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solder us silly Omri wired up the timely sounding of I mean, how's everyone doing? You're too quiet wise

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to tie it Alhamdulillah Where are you oh okay

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so what are we going to talk about today? Is something what we are living in what month we are Siobhan and anything special about Shabbat

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okay that's a good a good start the month before on the one the month after my job. Okay.

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So practice for a Milan

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I'm sorry.

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You're prepared for Milan plate.

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That's it.

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Okay, not too bad. I'm glad I did the Hello column. That means you definitely need Okay, so the first thing which we have said this many, many times are hungry. And I think most of you if not all of you should know. Anytime you want to learn about something, especially in the dean, look at the name. why it's called Siobhan. What is Siobhan me?

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What is the word shabam?

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Yeah, exactly. So that's the first thing I did this actually, I didn't know it's also myself. When I was preparing. I was looking at it now I was like, let me see why it's called Siobhan. Of course all the months were called way before Islam. You need to know this. So they these names are not when Rasul Allah sort of Islam came in or when the Islam came it's actually was way before for example, Ramadan was actually named Ramadan before, way, way way before and Allah Subhana Allah chose Ramadan for the Quran to be revealed and so Shabbat actually was revealed in the year for named the 412

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Milady meaning not the lunar, the regular years we go by so this is 412. So about almost 200 years before I saw the hisako set up claiming the name Siobhan originally the word in the Adobe mean mean when things disperse, or goes money direction

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that's the word meaning that so those commas come and says okay, what does this has to do with the fact that is a month before Ramadan, and the month after Raja has to have something to do with it? Right now what's pantalla COVID this name and then he brought it up our he made it before the month of last pantile or after the sacred month of Raja and this is what they say they said number one, it is the meaning is dispersed or eight separate things, separate things or you go in different directions. So number one is the month between Rajab and Ramadan. So what is Rajab? What Why would you be so special?

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exactly it's a sacred month that's the first thing always think of something Allah subhanaw taala said whatever so Allah his thought was Salaam said it's a sacred month, this four sacred months? I'm sure everybody in this room knows if not, we'll say it again. What is it? What are these three in sequence and one separate? What is the sequence three in sequence so you will never forget it?

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No, this is the last one sequence.

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No, absolutely not. Ramadan is not.

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is not a sacred month Ramadan. Everybody thinks this one. This three is the villager and Muharram think of this way. The show her off Hajj, the Shahada before the Hajj, the month before the Hajj, and the month before the Hajj or the three sacred months. So the month of heart is a sacred month. The month before is a sacred month, the month after the sacred month. So the picture, the one before is the garden the one before is Mahara. Okay, then there is gap and comes in Rajab. Rajab is the seventh month in the lunar year. Then comes Raja Raja is a sacred month. Right? Then comes in shaba. So Siobhan is number eight. And then comes in number nine, which is Ramadan. So Ramadan is not a

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sacred month. And Ramallah has the Ramadan and the values and the precious Ramadan, but it's not a sacred months upon. So Siobhan comes in before a sacred month, and a month of Allah comes in between so it separates two highly precious months. So that's one of the meanings and this is all scholars were trying to figure out why it is called Shabbat. One number two, in that time, even before I saw the saw to a sinner, because it Mahara because Roger is a sacred month. So there was no fighting and it's because it's a sacred month, right. And the sacred month, no fightings

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So, Siobhan comes in when all the tribes go different ways, in fighting, so different ways. So Siobhan three also they go in different ways or in different two groups to the kings and to the rulers looking for money.

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Also it is the month that the

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which is really I like this one is two things which is related to us as Muslims, it's the month that there is a lot of sustenance from Allah subhanaw taala of higher comes it amazing how much this is one of the reasons made me do this Hello. So most of us don't know the value of Shabbat. Some of you only know the 15th of Shabbat, I don't know, the month, all of it at all me, it says a whole is a month that we have to give it. Its due right. So it's the month that there is a lot of systems from a law comes in in it. And there is a lot of hype in that month. And that's number one. And also it's the month again, one of the reasons is they go and look for water and it's specifically after Mahara

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after Roger, in Ramadan, they go in Shabbat, they go and look for water and bring it back in there.

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And it's amazing why we need to learn these things meaning we need to learn the value of the months because our last power Thailand we need to know the value of the month. Do we know the value of the day, we need to know the value of the time meaning there's times as certain value that is months a certain values these days has certain values, right? What is the days that has certain values? in a in a week

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Find it? Yes, we're Muslims. Yes, this is our day. why I'm saying this because monday and thursday if someone doesn't fast, then that value is less. But Friday is a Friday. Friday is a day that is specifically for us. You have the Joomla you have the Salah in it, then you have a lot of opportunities have a lot of good deeds that alone will do. It is granted. Then you come to the days Yes, Mondays and Thursdays especially Thursday, and we're going to come to it especially Thursday even more than Monday for those specifically. Especially if they fast so Thursday if you fast or not, there is a value on it but if you fast even more, so there's a hadith of roswaal as AutoSum and

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I need you to memorize the meaning of it in and from now on getting ready for Rama and Hadith says Hadith week Hadith, but the meaning of it all the scholars agreed it's absolutely valuable that Allah Subhana Allah has in the time, meaning in the year, certain times, where a last part Allah give us opportunities for better rewards. And the Hadith says to all rahula look for this time or days or moments and take advantage of it. In nearly Robbie comfier Yami naffaa Hartford, aro Lula your Lord has given you in your time, certain times where you will get more reward meaning May Allah forgive us but you always have to give examples of dunya when somebody June for example, for those

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of you who are who shops very well, right, that is June what is June July is usually there is huge sale, especially in places or certain department stores where they don't do sales at all in the year. They do it in June. For example, if you go overseas, this is very common. For example, you will say

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school before school starts the resale the whole squad starting school sale. Don't you go back to school, right? You want to go and buy even you don't need Why? Because it's an opportunity and there's nothing wrong with it as long as you're not doing it overdoing it. Indeed the same thing. So in Europe become for your Lord, there is times times meaning days meaning hours, where you or places where las panatela gives you like a breath from him, meaning gives you something special an extra and one of these times is this month

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is Siobhan What day is

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what day.

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What's the date of Siobhan today?

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At least you know it's at least you notice. Yeah, it's probably the eighth right? So why I mean I'm very surprised you don't know. Not because it's Siobhan Um Don't you know when is Ramadan?

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Right. So if it is the 16th Allah knows 15th or the 16th right? If it is the 15th or 16th so again, Siobhan and I need to know Siobhan because I need to know how much left for Ramadan. That tells me one thing how much we are really preparing for Ramadan.

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Like how much left to get ready right? Like if you had if you are traveling I didn't say I have only two weeks left for example you're going back home and you're preparing all the gifts for everybody was like only two weeks left. So the best guest is coming coming actually it should be in three weeks could be Tuesday, Allah knows could be Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Now what is now the special of this month into we just say Allah subhanaw taala has a special time and month and date. So Siobhan is one of the times of Allah that He gave us a special value what is number one special value about Java?

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You go back and you say either I'm gonna find it in the Quran or I'm gonna find it in the sun for Siobhan you will find it in the sun right? Number one, the virtue of Shabbat the month is

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which I hope you are doing

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fasting absolutely fasting specially up till the 15th of shaba

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unless you're somebody who always fast and it doesn't matter this except definitely the day before Ramadan you're not supposed to fast but at least the first two weeks and this based on visa roswaal he sought us and Chinese in Bali and Muslim a lot of the Hadith about cheban there is a lot of different opinion about them some of them are completely rejected Some are weak, some very weak, but this one is actually in Bihari and most of what and say there is also she unadulterated this hadith says the following.

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We used to see Rasul Allah has sought to sit on fasting and we say he will never break his fast and then we see him not fasting and we say he's not gonna fast then she comes to his own one fatty and she said I've never seen or saw the salt was sinner fast a whole month meaning a month full except Ramadan. However, I have not seen him fasting more than any other month than shaba

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shaba meaning not the usual and depends who are you What's your relationship with fasting? If you are a person who are May Allah not make you have those neurobion it was only from one Ramadan to the other I'm not talking about sick people or people who have a health issue I'm talking about ordinary people who can't they it's their choice to fast or not and if you are a person who does not fast from except from one Ramadan to the other then you need to practice for many reasons. One of them is to follow the sun now for us what is awesome and definitely get ready for Ramadan because it is about 16 hours and you don't want the first day of Ramadan you cannot do anything and you have

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headache and you have think so definitely I'm going to look and say he used to Elise auto setup and he was always too fast, fast even more than Siobhan I am the first one who should we should follow this footsteps. So number one that he was he used to fast a lot now they said Why?

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Why in shaba

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Why didn't he fast in Raja

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so get you prepared for Ramadan. That's one but there is more than that. Definitely it gets you prepared. There's definitely but there is more number one, it's a month between a sacred month and Ramadan. So people usually forget it.

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They don't give it as as as you can tell from from the questions. So usually people don't give it do right. As a month. And unwra Swati Sato said I wanted people to remember there is something called shabaan and that is virtuous and there's a lot of virtue in it. So number one is to remember to fat to too

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fast and it and that's actually a question was asked to grocery store to sell the same now some of them is eight. And he asked him I have not seen you fast in any month more than cheban Why

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do you know the answer?

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Because Yeah, but in general fasting always you get the more blessings of Allah. That's what he said. He said, Dr. Sharon, your number one, this is a month where people were well, this is a month where people forget it. People don't pay attention to it. People are heedless about the month of Shabbat. Yeah for landowners. Now, so you're going to ask why should I even pay attention?

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Now comes the reason your file fee Hila Amal in chabanne, the deeds are lift are being presented for loss.

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And I like this is a Hadeeth I like when my deeds are presented to Allah I am in a state of fasting.

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The same is the same principle of Monday and Thursday. The same principle of Monday.

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thirsty so why we are fasting in Siobhan more than why he sought to sinner faster cha by more than any other month. Number one because it is the month that our deeds are presented to Allah. So when you present your deeds you want your deeds to be presented and you are as a human being in the best shape and form pleasing to Allah. Now the way you look or the way you dress, it's actually what I am doing and what is the most beloved detail almost one time fasting so I assume only one agency the fasting is for me and I reward by so he said two reasons number one people forget Shabbat shalom.

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They don't remember it, or they don't give it do right or they don't know the virtue of it. And number two, because the deeds are presented to Allah, I want my these to be presented and I am fasting. So for us you add these two and you add number three, that's the son of roswaal a Software Center. So when people ask you if you're fasting while you're fasting, you're going to say most of the people look at and say Why?

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Because a lot of people don't know that's an opportunity to learn to teach people and you're going to say that's what he did and he sought to center now then, and the heavy with another one but I want to share one thing is learn this there is three times in my life what I can see in a year where my deeds will be presented to Allah

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my deeds will be presented to a lot on a daily basis on a weekly basis and on a yearly basis. You know that so Davey raises every day,

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every day what I did in the night and what I did during the day who's gonna present them

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that's okay hamdulillah you're not answering that's why we're learning probably the Kalam the angels that's why when do they present this one the shift changes

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after fudger hamdulillah and after also that's why number one there is the earth car the morning and the evening as car the acts that special remember so do us applications that's in short long we all do or we we learn or we know the angels comes in and that's also there is a hadith of it and Hadith nl Bihari razali photo Salaam says angels are always around you

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is something we have to always remember they are always around you in the night and in the day they get together change the shift after in after

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and after also then the one who done good work they go up to our last power dialer and present my view than your deed and he asked them how did you find my servants key photographer my body How did you leave them because they finished like for us physicians you know in the shift usually we say so what what's there when you say they call handover? what's what's going on? How many patients that's how what did you What are you leaving for me? So the angels are lost power to ask them what did how did you leave my servants? So you need to remember this? Because you need to tell yourself What are they gonna say about me?

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How did you leave my servant hamdulillah she was she just finished SATA. She's in the car. She is in remembrance. She is forgiving. She's taking care of doing things that pleases you versus

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she's watching TV. You know, she is doing things and

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not any of us. But doing something wrong. Doing something dislike something forbidden, let alone wasting the time on this. You don't want this because someone is Allah is asking someone about you and me. So he says how did you leave them and the angels will says they say Tareq to Tareq, now him or Dr. Wong is alone. We left them and they have prayed.

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Meaning fudger for us or what i think you know who the two groups says one a group says we left them and they are praying and the other group says when we came they were praying the same group because they came in the fudger were praying they left the castle we were praying. So you have a daily appointment with Allah Pilate either were my v than yours are presented. So we better get ready. You know when you have a guests coming in at five, what do you do at 430? You're watching TV.

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You are actually last minute things right? Because they are just going to come so panel.

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So remember this, then we have a weekly presentation.

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it's not Friday, Thursday.

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It's Thursday. Again, when we say this, we have to bring the proof of wellness boy remember, in his Muslim he says, Are swelling sore to sit down. You're actually like it's the night of a Friday. So it's Thursday the night of Friday. Yeah, yeah. So it's you should say Friday night, or the night of a Friday don't remember because when you say Friday for non Muslims, you're not I shouldn't say non Muslims, people who doesn't follow Islamic calendar Friday starts by morning. So but if I say the night of a Friday, as a Muslim, the day starts

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tomorrow. So for us, it's Thursday. So evil Friday, they there's no Eve it's the night of the night of a Friday. Okay. So it's, that's what she says Thursday night. So if you see Thursday night.

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So if you say Thursday night, Thursday night in an Islamic way, it's actually Wednesday night, after tomorrow. That's what I'm saying. So the best way to get out of this confusion, you're going to say Thursday. And actually amazingly, the Hadith. The Hadith, explained it this way. He said yo homies Laila to Juma that's how he said, and he sought to Sir, he said Thursday, the night of a Friday. So Mahara and mugger rub off Friday, man of Thursday, my group of Thursday. And he said, Paula Yakubu, I'm an author or him now I need you to remember this on every Thursday, when MOTHER OF TIME comes in, and the angel presents the mighty than yours to Allah subhanaw taala whatever we are doing, are

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not accepted if we have a severed our kinship relation, author over him. So if I don't talk to my mother, I don't talk to my brother. I don't talk to whoever is my blood, immediate blood relation. Whatever I am doing a good deed Allah does not accept.

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Yeah, and it's gonna come to Siobhan, which is the famous one coming later on. So number one, so I have daily, I have weekly, which is Thursday, and this is one of the reasons we fast on Thursday, because again, when they present our deed, I want to be fasting, then we have yearly yearly presentation. And the live presentation is in shaba.

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So now it's like you know, the book is done, you know, kind of know when you're in a test, and they tell you five minutes, you know, remember you all do, there's five minutes left, and you're like, you know, looking in what did I do? Because then someone can come and take the book from you. The Book of the Year is taken Shama.

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So, again, this is why I want when it is Siobhan I want to be doing even more good deeds, because my my deeds is going to be presented Tomas pantile.

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So, we're coming down to the we're coming to, but I'm just Yes, one question. Yes. You said that like, weekly basis if you don't talk to our immediate relations. Yeah, it's just for that one week or throughout? Depends what every week it's presented. So if one Thursday let's assume that Thursday I am severed my relationship if for one week, that week, that every Thursday so if every Thursday I severed that relation, it's the same but if that this Thursday I severed the relation. Then something happened I remembered I turned to Allah, I asked for forgiveness and things went back to normal the next Thursday I'm in a good shape and who per week so I have to on Thursday, before

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Mahara, I have to look into my deeds and look at what not good I am doing or what good I am doing but then I have to look at the relationship.

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Now the something very nice they say Look at that. Now Now coming to the what are the virtues what is the deeds that we highly recommend it to be done in shaba number one, we said is fasting. And one of the reasons they say about the fasting also, they say in general, all the obligatory actions, for example, Sunnah, almost all of them except that actually even though also they are either preceded by an extra deed Nafisa and followed by so either or or both. So for Ramadan, the same story, Yanni fetcher, you have to record before fudger know her you have actually four and two or two and four depends which school of thought you follow. Also, there is no Sunni marker but there is an extra you

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do before for most of you have two for two, after one is not highly stressed upon the other one it is. So every obligation insula is preceded by an F

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Phil and followed by an effort. Why I mean there's many reasons. One of the reasons is what to make sure when you come to the obligatory you have mastered, you've prepared yourself you removed all the distractions. Rama Vaughn same thing. Siobhan is highly recommended to fast then followed by short and you have the six days of short. So that's one of the reasons also you have to remind your mind yourself, you need to fast in Sharma for us woman, when is the time that to say guys I used to make up the missing days of Ramadan, or the missing days of fasting in Ramallah? When, in shaba. She used to make it in Siobhan also. Okay, but don't leave it to the last day of Shabbat. And I was like five

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days left for me. And there's only four days of Shabbat. I was like what's happened to the 360 years?

00:25:54--> 00:26:10

So don't do that. But I'm sorry, but if you're doing it, Yanni again, you know, nobody knows you know, your intention. When you are delaying, you're fast. You're making up you're fasting till Shabbat. Why?

00:26:12--> 00:26:31

If you are following in the footsteps of say Dinesh Alhamdulillah, then you will do it day one of shaba by day seven, you're done. Because again, you can get your period again. And then after the 15 is not recommended. Definitely the last two days is not recommended. If you are doing it I'm sorry. or out of laziness and just procrastination. Don't do it. Yes.

00:26:35--> 00:26:39

We're coming coming down at doors, we're gonna come to it. Yes. I was thinking why

00:26:41--> 00:27:23

wait to the end of the year? No, we don't know. We don't know. It's one of the things you one of the things you can think of Roswell, his art was run was mostly fasting in shaba. One of the things is this, he'll only have always to look at these things, making things easy for all of us, Yanni, some woman, some woman, really it's not easy for them to fast, so many reasons. I mean, not everybody is lazy. And they don't these are, for example, some woman, their husbands will not allow them to fast. And that's all the time, you know, and then you get up into chabela to make it up, and then hamdullah you don't feel too, too bad because they die, she made it there, I'm just thinking of. So

00:27:23--> 00:28:05

the way I look at things is this, if there is a role, so there is a permission Alhamdulillah that's good, that's out of ease of this D but doesn't mean I will not do essential work. And if some people on the contrary, they tell you, I just finished Ramadan, I am so much used to fasting, I'm just gonna go ahead and do it. Some people may Allah reward them who are really, really cautious. She said, I cannot because if I die, that's that's a Dane, this is like add that on me. And I don't want to do I want to do it as soon as possible people are different, that group is there and that group is there Alhamdulillah there is this and there is even when you talk about when is recommended to

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make up the fasting, you will get these two two opinions. Some will tell you do with immediately right away. And some people do tell you I say that I should do it in in Shabbat. So the first thing we do in Shabbat, highly recommended is fasting. What is the other thing we do in Shabbat? Specifically in Shabbat, which is also preparation for a mobile is reading Quran, some of the self, some of the high any the righteous people, not from necessarily from the Sahaba. But the the the the generations came after when Siobhan comes in, they lock their shop

00:28:42--> 00:28:44

meaning done

00:28:45--> 00:29:32

and start reading the Quran. And this is highly something for us to do is again, I always say this to myself before anyone else. We as a human being we're not a switch that you know what, today I am completely or I'm not yet ready for any of the really bad awful or the real and I do my Salah as a as a just a habit. And then tomorrow is Ramadan, and I'm going to turn and I'm going to be the same person. It doesn't work this way. I need preparations. And this is one of the things for Shabbat is to prepare and prepare not only by fasting, prepared by changing the daily routine and changing the priorities, definitely changing the priorities. Meaning there is things always a priority. My

00:29:32--> 00:29:44

children, my husband, their rights are a priority. But there's other things that we do and spend time are not a priority I need from Shabbat to move them down or move them from the schedule, for example.

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

Yes, absolutely. She is right cut down on the internet and social media and the phone and the WhatsApp and all these things. somebody the other day

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Last weekend this weekend was asking me, but most of what I get on WhatsApp and one on the messages is all you know things reminding me of a wasp Alhamdulillah. That's great. But also it's a distraction.

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It's still a distraction. I'm not saying it is, it is not good to do but but there is the number of times that you're going to graph it. And the time of cheban let alone the time of former one is not to read the messages that people will send to me. This is time for my uninvited action. Exactly. Siobhan is like a preparation to get yourself ready for actions is not time to read is the time to read the books, it's time to act, whatever you learn in the 10 months of all the WhatsApp messages and how things write that Siobhan is the field to practice it. So you need number one is to fast at least Monday and Thursday. Well, I will say the least as I was as we are taught by Russell le

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santosa, at least the three days of the month. So no way next week, which is going to be the 13 1415 if you are a person who is not usually doesn't fast, make it something for sure. If not this I cannot do one day after the other than you're going to make Monday and Thursday or Monday this week, Thursday. Next week I'll do Monday maybe I'll do only the 15 or I'll do only the 13 one one of these meaning we'll have to signal cheban more fasting that what what you are usual. So if your usual is Monday and Thursday, Siobhan has to be more if your Thursday is if your usual is three days of the month, then work hard to make sure but even more make it as a sign that you are fasting because it

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is Shabbat one two is a Koran

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Al Quran you really have to start your

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plan off Ramadan but start practicing it from now. And again we always say this in detail and many times it's not a matter of only how many times I'm gonna finish or the reading I call it hotma race. You know how many times you finish two times that's not the issue and sooner of Rasulullah saw to see how many times he finished

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himself in a normal one.

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Only the last year he did only you always lit once but he didn't need to only read Can I get a dorsal aura This is how the Hadees he used to you review the Quran who signature Bri once once once except the last year when the last year that he passed away it was twice but there always it was once so our my goal in Ramadan is minimum Yanni. I will start with the minimum and then I'm going to put a higher goal. Ulema Shafi it is recorded in many books. He finished the Quran in Ramadan 60 times. Yeah,

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that means twice a day.

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And don't tell me it's impossible. Right? If I talk to my mom and I say to my mom that these days I can send a message to my friend overseas and get the answer me in one minute. She's gonna say What? No way. So did you get my point is their level of their relationship with Allah with Allah Baraka in their time? This is beyond you. And I'm not only in I'm Shafi I'll have his heart. I don't have his taqwa. None of us does. So in general, my goal will be the minimum is where he did alayhi salatu salam, that's my starting point, right? Meaning what he taught us to do, he did way more, but at least that's what he did. Then I'm going to say what is the average so I always tell people myself

00:33:59--> 00:34:21

number one, you need to make 100 more of reading. You get the reward of reading, reading the Quran, and practice it now from Sharma so Robin comes in it will be easier, you need to have a second not necessarily hotma because that depends on you. And what how easy you can read the Quran where the aim of my reading is to understand

00:34:22--> 00:34:59

meaning I will get to the whole room of on one surah every day, but you need to put a schedule every day I'm going to do half a page, or I will do one page you do one page you will finish us one a half, one page where I'm going to learn especially for most of us in this room where we don't speak Arabic, so you're going to need to know their word towards meaning. Some of you hamdulillah know the word toward me but I need to make one customer one customer reading one customer the core is understanding and one hardwater double which means I will take one and I will study what does this I

00:35:00--> 00:35:28

mean not what's the words mean and this probably will not take more than three hours. If you read the desert of the Quran he reads properly it will take you maximum one hour if you're just reading so three hours a day in Ramadan it's not going to happen if you are now does not read Quran is you're not going to be able to do with number one. So from now I'm going to train myself meaning the first way of training is you're going to look and see what is the time in my day.

00:35:29--> 00:36:04

Where is my days where I am free or this times where you're not free. The kids needs to go to school, where you have to prepare food, the husband is coming you have to go and pick them up from school, but what time of my day where I am the freest. That time has to be allocated to nothing but the Quran that's where the phone comes in instruction or the internet comes a distraction. So and even reading other things, it has to focus all on the hora so that's the second thing in in shaba third, which is in Sharma in Ramadan, it should be every day, which is a da

00:36:05--> 00:36:53

da da supplications to Allah subhanaw taala not only me, not only my children, not only my household, but everyone and all DOMA was so much in need of the off, do you maybe your job will be granted, maybe mine is not. Maybe yours will be more accepted than mine as from doula, so always that's why you see most of the draw is in the floor of robina. Tina robina latos of Illumina, it's in the plural for everybody. Having said that, we're going to come to the middle of the Shabbat, the night of the middle of the Shabbat, right? The Night of the middle of the Shabbat there is a lot of talk about it. There is there is two, there's more than one group. Some people will tell you it is

00:36:53--> 00:37:07

it is and some people will say you tell you there is nothing about the middle of Shabbat there is people in between, let's take what is the most correct that we know. Number one, number one, which we all need to know. And this Hadees is from different

00:37:09--> 00:37:33

routes, but most of the people agree on it. This had that last one our time. On the night of the 15 thing Allahu Allah Abadi if he did it industry in shaba. On the night of the middle of Shabbat, the night of the 15th meaning tomorrow is the 15th right? So the night of the audit, Allah subhanho wa Taala he is going to be looking at every single one he created.

00:37:35--> 00:37:43

This is beyond you and me. fail if you remain Yesha, he will forgive whomsoever He wants, except,

00:37:45--> 00:37:46

except to

00:37:47--> 00:38:11

Isla mushrik. Somebody who associate God with a law which come to light is not and the second one omo shahan, someone who is in a quarrel or disagreement with somebody else, or someone who has inside his or her heart hate garages on toward another human being.

00:38:12--> 00:38:15

another human being he didn't say who's that he only almost

00:38:16--> 00:38:55

no Mahavira no forgiveness. So on the day, the night of the 15 of Shabbat Allah Spanish Allah will be looking at all his creations, every one of us and He will forgive that Allah Yanni what will ALLAH forgive how much I need and this is before Ramadan. So this is one of the beauty that you will you and I will enter toram avant even a cleaner even more ready because if I am forgiven then I was Potala will make me even more ready and prepared for more acts of rebellion. So he will look down on all his servants

00:38:56--> 00:39:25

He will forgive except to wish recruiter 100 now we are not that person who rejects that our last pantalla even exist but the second one we have a problem and this a lot of us if not most of us all Moshe hang someone in his heart has some ill feeling hate gracias against another human being not necessarily a Muslim. It says Moshe and he didn't say a Muslim or a non Muslim.

00:39:26--> 00:39:31

Number one What does mean when I last pantalla will look

00:39:33--> 00:39:59

a lot pantalla always knows now must always look but it's a reminder for you enemy that we were that night he is looking at you, not you not to me, externally is looking were at my heart and yours. My heart and us. So definitely look at that and work on it. We realized well I didn't

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

plan that I just listed they thought let's do something about Java and today is the eighth. So I have a week. I have a week you have a week to clean my heart so I am in sha Allah and you and all of us on that night from those who are long we forgive. And then Moshe is somebody who has either looked down at people hate people I will never forgive her you don't know what she did to me when her her or his name comes up what feeling I get I'm sorry what feeling I get what what are my Allah forgive us? What do we say about people? This all needs to be removed. And people. The scholar says why these two?

00:40:47--> 00:41:06

so amazing. Yanni the Masaryk The one who rejects the last pantalla presence is in the same category in this highly same category of someone who has happened. Gracias hatred in his or her heart. It's amazing how they look at it. They say this is how it is.

00:41:07--> 00:41:25

Allah subhanaw taala the person who is a Muslim Kapha rejects the Presence of Allah spawn Tada, every good deed he does whatever a good deed he does. And there's a lot how many people you and I know that they are so good human beings. Why? But unfortunately, they don't believe in Allah. What do you normally do?

00:41:26--> 00:41:50

What do you usually do? Exactly Allah guide them because they are amazing people. But you know, I know we all know, though those people until they believe in Allah Subhana. Allah, their good deeds will do nothing for them. They're phylloxera. Nothing, a lot of panda does not accept it, because it's not done for him. You come to that person who has

00:41:51--> 00:42:02

the grudges, or the hatred, or the jealousy, based upon another hadith of Ross Wallace autosar. And look at that, Harvey, he looked at the Sahaba. And he said,

00:42:05--> 00:42:11

Yes, that's the 15th of Joplin. Absolutely. Yeah, it's the little nursery, whichever. It's the fifth of Shabbat.

00:42:12--> 00:42:28

The the first the Hadith says the following are Swati sought to certain told the Sahaba that is, the meaning of I can see that you are being affected by the same disease of the people before you

00:42:30--> 00:42:30

to the Sahaba.

00:42:31--> 00:42:34

And that's the disease of jealousy.

00:42:35--> 00:42:40

He called it a Harley. And he said, jealousy is the one that shaves.

00:42:41--> 00:42:47

And they say chiefs, it says achieves good deeds, shaves, meaning, remove

00:42:49--> 00:43:07

jealousy. And we all have Why does she have this? I don't why her husband is this and I am not why her house is this and I am not. Why does she have this? I don't you know, this is all jealousy, jealousy, remove good deeds. And they say *, when you when the person associate,

00:43:08--> 00:43:23

a God with a lock, his good deeds is also removed. So these are the two things in common. And that is why that person or she or he, on the night of the 15 or shaba, their sins are not forgiven.

00:43:24--> 00:43:45

So if I want my sins, which Who doesn't? And this is my yearly opportunity, because I probably have missed Thursday. I could have easily missed the day the opportunity, the figure on the house, or easily could I and we and you missed it. So this is a humbler. This is a good reminder, I have a week, work on your heart.

00:43:47--> 00:43:57

Work on your heart, look at your heart, you want to have your heart as clean as this paper? And even actually cleaner. It should have no, no, like,

00:43:58--> 00:44:07

clean. Nothing. And I will say this to myself before anyone else. Don't tell me you don't know, what did he or she did to me?

00:44:08--> 00:44:25

Because this is how we are, you know, ask I can't and and when you say why can you like you don't know what they get? You don't know what she said about me? Or he said about me or whatever. The answer that keeps you and maybe in the law going is you're not doing it for them.

00:44:27--> 00:44:44

It's not about them, it's about me, because I want my son's to be ready to be forgiven. And one of the pre requisition for my sins to be removed is that my heart needs to be cleaned on that night, the night of the 15th.

00:44:45--> 00:44:54

So work on it from now, again we have a weak and that's why you see some of the real righteous people they ask forgiveness from people.

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

This this is an item that especially if you know you have this with people you know you know

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

Right so you need to work on yourself and it's like should have never answered my salon it doesn't matter it's not about her. It's about you know, every time I send text message no one answers me it doesn't matter it's about you because again, I don't know I always say this to myself before anyone else I don't know if I am living number one till the 15th of October of this year, let alone next year. So I can say you know what, this year it's too hard. I will work on it next year. I don't know if I'm living till next year. So two things I need to make sure my heart doesn't have them and the last pantalla inshallah will forgive my sins and one of them is how should we don't have it the real

00:45:39--> 00:46:18

shirt? And the second one is that Allah subhanaw taala we that I don't have anything in my heart against any human being. Second thing in the night of Shabbat is Asana that's where the different opinion comes in. Right? Should we signal the 15th of Siobhan insula by itself only should we do within the masjid Should we do all the night so many discussions different opinion based upon because they have established us most of them are very weak and some are completely rejected and some are weak? The best way you do for this night I mean,

00:46:19--> 00:46:22

most of these collars will tell you what

00:46:24--> 00:46:36

every night make a habit that you have at least 10 2030 minutes with a loss on our Tod meaning insula in Korea and in do

00:46:37--> 00:46:41

so wonder 15 Oh, night comes in. It's part of your routine.

00:46:42--> 00:47:16

And then you are out of all the different opinion because you have an opinion says with the references, it's okay, another opinion says it's highly recommended. And Yanni I don't want to get into the discourse of it. I need from now from now till the Ramadan because that's another preparation. That's another preparation especially living here. Mahara will be one in Ramadan. Probably a 30 right a 30 by time you eat by the time you come to the masjid to neuter or before you're at home, right what time it will be.

00:47:18--> 00:48:10

Right 1030 at least if I am not trained 1030 is not an easy time to wake up or to stand up and do proper Salah. Remember in this country, our life doesn't change in Ramadan right? work continues children continues everything continues. So unless I am used to this and I am practicing this then when 1030 comes in my brain knows it is the time I'm just getting 1030 but meaning when the time of Asia after Russia comes in my brain is already trained to stand up for solar use that night, that night use that night whether it is the night before that night the night after to make a lot of drama for yourself and for the because it is also a pretty it's a precious night for sure. But what

00:48:10--> 00:48:53

to do in it that's where the different opinion about it right because the reason it's for sure precious night because of the Hadith I just shared with you that Allah subhanho wa Taala looks at his servants on the night of the 15th so the night of the 15 has a has a special value the question is what do you do in it is where the difference opinion comes in? Make it again your habit in but don't do it only on the 15th like we say all the time Don't be the person who worship Allah only Ramadan you know I see people come to fudger only Ramadan by the very first day what happened oh Ramadan finished. What does mean number one finish? What about Allah primetime? And as they say

00:48:53--> 00:49:19

don't be the bad of Ramadan. Don't be a person who only worship Allah and Ramadan. Ramadan is actually shouldn't be my practicing field. I say to myself, if I did it for 30 days, then I can do it. So again in the night of the 15 of the Shabbat, definitely, definitely. Allah forgive us what we have to say these no disobedience. I'm not gonna be a toy. I'm checking my email on the computer.

00:49:20--> 00:49:58

And this is a precious night. Same thing in Ramadan. So I'm going to be paying attention that this is a night when our last part Allah will forgive me. If my heart is clean, I'm going to work on cleaning my heart. I'm going to make a lot of jobs that your last pandemic helped me to cleanse my heart helped me make it easy for me to forgive people, which is not very easy. One of the habits say the eyes are also now written on the night of the 50. She woke up and she didn't find the restaurant. The site was set up. It was her night. So she thought he was with so she followed him. Where did she find him

00:49:59--> 00:49:59

in LA

00:50:00--> 00:50:46

Bucky. Yeah, that's why they that's where the idea of visiting the graveyards on the 15th of Shabbat, but he didn't do it because it was the 15th of Shabbat. Right? So she was following him and she was asking him, and he said, Did you the meaning is like, Are you following me? She said, I thought you I wanted to make sure you're okay. And I thought you are doing one of the words. She found him in Albuquerque, right? But the question is, is he only in the 15 of Siobhan was visiting the bucket? No. So visiting the graveyards what you also you see it sometimes I wouldn't say I'm gonna stay away from all the different opinions of this, but I will say he stayed up in the night of

00:50:46--> 00:51:18

the 15 of shaba. He was up that night, but he was up on the nights, early hisako Center, definitely, definitely look at it as as a night that is different than the other nights and try to show us the best in you. And that night work. And I will say this most important one for me is work on your heart for that night. Literally, write a list from today. List of the people that you when their name is mentioned in front of you, something happened in your heart,

00:51:19--> 00:51:42

and not joy and happiness. These people I need to work on on my heart on them. And I tend to last pantalla I was like your lump make it easy. Make me have no feeling toward them. Because I want next week, all my sins to be forgiven. So in general, if you want to summarize humbler about me, I was planning to finish at this time and I done

00:51:45--> 00:52:32

the things I need to do. I need to look at Siobhan is a different month that Amanda has a lot of virtues. It's not a month of rest and having fun before Ramadan, it's Amanda highly recommended the fast back to your question. If you are a person who normally fast, normally fast, you continue your fast in shaba. Absolutely, highly recommended not to fast the day of Shaq, they call it meaning the day which could be Ramadan, could be not. Some scholars will tell you if that they follow fells on a Monday on a Thursday, and you are a person who always fast Monday or Thursday, that's okay. But I would not specify that day after the 15th of shabaan. If you are someone who has who do not faster

00:52:32--> 00:53:20

throughout the year, don't start fasting after the 15th of shaba. Because it really will tire you before Ramadan. And if you're a person who has who also not used to fasting, but you train yourself to fast few days, or all the two weeks of Shabbat the first two weeks of Shabbat after the 15th stop to give yourself forest Yeah, and after the 15 of Shabbat people who are very much used to fasting continue. But don't for the others don't start after the 15th Chairman because it affects the human being. I mean, you need to really get very ready for Ramadan. So what I recommend is these days like definitely this coming Thursday, this coming Thursday if you if you couldn't this

00:53:26--> 00:53:36

today is the eighth so 15 will be next Tuesday. So you can do yes, Saturday, Sunday. Exactly. Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

00:53:39--> 00:54:15

Okay, and you look at the calendar. Yeah, a lot of people always is one of the WhatsApp messages, we always get like this is gonna be a really great opportunity. Thursday is a Thursday and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday is like the middle of the month. And then Monday is a Monday so you'll end up with five days fasting, and all of them highly recommended. All of them are beloved by a lot and specified by a lot and one of the things and I want to finish here at helps you fasting especially for those of you who are not used to fast is you need to always remind yourself of the virtue of fasting.

00:54:16--> 00:54:39

virtue of fasting in general, not Ramadan or shaba, the act of fasting and then the first habit which is habitual kotze Samadhi one. This is a hadith that Rasul Allah saw to Sam said by through a loss pantallas saying, fasting the act of fasting is for me for a lot and I reward by it and no, no

00:54:41--> 00:54:59

obvious or no decided or no cleared reward. Allah knows what I'm new on get. So when especially these days when you wake up in the morning, I'm faster. So like tomorrow. Now you heard this into Moses hollows and tomorrow on fasting. What will happen a hammock

00:55:01--> 00:55:04

Exactly, I was like, Where's my breakfast? Where is my tea? Where's my toes?

00:55:05--> 00:55:43

That's shavon is coming in my nurses working, you'll fight back by a solo movie on your law. You said, the first thing is for me and you will reward me see what power you will get. So that's number one. Number two, on Swati. salatu salam. And as Harvey asked him, you're also Allah. Allah Hassan was telling me telling me about one deed that Allah subhanho wa Taala that will benefit me when I'm in front of a law one deed that will benefit me when I'm in front of Allah. Allah He said olika the song

00:55:44--> 00:56:33

fast fast getting the hula dilla fasting nothing equal to it nothing equal to what we really need to move from the nearly fast right Kenny we have to graduate I always say this to myself before anyone else we all wants better engineer we all win we all want better engineer right? And if I had a college degree I said you know what I need to do my Masters if I did my masters said you know what? People ask you why not PhD? But because that's the next step. So why hamdulillah This is a beautiful interview why not and so if I've always done my one that's it. And I want people to look at me and says that's it. You do only three days a month. I don't want people say martial law. You do three

00:56:33--> 00:57:19

days a month and I think I'm like the saint. I want people to push me this is what you need to have the good company to push you so definitely definitely again and again. Siobhan is a month that you that is highly recommended to fast another one about fasting oversaw the cycle Salaam says Laos, Omar Abdullah, the Yeoman p sebelah. When a human being or a servant of Allah, fast for a day for the sake of Allah, meaning that's an extra fasting for the sake of Allah, what will happen What's one this is one of the reward the reward that Saraswati saw to Sam's Club, Allah by the fasting of that day will move jahannam away from that human being 70 years

00:57:21--> 00:58:08

the reward of one day one day one day for a loss pantalla one day you fast one day Allah will move Jana far away 70 years away from from me and you so one day all these why I'm saying all this because this will help you to fast will make fast easy especially if you're the only person who fast and the other good thing is if you are a group one of the mind the other one that reminded the other again next week is a very good opportunity and the last but not the least is the DA DA keep making the da de los pantalla will make us live till we see Rama walk don't take it as a granted don't take it as a granted you all heard about our the lawyer our brother who within two weeks Subhan Allah

00:58:08--> 00:58:36

right within two weeks and a young and he's not an old person so you never know at least if I make the Dalai Lama Bolivian or Milan Lama been living out on the lawn, mowing the lawn your lawmakers live till we see Ramadan Allah spent Allah if he decided and that's my other I am going to be taken away this today or tomorrow or next week. He knows I was sincere in getting to Ramadan. inshallah does that come along halos panic alarm all the handicap or shadow

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Solo alesina Mohammed Ali he was heavy he has to make kathira Any question?

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Salatu was Salam

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No, no, no, it's in Ramadan. Ramadan. Ramadan. It's Sophie finished at one time.

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