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Keep it with us.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam. ala Milena Viva La Mulana Viva

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la Vida kitabi hula Sharia Tabata Shariati.

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favela Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. In a la

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Vina where your hip bull Matata, Harry said a colloquialism. My dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us a deal

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and religion which covers every aspect of our life,

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even aspects that sometimes people regard is insignificant. Those things have also been covered. In fact, there is nothing insignificant if it is done correctly with the correct intention and the proper methodology.

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And that Allah subhanho wa Taala dounia may come up kissa Genie or accurate May Allah panagariya Islam or serious Islam, eight mukamal subtype media one such aspect that I would like to emphasize in today's talk is death about cleanliness, the harlot

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and when we talk about cleanliness in the heart, we talking of Islam has told us about every aspect of cleanliness, to keep our hearts clean, to keep our thoughts clean, to keep our environment clean to keep ourselves clean.

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Every aspect, inner purity, outer purity, all of that is part of Islam. And

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when we talk about cleanliness, we talk about all of those aspects. Or Islam name

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Pocky copers arataki or halki sam Kibaki? What is money? Whoa Rouhani Whoa, Lucky Whoa, Andy Rooney, whoa, whoa, whoa, every aspect. Today I want to talk about we can talk about all the aspects but today I want to talk about outside cleanliness, cleanliness of our outside how much emphasis there is in our Sharia about this. You see, in our Sharia, compared to any other civilization we have a very high

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standard of cleanliness. We don't only have cleanliness of the outer self, our bodies, our environments, but we also have

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Paki, Paki is something to heart is something that is over and beyond our outside calenus other civilizations only pay emphasis upon what they pay emphasis upon. They only pay emphasis upon outside cleanliness. Islam has got the heart and outside cleanliness. Now let us look at the reason why

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hamara Dean may Paki Paki kita Caillou okay as Papa for various reasons. The first reason why there is an emphasis upon cleanliness is cleanliness is a quality that Allah subhanho wa Taala loves. Why do you stay clean? Because Allah loves cleanliness. In law you have been. Allah loves those who make Toba or you have Buddha Mata Hari. And Allah love those who are clean, clean in every sense of the word. Allah tala kapa. Paki or suffi Allah tala caparison that is the reason why we are supposed to be clean because Allah subhanaw taala loves it. Now via Karim sauce Ahmed said to haoran is full human. Cleanliness is half of human his self he man he man catches me nebbia creme de la Chi can

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misbehave man. This is a reality with regard to you know, cleanliness and parking. nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said with regard to you cannot make Salah until you don't make boo. That means until you don't come before Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala you have to be clean. If you are not clean you don't wash yourself. You can come in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the right way becoming in front of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala

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nimasa Bella hula Simcha

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Jani Paki Pina hodaka somni Hama Hazara denisa without this we cannot, though yes these are aspects with regard to the aspect of mickaboo they are spiritual benefits also of a zoo. But one of the reasons is to be clear when you come in front of Almighty Allah why in the law Yakubu Matata hidden Allah love those who are key just to give you a spiritual dimension with regard to buzu via Karim Allahu alayhi wa sallam one day the Sahaba in front of Nivea cream sauce lemon, they said, Yasser Allah on the day of Tiamat how are you going to recognize us?

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We will want your assistance we will want to intercession hum Aki Shiva

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how are you going to decide how are you going to make us out?

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So let me carry himself gave a beautiful example and he said oh my companions. Can you imagine this a valley of dark horses. And in between the dark horses there is one white horse. Will you be able to make out that white horse amongst dark horses? I said Yes, sir. Rasulullah Nivea cream sauce them said. That's the way I will make you out amongst people. The the points of your body, the parts of the body that you make Wazoo, they will shine and I will make you out by the wazoo used to make

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by the wazoo you used to make I would make you out via Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith which is in Bukhari, Sharif. Whoever makes buzu on a day of Juma Where's his best cludes puts eater

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to make and to make whistle on the day of Friday, according to all the other moms is Mr. hub also known according to Mr. Mallika Talalay is watching

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to make sure on Friday, he makes he wears his best clothes, he's when he comes to the masjid early Hmm, he does not separate the people who was sitting there before. Let me repeat that. Hamza matroska take a look about a nebia cream sauce

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that he does not separate to people who are already sitting there before. Then he performs his Juma then nebbia cream sauce them it's a it is a cafaro of his minus cents from one Juma to the next drama. Look at the whole thing makes bluesil prepares himself. These aspects with regard to what in what do you think Ronnie?

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said a person who sleeps with the harlot and Paki and Coronavirus. The foresters make dua for him.

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The foresters make dua for him. Brothers How can we this is our Dean, this is the emphasis upon trendiness Joby era. Paki Casa busara Cusco a forest I'm afraid

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this is the reality The second aspect what is the second reason one is Allah Allah loves this quality of cleanliness. The second thing is, it is a pathway to health and strength, to be clean is a pathway to be healthy and to be strong. And maybe aquariums alone is limited in a hadith. A strong healthy believer is better than a weak believer.

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Cujo musalman hotaka, we're happy

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to welcome Mr. Mann's

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era conquering he will do more so this the second a speck of trendiness is, it is a pathway to health ends.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala loves this. And do you know my dear respected brothers? The importance of keeping ourselves clean, maybe a cream sauce limited? burqa to Tam Wu Zhu Zhu Hua Zhu abajo para cough Tom, the Baraka of eating is you wash your hands before and after eating. For this this is our DNA is no deal that gives us such my new instructions. The Baraka of time is to wash your hands before and to wash your hands after is a very famous doctor in South Africa by the name of Dr. Dr. Aubrey Patterson. He's a very good person in terms of you know, hygiene etc. So he said and he said one thing I want I was in a conference and he gave a talk and he said an amazing thing. He said with

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the amount of generosity and amount of germs that are around, it is no wonder that Muslims wash themselves so much.

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With the amount of germs that are around, it is no wonder that Muslims are instructed to wash themselves so much. So the second aspect with regard to cleanliness is that it is a means of health and

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To be good in terms of your body, your physical body and ultra loves that. The third aspect with regard to why the emphasis upon tenderness is that it is an attitude and a prerequisite for appearing in a way, most beloved to align is the

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third reason why cleanliness is right here in santa park

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or park or Rihanna, Yala or Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam komaba

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right. For example, in the Hadith via Kareem salsa one day was talking about pride. So once you said you're a solo, if we were good clothes, is it pride? If we were good clothes, is it pride? So Muslim said no, it is not pride in Allah Jamil. You have full Jamal, Allah is beautiful. Allah loves beauty. Allah has seen her Allah tala Coco sent

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to South Park red nose, a cheetah rasika propaganda yet the Kabuki Lama. It is part of what Allah loves.

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When he used to go to the masjid, for Salah, he used to wear very good clothes whom dilemmas painted. So someone used to say who has said you go into the machetes for one salad? Why are you wearing your best clothes we said unless it's in a Quran ii urbania demo Rosina Tacoma in Colima stayed open you either take your adornments to the masjid

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home delivers a better hair or Allah tala Kasama subset better Rita para Anna Anna

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Karna. So he actually busca said he should say I'm wearing good clothes because Allah in the Quran says take your adornments to the masjid align the Holy Quran has made mentioned.

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We are last minute Allah says urbani ademar carenza la la comme Libba cure. So article mauritia Wali burswood, taqwa eight super of the Holy Quran, what a beautiful verse. openly, Adam, we have given you close. cadenza. alikoum labasa. You are so article mauritia. We have given you close to cover yourself. I'm now Coronavirus, the attacker hub, application JSON code, push the data

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to keep your setter setter copy data that is one aspect of clones. We're Isha. And we have given you cludes to adorn yourself the word resha. In Arabic, the word resha means feathers. Now what is the reason why Allah tala calls adornment feathers? Because feathers come in different ways? Different beautiful colors. So when you wake clouds, we have dutiful clothes with different colors. I'm not saying that white is not the best because the sooner but what do you share from there the alama say that wear good clothes which are pleasing to the eye of the person who sees you.

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As you say, due to the love of Allah, Allah loves beauty because Allah loves beauty. Allah has passed out clothes and adornments to human beings to adorn himself. And Allah has given him taqwa to adorn his inner self. That is why the Quran says malibus You are so ethical mauritia taqwa. So Allah has given you the love for good things to adorn your outer self and is given you a taco to adorn your inner self. Look at the beauty. Some people feel that for me to wear dirty clothes is part of piety and simplicity. But then icasa who ever said that? Mila Capra panda looks a mistake he says Gary Kalamata you

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Where do we get this to wear dirty clothes or clothes that are not pleasing to the eyes is part of simplicity and part of Dean nebia cream sauce limited in Allah how you Hippo

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matteotti Allah loves to see the near mud upon you when Allah has given you something and enough to see the beauty of that which he has given you upon yourself. Loving Allah has given you something then use that adornment and use it upon yourself. So panela obviously, obviously, we must not go beyond the limit. Now Motoki, no mismatches Jada Tasha was gonna have

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to go beyond the limit is also not good. And the most beautiful example of this is the statement of Abdullah Abdullah Omar. What a beautiful statement he said when someone asked him

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What types of clothes was aware? I've learned? So I believe no matter the allowed to wear such clothes that does not invite the scorn of the weak minded that people will say what type cheap clothes you wear, what dirty clothes you wear. So don't wear that type of clothes that invites the scorn of the weak minded and neither do you wear that type of clothes, that you will be blameworthy in front of the intelligent person who will say you have now gone beyond the limit and you are extravagant to like normal, wear that type of clothes that you do not invite the scorn of the weak minded and you do not invite the brain of the intelligent Swan Allah Dr.

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Tanaka Hashanah okay put on your gut yo. k Tanaka saponin or SS yada manga Bina Whoa, k a calm Mundo code at Rosco What a beautiful example is one day in a time of Nivea cream sauce from Dr. Sylvia latona says one person came and he came into the presence of our beloved Livia cream salsa, and His hair was disheveled. His beard was was unkept

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bottle that is gonna be clay with a cream sauce. Look at yourself, go and wash yourself and appear before me in a proper way. So he went and he combed his hair and he presented himself the via cream sauce and said, Isn't this better? than the way you were looking like the devil? Was shaytan Okita you better me. Maybe

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he isn't this better than the way you were dressed. So there's a third reason. The fourth reason Allah has given for cleanliness is this cleanliness and pleasant appearance are of the qualities which allows relationships to flourish. When you are clean, and you have beautiful thoughts, you become beloved to to yourself to your neighbors, to your friends, to the community and also to your wife.

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So when you hear something good, it has an effect upon your relationship

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with a lot of us who say I like to adorn myself for my wife, the way I like her to adorn myself for you for for me, we also one sided when we want the wife we want her to wear the best. Everything laundry everything Nakama supposed to say all those things when Anyway, you want her to do it, but why don't you also properly

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Doesn't she have also an aspect of seeing you in the way you like to see her? Why is it only one sided? So through the means of clothing? We also find ourselves that we have better human relationships. That is why maybe a cream sauce himself don't eat onion and garlic can come to the masjid

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by you why if you eat onion and garlic way haram kisi fatahna lick it Haram. haram Why? Why is it prohibited from someone will find it difficult to stand next to you someone who find it difficult to stand next to you. So therefore, clean clothing, clean appearance makes it better for you to have a better relationship. For fourth reason, fourth reason and I will conclude with this and then come to a summary nebia creme de la cinnamate said here Pocky Safi alternanthera casado South Regina ed in sunny la casa Hey, it is one of the teenage characters and instinct of a human being which distinguishes him from an animal. That is why Lamia cream sauce limited it is

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it is the innate character. It is your dignity that we have certain things like for example maybe a cream sauce limited five things out of

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pan cheese a fitness a What is it? One is hutmacher na circumcision pseudoknot we say sooner circumcision. Second thing is removal of pubic hair. naff kidney skinny chick a pal kasatkina it is part of third thing trimming of the mustache. Keeping your mustache well.

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The fourth thing nahoon Katarzyna to keep your nails clean and bulky, balko kutna. And to clean your underarms. Sometimes these are jungle.

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People keep dairy in the wrong place.

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People keep their internal place, maybe five things out of

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play you quit mama cheese and even the via cream sauce demos emphasize that how can we be regarded as more holy. Now when you look at all of these things, you'd think that we as Muslims have such a beautiful high standard of living in terms of our

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curliness Surely if navia himself simply

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didn't surely hamara Johanna Miranda or hamara Jana pari pari Mahal, Musab sutra hona chahiye they can but

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it's so sad that after such great emphasis upon cleanliness, we don't portray what Islam has told us. You can look at our situation hamara restaurant kehilla baitrunner gundagai serpo per book na Yuka Islam

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Islam here look at the way our restaurants look at the way our streets look at the way sometimes we spit on the streets

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don't even spit when you are going to the in the direction of a tabla Nivea cream sometimes if you spit you see to eat get to burritos, but you

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when you have all of that how is it possible that we have such beautiful teachings and we can implement it? He can say moonkin multisurface sobre la la wrote an amazing thing multisurface a parameter Allah wrote that one day, an English person a British person became a Muslim. So when he became a Muslim, so he in his own village where he was staying,

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he started making arrangements for the cleaning of the masjid, etc. So some Muslim said by Eastern English, he's an English person. His Englishness didn't go away he wants cleanliness as it is they they fitted he tamari, so by the respective brothers to keep ourselves clean to keep our surroundings clean to keep our environment clean. It is a hadith of Nivea cream sauce and I'm I'm not taking this out for myself. Keep your verandas and the outside of your houses please, so that people are not inconvenienced.

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For example, I will just give you the certain bylaws with regard to dumping we are not allowed to dump our our dirt on the streets. We don't do it. And if we see someone who is doing it we prevent him. Otherwise we take it to the authorities, huh? Mr. surplus sir Cooper, Cora are gonna keep Hector Giovanni, who's Cayman Martinez

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and others me also say in conclusion, you know, we are living in a particular type of area. And this is not only for everyone but even more for everyone but also for our own self. You know, if we don't keep our surroundings clean, that not only is it against Sharia, but it also harms us It also harms our worldly interest. People will go somewhere else Hmm. We have a we have a particular type of environment that people used to come for a certain reason. Paragon harmony APNIC gardo pyscho soft neroca to hear Nassif Sharia, La Liga Atlantic Sana logo lo gundagai could occur can be more challenging.

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When they see a particular type of debt people will go somewhere else and that will be harmful to us. So by in all of these aspects, we have to keep these points in mind. Our deal is mukamal our Deen is complete it is comprehensive and it is in following all the aspects of our deal that there is benefit for us in every aspect, benefit for us in our health benefit for us in our environments benefit for us in the benefit fast and accurate inshallah inshallah