sudden them and his companions leave our town without our permission? Like how dare they go and establish a rival state? How dare they go and attack our gods and our way of life and establish a community completely different than ours? So they were boiling from inside.

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And in that anger, things took place. And there's a bunch of you know, I encourage everyone to read the Sierra to read the history. But there was all of these factors in play that led towards the first battle of Islam, which was the Battle of

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my brother took place. And it was it was really an unfair advantage for the people of Manish that they had an army of 1000 people verse, how many,

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three 300 300 ill equipped companions, no weaponry, no horses, nothing, fighting against 1000 strong army of foolish. And this was an absolute victory for the prophets, Allah Allah sent him and for his snap. And this is an amazing incident. Again, I encourage everyone to read the history of the Battle of better and learn about it and read the lessons that can be drawn from it and all of the guidance that comes from that incident. But this was an overwhelming victory. And because it was an overwhelming victory, again, the people of coalition were humiliated, but they were also extremely angry. So they swore they took an oath and we are going to get revenge the following year, and they

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made this appointment and they set it up. And that's what led eventually towards the Battle of

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they ended up in a battle where they were far outnumbered, and they were not prepared for war. But Allah sent them his army. This is all

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So a legislative place to visit because the prophets are Saddam himself would visit it and he would send his salutations upon the martyrs that we have illustrious companions that were killed on this martyr on this battlefield such as Hamza or the Allahu Allah, the Lion of Allah ma of the heavens in the earth that we don't see. And they had an overwhelming victory. And so the pagans of Galatia of Mecca wanted to avenge the losses that they incurred in the Battle of Bedouin. So they sent an army to attack the believers here in Medina. And this was in the third year after the Hijrah, when bussola heard that an army was approaching he sent people to verify the news, right that uncle of

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the prophets all along where it was sent him, you got hung vada mercy rule Mara, humble that was made by whom? Angel angels you have Abner available, the other one who was extremely rich and Maccha. But as soon as he entrances them, his family disowned him. And at the time of his martyrdom, he did not have enough cloth to cover his entire body alone, then when they would cover his head, his feet would be exposed when their cover his feet, his head would be exposed. So all of these illustrious companions are very clear in the battlefield of government. We are here outside the burial spot of the shahada, those who are murdered at Earth, over 70 companions passed away. There

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is a prayer that you read here for me, it's more about the inspiration that people believed in something and they died for a cause. And this is also a space or this is also a physical location, that the blood of the prophets or sudden was filled here, Allah, right, the actual blood of the prophets was filled on this battlefield. He was right. So imagine the prophets I saw them is injured, he's bleeding. He's being attacked from all directions by the police. They're trying to kill him. They're trying to assassinate him. But even in that moment, we see his Lachman, we see that the true meaning of Nabil Rama, that he was making dua to Allah subhana wa Tada, Allah who

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called me for it now.

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Oh Allah, please forgive my nation because they don't know any better as believers in our religion when we receive information. Step one, we pause and we verify before we share and spread and like and comment and tell everyone else. We verify information. That's what Islam in our messenger teaches us consultation. Number two, that's also what our religion and our messenger teach us that this is not a solo act, that we behave as a community as a team. And we reach important decisions through the process of Shura of consultation will Umrah whom should Albina whom as and when he emerged from his house, and it was the day of Friday and the Companions tried to tell him hold on we

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change our opinion. He said, No, it is not befitting of a messenger when he puts on his armor, that he removes it until he meets the enemy and Allah decides what will happen between them. The messenger taught us for either as MTA fatawa can, Adela when you make your consultation and you make your decision, then rely upon Allah and move forward. Don't get distracted, don't get cold feet, but move forward with the plan that you reach through Shura, and through consultation. Every army always came through this opening here to my right, which is between the end of the mountain of overhead and the Western volcanic plain. And how that between that area every army came through, because that is

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what was open and easy for an army and cavalry to cross through, doesn't necessarily mean that I need to die for that cause. But if I believe in the legacy, isn't it my responsibility to carry on the peace and to carry on the message and the system and the unlocking the way of life that was brought down and that was upheld by these people? Wrote the Allahu Taala on whom God be pleased with them. And that is the system of the religion that we follow or the system of life that we follow Islam, and the third is a Malyon dazi been

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made up, fabricated landlord might see people doing some very strange things