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As Salam aleikum, everyone welcome back to our q&a with Chef I cannot wait every Thursday 6pm GMT. I hope everyone is well inshallah and just going home chef are giving us your time and allowing us to benefit from you and Giacomo and everyone else who is joining in coming with new and strange and I guess questions I've never heard before. We have one question already from YouTube so let's go with that in sha Allah. For him plan is asking

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what are the conditions for having prayed on time for example, if someone starts praying on praying for a couple of minutes before us or back finishes after ASOS entered? Have they paid on time?

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Or definitely loyal hired me was sold out was models Huiling one model early on my God.

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You know the prayer actually on time it is very, very important. Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned the Quran insalata cannot alter the meaning of taba Makuta the prayer is obligatory on the believers on fixed times and times it has a real impact on the people you know when people pray on the time, then they get all the blessings and all the benefits of the prayer properly same like fasting you know when you start fasting on the time and break on the time you get all the worker the same time centering prayer the God all these are fixed fixed the time and oppression we consider very very very important. I know raka should be outside the time the people should finish the prayer before

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you know time had ended except if they have any skills or somebody Miss sleeping or some reason and then they wake up so then they pray whatever time to wake up that's it that time if we have other or if it to run out of time to the car will be like out of time is that no excuse? No it is sinful with the reason excuse then we hope inshallah love it Allah smart Allah will forgive many of the believers must make effort to do the prayers well in time that why not is recommended that you do the prayer is in such a time that if you need to repeat it is still you can repeat on the time, at least there should be done. Otherwise, you know the professor Latham has a you know, advise that

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people should do every prayer in the earliest time. And the Quran zasady Uppu. You know, you should raise, you know, compete and they know rest better than that prayer, you know, be raised in so many things and compete people. But the best competition the prayer, people must make sure that the pray on the time.

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So sure, if if someone prays within the time, but they still delay it, maybe in the last, let's say last 10 minutes of the timing. Are they sinful? Or are they just missing out on some reward? As long during the time that's fine, but if people make hybrid like that to like a laziness or something, yeah, then it's not available, but I run into people praying the time that's fine.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take

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if anyone who's asking question if you can try and keep it to maybe two sentences because some are quite long. And let's take a question from

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Okay, let's say question from tapas sheet of Assam if a woman does not maintain hijab will she get this in adultery?

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Sorry, how can you be in a jump from one to two other thing? You know, people get in for whatever they do, you're not going to get seen for something what could people think? So, you know, somebody delays the prayer is not going to get the sin of missing the prayer. If people miss the prayer to sinful by some delay the person to defer similarly is a woman does not put a hijab properly. It could have been minor sin sometime could have you know, major sin, but it is different from adultery. Adultery is another matter. So I really don't understand how can be any confusion between the adultery is one of the worst in Islam. You know, two people should never compare anything

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adultery in that is a very, very, it is next to Shikhandi. So you know it is and that's why people accuse anybody of adultery and the person or not directory than they are going to be striped you know, at least it is very, very severe and not right even actually

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People see a man or woman in same blanket lying together. Still, you cannot accuse the people of Xena, still it is not allowed. You may really people have seen two people lying together is still they cannot accuse them. So always, you know, limit yourself and do judgment is on the Day of Judgment. So we are not allowed to judge about the people and always have good thinking about the believers. Never bad thinking. You are not going to be asking the Deaf judgment about good thinking, but you're going to ask about the bad thinking. So be very, very careful people's our nurse should be respected.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to a question from use of Atman. The question is split into two parts, I will put the second part on the screen inshallah.

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Assalamu alaikum Shia, I am an Islamic Studies teacher from the UK base in the UAE. I wanted some clarification about his role Mirage PS a topic which I'm teaching at secondary school,

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where they was both where they both were the body and soul of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I have heard some rumors saying that the SRO is agreed upon to be with both but there's a difference of opinion with mirage.

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Yeah, people used to Versa, Sara and Mirage is Robert the mean is the professor lawless on journey in the night from Nocturnum karma to Jerusalem.

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So and he led the prayer in all the prophets, and then he came back at same night. So that's no doubt you know, Quran has mentioned very clearly so behind Allah the Astra Brd, so, that is in a certain

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way, but Israel,

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I mentioned that, then after that what happened from there? Did he he went to all the seven heavens, and he met the proffers. And there he received that you know, unless motor command gave him gift of 50 prayers, then he has been asking to reduce it on the request of on the Advaita Musala Islam until you get five press there are so many descriptions, the descriptions and there are so many Hadith in this matter in Bukhari Muslim all the books are and there are some hints about that in the Quran as well. So the opinion of the most scholars in Islam is that Mirage also happened physically on a loss of mattala took him to this journey. So that what we believe, but there have been some opinions that

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it happened in the vision and the visions or the prophets are true. So there have been people saying that so you know you can measure both opinions and say know what majority said select that answer some people have this opinion in a good teacher should mention in all the authentic opinion properly so the students should be aware of that and should and prefer what you think well I for the pool think that we said earlier I both happened physically because the arguments for that are very very clear in the Hadith personalism in all the sources and people who say vision you know, their argument is very very weak accurately at least this will support them so that's my opinion very you

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can choose any opinion but teach the students properly in all these opinions

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Okay, let's go to our next question.

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Does it invalidate your dog to dry the face head and hands before washing the feet?

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No the earth nothing actually happened to you you've washed your face and after one hour you wash your hands and after one hour your feet as long as in between green didn't do anything which breaks your rule your order will be violated that know nothing nobody said not well but you know but except that thing either they don't like they want to wash the second part before the first few dry sooner musta don't but if you don't suffer them out except maybe some for summer generally most majority of the people don't have problem because I think on Molokai is the one who say should be continuously but not that other people. So anyway if people should not do deliberately but sometime happens for

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some reason you are washing your face then your monk called you or somebody called you and then you can visit and after that you came and wash your hands and feet yeah did no harm in that. It's still fun, but if anybody if anything come try or you know wipe or anything, it does not break it will do will it be still valid?

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Okay, let's take a question from

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Choudry. There are people who argue that the present day paper currency has no intrinsic value like gold silver,

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and as a result present a bank interest is halal. Is this a correct opinion?

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nothing to do with paper money or any money you know, people don't understand really why Islam has forbidden interest, it basically allows

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it to always have been in the human society different ways to do things you know for example, you give people things for the sake of Allah that sort of you give people the friendship as this gift idea sometimes you lending people money, you know for the sake of reward and then you take back edited credit poor people, and you also can do business you know, buying and selling you can make profit or you could pick or people can borrow towards you lending lending such as lending, lending should not be with any profit or anything other than no more lending. The problem really the banks have what they do they make a lending with a profit with interest to the river that water by the

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river is basically a automatic malfa You know you learn the money and you take some interest as a benefit. So, if either paper money or with no paper money or gold or silver anything there is still the same thing it does not make any difference at all really, I don't know who has to told you something like that, it does not make any difference which money is this even if something you know something else, it always will be river whenever people learned for Apple even wheat you know, if I learned you wheat give you to eat until I say you have to pay me if I give you one kilo and ask you give me one and a half kilo same thing is anything when people learn under charge something it is a

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river. So be very very careful. You know, don't take and if you are forced or like to give the different matter then you can find you know permission for you because you are not taking but taking interest. That's absolutely rubbish. That's actually what Allah Salford vision it is like sucking the blood of poor people in the poor people should be restricted you should help them not to take money or taking advantage of their poverty

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okay, just

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I'm trying to see if we can take sorry I've received this question a few times. But I'm not sure if how familiar you are with how this works in the UK is working in the field of corporate mergers and acquisition tax considered Hala and and if not, why

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don't we what is this all details are anyway, you know, working anywhere, you know, in the government, whether living you know, on any private whatever, you are not responsible for anything anyway, you just work and do your duty and get money for that. That's the fun the people who do things if they're taking doing injustice or haram, you know, they will be responsible for you work for the banks, is allowed for you to in any text business of tax system of any company which actually involved in, in taking text from the people or helping the government to get the tax notice. If something is like what you asked, you still find there no harm in data, because you are

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not taking tax. You're doing your duty of you know, your accountant or whatever, you know, and then you go to your salary for that. That's, that's absolutely fine. Either mission like it people drive the car, or maybe somebody goes to kill someone or want to drink, you know, you don't get to sit for that. I work in the bank, they don't get enough interest. So you do your duty and you get a payment for that.

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Okay, inshallah. Let's have a look and see

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if we can take the next question, I think. Okay. Mohammed is asking Dasha Can you mentioned you had mentioned that you have a curriculum for Islamic therapy or have small kids? Can you share them with us?

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Yeah, it already is. But anyway, since you asked, I pass on to Emang and then she can pass on to you inshallah.

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Yes, in sha Allah and Mohammed, if you email with maybe your name in the subject, heading info at a salon.ac.uk inshallah

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we can try and pass this on to you. Okay, next question.

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Let's have a look.

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Okay, Habiba Rahman is asking what is what is your advice for those who suffer from mental health? We recently had one Muslim sister in our mosques today trying to kill herself. She has one child, it's very unfortunate. Can you please advise Imams what they can do to help

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No, this really you know, these cases are rising so much in the society because the way people live and you know, the way families are broken or maybe their past you know the parent problem or the society that in many plotter these things are rising so much, and people have distress and loss

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is very much disturbed to these things keep rising every day.

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We cannot do much really, you know, from religious point of view, we want to remind people that, you know, don't lose any hope and always trust in us Omotola whatever bad conditions happened to you, they're worse than that. And the real thing is, remember the DFT? What do you advise people to pray and to read the Quran to understand it and to have stogie mindless mattala But at the same time, people should consult the experts on the medical doctors, who actually, you know, take cases like that, and there are so many of them are very successful, so they can advise you.

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But the root of the problem really is not to believe or not to believe in the Day of Judgment. The people think my problem is so big, I cannot handle then they lose, you know, hoping anything and mental they become very, very weak method. Not outwardly. It doesn't mean the believers, good believers don't get any mental problems. Sometimes they could be out for other reasons. But the reason that I see these days mostly is because of the lack of the belief and faith among the people. So you know, come to a lot trust in him read the Quran, do the prayer and at the same time consulting inexpert inshallah.

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Inshallah, okay, I think we have a question from her rehab. And I think this is something that maybe a lot of young mothers go through, maybe with their first child, and she's asking my daughter started going to school recently but I get so anxious about her in spite of reading misnomer, eyes, etc. How should I say a piece

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so I don't understand why your daughter goes to school on you're new to people have to go to school people have gotten people to assume it is your family members. By anyway I don't know why you are conservative.

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In all investors in lesson mattala, and make dua and ask him to help and also if you're concerned about a higher education, maybe she taught something around the best religion. So you have to make good education at home and

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good therapy and America to love Allah smart Allah and be kind to her. To her your love to her should be so much that wherever she is, she always remembers your comes back home and she prefers your company or any other company. And also she should know Allah's favorite so much that she did not want to leave a love or anything else. So that what we need to do, but I could maybe I didn't understand exactly why you are not

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in peace when your daughter goes to the school.

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Okay, we'll move on to the next question, inshallah.

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Let's have a look. I think we have a question.

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Apologies one moment.

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Okay, so this is quite connected to I think one of the first questions we had. And Nancy is asking as it's as if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam physically ascended to heaven during his sorrow does that mean that we will be in our physical form in the hereafter not just ourselves or another unseen spiritual form?

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The prophets Elijah Salama weren't up to the Arab we don't know where he saw the paradise and hell but we don't know whether he has entered into the certainly in the Paradise people build the body Quran is making all the

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provision that people get in the Paradise and enjoyment it will be on people will stand up people walk deeper run it all the submission the Quran so people will have been of it you don't think you're raising the Day of Judgment it will be much better condition that we are now you know the body will be much stronger people with taller more handsome eater good you know what's more, I believe there but it all is described in the Quran. So, the existence that you will get after the death after being raised again after the death that is much much more complete than you can imagine. Now our body now it Viq but then when you raise again the body will be much much stronger that you

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can imagine. So is your paradise and for both our physical people's enjoyment there is the you know with body and with soul both and also punishment will be painted will be felt in a both way and so much more than that you cannot imagine today the unimaginable.

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Okay, the next question we have is something I think a lot of

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a lot of Muslims are maybe not clear about is it true that Muslims can leave the fold of Islam if they stopped praying or do they only become more types if they deny the compulsion of prayer?

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The right opinion is you know, unless you deny something Islam, you still Muslim and nowadays there are so many people don't pray with regard to make them Prophet unbeliever but we have clarified them. We are

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To be nice to them kind to them, and ask them to come back.

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And once they realize then shouldn't be reminded they should to call the optimist prayer, you know, they do.

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They can do, but always give good hope to people, you know, don't face people that are coffee or mustard, you know, right away. He's always been nice and courteous to so much ignorance. So even if somebody denies something about Islam, they still don't be harsh, because, you know, maybe he did not understand problem or somebody paradise, you know, does not have any physical existence or just, it is spiritual. So don't be harsh on the person, keep teaching, maybe you want to inshallah realize, because there's so much going on, it's our duty to teach people properly.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's see.

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Okay, so I'm getting quite a few questions that are too long, so they're not coming clearly. Okay, I think we briefly touched on this maybe in a q&a before, is there really a must for marriage

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guide to some opinion, but one of your opinion is that a woman does not need anybody, a woman can do her marry on her own, like a mind. Because the Quran has made the women eye subject of the marriage so they can perform their own marry. And there are some examples where women get married, a woman said to a man, I am married to you. And he said, I accepted. And there are two witnesses. But it's fine. Same way from mindset to woman, I married you or I'm hearing you. And the woman that said yes, I accept it. And then the two people witnessing that the marriage absolutely fine. Islam don't marry should be announced. But minimum is two people they can witness. So marriage is good marriage, with

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the wording of the men and with the wording of the women both and they don't need anybody to represent them, make the water within the team, anybody that's still fine. Second 200 feet opinion that I prefer in this matter, there's no obligation to her anybody on the behalf of the women.

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Okay, Inshallah, we have a question from Robin Khan. And so alakija Can you please tell me what's happened to our body and when we die?

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And so, Jeff, can you please translate this word as well?

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That you know, companion, so when people are born, you know, they have got, you know,

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gin company can borrow, so they're the angel accompanying them. So, you know, the shaitaan misuse him and Carmarthen birthing gun, and just, you know, command him of good things that divide him and I just agree or they're more powerful anyway. So that if I always good to see you know, if people are good, too, you can they can find support from there and just very quickly,

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but certainly when you die, there's no need for any support, you know, so Allah subhanaw taala what he does for them, they go back where they came from, whatever we don't know until either did nothing, no support, no proof are there and I don't understand why you're worried about this matter is the worry should be that how I should be more pious, you know how I should be safe on the misreading of Shaitan in that or I should die on the man even you lie on the man Don't Don't worry about Kareena about anything like that like that. But if you don't do things wranglers rightly Yeah, certainly. There are people who are in just for writing whatever people do. So I don't know the

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answer these questions and there are many questions like that people keep asking like somebody asked him AMITA Chaga Rama Allah Tala.

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What is the name of the Wi Fi police? So he said that is a wedding party. I do not tend to you know, ask him the name of a police wife and this thing and that I don't understand why is not to help anybody. Whatever people need to know in the religion it all is very clear in the Quran sunnah just worry about that is the real worry should be that I should die as a believer the rush be wary of everybody

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Okay, let's go on to our next question from Ben. Is it haram to sell musical instruments that you use to own before you are Muslim?

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So there are people most people say that music is Makuta creamy nearly haram and if I to them Yeah, certainly it will be Makuta hiring me to sell them to now you can give to non Muslim friends. But a kind to some people is allowed. If it allowed then you can sell them you can buy them you can make them be allowed. They can to some people music and mobile Dykema even other library and many other people can listen. And they have been thinking that there's no harm in music. There's no clear evidence that music is not allowed. So both opinions are there.

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Okay, let's take a question from a hi Neff. I've been trying to practice constantly occur and find it difficult. The difficulty arises when I try and do two things.

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At the same time, should I only do the code when I'm not multitasking?

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Certainly, actually should you do only one thing anyway? And I don't know what you mean by literally when you praise yourself so Decra when you read the Quran, in the Quran, when you understand the Quran, the Quran, when you think Allah that is the crow when you help somebody, you know for the sake of a letter or another embrace, you remember him and sometimes you say these words 200 level from the lower light some of these words down so thicker, so and also thinking about the universe, that how will that created them and how are them the old vicar anything that makes you to remember Allah subhanaw taala that decree and the best decreed the Salah the prayer and then after the Quran

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people read the Quran try to understand same thing when you do so when other people are often will think the meaning understand it. So if you do two things are the same How can you understand it? The thing right? If you're sitting in the exam, can you do two things you have to focus the focus that you do in the exam that what you need all the time when you worship Allah Tala. So I don't understand how people can do two things at the same time. Except if some things are very, you know, simple but the things which actually I bother they need to people need to consult it

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Okay, we have a question from Youssef.

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Okay, I'll put the second part on the screen inshallah. What kind of he's so it's quoting Hadith, what kind of charity is best and the prophets of Allah Allah Salim said providing drinking water, may this means of sort of Nigeria weigh heavy on his skills and on the Day of Judgment. So he's asking is this hadith sahih it seems in certain communities, when a person passes away that go to thing to do now is to build a well on on their behalf. So they get reward? Should this be encouraged or discouraged? You know, the professor laughs And he used to live in a real society real life. Whenever people come and ask him question he answers to their need. So sometimes people come and ask

00:27:00--> 00:27:38

him, What is the best action? He said prayer on the time, some people can ask him what the best option, he said, you know, look after your parent, because he knew that the person has got a parent, somebody came and asked him what the best thing is to go for Jehovah, to every time he answers keeper, you know, different. So now it is, in a poor people in poor reward they needed that what you need to think, sometimes wouldn't be building a school is much better, because you teach people they learn. And that will help them to get a job as well. You know, they've been called learned to it is the religion and everything there. So you need to understand really what the community needs. In not

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that you just you keep making well off, you know, when in a place where everybody's got water anyway. And water not far. But if there is a place where water is problem, people don't have water, yeah, then what will be important? So try to understand the professor, his answers always are real, you know, they belong to the people's need. It did not just you know, he just follows something blindly. believers should understand this thing. The Prophet always has a context, or the Hadith. Whenever the Prophet answers a question, there's a contest behind that. If you don't understand the context, you fall in blindly, you don't actually do any, any good things. So whenever you want to

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spend your money, if you spend your money in a right way, and understand the needs of the people, then you get so much reward. But if we just waste your money in anything, that's not right at all ever think? What is the best news for the community or the individuals that you want to help?

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Exactly for sure. I actually didn't think about it like that, because that makes a lot of sense. Okay, I was going to take one more question, but I think maybe we'll save that for next week. Inshallah. I'm just gonna close chef again for your time, and always giving it to us every Thursday. And again, suck on their phone, everyone else for joining us and asking your questions. And please do join us next week, same day, same time as always. And if you do want to see more from us, anyone who's not aware, we are an institute that was founded by Chef Ackerman. His daughter, Chef Akram is a principal of SLM Institute. We run a lot of courses, we don't run short courses. We have retreats

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running during the year as well. And this is completely online. So anyone who's interested head over to our website on the screen slm.ac.uk. And if you do want to see us more of us and more of Silla, calm and not just half an hour on a Thursday evening, we do have a graduation ceremony coming up in sha Allah, see if you go on to the URL on the screen. I know I've mentioned this last week. This will be the last time I'm mentioning this but if you go into the URL, the URL on the screen you can sign up and join us for an evening. You can join CR graduates you can see our teachers see a bit more about what SLM is about if you are interested in joining us. And so yeah, head on to that URL.

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