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WAKE UP America!!! TRIP to JERUSALEM shows Trump supports oppression of Christians and Muslims

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Assalamualaikum greetings of peace. Now I want you to imagine going to a place that you've read about stories that you've heard about coming to life. Now, for instance, where Jesus prayed the garden of getsemani,

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where Abraham and his son put up the walls to the one of the holiest moss

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Masuda rocks,

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and all the other prophets that you've heard about

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in the Bible, and in the Quran.

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And now, it's all over the news. This is that place in Jerusalem. Now I have a friend who just came back from there. And he's going to share after going through the 13 plus checkpoints, it seemed like certain people don't want people there. So they have a system of roadblocks set up he got through all those checkpoints and all those roadblocks. And he just came from being on the scene where it's heated up over there. Why has it heated up so much? Why do Muslims have such a strong connection to this place? All that more and his story that he has to share from his exciting visit to Jerusalem when we come back with my next guest. We are going to the garden of getsemani over here, apparently,

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according to the Bible, the New Testament, Matthew 26, verse 39, Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, he prayed to God, that He prayed to God for

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being saved.

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And he said that not my will, but your will.

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So how can Jesus be God when he was praying to God, and actually he was doing the such that he was doing the salute when he was praying to God.

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So this is the big evidence that Jesus was a messenger, just like the Quran proclaims. And his message was the message to call people to worship the Creator, and not the creation.

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So these trees are apparently from the time of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him.

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And let's take a look.

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I said Mr. Li como Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh peace and blessings be upon you. Everybody out there. You coming? here to the deen show. We got a lot to talk about today. With my friend who just came Dr. Seville, you just came back. You were actually the day before you ended up there in Jerusalem. While some while Trump the whole thing was going on with the paperwork being signed to officially recognize Jerusalem as the state, the capital for Israel. And you were actually there you are on the ground. So we got a lot to talk about a lot. People are excited want to know what I mean? You are on the ground? Is that right? 100 Allah. Well, everyone has Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Last week I was in Jerusalem. I was there when the whole commotion about Mr. Trump signing the agreement to make Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

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So I was like, really tense, should we go there? Or should I just avoid going there. But then I realized that you know, all throughout my life, I was hearing Same thing with you about all of this historical sites about all the significance of Jerusalem within the Islamic theology. And I was thinking that if I do not go there, and if things get more difficult for the Muslims to go there, I may miss this golden opportunity. So for that reason, me and my two brothers, we took a chance we went up there, and Alhamdulillah It was a priceless experience brother Eddie.

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Now we are we want to people want to know like what? Because this is why is this so you're going planning this trip? Most people don't know how deer This is right, this is where you have the birth of Jesus peace be upon them. This is where you have

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so much history, this is like one of the of the three Holy Mosques that Muslims can go with the intention to go visit right. So you are making that trip. And you know, people are are wondering why why is this so dear to Muslims? Right? Why is this something that the whole Muslim world now is, is pretty much it's not a Palestinian thing? It's this is a Muslim thing. Yeah. So really important for us, the Muslims to know especially, and also our non Muslim friends, our neighbors, our colleagues to know that what is the significance of Jerusalem and Palestine for them.

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And it's not just for the Muslims By the way, in the 1.7 billion Muslims, yes, it's near and dear to us. But for the 2.2 billion Christians, it's as much significance also for them inshallah, and we are going to touch upon the topic. So for the Muslims is really important that Jerusalem was the very first Scribbler for the Muslims. You know from the year 610, when the wahida revelation came to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, up until the time up until the year 624. For about 13 long years, that was the direction in which Muhammad peace be upon him. And the companions when they were in Makkah. They used to pray towards that area towards Jerusalem before the Kaaba, before the cover

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because the cover was surrounded by all the idols or so yeah, so until they were purified, Muslims used to face Jerusalem in prayer in prayer, yes, the prayers. So that's one important reason second important reason as it says in the Quran, chapter number 17 surah a surah ayah. Number one, and just the translation is a lot the exalted one, he had Muhammad peace be upon him go from the masjid al Haram, which is to Makkah and to byton Mohandas Majid Al Aqsa in the in the night journey, which was, which was a miracle his journey, by the way, from Makkah to Jerusalem. And from there he prayed with the with many, many prophets. And then he went to the seven heavens, and he made many, many

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different profits. So for that reason, it is also really important.

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The second the third reason it's important is because when we read the Quran, there are many, many prophets and messengers mentioned in there, about 35 by name, and many 1000s came, by the way before that time, all throughout the world, so many of those prophets and messengers, they live there, they preach there, and they invited people, to Islam to the message of one God in that land. So there's the number three important reason for the Muslims. Number four important reason is, many of the companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, when they went out for the sake of sharing the message of Islam, when they went out to fight many, many defensive battles with the Romans, the

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portions are different people. Some of them, they were buried in those very blessed places. So for any and all of these reasons, it's not just a Palestinian issue, by the way, it's not an issue of the Palestinian land, you know, giving justice to them. Yes, that's important. But first and foremost, it is important for all this 1.7 billion Muslims, and 2.2 billion Christians around the world. So all those prophets now Moses, Jesus from Muhammad, peace must be upon them. Pretty much many of the the prophets that I mentioned in the Bible, that area around that area, this is where where

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many of them they took up the call from from law from the crater. Wasn't this also built up? The walls are raised up by Abraham and his hockey son, Is this correct? And these are all what we would say Muslims, right? They were all believers in one God, they were all ones who submitted to the will of God. They were Muslims. Yes, of course, the Quran mentions in in Surah, three, chapter number three, verse number 84, where it mentions that Muslims we believe in all of these prophets, then it mentions is chapter number 42, verse number 13, that the same message means the message of monotheism given to you Muhammad peace be upon him, was also given to know how an Abraham and Moses

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and to Jesus peace be upon all of them. So, you know, when I went up there, you know, just like you, we have been reading about all of this historical places, the Quran is full of the stories and the message and the miracles of these prophets. But actually, when you went, when you go there, when you travel the same streets, as those noble companions and the prophets of the past, they went through the challenges that they may have gone through some of the historical places that they have visited and they have preached from so once you go there, actually, the Quran comes alive. And that feeling is so priceless. By the way. The stories in the Quran now it's kind of visual, it gives you a visual

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it really hits home. You know, when Ibrahim Ali Salaam he had two sons, yeah, is Milan shafali salam. So actually the grave of his smile is Allah. The grave of Abraham and his Salam is there. Right? And then the grave of Luther is Salam and no Newell is Salam and different prophets and the message all in that area right there in that area and also somewhat in the area of Jordan too, by the way, and some of the companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, their graves is there. So that also

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hits us. If Islam was restarted in Makkah and Medina, what are these companions doing in those faraway places? Like in Jordan, in Syria, in Lebanon and Jerusalem and the Philistines, what are they doing up there? Why did they travel there, and it finally hits you that they went there, because they want to invite humanity to the worship of one God, with all the sacrifices and the tortures and sacrificing of the life, some of them, they went there with the noble mission of sharing La ilaha illAllah. Muhammad Rasulullah means there is no one to worship besides Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. So that is a really big lesson for me, especially when I went

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there. You know, it's not just about visiting the historical sites, and taking the videos and the in the photos, and taking some selfies, right. That's not a by the way, but the biggest lesson is a loss of anata has given us some mission. They fulfilled it, the prophets and the noble companions. Now the ball is in our code. Are we going to take up the challenge and fulfill the mission? And that is the biggest lesson that I learned. Now, your tour guide was a Christian actually, right. You're You're the one you had a tour guide. Yes, yes. So tell us tell us about this experience. And what some of the sites that you visit when you got there? What What was the first thing now that you saw

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it? Did you see? Because on the news, you're seeing, you know, a lot of protests and there's a lot of things going on? What are you seeing now on the ground? Well, the very first thing that we encountered as we crossed our when we went to the border of Jordan, and Philistine were the security guards with the dogs with the guns drawn at you right in your face. The check the passport, they asked many, many questions. Alhamdulillah I came back alive. I'm here. Right? So Alhamdulillah, despite all the challenges, you know, 13 1415 checkpoints, by the way, all throughout harassments and dogs checking you and emptying your pockets, a lot of questions not once, twice, three times

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four times five times six times seven times eight, nine, I'm still going 11 1213 maybe 1415 times that many checkpoints, by the way. Wow. Right. But the bottom line is, they are challenges going up there. Even when we went to the masjid Al Aqsa.

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They were many, many soldiers, Israeli soldiers up there with guns drawn, they want to know, are we Muslims? Right? They only let the Muslims inside, by the way, because of the sacredness of the place. So we also had to go through there. And then there were some some other security who wants us to recite the Shahada before we go there.

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And we did just to prove that we are Muslims. Yeah, yeah. So that that's, that's pretty much that's the declaration of faith that there's nothing worthy of worship because of the Creator of the heavens and earth and Mohammed is the final messenger. So they make you say this Shahada? Yes, yes, yeah, it was funny, but this made a sale, but there's a form of Tao from us to them in sha Allah. So on the Day of Judgment, they cannot.

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They cannot have the complaint that no one mentioned to them about the Shah de la ilaha illAllah. Muhammad are hearing it day in and day out. Perhaps Mila, give them amin, you know, as Muslims, that's what we can do. You know, we pray for the people, even those people who are oppressing us, that's what the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him taught us by the way, yes. What's the condition of the the people there now on the ground Muslims and, and what's the what do you what do you what are you seeing for yourself? You know, we don't hear you don't hear much. You have to go to independent news sources. You don't really hear on mainstream media, the circumstances that are

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affecting the people that were actually living there and oppression that they're going through.

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It is pretty sad. Going there. So the land of Philistine Palestine is divided into the the Jewish sectors, and then the Muslim and the Christian sectors combined. As I mentioned before, our guide was a was a Christian brother. So he had as much sentiments against the occupation, as we do, by the way, the Christian Yeah, he's, he's, yeah, yeah. So Christians are being also oppressed. They're also under under the same conditions as much oppressed as the Muslims by the Christians. For example, in the juvie sectors, you have fresh water 24 seven, they have big parks and big buildings that the roads are called, okay, you know, nicely furnished, but in the Muslim sectors and the

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Christian sectors, lack of playgrounds, lack of water resources, you know, lack of hygiene, the roads are just desecrated. They don't have they cannot buy new property in the East Jerusalem.

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The one word that comes to my mind that describes the condition of

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Our Palestinian brothers and the Israeli in the Christian Brothers, that word would be this brother Eddie. And I cannot deny that I cannot deny that apartheid apartheid. You know, when we hear about apartheid that happened in South Africa, with all the racism, the oppression in the killing and the tortures that happened to the African American, not African American, the African brothers and sisters up there, we hear these stories, but by going to Palestine, actually watching what's going on. And that's the one word that comes to my mind. And I have to be honest, by the way, you know, our fellow Americans over here, we are supporting by $3 billion, plus how much 3,003,000,000?

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Let's add three more zeros to the 3 million, 3 billion, 3 billion, and that's mine and yours?

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How often is that three annually, annually, every year, every every billion, 3 billion, right? In the last 20 or 15 years, it's like $80 billion of yours and mine taxpaying dollars

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to support the oppression which is going on to human beings in, let's not just call them Palestinians, or the Christians. These are our human brothers and sisters in humanity, by the way. So if oppression is going on, Islam dictates to me and you that we have to speak out, we have to put them on the radar of the world. So people can actually see that what are we supporting up there?

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So it's really important for us to take that into perspective, that the realities are on the ground are totally different than what the media shows, you know, what the media shows is that there is a democracy, which is Israel, surrounded by all these dictators, that no, that is not even close to it, by the way,

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the Palestinian Muslims and the Palestinian Christians, they're treated as second class citizens of their,

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you know, when we were traveling, our tour guide was traveling from city to city, from Hebron to West Bank, in different places,

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on the mountains and different lands, he showed to us, you know, these buildings that you see up there, this high rises that you see up there, this lavish apartments and buildings up there.

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These are the settlers, the Jewish settlers by force that took the Palestinian dance. And these are supported by the Israeli army by the Israeli regime. And that's what we are supporting are fortunate. Yeah, this is this, this is the same thing. I mean, you have, and I recommend people to watch, you know, just look up people like Michael pillet. I've had him on the program. It's my Israelis, Israelis, my friend, he's a Jewish Israeli activists, who has a book called The general sun, and he strongly advocates for truth. He's out there educating the people on exactly what you're saying. And that's not because it's one thing coming from a Muslim, but now coming from an Israeli

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Jewish man. And not only that, but someone like him, whose father, who was, was a general in the Israeli army, and his great grandfather was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. And he comes out and he's letting the people know of the unjust oppression that's going on in this

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part of the world. Now, one more one more observation by the ad, which I made up there, in when many of the checkpoints By the way, these are just these are this white, Caucasian soldiers in the Israeli dresses. And I was thinking, where did this Americans came from? And then I asked the tour guide, who are these people? They look like white blond hair, blue eyes, people and Israelis are not like that. And he told me that these are Americans. These are our American youth who went up there to support this regime.

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So they have the dual passport. So for them to retain the Israeli passport. They have to serve the boys have to serve the guys have to serve three years. And the girls have to serve two years in the military, in the military. So we're compression Americans. And that's what we are supporting with our taxpaying dollars $3 billion, which can be used over here to better our schools to fight the drugs and the racism and the uninsured people.

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$3 billion is too much when we bring the money over here. A lot of our problems in the USA would be solved in China. What do you think about there's a there's a tweet by a well known MP, like a congressman senator in Britain, he says that Zionism is not Judaism. Judaism is not a religion, not a race. Many Jews are not Zionists, most Zionist are not Jews. Many Zionists hate Jews. Opposition to Israel is not anti semitism.

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As many people when you bring up this this subject, I think all Muslims hate Jews, when you hear something like that, and what is your response to someone who might say something like that? So I'm ignorant like that, you know, unfortunately, there's a popular notion out there in the media, social media or so that Muslims hate the Jews or Islam is against the Jewish people. There's nothing, nothing but the truth, by the way, right that the truth is,

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in the Quran, there are no less than 30 plus places where Koran has honored the Jewish and the Christian people by the title of

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people have the book. Correct. People have the book with honor, because revelation was given to them many prophets were sent to them and V Muslims, we recognize the people of the book, which is the Jewish and the Christian people, number one. Number two, when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when he moved from Morocco to Medina, in the year 623. There were a big Jewish community out there, you know, if the Prophet hated the Jews, he would have expelled them, tortured them and just took away their rights, but that's not what he did.

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So let's hear from David Borenstein. Professor David Borenstein, right. He's a Jewish Professor specializing in this topic in the year 2012. In the Jewish journal.com, the jc.com. He wrote,

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The title of the article was what did the Muslims do to the Jews?

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And the very first sentence he wrote there is Islam saved the jury.

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That's a big statement, by the way. And then he explained he mentioned two points. This is a Jewish professor, now. It's an

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academic professor, right? And he's saying that there are two, two times at least in the history, that Islam cave came to help Judaism from it getting destroyed by the Christian Roman Empire, and by the Persian Empire. And this is what he said.

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The Jewish people were preyed upon all over the world, especially in the Middle East. So Muhammad peace be upon him when he moved from Morocco to Medina. He wrote the very first constitution of the world called as the Medina charter.

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What the Medina charter says, so this is before the Geneva Conventions, the French Constitution, the US Constitution, in the Geneva, in the Medina charter, it says that the Jewish people, the Muslim people, and the Jewish people would be one people.

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They would have autonomy, they would have freedom of to choose their religion, have their synagogues and their culture, their penal system, their justice system. So they were protected. They were given identity, and they were given a safe haven within the Muslim land. And that is Islam. By the way. If Muslims hated the Jews, the Prophet would have dispelled them right away. Yeah, right. Number two, all throughout history, you know, when you look at so David Borenstein, he also said,

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when the Spanish Inquisition was going on, about 500 or so years ago, in Spain, the Christians were torturing the Muslims and the Jewish people. Some of them were forcefully converted, some of them were burned at the state. At that point, the Jewish people did not have any way to run, except the Muslim land, in North Africa, in Turkey, and yes, in Palestine, we open our hearts and doors to them, we welcome them, we gave them the protection, and we gave them the home. We don't hate the Jewish people.

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When the world war two happened, by the way, you know, the Nazi Germany, Hitler and his people, they were torturing they were, they were requesting the different governments in Europe, to hand over the Jewish people.

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It were the Muslim country of Albania, and Turkey. And also Iran, by the way, they literally protected 100,000 Jewish people from them getting killed by the Nazi Germany. So the bottom line is, we don't hate the Jewish people, but those of them who are going to extreme to have the occupation, Zionist Zionist for taking away the rights of the human beings, both the Christians and the Muslim Palestinians. Many of them I believe, are hiding behind the religion of Judaism many of because you have a lot of I've had Rabbi Weiss on the program. And he talks about how this goes actually against the Torah of what they have today.

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He talks about how this is actually there, the Orthodox Jews and many who were involved, you know, in the persecution during the time of Hitler, they didn't actually they protested the State of Israel. And they also many of them are getting beat down these Orthodox Jews. There's also speaking out against

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This design ism. Yeah. So this is is there a, this is different different difference here between, you know many of the what what when we say because many

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design Zionists are just many nationalists, they don't have anything atheist, secondary secular, they don't really believe, you know, believe in God or you know just more nationalism. You know when you touched upon the Bible By the way, you know is there a historical basis for them? Yeah, to have a monopoly on Jerusalem, none at all. I will give you maybe one or two references. If you go to the Old Testament, and the Jews and the Christians they both believe in this in the very first book of the Old Testament, the 17th chapter, verse number three, it says, it says about how that land and how the blessings should be they're coming from God to all the descendants of Prophet Abraham peace

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be upon him. And as we know that initially had two sons

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is more or less Salaam Anisha Hola, salam, re, Ishmael and Isaac as they say, peace be upon them. So this blessing is there for both of them. Number one, number two, when you look at the Genesis, chapter 21, verse number 13, it mentions exactly the same thing. The SS there are some prophecies for the descendants of shafali salaam. And then there are prophecies for the descendants of Ishmael.

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And which would be the Muslims, as we know are the Arabs. Yeah. So the land belongs to both by the way, the blessings is for both and the prophecies coming from God in their own Bible is for both people, not just for the Jewish people, but also for the Muslims, the descendants from Asia from its modern Islam. Now you also you visited this church of

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Nativity, right? Can you talk about this what you saw there? And sure, sure, your experience. So one of the places around Jerusalem is the church of Nativity. So that church apparently is built upon the site where Prophet Jesus peace be upon him he was born because narrativity this word, what is this for people who never heard this? What does that mean? Actually, I mean, what does that translate it to? birth of Jesus? Oh, it's like the native place of Jesus perhaps right? Yeah. So but the bigger thing is that that's where he was born, apparently, according to the Christian traditions. So they have a place of their their actual spot where he where he was born. And people

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were actually going there and they were prostrating. But the biggest but we do like Muslims prostrating he has like veto. Right? But a bigger question. That's why Jesus, yeah, I will come to that inshallah. Right. But a bigger question that should come to the mind of our fellow Christians would be, how can Jesus be God when he was born?

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Right, and it's like an aha moment. Aha moment, right. I mean, God is always eternal goddess does not borrow, he does not beget now his bigot, and is the Quran says in chapter surah, number 112. So that itself should be a red flag for thinking Christians. God is always eternal, his needs are born, he doesn't die, by the way, right?

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But people are just going there. They are just trying to adore that place and prostrating up there. They're singing and dance, not dancing, by the way, singing going on, and there were churches of different denominations of there.

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But the Quran mentions about Jesus his birth. In chapter number 19, verse number 30. Were maybe

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the mother of Jesus, you know, the gods, please be on both of them. When she brought the baby Jesus, the Jewish people just started to accuse her saying that how can you do such a thing in a fornication? adultery? How can you do such a thing? And how can she prove herself right?

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She pointed to the baby Jesus, and the baby Jesus, he started to speak, saying that I am a servant of God.

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I am appointed as a prophet of God, I am given the Torah, my message is the message of oneness of God.

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So that is the true story of baby Jesus.

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And then, as you mentioned, I also went to a place which is called as the garden of getsemani, where Jesus was praying now. So now what happened is, according to the gospel stories, especially the Gospel of Matthew, the first gospel in the New Testament, you were there, that story that's mentioned there. Yeah. So I was I was looking at the actual place where the Christians say that Jesus went there. Yeah. So as the Jewish and the Roman people were coming after Jesus, he went away to a far place called the garden of getsemani. Over there, he prostrated himself on the ground, and he's praying to God, you were there. I was there. I mean, I was not there 2000 years ago, but I

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saw the plates right? Yeah, the actual trees, the olive the actual trees in the garden is still there, still there about from 2000 years ago.

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So he prayed to God. So it says in the Bible, Matthew chapter 26, verse number 39. So he was praying to God Jesus was praying to God prostrating forehead on the ground, saying that, oh God, take this cup of debt away from me, not my will. But your will.

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So if this is narrated to you, brother Eddie, what should come to your mind by the way, Jesus praying to God, what questions come to your mind?

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A bunch of who is he praying to my will not yours that mean that someone is all powerful above him? Islam has that description because Islam means to your will submit your will to God? Yes, all of them. But even a bigger question, right? So you know, according to the Trinitarian, Christians, Jesus is God.

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Does God need to pray to some other God? Yeah, why is he praying? Does God have a god? But people will say what about so he's teaching us how to pray?

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Well, then he can send a revelation to the profits. You know, just like God, send revelation to Muhammad, peace be upon him. And he showed us how to pray. So it really important you know, God does not pray to God, but Jesus was praying to God, so he cannot be God. He was praying the way that Muslims pray, that means he was a Muslim. And he was saying that not my will, but your will miss anyone who submits their will to the will of God, what do we call that person? A Muslim, a Muslim. So even in the Bible, too, by the way, he is called as a prophet of God many, many times. One reference would be from Matthew chapter 13, verse number 57.

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Mark chapter six, verse number four, Luke 33, verse, Luke 13, verse 33, and john 444. So these are all the places where Jesus is mentioned as a prophet of God, a man approved by God and then approved by God. You know, it says that in the Bible man approved by God, yes. He's also called a messenger, chapter two, verse number 22, right, he did science and miracles, by the power of God and that's what the Quran says. Yeah. But the biggest thing about Prophet Jesus peace be upon him both from the Bible and from the Quran is, you know, according to the Bible, Mark, chapter 12, verse number 29, person came to Jesus to ask him a question, that of all the different commandments, which one is the

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first the greatest of all the commandments? And as you know, the Jewish people have 613 commandments, life commandments, right? So this person wants to know, which is the greatest of all of them. So Jesus as a messenger of God, he replied, Mar chapter 12, verse number 29, he said,

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Here, O Israel, the Lord, our God is only one, worship Him, not him, right? worship Him with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. And that is the first commandment.

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As a messenger of God is showing to people that he alone, God alone is to be worshipped. Not Jesus, not only goes, but only one God, and that is the main message of Prophet Jesus peace be upon. This is something that many of our friends our brothers and humanity, Christians struggle with. Even those orthodox there's, you know, when the, the third Caliph, Omar, or the long line when he came, and the Christians didn't want to give, and this is another really significant part of history that's in there in the books there in historical references that the Christians didn't because they knew the justice of the Muslims. So they didn't want to give the the keys right over to anyone but

00:33:54--> 00:34:03

the ruler, and then Omar, as you know, he came. And he, obviously from there, he established that

00:34:04--> 00:34:20

they wanted him to pray in the church. He refused to print a church. Why? Because he didn't want their church to be taken away later. You know, that church, the church, did you see that your central core? Yes, you know, that churches, you know, that key still belongs to the Muslim.

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

You know, each single day when the church has to be open for their services. It's not a Catholic person who opens it, nor a Protestant, Mormon, Jehovah's Witness. It is a Muslim who comes there with a key and he opens that historical church. Yeah, for the Christians. He could have taken the church, he could have prayed there, and then today, they would have taken the church. No, he didn't do that. You know, the Christmas. Yeah, he didn't do that. Right. Yeah. So that again, shows the respect the gifts to the people of the book to the minorities, how Islam came to protect them, not to take away

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

The rights and then the the other point I wanted to make was many of the Orthodox Greek Christians at that time. And many others, they flopped to Islam because they also they connected with this message of the worship of the one God and Jesus being a messenger of God. Yes, yeah. And they ended up accepting Islam at this time. Yes, you know. So it says in the Quran the message of Jesus according to the Quran, chapter three verse number 51. in Lahore, a beaver a Boo. Boo has a sirata Mr. Payne. So Jesus Christ is saying that we are really Allah, God is my Lord, and your Lord, worship Him alone. And that is the straight path.

00:35:42--> 00:35:47

So you got to see this almost at a time, a few more things. I want to I want to cover

00:35:48--> 00:35:49


00:35:50--> 00:35:56

there was a you mentioned something about a statue of statue and prostration what was the statue of

00:35:57--> 00:36:36

the Garden of Gethsemane? Yeah, that's where Jesus Peace be opposer statue of him? Yeah, there's a statue of him, even though the Bible says he placed his forehead on the ground. What the Christians they have done in the statue. They made him just lying on a big stone. Right? They did not actually show the prostration the way that Muslims pray. Jesus was praying the same way. Yeah. But in the, in the actual image that they have it there. He's still praying, by the way, resting his hands on some stone, but not in the full prostrate shot in the foot. Let me ask you this. Doesn't that because you're making a statue? When you look at Deuteronomy and you look at many other passages in the

00:36:36--> 00:37:05

Bible, it says, Thou shall not I mean, as the first command, Thou shall not make any graven images in the heavens and earth and worship? Yes, yes. None of these. But you see, the opposite happened as another. I mean, it says in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter five, verse number 16, and Exodus chapter three, verse number 20. The very first commandment is that worshiping God and then it follows that do not make any graven images, nothing in the nothing in the heavens, nothing

00:37:06--> 00:37:46

to see ya no graven images. But unfortunately, our Christian Brothers and sisters, their images of Jesus images of the saints image, so many images of their, they're going away the very first commandment, unfortunately, yeah, that's why it's so important that they hear this message of Islam. And it resonates because it connects, you know, it connects with the true message of all the prophets. Some people now an extreme group are trying to and we'll close with this, let's talk about this for a second they call it, there's the Rapture. And they're actually trying to put all of these things in place, with now the recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, kind of forcing all of

00:37:46--> 00:37:50

this, that the second coming of Jesus, and now with the hopes that

00:37:51--> 00:38:14

they believe the Jews will end up accepting him becoming Christian and all of these events that they're trying to force to happen. And now you see the escalation where we're where we're headed. You know, it's quite funny, by the way. I mean, it's not fun. It's pretty sad, that the Jewish people, they're not realizing why the evangelical Christians, they're supporting the State of Israel.

00:38:15--> 00:38:28

The biblical prophecies, by the way, both Old Testament especially the New Testament, Luke, the Gospel of Luke comes to my mind. In the Gospel of Luke, it mentions that in the second coming of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him.

00:38:30--> 00:39:00

That's when he is going to have the unbelievers in Jesus to be brought in front of him. So they can be slayed. So the non Christians, the non believers of Isa lisanna, would be slate, then they would be 1000 years of reign, by Jesus peace be upon him and by the Christians all over the world. And then the War of the big war, what do you call them again? Yes, that war would happen. And then there would be a rapture, the Christians would be lifted up.

00:39:01--> 00:39:44

All of this need to happen, but the very first thing would be the Jewish kingdom, or the Israeli state needs to be formed, and the Jewish have to congregate in one place. But they don't realize our Jewish friends is that once those things happen, the prophecies, the calamity will come on the Jewish people. They will be the one either forcefully converted or exterminated. Right? So when you look at the bigger picture, the best thing would be to give human rights to all the people doesn't matter Jews, Muslims and Christians and that's what Islam teaches. Yeah. So overall, how did the trip end now? At the end, so you were there, how long a week. I was there for a week handler, right.

00:39:44--> 00:40:00

But one message that I would like to have to our Muslim brothers and sisters, and also for all the listeners, by the way, again, as I mentioned, it's not about going to the trip and taking the photos with the Dome of the Rock and praying in the masjid or oxa. Visiting historically

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

places. The most important lesson for me brother Eddie is that when I go there and visit the graves of all of these noble companions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, like Zayed bin javita like, you know Abdullah of the raimon, even rove,

00:40:20--> 00:40:33

Jabir, even Abu Talib Jaffer, without when I go and visit their places their graves. What hits to my mind is that they could have lived in Makkah and Medina but they went up there to convey the message of Islam.

00:40:34--> 00:40:47

We are likewise sent by a loss of Renata LA to this part of the world and our biggest obligation here, besides doing justice to the wall and relief efforts and humanitarian efforts raising families having job

00:40:49--> 00:41:02

the biggest mission that we have over here is to invite humanity to worship on God. What Khazali kodjia alnor cometan Vasa talita kulu Shahada, Allah nurse, we akuna rasuluh aleikum shahida

00:41:03--> 00:41:26

surah baqarah surah to our number 143, speaking to the Muslims, Allah subhanaw taala says that all Muslims, I have made you into a nation that Allah subhanaw taala saying that I have made you into a just nation, a balanced nation, that you become witnesses to humanity, the way the Messenger of Allah was a witness over you.

00:41:27--> 00:41:58

So message to our non Muslims is that Islam, the fate of all the prophets, they all proclaim the message of one God and message to the Muslims, no new prophet is to come. That responsibility now falls under the shoulder of all of us. So May May Allah make it easy for all of us. So we live by giving peace and justice to all of humanity. And we and we convey and become peace ambassadors of Islam to all of humanity. I mean, how about a thank you to Trump?

00:41:59--> 00:42:03

waking up the Muslims? Is that a good good thing? The Muslim

00:42:04--> 00:42:43

the Muslim sleeping Muslims missing fudger now coming you know, to the masjid and now maybe he's, he's hit some buttons and they're waking up in a turn to turn back to their Deen anything that happens there is a purpose in it. But we Muslims need to grab the opportunity by the way, as we did the show like a few weeks ago, I mentioned in there that the 2017 is the best year for Dawa in the USA with all the different statistics by the way. So let's not miss this opportunity. Let's come together as United Muslim Omar and become peace ambassadors of Islam to humanity.

00:42:44--> 00:43:23

Thank you very much for sharing your trip and experiences with us accepted as salaam alaikum alaikum Salaam all right we covered a lot hopefully you can take a great message from this the love that Muslims have for Jesus the love that Muslims have for one of the holiest sites in the world Jerusalem our attachment there the history there and the different the difference between now the many of the misconceptions that Muslims and this propaganda between Muslims and Jews that was cleared up so there was a lot of beneficial things here now what are you going to do as a Muslim now Are you just going to get all emotional and protest and haha and then you know and all it just

00:43:23--> 00:43:56

fizzles out. Are you going to start coming back to your deen? Are you going to start to for the people that are in the deen? Are you going to start sharing the deen? Right? There's so much history there and Dr. Seville he hit hit at home when he was there. All of that came alive. It came alive from now from him reading the Quran, visiting this part of the world. And now will it come alive in your life. That's what it's supposed to do. The Quran is supposed to be a book that you live that you implement and that you share because you care. And I hope that this was a benefit. We'll see you next time here in a de show. Subscribe if you haven't already peace and I'll make them