Taimiyyah Zubair – The Beautiful Names of Allah #17

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim was what was said on what Renato Saudi Hill Karim rubbish rocky Saudi were Siddeley emri washroom ERP data melissani yufka who Cali Allahumma the Colby was sadly Sonny was rude to him at the Colby Armenia but I mean,

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inshallah, Today we will study the names of Allah, Al Willie and Al Mohler. From the smell has not the most excellent the Most Beautiful Names. We will look at these two names, which are complimentary and they're both similar in meaning. So the names of Allah and Willie and and Mola we see that both of them are mentioned in the Quran. And Willie, the friend, the ally and Imola, the protector, the patron, the one who is relied upon. Now we see that the name and when he actually occurs two times in the Quran as a name, but as an attribute, it is mentioned over 10 times with regard to Allah subhanaw taala in the book of Allah, and the name of Allah Allah. The name Mola

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occurs 10 times as well in the Quran in surah assura ayah number nine Allah subhana wa tada says amid the hadoo min Dhoni, he only Alia for law who will will he so have they taken others besides Allah as their allies? The fact is, that it is Allah who is unwilling, who is the truth the real friend, the real protector, then we see insert Rebecca is number 257 Allah subhana wa tada says, Allah who Willie you Latina Manu, that Allah is the Wali, the protector, the friend of those who believe. And then we also learn about some some other references in the Quran. For example, in sort of the Shura, a las panatela mentions again we're who well Willie you'll Hamid and he is actually

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the Praiseworthy and insulates and also in total and file Allah subhanaw taala mentions the name Mola that we're into one low for Level A nulla homiletical Nirmal Mola when they are mostly that if the people turn away then you should know that Allah is your molar and what an excellent Mola he is, what an excellent protector what an excellent patron he is, and what an excellent helper he is. So both of these names are mentioned in many places in the Quran. Now we see that both of these names and Willie and and Mola are actually from the same root meaning the root is the three letters wow lamb Yeah. And in general, a well he is understood as the opposite off and are the are though is an

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enemy. So it really is a friend. And you can understand this in every sense of the word, an enemy is not going to support you, but a friend is going to support you, right an enemy does not like you, but a friend likes you loves you. An enemy is you know does not care about what is in your best interest an enemy does not watch out for you, but a friend is someone who, who who watches out for you, who takes care of your affairs, who supports you, who defends you. So, it when he is a friend in every sense of the word and it is the opposite off are the now the primary meaning of this route. Walia yelly basically means to be close to someone All right, literally the word implies following

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someone or being right next to someone being adjacent to them or alongside them, meaning there is nothing else that is between Alright, this is the concept of of wilaya that there is nothing else in between and this could be with regard to place. So for example, there is you know, a book and right next to it is another book, there is no other book in between, this could be with respect to time. So for example, one person comes and immediately after them that you know, the next person who comes they have you know

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they have the

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The meaning they have come right after them right next to them, this can also be with regard to religion. So, for example, two people are upon the same religion, this could be in the sense of friendship, that two people are friends to one another, this could be in the sense of, you know, giving help offering support the Alliance, etc. So, this is the primary meaning of the word. Now, when we look at the word worthy. Now, this, you know has many applications, it is used in many different ways. First of all, we see that the word Wali is used for a legal guardian. Why, because wilaya also is to have authority over someone right to to take care of their affairs to manage the

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affairs of another, why, because of your closeness to them, because you are closest to them. So, a while he is who a legal guardian, and this is why we see that the word is used to refer to the legal guardian of an orphan, right, the wellI of an orphan because the father is no longer there. So the person who is closest to them is their guardian, right, like, for example, the paternal uncle, and then the word Well, he is also used for the guardian of a woman, right in the sense that, you know, for example, her father, or her brother, without, you know, whom she is not able to marry a man, right, meaning the nikka is going to be conducted by them. So, why because they are closest to her.

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Likewise, the word when he is also used for a ruler of a people, right, but the Willie the value armor, meaning the person who is in charge of the affairs of the people. Why, because he's close to them. The word one is also used for next of kin, meaning the close relatives of a deceased person who inherit from him, right, who manage who manage the affairs of the deceased. And then the word Well, he is also used for an ally, or a friend, someone who is on your side, someone who watches out for your interests, someone who supports you, someone who cares about you. This is also the meaning of the word Willie. And when we're talking about Allah subhanaw taala as the Wali, this means that

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he is the friend, the ally, the protector of his righteous slaves. And then the word molar What does that mean? The word molar, it is said that this is synonymous to the word sacred meaning a master, a lord, a chief, a protector, a patron. And we see that, you know, the word molar applies to, you know, the son of a paternal uncle, or a relative. Why because they are meant to be your protectors in the sense that when you are in difficulty, they're supposed to come and defend you, right? you inherit from them, right? So they are a source of benefit for you. And then we see that the word Mola is also used for a freed person, meaning a person who was a slave and then they were freed, why

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is the word used for them because

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because they are

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Yeni, the person who has freed them is is bound to help them right. And if if he was to die, then then the person who freed them would would be there, there in the absence of any other heir or, or or relative. Now, what is the difference between Willie and Mola? We see that when it comes to the word Willie, we see that Allah subhanaw taala uses it to refer to himself and he also uses it to refer to his righteous servants. So for example, in the Quran, we're told Allah who will lead you Nadine amanu, in Surah, Baqarah 257 that Allah is the Wali he is the friend of those who believe. And then we see in salute Eunice is 62, Allah Subhana Allah says Allah in the earlier Allah, indeed

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the friends of Allah, there will be no fear on them, nor will they grieve. So on the one hand, we see that Allah is the Wali of those who believe, and then those who believe are the Olia. They are also the friends of Allah.

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But when it comes to the word of Mola, remember that molar is the master, right molar is the Savior the Lord, right? The one who is depended upon right, the one who

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You seek help from. So, and this means that the molar is not in need of you but you are in need of your molar. And this is why we see that in the Quran, it is said, for example in sort of earlier on i o 150, that belly Allahu Mola calm that Allah is your molar meaning Allah is your protector. He is your defender, right? He is your master, he is your Lord, and He will he will protect you. Right? And it has never said in the Quran that the believers are the molality of Allah know why because Allah subhanaw taala is not a need of any protection. Allah subhanaw taala is not a need of the friendship, the loyalty the support of his slaves. So in the Quran, it is mentioned so to Israel, I

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have 111 that what could you handle the lady lady Lamia toffee dweller than well amico luxury Queen Philmont. Well, I'm your Kula who will a human a doodle that Allah subhanaw taala does not have any Wali, any friend out of weakness. So Allah subhanaw taala is not in need of any Mola. He does not need to protect her. But when Allah subhanaw taala calls certain slaves, his Olia his friends, this is not because Allah is in need of their friendship that Allah is needed is a need of their support. No, this is in order to honor them and in order to favor them that Allah soprano tada treats them as his friend, even though he has no need of them. So the fact is that Allah soprano tada is not in

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need of any protector. He is not in need of any helper he is not in need of any ally, or any any friend, but we are in need of Allah subhanaw taala we need him to be our ally, to be our protector to be our helper because we are weak in certain Nisa i a 28. last panel, Carla says, we'll hold your call in Santa Barbara. And the human being has been created weak, meaning it is the nature of human beings that they are weak. And the one who is weak is in need of support is in need of defense is in need of someone who is more powerful, someone who is greater in order to you know, protect and support him.

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So, Allah subhanaw taala is the Wali and Allah subhanaw taala is the molar now remember that when we're talking about the wilaya of Allah, the wilaya as in the friendship or the protection, the support that Allah soprano pada gives to his slaves, then remember that this is of two kinds. The first type is that which is general, or you could say we lay our armor, armor, as in this is for the entire creation. This is for all the slaves of Allah subhanaw taala whether they are animate inanimate, whether they they are those who believe or those who don't believe whether they are righteous or they're disobedient, whether they are angels or people or whoever, whether they are the

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inhabitants of the sky or the inhabitants of the earth, whoever it is, then remember that Allah subhanaw taala is their Wali meaning that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has created them. He is the one who provides them. He is the one who has encompassed them fully. So instead of the Shula is number nine on most panel Darla says Amida Domine dooney Alia or have they taken besides Allah Olia? Meaning have they taken other beings as their protectors, as their friends in the sense that they seek their help? And so they worship them, they pray to them, they call upon them, they seek to please them. Is that the case? Then this is a big mistake because for Allah who who will actually.

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So the fact is that Allah is truly he who is the Willie, meaning it is Allah subhanaw taala who is the real Willie, the true protector of his slaves, meaning he is the one who owns them. He is the one who has created them. He is the one who provides for them, and he is the one who has encompassed them from all sides. And so to NRM is number 62 Allah subhanaw taala says, some model do in Allah himolla who will help

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Then they are returned to Allah, Who is their true Mona, meaning all people, every single human being. When you know when he dies, every single person, when they die, they return to who they return to Allah and Allah is the true molar the true Sayed the true master, the real master of his creation, because you see in the world what happens is that we show our loyalty to different types of people, we feel like we belong to them, or certain individuals, you know, feel very powerful over other over other people. So, the fact is that Allah subhanaw taala is our true molar instead of Yunus is number 30. It is said who Malika taboo cool lunasin Matt slavit would do in Allah himolla

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who will have that on the Day of Judgment, that each person will examine whatever that they sent ahead, and each person will be returned to Allah who is their true molar, who is their true

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owner, Master, while the Learn humor can we have the rune and whatever it is, that they used to invent will be lost from them, and meaning, whatever false deities they invented, whatever false gods they worshiped, whatever lies they believed, and all of all of those lies will be lost from them meaning they will be of no avail. So, the first type of wilaya is that which is general. So even if someone seeks the you know, friendship, in the sense that

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you know, if a person expresses or, or believes that, you know, someone has so much power over them. Someone someone besides Allah subhanaw taala has so much power over them or so much authority over them that they must be, you know, completely devoted to them. And so they seek their help their worship them in any way, then the fact is, that it doesn't make them their molar. It doesn't make them their true way. The true protector the true owner of the creation is who it is Allah soprano Prada, in sort of the Shura, Ayah number six, Allah subhanaw taala says what Latina Taha lumen dooney he Olia Allah who Hadfield, Luna la him, that those beings that they have taken besides Allah

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as their only meaning as their protectors, as beings, that their worship as deities, then the fact is, that it is a law who is a guardian over them, meaning these idols don't protect them. These false gods don't give relief to them. It is not the creation that brings them healing, even if they pray to them, even if they depend upon them. Who is it that brings healing? Who is it that gives protection? Who is it that brings them to safety? Who is it that brings them relief from their troubles? Is it the idol that they worship? No, the fact is that Allah who have failed in early Allah is the one who protects them. Allah is their guardian. And not just you know, Allah is not

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just the Hafiz the guardian of you know, these these idolaters but also the the beings that they worship. So, Allah who have failed an RA him, so, this is the first type of wilaya wilaya that is armor that is general which is for all creatures. And then the second type of wilaya is that which is Casa wilaya hasa. Meaning is specific, a special kind of friendship or protection. That is not for all people. It is for who it is for Allah subhanaw taala has special slaves. And this means when Allah subhanaw taala is there.

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Is there Willy Is there a molar This means that Allah subhanaw taala loves them, that Allah subhanaw taala helps them that he guides them and he takes care of their affairs. And this kind of friendship and love and help is not for all people. It is only for Allah subhanaw taala has special slaves. So instead of Mohammed is number 11 It is said Valley can be anila her molar lovina Manu. That is because the fact is that Allah is the molar Allah

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Is the the protector of who of those people who believe what Anil Katharina lamb mowlana home. And the fact is that those who deny those who disbelieve, they have no molar at all. They have no molar at all, meaning they are excluded. Any it does doesn't mean that that Allah subhanaw taala is not there their owner know Allah Subhana Allah is their owner. But what this means is that they are excluded from Allah subhanaw taala has special help and support. They don't receive that special help and support and friendship from Allah subhanaw taala they are deprived of it. So then the question is, why are they deprived? And and who is it that receives this wilaya hossler this special

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friendship and support from Allah subhanaw taala when we read the Quran, we see that first of all, Allah who will be your ladina amanu and sutra Baccarat are 257 that Allah is the Wali of those people who believe in sort of earlier Emraan io 150 Allah says Allah Allahu Mola comb, addressing the believers, that Allah is your Mohler. So you see the word Wali and Mola both of these names have been used, especially for who in relation to the people who believe. And we have that beautiful narration.

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We learned that after the Battle of boyhood, when the Muslims had taken, you know, shelter in in the crevices within Mount Hood in order to hide from the enemy. We learned that before Abu sufian. And, and his people left Abou soufiane called out and he said out loud. That is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam present in the people, meaning is he still alive? And the Prophet sallallahu hernias until the companions who were with him that do not answer him. And then Abu sufian asked, is the son of Abu hanifa, meaning Abu Bakar, is he present among the people? Again, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to the companions, who were with him, do not answer him, stay quiet. And then

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Abu sufian asked, Is your motive been Bob present among the people? And then again, the Prophet sallallahu earlier said and said, do not answer him. Right. And so, Abu sufian said that if they were alive, then they would have answered meaning he was celebrating his victory and he was, you know, alluding to the, you know, to his he was basically saying that they have been killed. So upon this remodel the Allahu anhu could not remain silent anymore. He said, kozub Yeah, I do Allah, you have lied or enemy of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has kept alive, that which will humiliate you or those who will humiliate you any don't don't think that these three are dead. So abou Sophia, and he

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said in his pride at that time, glory be to Hubble was one of the idols that the people of Makkah used to worship. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, answer him, now answer him. So the companion said, what is it that we should say, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, say, Allah who are lower ajan Allah is greater and more glorious. So then also fan said, Lana Rosa, that we have the idol Rosa, and you have no Rosa and Rosa, any day they call this idle reserve, because erza means the one of glory. So basically, what he was saying is that because we have the idol erza we have pleased it we we worship it, and this is why we have glory today, and you have abandoned the

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idol Rosa and so you have lost your glory. So the Prophet sallallahu radiosonde said, answer him, the companion said, what should we say to him? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, say to him, Allahu mowlana, what are mowlana that Allah is our molar. Allah is our protector. And the fact is that you don't have any protector, meaning you have been deprived of Allah subhanaw taala has protection. So remember, that yes, Allah subhanaw taala is, is the owner of the entire creation. So yes, he takes care of their affairs and he provides them he he nurtures them, etc. But he he gives a special kind of friendship and support to who to his special servants. Allah is the Wali and molar

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of those who believe he

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Is there Li, so he loves them, He gives them Sophia to do good and he helps them. So, Allah is there Willie, meaning he takes care of their affairs. How? When Allah subhanaw taala is the Willie, of his slaves of his special servants. This means that first of all, he brings them out of darkness into light. As Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah bacala iO 257 that Allah who will be your Latina Amano, you who read your home in a lumati illa. Note that Allah is the Wali he is the friend, ally of those who believe. And he brings them out of darkness into light. He brings them out of darkness into light, meaning he brings them out of misguidance into guidance. He brings them out of unawareness to

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awareness. So previously, they didn't know. And then Allah subhanaw taala taught them previously they they were not guided, they were not upon the straight path. But Allah subhanaw taala guided them. So when Allah is the friend of those who believe he brings them out of darkness into light, this means that he directs them. Right? He guides them, he nurtures them spiritually, they grow spiritually. And so their condition improves, he gives them the ability to do good, he gives them the ability to complete good deeds, he guides them, he directs them so that they become successful. And even when they fall into some kind of error. Allah subhanaw taala shows them the way out of it.

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We learn for example, in pseudo Tahitian Ayah number two, that the Prophet sallallahu Urdu settlement one occasion he made honey Allah for himself, why in order to please some of his wives, that, you know what one of them said to him? Two of them said to him that it seems like you had honey, your breath smells, and this was something very difficult on the Prophet sallallahu Ernie who suddenly because he he ensured that his his breath did not smell at all, he would use the Syriac a lot, he would clean his mouth very, very frequently. Why? Because he would say that I speak to the one that you don't speak with meaning intelligibility. Right, and he he's the Prophet of Allah. So

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his mouth was always clean. And when he was told, it seems like you have bad breath, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I'm never going to have a honey again. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed sort of the Haman which we learn that all profit, why do you forbid what Allah subhanaw taala has made lawful for you? Right and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made honey unlawful upon himself by taking an oath. Like for example, a person says that I swear by Allah, I'm never going to eat such and such food, then this means that they cannot eat such and such food ever again. Right? This is this is the implication of taking an oath. But this oath that the Prophet sallallahu earlier

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Selim took over here was not correct. Why? Because if he were to forbid honey upon himself, then what would the oma do? Right? The entire oma would would also do the same, they would not eat honey. So we learned in sort of the honeymoon is number two, Allah subhanaw taala says, follow the Allahu La Quinta Hill letter A manickam, that Allah subhanaw taala has legislated for you the dissolution of your oaths, meaning Allah subhanaw taala has taught you how to dissolve your oaths meaning if a person takes such an oath, and then they realize that this is not realistic or this was this was a mistake. Then Allah subhanaw taala has has taught you the way out and what is that that you give the

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kafala you give the expiation. So for the Lola con the healer that a medical and then he said, Well, Allahu Mola con Allah is your Mola, he is your protector, he is your ally. Right? Meaning he shows you the way out of your trouble. That the difficulty that you may have created for yourself that may be a direct result of your own mistakes or your own hastiness Allah subhanaw taala when he is the Wali, he is the friend, the ally of those who believe he shows them the way out of their troubles, whether they are in spiritual in religious matters, or they are in worldly matters. So this is the first benefit that when Allah befriends a slave, this means that Allah subhanaw taala brings them

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out of darkness into light over and over again, because you see your Rijo home in a little dramatic anew.

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Visual, this is a verb, it happens again and again every time they fall into some kind of darkness. Allah subhanaw taala brings them out. Secondly, Allah subhanaw taala gives them said that Allah subhanaw taala gives them steadfastness. The fact is that because of our weakness,

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you know, our, because of our weakness, there are times when we become a little shaky, when we feel like almost giving up, we feel like quitting, we feel that we don't have the strength to carry on, or there are, you know, doubts that are creeping in. So, whatever kind of weakness that a person is experiencing, when they have the wilaya the friendship of Allah and Allah subhanaw taala grants them steadfastness, he stabilizes their heart, He grants them strength, and and the resilience to stay firm to carry on. We learned in sort of earlier, Enron, I have 122, that when the Muslims were going for or for the Battle of word, we learned that the hypocrites their chief or the loman obey who

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exposes his hypocrisy at that occasion. He, he abandoned the Muslims, right? He said that you guys didn't listen to me. I am not going to participate in a battle like this. So I am going back. And there were 300 people from the Muslim army who actually went along with our delight and obey 300 people. And there were two groups from among the Muslims who were almost about to give up also, in it they were about to go along with or the library obey and leave the Prophet sallallahu earnings. But Allah subhanaw taala says one I 122 if Han Martha if attorney min come and Shana when two groups among you were about to give up, will law who will be your hula, but Allah was their ally, Allah who

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was their protector. So Allah subhanaw taala gave them the strength to carry on Allah subhanaw taala gave them the ability to make the right decision to not quit. Warren Allah affiliate are killing me known and upon Allah should the believers rely.

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Then thirdly, what Allah subhanaw taala befriends a slave and what happens is that Allah subhanaw taala saves them from fear and from grief, from fear and from worry and sadness, meaning Allah subhanaw taala uplifts them, he brings them out of their sadness, out of their despair out of their anxiety. Allah subhanaw taala gives them joy. He He gives them hope. So when he when when they befriend him, he befriends them. So we learned in sort of Eunice is 62 to 64. That Allah in the Olia Allah, La Hoefler, la him, What are his own, unquestionably, verily, the friends of Allah, there are such that there will be no fear upon them, nor will they grieve Allah subhanaw taala will take their

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fear and their grief away from them. Who are these people? Who are these folks? alladhina amanu there are those who believe what can we diccon and they fear Allah.

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And we also learn in a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned such people that they are the Olia of Allah or those who, when they're seen, Allah is remembered meaning they remind you of Allah. Then we see that when Allah subhanaw taala befriends a slave, then what happens is that Allah subhanaw taala is enough for them. Meaning he completely takes care of their affairs. So they don't need to rely upon anyone else. They do not need to depend upon anyone else. they place their all of their expectations in Allah and Allah is enough for them. Allah takes care of all of their affairs. In Surah Nisa, I have 45 we learn when law who are allowed will be are the econ Allah

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is most knowledgeable of all of your enemies. Allah knows very well, who hates you, who is not sincere to you? What are fabula he will he here and sufficient is Allah as a Willie, as a friend worker fabula in asleep or insufficient is Allah as a helper.

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And then

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when Allah subhanaw taala befriends a slave than Allah subhanaw taala saves that slave from despair, that when a person is falling in despair, they're almost about to give up hope Allah subhanaw taala

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rescues them. So instead of the shoulder i a 28. We learn wahoo and ledi unit 0/8. I'm embody McConnell to Winshuttle rajmata will who will rally your Hamid that he is the one who sends down rain much needed rain, after the people had despaired or they they were nearly despairing, and he spreads His mercy and he is a lowly, he is the friend of Hamid the Praiseworthy, then we see that Allah subhanaw taala helps his slaves when they are in difficulty, meaning Allah subhanaw taala protect them. So we learned in the headaches, that monada li willian for them to hope will help that the Prophet sallallahu earlier said him said that Allah subhanaw taala says that whosoever shows

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enmity to a friend of mine, then I have declared war against him, Allahu Akbar, he This is how safe and secure a friend of Allah becomes. That if someone becomes an enemy to them, then what will happen Allah subhanaw taala will defend them. Allah subhanaw taala will protect them

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and then we see that Allah subhanaw taala also makes angels their friends in pseudo Tahiti I have for return that one of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu Ernest that I'm some of them they conspired against him. Allah penalty revealed that we're into la hora la he for in Allah Who am Allah who that if you assist one another against the messenger sallallahu earlier send them then remember that Allah is his molar Allah is his protector, what do you believe, and also gibreel is his protector Angel gibreel wasana hermit mini and the writers believers are also his his, his his protectors while Mullah equal to bar Malika Wahid and then the angels the rest of the angels also

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after that, our assistance, any when a person receives the will of Allah than such a person is not alone. They receive not only the friendship of Allah, but the friendship of the righteous servants of Allah, including the angels of Allah. So insert firstly that i a 3031 we learn in alladhina Carlo Robin Allah so muster como tetanus Zilla la humble manner acre, under the harmful while at the hazard, what other Shirou bilgin net ility Quantum to our idle, national Alia will come full hair to dunya will,

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that indeed those people who say Our Lord is Allah, and then they become steadfast, then the angels descend upon them. And they say to them, that do not fear and do not be sad, and instead rejoice with the good news of Paradise which you have been promised. We are your friends, we were your friends in worldly life, and we are also your friends in the hereafter. So, when a person receives the rely of Allah, they also receive the wilaya the friendship of the angels of a mother righteous servants of Allah. And then we see that Allah subhanaw taala saves such people from humiliation from from, from disgrace and remember, humiliation embarrassment is not that, Oh, I didn't realize that,

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you know, my, my clothes were not firing properly, or I didn't realize that I was addressing the wrong person. I mean, these are, these are, you know, Petty issues over which Yes, we feel some kind of embarrassment, but real embarrassment real disgrace is that on the Day of Judgment, and it is in the matter of religion. So, in a DA we learn what in the whole layer the loo Manuel later that Oh Allah, the person whom you befriend, then such a person will never be humiliated, they will never be humiliated, who the person who has been granted special wilayah the special friendship and support of Allah subhanaw taala. And then also when Allah subhanaw taala befriends a slave and this means

00:39:15 --> 00:39:57

that he befriends them in the world and in the hereafter. In the world. Of course, Allah subhanaw taala guides such a person, Allah subhanaw taala protects such a person and in the hereafter Allah soprano throttle will grant such a person ultimate closeness. So instead of anom, I have 127 we learn let him down to salami render obey Him, that the righteous slaves of Allah will have the home of security near their Lord, meaning a home where they will be completely safe and secure. Were who will will you whom and he will be there, well he he will be there friend Bhima can we are alone because of what they used to do.

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59

So the

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

Those who receive the friendship of Allah in the world, they will also receive the friendship of Allah in the hereafter. Allah subhanaw taala will honor them on the Day of Judgment also, we learn another Hadees that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are three that there are three matters about which I can take an oath. And one of them is that wilayah to one Lola who are zildjian loved and for dunya for you, well Lila you know who your will PM, that it is not possible that Allah subhanaw taala would befriend and protect his servant in the world. And then Allah subhanaw taala abandoned abandons him on the Day of Judgment. And it's not possible meaning when

00:40:41 --> 00:41:31

Allah subhanaw taala is the wellI of a slave in the world that Allah subhanaw taala will be his Wali, on the Day of Judgment also. And how could such a person suffer any last then, finally, number 10. I've listed a total of 10 benefits over here. The final benefit is that Allah subhanaw taala will bestow His special mercies upon such such slaves on the Day of Judgment, his special little hammer, there's you know, that famous her these that Allah subhanaw taala has divided his mercy into 100 portions, and out of those 100 portions, the last panel tada has sent has descended only one portion of the world right and the remaining 99 portions Allah subhanaw taala has reserved for when

00:41:31 --> 00:41:51

for the Day of Judgment, but you know what it says in the Hadees that Allah soprano Tata has reserved it for who leave earlier he for his Olia for his friends, for those slaves who are worthy of Allah subhanaw taala has special friendship along with your unknown main home.

00:41:52 --> 00:41:55

Now we see that the name of Allah and Willie

00:41:58 --> 00:42:51

it is paired with the name of Hamid in the Quran, meaning it is mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala is unruly and he's an Hamid Ali, the friend al Hamid the Praiseworthy, and you see there is a connection between the two. Every friend is not praiseworthy. There are friends who who terribly disappoint us there are friends who become a burden. There are friends whose whose so called friends whose friendship is not worth it, or their their actions are embarrassing. Allah soprano thada is unwell he and Hamid he is praiseworthy, for who he is for what he does. He does not need the praise of those who praise Him. He is praise worthy because of who he is. And what an honor, what a

00:42:51 --> 00:43:44

privilege. What a relief to have Allah subhanaw taala as your Woody, the one who is an Hamid, the one who is perfectly praiseworthy, Kenny, this is something that shows us that we should, we should strive to ensure that Allah subhanaw taala is our money, that we should really strive to seek the friendship of Allah subhanaw taala how desperately we try to make friends with good people, right? We spend money, we ask them, you know, sometimes people have the courage to ask random people be my friend, follow me and I will follow you on social media, etc. Honey, this is so petty, right? That we become so desperate for the attention that people can give us for some kind of friendship that

00:43:44 --> 00:44:38

they can offer us, right? We feel so loved and special when you know someone, you know, sends us a message or someone you know gives us a gift and we feel so happy knowing that we have so many friends, all of that is great. Mashallah excellent. However, whose friendship is it that we should really be seeking whose friendship and he when it comes to our friends, we spend our money, we we give we devote our precious time, right? We give so much attention. We actually make sacrifices, right? People will spend time away from their family in order to be with their friends, right? People will spend their hard earned money in order to get the approval of their friends or in order

00:44:38 --> 00:45:00

to enjoy time with their friends. Because when you are with your friends, then yes, there is a different type of joy that you feel. But remember that all the friends of the world, they are temporary, right? And they're not perfect. They're not perfectly praiseworthy. The one who's friendly

00:45:00 --> 00:45:45

Should we should truly be seeking is Allah subhanaw taala and only Allah, this doesn't mean that we don't care about people at all. No, we give them their rights and we care about them the way that they deserve, not more than what they deserve. And this is why we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that were I to take any person as a Colleen and Helene is someone who is very, very close to you. If I were to take anyone as a honey, I would have taken a bucket as a Holly. But that is not the case. Honey is only Allah subhanaw taala any, it is Allah subhanaw taala this friendship that we should be seeking. So what is it that we should do when Allah subhana wa tada is

00:45:45 --> 00:46:34

actually when he is a molar, the first thing we need to do is we need to seek His wilaya we should seek the wilaya of Allah. Why? Because the fact is that we have no Wali besides Allah and he there is no one who is dependable besides Allah subhanaw taala in sootel anom ayah number 14 we learn called a liar Allah He a Ducky the Walia say to these people, that is it someone other than Allah who I should take as a Wali, when Allah is validly somewhat, you will all when he is the originator, the creator of the skies on the earth, well who are your thermo and he is the one who gives food well I use the R mu, and he does not need to be fed a low UCLA, he does not need to be fed, he is

00:46:34 --> 00:47:23

perfect. He is free of any need. In fact, he is the one who fulfills your needs. So why should you take anyone else as a Willie, take Allah as your Walid. And remember that Allah subhanaw taala is friendship. And he that is permanent, because there is nothing constant besides Allah subhanaw taala take the example of use of Ernie his son M is the use of artists and I'm his father loved him. But what happened? His father was taken away from him. Right? Use of reason I was thrown into a well, but that who got him out of that? Well, it was the caravan. Right? That that was coming by that site. They took him out of the well Who Who enabled that who planned that Allah soprano Dada and

00:47:23 --> 00:48:10

Yusuf Ali Salaam could have been sold to anybody in Egypt as a slave. But he ended up in the house of the Aziz who raised him as a son, who told his wife that make sure that he that he lives nicely with us. Right. And then we see that when there was the invitation to commit sin, who protected use of arias center, Allah subhanaw taala did Lola Abou hanabi Cavalli candy nursery foreign who Sue oil fracture, Allah subhanaw taala turned away, he will an immorality from use of his center. And so use of them ended up in the prison. And then how did he come out of the prison because of the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala had given him. So we see that so many people were part of his life, and

00:48:10 --> 00:49:00

then they were no longer part of his life. There were people who helped him and then they betrayed him. There were people who were supposed to care about him, but they, but they didn't. So, this is the reality of people because the nature of people is weak. So who is it that will always, always be there, no matter what is happening in your life, no matter who is with you, and who has abandoned you, who has cheated you who has forgotten about you? It is only Allah subhanaw taala and this is why we see that use of a salon. We learned that when when he was on on the throne and his entire family was there in his dream, you know, it was it came true and in front of him, that how everyone,

00:49:01 --> 00:49:16

you know, prostrated to him. As he saw in the dream. He said, Rob because Titan immunol mulk were unlearned turn him into weight and how these fall prey to some are what you will org until we leave Indonesia while

00:49:19 --> 00:49:59

the offeree Muslim and well Hackney was slowly hain he said, oh my lord. In fact you have given me it is indeed you who has given me of the dominion, meaning this power that I have, you have bestowed this power to me and you have given me the knowledge of the interpretation of dreams. You are the Originator of the heavens and the earth and you are my Willie, you are my friend, my ally, my protector, my helper throughout this type in in the world and also in the hereafter that were funny muslimah allow me to die as a Muslim someone who is in submission to you will help me beside

00:50:00 --> 00:50:50

Hayden join me with the righteous slaves in the hereafter. So seek the wilaya of law, seek the friendship of Allah, because everyone else who is around us right now, whether it is a child, or a parent, or a spouse, or a good friend from childhood, or even a pet, anyone that we feel extremely attached to remember, all of these people are temporary. All of these individuals are here, momentarily. They will not always be with us, because their abilities are limited. Parents love their children, they love they want to protect them, they want to shelter them, but our parents are always able to protect their children. Now they're not. It doesn't mean that parents are evil. No,

00:50:50 --> 00:51:44

it just means they're human, they're weak. And sometimes what happens is that when people are not able to do what we you what we expect them to do, we become extremely upset. We hold these grudges in our hearts, and we torture ourselves. And we need to realize that people can only do as much as they can. And so we should not depend upon them. We should be placing our our hopes and expectations in Allah subhanaw taala just like use of already surrounded. So remember that every so called well he besides Allah is weak. In sootel Anca booth I have 41 almost penalty Allah says methadone, Latina todo mundo de la Alia kamatera uncoupled the example of those people who have taken others besides

00:51:44 --> 00:51:51

Allah as their Olia as their protectors as their allies, then their example is like that of a spider.

00:51:52 --> 00:52:42

It hurts beighton who makes a house, we're in the Oh 100 booth and the weakest of all houses is levator unka booth is the house of the spider meaning a web. It's so weak. Yes, it is strong enough for the spider sometimes, but not always. It's so weak that you don't even realize and with one step you can destroy the entire house of a spider. Right? It doesn't shelter it against, you know the elements, you know, the wind, the water, the rain, etc. So this is the reality if we depend upon anyone besides Allah subhanaw taala it's like as if we are reaching out for a spider's web. Any, there's, this is a useless effort. What we need to do is we need to place our trust in Allah

00:52:42 --> 00:53:28

subhanaw taala so that we can receive the friendship of Allah subhanaw taala and how can we receive that friendship? Allah subhanaw taala his friendship is for who it is, first of all, for those who believe in Him, in sort of Allah and Ron is 68 Allah Subhana Allah says, Well Allah who will he you may need Allah is the friend, the ally of those who believe. Secondly, Allah is the friend of those who have Taqwa those who are conscious of him in circle Jaffe I in 19, Allah says will love Willie Yun with the cane Allah is the Wali of those who are conscious of him. In certain Aronoff, I have 196 less as we're Hawaii tawanda slyly hain and he meaning Allah befriends those who are righteous.

00:53:28 --> 00:54:18

So how is it that we can receive the wilaya of Allah? How by believing in Allah, by increasing our man by protecting our Eman taking care of our email and then by increasing our righteous actions, you see with Allah Salahi, right Allah subhanaw taala befriends those who are righteous, we learned well who are Willie you won't be mad can we are Muldoon that Allah will be there when he meaning in Paradise, why because of what they used to do, and do not belittle any good deed? Any good deed even if it is just saying Salaam we learned in the Hadees that when there is a group of people, right, and one person's initiate the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu earlier said I've said in Ola nasty

00:54:18 --> 00:54:40

biLlahi the closest of the people to Allah is men better a home besana is the one who initiate the Salah. mean the person who says Salaam first. So don't belittle any good deeds. You don't know which good deed is going to take you closer to Allah is going to make you worthy of his special friendship and support.

00:54:41 --> 00:54:59

We also learn in a hadith and behati that Allah subhanaw taala says that whoever shows enmity to a friend of mine than I have declared war against him. And my servant does not draw near to me with anything more beloved to me than the religious duties, the obligations that I have imposed upon him. Meaning when you perform the

00:55:00 --> 00:55:52

What are your obligations, your Salah you give your as a cat, etc your obligations. That is how you draw close to Allah subhanaw taala. And when you add to that the nofit the voluntary good deeds, then you keep drawing closer to Allah subhanaw taala and then strive to seek the will of Allah, how by striving in obedience to Allah. We learn in through to hedge is 78 Allah Subhana Allah says we're Jaya Hito Villa he co jihadi strive and the cause of Allah, the way that you should strive as as the right of striving in his cause. Any strive as much as it is it you know that the way of Allah deserves, right? How could you had he and then at the end of the day, it says, Who am Allah, that

00:55:52 --> 00:56:41

Allah is your protector, so you get his wilaya how, by striving in his cause, and then by holding on to Allah, that that you never turn against or away from Allah know, you, you reach out to him. Even when you have made a mistake, you reach out to him even when you feel that you have done something terribly wrong. Even if you feel like you know, you've been making laws and shaitan tells you your your door is not being answered. Things are not getting easier, even then reach out to Allah because there's no shelter from Allah except with Allah. So hold on to him no matter what, no matter how difficult things become. In the same idea in total which is 78 it says where towsley will be laggy

00:56:41 --> 00:57:34

Who am Ola Come and hold on to Allah. He is your patron he is your protector for Nirmal Mola, when airman nosleep what an excellent protector he is, and what an excellent helper he is. And then, when Allah subhanaw taala is actually when he is Alola than this means that we should not do what will cause us to lose his wilaya any let us stay away from those things which will deprive us from the friendship of Allah subhanaw taala his special wilaya is will I Hossa that we should not become that obstacle ourselves and what is it that causes a person to lose the friendship of Allah? First of all, we see that when a person befriends the enemies of Allah and then they try to please them

00:57:35 --> 00:58:21

while they are disobeying Allah and displeasing Allah, meaning just to be accepted by certain people. You are displeasing Allah, you are clearly going against Allah commands. This is something that shows that a person is not loyal to Allah and so they lose the friendship of Allah also, we learned in sort of earlier on I are 28 layer, mineral caffeine Olia, I'm Indonesia Mini. The believers should not take those who disbelieve as their earlier as their protectors. Besides the believers, well, if our velyka fillet salmon Allah He fish ate in, and whoever does that, then they have nothing to do with the low end there is no wilaya between this person and Allah.

00:58:22 --> 00:59:10

And we also learned so little Baccarat 120 that will enter the unclear who the will and Masada had that a tablet emulator home that the Jews and the Christians they will never be pleased with you until you follow their way any until you you no longer remain who you are, you will become like them only then will they be pleased with you. So are you going to go on striving to to seek their approval. It says later on in the verse that if you were to follow their desires after the knowledge has come to you, mela coming along in your religion Well honestly you will not have against Allah any friend or helper to to save you to protect you. You You will not have the help of Allah and you

00:59:10 --> 00:59:45

will have no one to help you against Allah either. And then we see that even sins that are not repented from this is something that causes a person to have a no friendship with Allah anymore in certain Nyssa I have 123 Wheeler and Wilma yarmouth's sorry Mayor Matsu unusably while I aged lumen Dhoni la he will begin while and assume that whoever does evil that he will be recompense toward and he will not find besides Allah any money or any helper and then when Allah subhanaw taala is actually Alola This means that we should

00:59:46 --> 01:00:00

center our friendships around Allah soprano partner also. You see Allah subhanaw taala is should be our ultimate friend. Any The one whom we care about the most the one

01:00:00 --> 01:00:47

Whose Alliance is of most importance to us, which means that even if everybody has abandoned us, or we must leave everybody, okay, fine, that can happen. But we can never leave alone. We can never imagine a life. Without Allah, it's not possible. So this means that all of our friendships and our relationships all of them should be centered around who around the loss of planet are, which means that we should befriend those whom Allah subhanaw taala befriends in certain Mati that I have 55 Allah says in the mouth, Allah you como la Sulu, indeed your Wali is Allah and His Messenger when levina amanu and the people who believe this they are your friends, and they you should treat them

01:00:47 --> 01:01:28

as your friends. We learned in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the closest people to me will be those who are with the hoon. We also learn another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu earlier said him set that alert in the early ob, that that my the family, the posterity of my father's, and he referenced, you know certain people he said, les Sue Lee Veolia. They are not at all my Olia in Mr. Walia ba who will slowly hurt me need my real well He is Allah and the righteous believers they are my true friends.

01:01:29 --> 01:02:07

The Prophet sallallahu earlier cinema also said in Alia e yo malpighi amodimethicone were in Canon nasaan acaba meanness a bit in another Hadees man can were Hazel can that my real friends or the people who will be closest to me on the Day of Judgment, or those who are people of tequila, no matter who they are, and where they are, and even if there are other people who are closer to me and lineage, but still, these people with the cone will be will be closest to me. So our friendships should revolve around who? Allah subhanaw taala

01:02:08 --> 01:02:20

we learned well, Mina will move me now to Babu Oh, Leah Oh, BB that the believing men believe in women, they're their only their allies, friends, supporters of one another.

01:02:21 --> 01:02:29

And then this also means that when Allah subhanaw taala is unwell IE al Mohler,

01:02:30 --> 01:03:01

then we should free ourselves of fear and worry by putting our trust in Allah into the Toba if 51 we're told continuously burner in the market of Allahu Allah say that nothing will reach us except what Allah subhanaw taala has decreed for us who am Alana, he is our protector. While Allah he fully adore kalibak manana and upon Allah, should the believers put their trust? So remember, that

01:03:03 --> 01:03:48

nothing happens to you except what Allah subhanaw taala has decreed for you and who is Allah? He's your protector, than what do you expect? What will what will Allah subhanaw taala decree for you, even if something appears to be very harmful? Even if something is truly very painful, it's very difficult to deal with. Remember, this was allowed in regard to you by who? By Allah, Who is your Mona, who takes care of you, and who wants the best for you? So never think that Allah subhanaw taala does one good for me know everything that he decrees is in your favor, when you are a believer and when you put your trust in Allah.

01:03:49 --> 01:04:33

And then when Allah subhanaw taala is unwilling and Mola This means that we should never ever feel abandoned in the sense that even even when people you know have cut off from us or they have you know, abandoned us or they have moved on from us or it seems like they have forgotten about us. Remind yourself that you are not abandoned. You are not alone. You have Allah in suitable and file I have 40 it has said we're into one low, far normal anila himolla come if they turn away. If the people turn away from you, they leave you then you should know that Allah is your Mola here, we're not alone. Yes, the people who were not meant to stay did not stay. Right. They, the people who did

01:04:33 --> 01:04:53

not care about you are not worthy of your friendship either. So don't don't cry over them realize that Allah subhanaw taala is your mode. And then when Allah subhanaw taala is and William Mola. This means that we should be confident when we are obeying Him we should not feel afraid. We should

01:04:54 --> 01:04:59

act like we have a great protector and Li ne we should never feel

01:05:00 --> 01:05:49

weak and cowardly when when obeying Allah, or towsley will be Lehi Who am Allah can hold on to Allah. He is your Mona. And then finally, we should seek His help when he is the Protector, the Helper, the one who takes care of our affairs, then why should we not seek His help? How can we seek His help through the laws that we have been taught? There's so many doors First of all, we see that in the last two verses of Silikal Baccarat right at the end, you know, there's beautiful to us. And part of that Dora is wherefore and welcome Fiddler. Now we're Hamner unter mowlana, from sadhana alchemy, caffine that, Oh Allah, pardon us, forgive us have mercy on us, you are our protector, our

01:05:49 --> 01:06:31

patron. So help us against the people who disbelieve and the prophets of Allah, where it is and and told us to recite these two verses last two verses of sort of abakada every night, because the person who recites them at night, then these verses are enough for him. And one of the meanings of that is that you need the person who will be safe at night, right, their property will be safe, why because because they recited these verses. And another interpretation of that is that these verses will suffice him meaning that they are that that they are like the worship of the entire night. So even if a person was not able to get up and pray in the night, then these verses will suffice him so

01:06:31 --> 01:07:18

make it a habit to recite the last two verses of Surah Baqarah every night before going to sleep. Secondly, another dog we learn in the Quran and this there are we can make for forgiveness. This is the other musala A Salah made until Willie Yuna Oh Allah, you are our Willie, you are our protector. You are our friend. You are our ally. Any we need you fellow Filipina, so forgive us for him now we're under hydel overfitting and have mercy on us, and you are the best of those who show forgiveness. And then we have another and this is in the sooner. The Prophet sallallahu earlier said and would teach this door to his companions, as reported by Xavier been acabo de la Mourinho it's a

01:07:18 --> 01:08:12

little long door but a beautiful door and part of this is Allah in the NFC toccoa that Allah give my soul it's the Aqua. He allow me enabled me to have dakhla of you that I fear you that I'm conscious of you was a key her and Oh Allah, purify my soul, and the hieromonk zerker how you were the best, who can purify my soul until finally you have a molar. Because you are it's Willie and it's molar. In a you are the owner, the protector, the supporter of this soul of mine, alright, ultimately, it will return to you. So I beg you that you purify it right now and give it the taqwa that it needs. And then we have also the DA that that is to be paid in with it. And this Dora is Allah who Medina

01:08:12 --> 01:08:21

Freeman herdade who are often effeminate our fate, whatever we'll learn if he meant our late and this means that whatever Lenny Fremantle related Oh Allah

01:08:23 --> 01:08:32

turned to me in friendship among those on whom you have turned to, in in friendship meaning befriend me as those

01:08:34 --> 01:09:35

as those whom you have befriended, allow me to be among those whom you have befriended any make me of your Aliyah. And then we have also Dora for from Miss upon Islam. Because remember that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who gives stability to those who believe in him. This is this is the benefit of of having the wilaya of Allah. So this da we learn about here Willie yell Islam Allah le mas sicne Islam a hatter and POC rla and another dar which is very similar to it yeah when they yell Islam or early submit ni, B he had to Alcock that all or Willie of Islam, or Willie of Islam meaning or friend of or ally of Islam, and or guardian of Islam. Allow me to hold on to Islam until I meet

01:09:35 --> 01:09:59

you upon it. Meaning allow me to remain firm upon Islam until I leave this world any give me steadfastness give me stability upon Islam. Don't don't allow me to to slip and remember that Allah is the Wali of those who believe he brings him out of darkness into light. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us with his wilaya

01:10:00 --> 01:10:30

So, that may Allah subhanaw taala bring us out of darkness into light millas panel thar to help us when we are in need to be Allah subhana wa tada brings us out of the darkness of misguidance the darkness of ignorance, the darkness of sadness, the darkness of despair, and May Allah subhanaw taala be our Wali in the hereafter also, inshallah we will conclude over here, so panicle la homo the hammock, a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta as the federal come to LA wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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