Do You Have Friends With High Aspirations

Fatima Barkatulla


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If you are a person with high aspirations, do you have friends with high aspirations too? Or do you always surround yourself with the naysayers who cast a shadow over all of your ideas and projects?

Ustadha Fatima Barkatulla says that you should make sure you have a core group of people who you meet regularly, to keep you in the right mindset for excellence.


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The speaker advises the customer to have a positive presence in their life by finding people who are driven, have softball history, and know where the prize is. They encourage the customer to have a positive presence in their life by finding people around them who have high aspirations and give them more ideas to explore.

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We should try to be around people with high aspirations, the people around you really affect the way you look at the world. If you're around people who are not driven, who are not going anywhere, right, I'm not saying abandon them. I'm not saying abandon your friends and your family. What I'm saying is, make sure that you have plenty of people, or at least a number of people who you associate with, who you meet with who you have softball with, if you like, you know, you you actually have the company of these people who are driven, who are going somewhere who know where the prize is, you know, the alpha. And these will be friends of growth, people who are not just

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naysayers, who constantly shoot your ideas down, who say to you, oh, no, you could you could never achieve that. You don't want to have those negative voices in your ears. You want to have the voices of those people who, who themselves have high aspirations, and who actually, you know, give you a boost. They'll say to you, hey, that's, that's a great idea. You know, how could you achieve that? Let's think about that. They're the sort of people who won't shoot your ideas down. Instead, they'll help you explore those ideas and give you more ideas.

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And they'll be a positive presence in your life. So you must have people around you who are like that, if you are to continue on the path of high aspirations.