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Salatu was salam wa salam Ala Moana Viva La Mulana Viva Viva la Vida. De La La Cava kitabi watashi wa Tabata Shariati.

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A mavado favela Amina shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Taco Bell como la jolla. falaka calm enough sua casa la caminhada. Amin humare Jalan casier Odessa what taco la la de de una de What are Ha?

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in Nova con ra Cooper Akiva Sara Kala who loves him.

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My dear respected elders and brothers,

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today we know is the first of May.

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And internationally the first of May, is regarded to be work as de. Now we as Muslims or in Islam are not compelled to follow that, but we take into account that people will be speaking about this aspect. And also together with that in our Masjid today, after the salad, we have got a nikka so I'm trying to amalgamate these two aspects, the aspect of workers rights, and also the aspect of nica. Some might say that in reality, you don't have to amalgamate, it is a given fact that in a marriage today by and large husbands or workers, so in a way, we are going to be able to discuss both things together. The first aspect that I would like to start off by saying, brothers, we must keep in mind

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that human rights rights of our fellow human beings is an integral and a very important part of our religion. Yes, we know that ibadat in worshipping Allah subhanho, wa Taala, performing prayers giving Zakat, sadaqa charities, zeker, tilawat are all undoubtedly part of them. But just is these are aspects of deal. A very important aspect of deal is how do we relate with fellow human beings? It is a very important part of our Deen Dr. adresa para para Malala is a very great scholar in Karachi, perform the genesis of our rector of our madressa when I used to be Newton

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and he was a philosopher of monetary theory. You know, he says when he was young he went they went to monetary Rama Talalay and he stole manana manana, the state of your son which is a very heightened spiritual state, a state in which nobody record himself someone was out about a Saudi said and tabula can Nakata, you worship Allah as if you are seeing Allah. Otherwise, the next step is at least thing that Allah is seeing you that is your son. So he said, I've got the state of the sun. I've got the state of sun in my salad. So when I told him that that is not enough, he thought that Molina will praise Him. You got the state of sun in salad? He said, No, no, it's not enough.

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Now bring the state of their son in your mama and your dealings was every fellow human being you come into contact with

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when you are dealing with your mother, your father, your wife, your children, allies with you. speak to them deal with them the way you would think that Allah is watching you the way you think and create a son in the state of Surat Abu Dhabi allow

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the nebula Karim Allah who Allah He was celebrated Allah una po can be appcelerator Raja Taka me lady was I mean it has to be sourced from one day to the Sahaba Oh my Sahaba Should I not tell you something which is even more greater than Salatin Zakat Now we all know certain sakata important aspects of Deen Oh,

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should I not tell you something that it is even more important then Salatin, Zakat and Sahaba set euroschool are definitely tell us now via Karim sauce them said

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that and begun that to make Sula and reconcile people human relationship bring people together then the via Karim saucer himself that if you do not keep people together, this disputes and arguments within people here Harley, it shaves off. It's a razor. And I don't say it shaves off your your head it shaves off your deal. When you are fighting with one another. It shaves off your deen Allah subhanho wa Taala will question as with regard to the rights of our fellow human being the way Allah subhanho wa Taala will question as with regard to the rights that will

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Go to Allah Tada. So if we, for example, don't fulfill the rights of another human being, and Allah will question us two beautiful incidents have been made mentioned. One is ancient monasteries, the greatest Muslim ruler in Spain without doubt as a man established in his quest to build his one day his palace in his home, he took over the land he took over the land of a widow. And he incorporated that in his in his TELUS, right in when he did so, you know, maybe something like our we will even use that name in his, in East Tennessee incorporated that the widow came to the closet and said, the halifa is taking over my land. So the cause he said, Just hold on, one day, one day, I will, I will

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come back to you. So one day, he was sitting with the study, halifa monasteries. And in the cause of you know, he was building and constructing his palace when he came past palace was there. And there was a stain, a big bed full of sin, and the halifa and the Cogito, luckily for just try and pick that up. And when he tried to pick it up, he said, I can't pick it up is heavy. And the judge found a situation in said, said, you can pick up this one big, the via Kareem sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. Whoever takes one spend of land of another person, whoever takes one spin of land of another person, and now we'll make him wear on his neck, the equivalent of the burden of this heaven and earth, how

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are you going to pay back that human whose land you have taken? apart, monasteries still had the consciousness and he went back? And he went to go return that land to the to the web? And now one question is with regard to the land that we take, the money that we take the rights that we serve, other than kindness that we show to others? And our question is about

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the other instruments of Sultan Malik Shah, one of the great rulers of Persia, Muslim rulers, one day, his his foot soldiers, they took over the cow of another would be a widow, and they started it and they eat 80 of course, for soldiers who are part and parcel of a big rule and very easy to be able to do it. So they did it. But that particular woman, that cow was her sole means of income. So she someone told her that halifa is a very fair person go to him. But he said, I can't get to him. Somehow she came to know somehow she came to know that the halifa is going to be crossing one bridge, crossing one bridge in his travel from one place to the other. So she waited at a particular

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bridge. And when the halifa came, she stood at that bridge, not allowing him to cross the bridge. And she said, This is my story. Your soldiers has done such and such a thing to me. And then she said an amazing thing. Either you sought me out on this bridge. Otherwise, I'll catch you on that bridge. Either you get sought me out here. Otherwise on pulsera won't allow you to go because you have usurped my rights. Brothers, we take it lightly. But what law allows him this particular right that was before fellow human beings is even more dangerous, and even more applicable than the rights of Almighty Allah? subhanho wa Taala. The reason why is this the rights of Allah tala important most

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important more important than anyone elses right? But Allah is Forgiving brothers, Allah is merciful. If we violate our Latinas rights, more than likely Allah subhanho wa Taala. inshallah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive us if we are sincere in repentance, human being is no so not so forgiving. One of our tangram coolala is to say, our insan kissy komaneka first human being doesn't forgive anyone. Agarwal Piccarreta was

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the math mooska file. He keeps a file of it in his mind that one day he will tell you, you remember you did me wrong and I forgive you? What type of forgiveness Let me tell you sauce limited Allah Allah.

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Allah Zumba sambala that a one who repents in the eyes of Allah tala is like one who is never committed a sin. So what type of repentance is and forgiveness is that the person will remind you that I forgive you. So bear this in mind. One of our great scholars has it Manas, Shapira, morose money, Rahim Allah, a very, very great scholar, and Mara Shapira, Rosemary wrote a commentary of the Hadith books Sahih Muslim, the second most authentic compilation of Hadith and received one of the Shapira was money, Rahim Allah who hosted the first leg of Pakistan on Independence Day. On 14th of August 19 4700 mana Shapira Horace Mann Rahim Allah hoisted the Pakistan flag at the ven capital of

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West Pakistan.

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Karachi, Pakistan is Berkut brothers. The first first flag that was was foisted was by by a great Halima scheffel, Hadith, and Mala Mala in his first full Muslim commentary of a Muslim rights, something that we should really keep in mind. He says that person who severs family relationships, that person who causes harm to his neighbors and to people in his community, that person who searches for faults of other people, that person who does not fulfill the rights of others, and he behaves arrogantly to people, Allah will put him in janam, even if he Salatin soccer is at a peak.

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Let me repeat that. That person who suffers from the relationship, that person will never fulfill the rights of his neighbors and people who come he comes into close contact with that person who searches for faults of others who behaves elegantly with people. Allah will put him in janam. Even if Mr. Ratan Zakat is at a peak. This is human rights it's no ordinary matter. And in this particular regard, there are many aspects that we can talk about human rights but I just want to relate one or two important points. One is brothers Don't look down upon people. We know that Allah tala has made mentioned with regard to Dini matters, what is right will remain right till the Day of

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Tiamat Allah has given us a team that no one no ma'am no chef no one can amend that uniformity Allah subhana wa Tada. What is right will always remain right what is wrong will always remain wrong. No Mr. Bhatia can make what is wrong right afterwards. However, if a person is doing wrong, it is between him and Allah subhanho wa Taala no one gives you the right to look down upon him. Allah how we will deal with him only Allah subhanaw taala knows for you to try to behave arrogantly towards a person who has done wrong has never been the way of the MBR mo salat wa salam and has never been the week especially without inevitably occur himself. It was the nephew of Allah subhanho wa Taala dealt

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with people with compassion. Today I find it very surprising that people would find it difficult to make salam to one another I can make Salaam to another person because he has done the strongest and that's wrong. My nebbia brace up to Latin obey. When the Navy knew that he was a monastic and a hypocrite my Navy embrace

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and obey my Navy made Salaam to Abuja My name is Amit Salaam to each and every enemy of the deen of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala when a Filipino Bay was about to die, his son came and said that oh prophet of Almighty Allah give me your quota, the quota because a Philippine investor allowed us to have had a debt because the uncle was taken into captivity in time of the

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past was a very huge person very great physique, big physique. So no one's put that put put him in Kobe was also a person with similar physique, he gave him a quota for his ankle. And then we saw slim Remember that? And that Mr. Allahu alayhi. wasallam gave him his pasta, cream sauce, they went to perform his generosity. And then Morocco said, Oh, no, we have Allah How can you perform the generous offer? Maybe a cream sauce and said, Omar leave me how we can perform.

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And Allah says it's tough stuff alone. If you were to make forgiveness for him 70 times Allah won't forgive him because of his crimes. And then the nephew of Allah says, If I were to have known that, if I made 71 times is different, Allah will forgive him. And Nastase even if you ask for forgiveness, 70 times I won't forgive him. the nephew of Allah said, If I know that by 71 times making is too far, I will forgive him, I would have made 71 times.

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This is don't say Muslims happy when a person says allow won't forgive another person. And I won't forgive another person. Allah tala has Rama and his mercy comes to the fore and said, Who is there who has taken an oath that I won't forgive? When my

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duties towards forgiveness, I take an oath that that person who has challenge my forgiveness by saying I won't forgive that person, I will forgive that person. And the person who made the claim that Allah won't forgive so and so person, that person I will put him in jail.

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This is a Muslim. So we don't look down upon people. They say only time you look down upon people, is when you are helping them.

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There's only time you look down upon people wrong was wrong. Yes, this is not right. This is the Sharia. But how do we know? How do we know that person who is doing wrong? Torah Natarajan, given the chance of repentance, you who are doing right today, Allah Allah can take away he died, and you can end up doing wrong. Don't judge people. And of course, we can judge what is right and wrong, but don't judge human beings. The other aspect which is of importance is kindness. Maybe I can even send a loved one

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He was the whole

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aspect of life was characterized by kindness towards people. Whenever you have Allah tala show kindness Emmett mentioned what will happen obey a woman an old woman used to throw thorns in the path of nebbia Kareem salsa when she became ill Navistar asked them to go and visit her. And she thought that Mr. Aslan is coming to take revenge now that she's old, and she is sick. the nephew of Allah subhanho wa Taala inquired about her health, and said, How are you feeling? for many days, you don't put the phones who was wondering what has happened to you? What can she do other than to accept Islam? kindness is an attitude, my dear respect of others. And I'm going to say a statement

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today, which I thought long and hard this morning, whether I should make the statement or not. It's a statement that came to me this morning. And after great thought I said, I'm going to make mention of it. Just remember this, the people who around us need our kindness, more than what Allah needs power about it.

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The people who are around us need our kindness, more than what Allah needs are worried about it. And that Allah we need to make it better, but Allah doesn't need it. We are doing it for our own sake. The people who around us need our kindness more than what Allah needs our

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brothers don't take quick take for granted this aspect of showing kindness to people who are near near you. We take it for granted. And people because of that lack and that vector with regard to kindness, or going elsewhere, to be able to fill that particular void. And this and one of the aspects of course badness is always we can show kindness in attitude kindness is an attitude. But the most greatest manifestation of kindness is through the means of this

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system can make or break people. The stand can lift up the morale of people or bring people down. Well idealism is such an important aspect. How do we address people? How do we speak to them? How do we relate to them? How do we take say something? monetary Jamil is a very famous orator. So he says that one day behind one day behind a truck, I saw this beautiful caption deal by furrowed heart for sale, heart for sale, he meant what is the value and the price of that particular heart ache Nita bowl a kind statement you win hearts are the means of pain statement. And you believe that insulin is very very well known with this particular regard. You know in terms of in terms of his sickness,

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in terms of his illness, 70 years Allah tala Captain great amount of wealth, children everything. Then for seven years, Allah tested him through the means, of of sickness, first of all, health and children wealth, everything. So the angel said, a human He said, The devil told an angel that he believes the lamb is remembering Allah because everything is going his way. And that Allah then brought sickness upon him for seven years, to such an extent that he was excommunicated, had to live outside the city because his sickness was infectious. And in that way, he still remember Allah He used to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala is the time when he was healthy. He only had one wife left

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everything, everything was taken away from him. And one day his wife said you are the nephew of Allah. Why don't you make what Almighty Allah Allah remove your illness? So he said you molested him said for 70 years Allah gave me health. Allah only give me sickness for seven years. I am shy to ask love of you. I am shy 70 years and that gave me seven years sickness am shy. Then when the wife insists that he made which Allah has made mentioned the 17 Jews were you were even at aneema Sunny outdoor. And remember the time it was 10am said difficulty has come upon me Hola. You are merciful. That's for what he said. He didn't say when I'm sick. Overall everything is left me overnight this

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is happening. Ola difficulty has come upon me and you are hamara he made the point I would like to make someone asked Allah Allah granted him Shiva. Then someone asked him afterwards. What was the difference between sickness and health? Now Allah has given you health. He said, See health his health has its virtue as his blessings. But he said, I longed for sickness for one reason, said what? You longed for sickness. He said yes. He said when I was sick

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every day, I used to get away from a law

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and I used to speak to it directly. A human. How are you feeling?

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He said that one sentence.

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insulation from Allah was such that I still long for my sickness in my sickness. Allah subhanho wa Taala used to tell me, you, how are you?

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Brothers? How do we meet the pain of people? It's so easy to sit and to criticize people do it take into account people's set of circumstances and deal with them in accordance with it. They said enemies he who story you haven't heard in enemies he was talking you haven't heard? sometimes try to understand another person? Why is he going through what he's doing what he's doing, and then try to relate to that feel the pain of another person really see this? There's one day the teacher was teaching children maths, took two apples, put one apple and try to say two plus one is three, two apples and one apples, how many apples you got? The child was saying for apples. Another teacher was

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trying to explain explain. Never got it right. And then the child said, teacher is not three I got what happened in my big.

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You see, now you ever understood the child, you may want to understand the answer. Try to understand people try to understand the pain of people with regard to it. And then important part with regard to it. How do you deal with people who are under your authority? How do you deal with people who are under your authority, coming back to workers rights, my dear allies put the workers, laborers employees under our control? To a certain degree we have authority over them. The test of a person's character is not how he deals with people who is equal to a superior, no one is going to be arrogant towards his boss as a reality. Because he fears with regard to his job. So that test of a person's

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character is not how you treat your equals your friends in the test of a person's character. How do you deal with people who are under your authority? Your workers? Maybe your cream sauce limited? The people who are your workers? Yeah your brothers, whom Allah is placed under your control? Remember the question you with regard to them.

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Three types of people I will fight again to the Day of Judgment. I will be the lawyer. I will be there on behalf of three oppressed people. against certain people. One of them will be a person who employed a laborer to full work from him and didn't give him his wages, in the view of Allah will fight against such a person. And also this particular aspect, I was reading a piece of rock doing this week, he made mention of an IRA and I will just conclude with this. We Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned with regard to the rights of our parents in Maya blowgun narinder. Kalki Bara Houma, Ocala, Houma, parada Coloma if one or both of your parents reach old age, don't say to them in this

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respect. So what he

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was saying and he said, Why does Allah Allah says don't say, to your age parents, why not? Obviously to say to your young parents is also not permissible, then to you're supposed to show respect? Why did Allah Allah say, don't say to your parents who are older? And then that gives the answer he said, obviously, when a parent is 3040 years, 4550 years, he still has Power Authority, then

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the child says something in this respect to the parents, the parents will take him to task. But when a parent has become old, now he's helpless, he is dependent upon you, he sometimes become a burden from the physical or material point of view, then when he is wholly and solely under your control and authority, then to do not safe to them in this respect, brothers data time to be able to see it, my parents must not be abused, when they are old, and they are dependent upon you, they do not have source of income, then to not say to them in this respect, also part of that under authority. Then, of course, the last particular portion that I would like to make mention, maybe on this, but today

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is a public holiday. So maybe one a few a few minutes late will make a difference. I always say with regard to our parents, look after your mother's by the respective brothers. The mother sacrifice for the child is legendary. We say my mom. monta is very, very important. The mother's love, I always make Jimmy mangiarotti lolly said that one day a father and mother. were arguing about one another who makes more sacrifice for the sake of the child and the mother close this argument with these beautiful words and said, Don't you dare compare your sacrifice for my sacrifice? I I bought the burden of my child. When it was heavy. You bore the burden of a child when it was light. You bought

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it for a very short period of time. I bore the burden, the burden of my child for nine months, you as men drop the seed of your child in a foot of pleasure. I dropped the seed of my child

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that was nearing death.

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The doctors say there are 47 units of pain a human being can endure. during childbirth, the mother endures 57 units of pain, look after your mother's Madea restricted weathers. And then of course, the last thing that I was in a quandary. Now those who are under your authority, will is today the wife under authority was

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what does it know? But Traditionally, the woman was supposed to be under authority of the men. And therefore, essentially, we don't know what it is, is I had a few sentences with my wife, she had two paragraphs of me. I had a few sentences here two paragraphs, but there's also another aspect of our Mona Lisa

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says, The man is a thority over the woman, since they are under your authority, it is your responsibility to treat them well.

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The time towards your woman for the kind towards your wife. If there's one thing that you dislike, look at the positive aspects of Allah subhanho wa Taala was such a great human being more greater than any other human being can ever lay claim to greatness. There was no one like him. In every way. He was the Beloved of Almighty Allah, Allah tala had forgiven all his sins, if ever he had to come up, although he did not come up. And despite that interview of Allah subhanho wa Taala treated his wives so kindly. He made Sharia law stand over his shoulder, look at the display of the warriors. And he remained like that until she did not get tired. He did not say I'm the Navy of Allah, why

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must I do that to my wife, she must be independent. He stood there, she stood over his shoulder, and she looked at the display. And as a sphere of the law, the wife of never saw Cinema Camera broke down, she started crying, and he took his hands and wiped away her tears. Look after those people who are under your authority. So in conclusion, we will say, we started off the talk by speaking that human rights rights of human beings are extremely important. It is just as important as we gave examples with regard to Allah subhanho wa Taala will question as with regard to the rights of human beings, then we spoke about the aspect of how do we deal with the rights of human being, don't look

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down upon people have kindness, seal the path of play pain of other people, and those people whom Allah subhanho wa Taala in any way has stuff under your authority, be very, very careful of dealing with them appropriately, we are lucky to have understanding.

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Just one small announcement, I just want your your attention.

00:27:28--> 00:28:15

The generator alama, together with other Muslim groups has started off an initiative is a very important initiative for Muslims in South Africa. We have started over a think tank with the intention of making a positive contribution to policy decision in South Africa. Bear in mind, and I'm saying this with the utmost of sincerity. If we do not play our role in South Africa, and be active participants in what is happening in the country, then we face a very bleak future. If we don't play our role, we cannot remain in isolation. If you remain in isolation you can, you can contribute to what is happening in the country, you can change policy. And if you remain in

00:28:15--> 00:28:55

isolation, the tide of events will still come to you with or without your doing. If you don't become involved, you are going to become irrelevant. And if you don't become involved, the tide of events are going to catch up with you. No matter how much in isolation you remain. We saw what happened in the xenophobic attacks. This is an attempt for Muslims to play their rightful role in the country. And so things can end in two weeks time there is a conference there is a dinner in which the deputy president of the country Sri Rama pasa will be addressing, then there would be a one day conference. The details of it is a membership portal, you can ask from me, where the seven chapters of the

00:28:55--> 00:29:41

national development plan will be debated by Muslim professionals and Muslims who haven't who have an active role have voiced an opinion on any of those aspects. There would be seven chapters would be debated, and it is entitled The Muslim civil society's response to the national development plan. It is scheduled for the 15th and 16th of May, they are limited seats but appealing to people who have opinion who feel they want to play a role especially young professional status word around and participate go and register in that play your rightful role, because Allah Allah Allah has given us many great papers in this country. It will be very unfortunate, due to our lack of effort, and due

00:29:41--> 00:29:48

to our staying away from things we lose the benefits Allah is granted us in this country. So brothers Please take note of it.