Managing Group Projects 03 – Different People Different Productivity

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The speaker discusses the issue of productivity in online university projects and how it affects both students and leaders. They suggest that students need to interact with their peers and identify areas of strength, such as research work and unique skills, to improve productivity. The speaker also mentions that Allah Subhana has given potential talents to students, but emphasizes that these talents may overlap with one's own skills.

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Salam Alikum rahmatullahi wa barakato discussing on the issue of how to work on group projects in an online university. Today we come up on the issue of productivity. Please understand that different students have got different level of productivity. If you are charged up and motivated towards working for a project, and you are a person who has a high level of productivity, your other colleagues may not have the same level of productivity. That does not mean for a moment that you complain to your supervisor and ask for a change. But rather, it's important that you're able to handle the skills of the people who are with you, people who may not be good communicator, may not

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be good writer may not be very productive, they may have certain other skills. And as good leaders and future leaders, you must interact with them, you must try and identify what are the areas of strength, maybe they're very good with research work, so maybe you can send them at the ground level to go and interact and get you your primary data, or perhaps collection of any other information, conducting interviews and so on and so forth. Remember, Allah Subhana Allah has given all of us some potentials and talents. Some of our talents may overlap with one another. Some of our talents may be unique to us, identify those talents and learn to work with people, irrespective of what are their

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