Arabic it’s not the language of Jannah

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What is the language of the people of Ghana? It's common knowledge. If you would ask any Muslim anywhere in the world, what is the language of the people of Jannah? They're going to say that it's Arabic. But is this correct? Is it authentic? If you were to look into the Hadith, which states that the people of paradise, they will be speaking in Arabic, the hadith is actually more more it's fabricated. This was mentioned by the scholars of Hadith in like Imam YBNL, Josie and Imam of the Hubby, and Alberni all of them said it's more it's fabricated, meaning that the hadith is a lie. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never said it. So what will the language of the people of gender

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actually be? As Muslims if we don't have authentic evidence from the Quran or from the Sunnah we say Allahu Allah, Allah knows best, Allah or his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't tell us so we don't know. Possibly it could be an Arabic or it could be in a special language just for the people agenda Allah knows best. Another question which pops into the mind is what is the language that Allah will speak to us on Yeoman pm on the Day of Judgment when we stand to be held accountable for our deeds? Is it going to be Arabic or is it going to be a different language? Even with AMI Rahim Allah He was asked this question. And he said that we do not know because Allah did mention a

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lot didn't tell us which language is going to be so once again, we say Allahu Allah, Allah knows best. But what's significant is that Allah will speak to us in a language that all of us understand and all of us comprehend.