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Hola Hola. shaytaan rajim Bismillah Manoj Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been more serene said now Mohammed Mala early he was a big Marine. My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam is salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Alhamdulillah blood Amin or praise be Unto Allah subhana wa Tada and a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah will be witnessed that none has the rights of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our greetings love and salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us this works of Jamar May Allah subhanaw taala except from us this act of worship, Allah granted this big forgiveness for the mistakes we've made last week, and a guiding light for the week to come. And Allah subhanaw taala grants to in the in goodness, and we

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start the new year in goodness and Allah grant all the best of our days that remain to be good. And in the service of Allah Amin when hamdulillah hamdulillah it's good to be back. And if you didn't notice, I wasn't here for a couple of weeks. You didn't notice then I really

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I fear to ask what did you learn in the gym? Or if you say, Well, you're not here, I've been gone for this the first Joomla after about three weeks, and Hamler always good to be home back on on home, home soil and home ground Alhamdulillah. And a good time to be back. This is the festive season. And whether you are on leave or not. I mean, I came back from leave. So I'm back at work. But if you are on leave or not on leave, so everyone seems to be nowaday vibe, many offices are closing perhaps today even and you people are taking leave in the blue cup. Of course, you know, the residents complained that you know, now they are the Ole Miss holiday destination. Right? So the

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festive season is gonna come to the Blue cup. And as Muslims, we always have this question. There's our dean, you know, our dean is about serving and obeying and worshiping Allah. That's why we've been created. Allah says, I put you in this dunya to worship me. And you find Hadith within abbyson says that the dunya is the syngin it is the prison of the believer. This dunya is something that the believer wants to be rid of, and he can't wait to go to the Ophira that this is not the place for us of enjoyment. This is what we hear. And we we know and that is correct and true. And so when do they pick it comes especially the youngsters, slam is always you know, so serious. Islam is so fun in

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Islam, it's all about serving is the room is the place for us to have holiday in Islam. And of course we know that Islam is a dean of balance it is a dean was with these work and these relaxation, these things to enjoy this time for play and this time to be serious. And yes, how do they time time to relax is part of being a Muslim, so long as we do things critically. And in fact Allah subhanaw taala says in an ayah that gives us a lot of hope. Allah sponsors whatever the female attack Allah Who Darrell Fira, whatnot and Sapna Siva Mina dunya, Allah See, so seek that which Allah has bestowed upon you, the hope of the African meaning your objective is to seek the akhira

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that's our goal. And then Allah says, but also, don't forget your portion of the lawful enjoyment of this dunya that you're also put in this dunya to have a measure of comfort and enjoyment. And we know that we saw Salam. When he found certain Sahaba became extremely austere. They didn't get married. They didn't want to eat, they didn't want to sleep. They didn't want to have friends even and then a victim says I am the one with the most taqwa and this what you are doing is extremism. This is not part of our deen. This is not part of our deen. So there is room in our deen flexibility, that we Yes, we strive for the akhirah but we never we don't neglect the good of the

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dunya Allah Subhana Allah says yeah, Benny Adam are Children of Adam, who was in Atacama in the masjid in this nicely when you come to the masjid and besides the masjid outside as well, this nicely well Kulu watch Prabhu and eat and drink you know, enjoy yourselves 1234 But do not be extravagant do not go beyond the limits set the limits don't exceed those limits in Allah Allah hibel Moose riffin Allah does not eat like those who are extravagant with a wasteful and a beautiful Hadith and risotto Salam says

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dunya Mata Mata is something which is enjoyed the provinces that dunya all of it as things that are enjoyable, there are many, many things to enjoy in the dunya. But the thing that will you will enjoy the most, the most enjoyable thing of this dunya is to have a righteous wife or spouse, nothing will bring you more happiness than that nothing will bring you more happiness than a Mullah grant that we find joy in our homes, that we don't have to travel to the ends of the world to find happiness, but rather that person that we wake up next to the children we see that is the comfort of our eyes. Yes, it's good to also travel with them, take them with you across the world. But how wonderful is it

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that your holiday destination your favorite holiday destination is your home is coming home and that's the DUA that we make Robina habla and I mean as watching I will do react in a Kurata Ayala granted our wives our husbands our children are

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The comfort and the coolness of our eyes may not be the case. I mean, as I said, the Prophet SAW Salem, the man with the most taqwa, the man who's the most fearful of Allah, the man who had the greatest concept of Jana and Jana, you would find in his biography if you studied this biography, a man that was always smiling in optimistic, positive attitude when the Sahaba asked, Tell us about I mean, when the next generation asked the Sahaba we didn't see that episode Salam, tell us about the Prophet salallahu Salam, many times the first thing we will see how frequently he was that he was smiling. He was in a good mood, and he was jovial and light hearted. Yes, there were times when he

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was serious in spoke about Janam. And he spoke about things that are serious times when he was at the Maqbara. We, you know, it was a somber mood, but most of the days he was in a good mood, smiling, but never excessively laughing, but always always in a good smiling mood. And he also understood Nabi SallAllahu, sallam, and his many examples when we can go through all of them. He knew that his family in particular his wife, they needed a break. You can't just touch it and wasa and Zakah and bicker all the time. And no, that's not that's, those are the Sahaba What about us? SubhanAllah? You know, you know, Allah Subhan Allah, may Allah help us to do more. But even the best

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of the best, I share them. For example, when Allah says you're not like any other women of this dunya you want a different caliber when the Abyssinian so the king I've ever seen here, he sent a group of

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entertainers, not like not a circus, but we could say a bunch of entertainers that swords and spears, that King I've ever seen you send them to the visa Salam, for what purpose to do a demonstration to do like a play or something. And they came to the masjid and they did it in the masjid. So obviously, if we have these entertainers everybody wants to see. So the men are watching, and then also understands his wife, Aisha, she's a young woman, she also wants to see she also wants to have some amusement. And he asked her Do you also want to see? And she said, Yes. And so then I understood, obviously, she has a job and a woman, you know, everything a woman must be modest, all

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those things and the wives that visa may have the highest levels of hijab. And so he said, you stand behind me, and I will be open this is via his cloak, he opened his cloak so that her body was was covered. And she said, we stood Cheek to Cheek meaning Her head was my shoulder brace that is his cheek, and she watched how the Abyssinians were playing in the masjid. And she said I was done watching, but I want to see how long he would stand me. Before he said I shall look it's time is up now. And she didn't say that until she herself became bored. And then she left to hunt Allah. So there'll be so Salam understood that he's, I mean, he's family in particular, and he Sahaba they

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needed they need something that knifes need something of amusement. And as long as it's halal, it is fine. We see the visa Salam, for example, you would race with Aisha, we know that and maybe in our times, we should be racing in here in the promenade or whatever it might be. He of course, waited. But look at the ADAP he waited until he was secluded. He was alone with her he told us a Hava leave now that it's alone, now she can dress more comfortably. And now she can run and play and race. So he made the the plan the whole events and he made its run Allah so that she could have her her enjoyable time. If you can't do that. Maybe it's your it's on Playstation or Xbox, whatever it is.

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And remember, the sooner he later when he later when so you do the same in sha Allah, then if he's also the understood kids need a special kind of enjoyment, and therefore he would watch them and he would see them play and he would allow them to play and would participate in the games participate in the games. Now again, when we think of the molana chef, Imam Hazzard Wally, all he's doing is he's the Buzzkill. He comes in telling me children stop playing games. Kiama is coming you need to be in the masjid or then abuso salaam was different. He was different. And that's why people love being around him. But of course, what the Sharia says Enjoy yourself, but do not exceed the limits.

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And Subhan Allah when we learn about Islam, when we give a list of things that are halal and haram things that you can eat things that you can't eat, does Allah give you a list? These are all the halal things to eat. And this is haram or does he give you a list of haram and say there? Is this halal? Which one does he give a list of haram don't eat pork, don't drink hammer. The list of Haram is small. The list of Halal is endless. Meaning there are certain things which are haram don't go in that bucket. But as beyond that bucket enjoy to the fullest extent without limits so long as you don't cross the line. And this is the Sunnah of Allah He has made the whole day for you free do and

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what you want. But those five watts don't neglect those five watts 11 months of the year, eat and drink as you want but this one month, which is Ramadan. This is the Sunnah of Allah that He has made the halal a lot more than the haram. So to exceed the limits, there is no excuse for us. Allah Subhana Allah says about exceeding the limits and something which is really prevalent this

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time when mankind enjoys himself, usually and especially in our society, what do we know with that will go many many haram goes with that drinking intermingling in a concept that is haram. And with that comes even worse thing so Allah Subhana Allah says to, to all of us yeah you under the nomina or people of Eman that vainly indeed hammer and gambling and slaughtering food on the altars mean impermissible food and using super using divining arrows meaning fortune telling, or riches or, or faulty things from the works of shaytaan. So avoid that, that you may be successful. That's why Allah is telling you that these things gambling and drinking and these things are going to happen a

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lot now Subhanallah and we should set Hamdulillah that we can enjoy ourselves. But I know and I pray that none of us here will do drugs, we're not going to drink, we're not going to go to casinos, we can enjoy ourselves without doing these things at Hamdulillah. We as the bulk of our community, are going to indulge in things which are haram, they lead to disobey Allah in this period, many, many millions of people are going to disobey Allah in this period. And you Insha Allah, you and I, we will be saved from that and we'll still have a bowl of a time, we'll still have fun. So Allah says, if you want success, avoid this is for your own good. And he continues further, visually shaytaan

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only wants to cause between you and Mr. City and hatred, through drinking and gambling, and to take you away from the remembrance of Allah and to take you away from sada. So when you not stop, Allah say shaytaan is going to use this time and these things to take you away from Allah and to cause animosity, Subhan Allah we know and Allah protect you, we're going to see headlines the day of the Christmas family, some family members shot another family member at the Christmas table, they were drinking and things got out of hand, but people killing each other on the roads because someone was drunk. So Allah says that shaytaan will use these things to ruin you ruin yourself and to take you

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away from Allah subhanho wa taala. So avoid this and will be successful for you in the dunya and the Ophira.

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Allah subhanaw taala also reminds us that in our enjoyment, as I said, there are limits there are things which we do not things that are not meant to be made fun of things that are not meant to be neglected. We know that in a in the Battle of Tabuk, Last Battle of Nabil Salam, while they were on the journey, they were a group of monastics who started making jokes about Islam and religion and they were making, they were cracking jokes in a group. And these jokes were went beyond the line. And so Allah said, and if you should ask them so Allah now revealed verses about them, what you did was wrong. And it's a severe punishment severe that Allah Subhan took took offense by what they

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said, and then Allah and then they responded, Allah says, they will say we were only talking idly and playfully we're just making jokes or just light hearted. And then Allah says, was it at Allah, and he's ayat, and he's Rasool that you were making jokes about,

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make no excuse you have lost your iman, after you accepted it, the certain type of amusement is so bad, and it is so disrespectful to Allah subhanaw taala that you can lose your iman as you know people that who say you lost his Eman literally that is what happened. What happened to this group of people. And Allah says, if I should pardon some of you, others, I will not forgive that someone will be punished for what they did of sin. So do not lose yourself completely. In the euphoria of enjoyment. Do not lose or concept of what is sacred and what is correct. Enjoy yourself. But remember the limits and some things for example, to always keep in mind

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that the Haram things that Allah has prescribed the fun, they might be fun, but the Haram in it is that it causes us harm. And that there is no benefit in that Islam once us that even Subhan Allah there's some of us, there'll be going on a journey, and they will be enjoying themselves and at the same time they'll be rewarded because an act of worship, you can even make your holiday, an act of Ibadah if you go with your family to reconnect with them, you go to a certain place to see the Oneness of Allah, the beauty of Allah, you look at the mountain the seasons Subhanallah you do something to you know to bring your body to some emotional, physical rest. All of this is worship of

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Allah sleeping is a worship of Allah. Some people will come back from the holiday better Muslims than when they left well. hamdulillah and that's what we want the dunya and akhira in good and we are some people will come back with regrets. They have done things which were wrong. They will come left to make Toba so let us not be of those things. So remember, we take holiday from work. We take holiday from school, but we don't take holiday from Islam.

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You cannot put your take leave from Islam. Muhammad is now out of office. No I'm not going to be in the masjid. I'm not going to make Salah anymore because I'm only returning back after this. No that does not work.

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We are always in the state of worship with Allah. And this is some this is something to take note of here. A few weeks ago, a month or two ago, we did a series on grief. And it's easy Subhanallah This is a test. This test this period for all of us is more difficult the taste of difficulty in the taste of hardship. We ask Allah Allah, why did you take away this person I love so much why did you give me this illness? Why did you give me this financial burden, but it is human nature that when we go through difficulty, we come closer to Allah. It's just how we are. And then when things are good. Allah is the furthest thing from our mind. And one of the punishments when we spoke about death is

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that Allah takes us away in a moment of hafla meaning forgetfulness, usually in amusement, we are enjoying ourselves and laughing so much Allah sama is completely out of mind out of our heart, and that's the moment Allah takes you may Allah protect us from that. Allah protect us from that. So this is a test to me and to you. How much of this holiday can we use to store remain steadfast in Allah when things are so fun outside? The Muslim is the most boring place in the world. You're going to miss out on all the fun outside so you want to rush it sada even miss that surah Allah protect us because you want to have fun. This is the test of iman that your Allah I worship you in good times

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and bad times. I am grateful to you in good times. And bad times. I am always my Eman is not conditional about the time of year.

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That doesn't only mean I'm a Muslim, I'm a good Muslim Ramadan time. No, I am a good Muslim in every single time. And it's difficult you might be out with friends, and the work is going to come and go to Marguerite. But now you need to know where am I going to make Salah many of us experienced this and you might find those group of phrases you make make me make we make attachment will make taraweeh let the walk go and you can catch that. Don't do that. Don't do that, at the very least our walks should be on time certain places which we know we should not be going to avoid those places. If Haram is being done their curiosity might get the better us avoid those places. Don't lose it

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now. Subhan Allah don't not lose it now. And we see the benefit and the wisdom in those things. We will see unfortunately, the carnage at the end of this period. How many casualties are amongst those Malla not make us of those things. Of those. Also remember Subhanallah This is a time when our kids and many of our kids or our kids already on on holiday some of us are struggling. What do we do at work? What are the kids doing? This is the time when unfortunately shaitan is very busy.

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So a THON is this is his his his peak period as well. And important for us to keep track of our kids, not just from an Islamic perspective, just from a basic safety perspective. Where are they? What are they doing? And where are they spending their time with the Prophet salallahu Salam says, a person is likely to follow the faith of his friend. So look at whom your friends are. And look. And so for us as parents, look at who our kids are, well, they're going out with us, we can't lock them up those days are over where you can lock them up and say you know what, you don't go outside the house. You can go outside the house when you are married one day, and that's it, you and your

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husband or you and your wife can go outside. Unfortunately, we live in a time where it's not like that. And therefore we need to create safe zones for our kids. This is a challenge really, for some of us here. Now. As you know, we we are becoming older we are not part of the leadership of the Muslim many of you here are young professionals and we need to create some form of safe entertainment for our kids. Our kids must enjoy themselves productively. And if if there's no alternative, it's either I'm at home doing nothing or I'm going to long city to do haram then we have failed our kids. So it's our responsibility and hamdulillah my kids are still small, they're so

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happy to stay with their parents spend time with the mommy and daddy. But for you you have teenagers I make dua and make Allah makes it easy for you. They need friends and perhaps Subhan Allah, your house should be the place that the friends come over, maybe take a room, kitted out. So the friends come over to yours yes, it means you must clean up and you must order the food but at least they are in your house and they are safe. And you are the one that can say guys, it's Margarita, mix Allah and then you can go back to whatever games you're doing. You can be the one that sets the limits, rather than they are outside and you don't know what they're doing Allah keep them safe, and to our

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youngsters, the world unfortunately we can't but keep you safe from the world. You need to make those decisions yourself. You need to make those decisions so and even for us as older people as well. And we know this hadith is such a beautiful Hadith where he explained that a piece of salaam gave a great analogy as to how you're impacted by your friends in their responses. A good friend is like the one who sells perfume. But if you spend time with a guy that sells perfume, either he will give you an he'll naturally give you a take some smell there's no spray on you. And so that's good fragrance will be on your body. And if he even if he doesn't give you the perfume just being

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in his shop being around him, you will start smelling like perfume meaning you around good people, naturally they will rub off on you. And the opposite that is a bad thing. It's like the person who works in a blacksmith. He works with fire, or a guy who's bribing. For example, not to say It's haram to bribe. But if you spend the whole day around the guy who's working around the fire, either you might burn, your clothes might burn, or even if he doesn't burn you directly, you will still smell like smoke, you will somehow get impacted by his negative or her negative qualities. And so therefore, you need to be wise enough to know who are good friends for you, and who are bad friends

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for you. Those friends that encourage you for haram will make you do things which you know are wrong. Those are friends, which we should distance ourselves from. And then there are friends that encouraged us to do good. Those are people we should spend time with. And I know we are young, many of us some of you are young, and this is the last the longest wait for down the line to think about when we spoke about Janaza. We said think about the people you want at your Janessa sada think of the quality of people that you want to stand making salah upon you. If your friends are not that quality, then you to re assess the kinds of things that you have.

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Over and above that. So if we can just do the basics during this time, avoid haram food, avoid haram, eating, drinking, mixing, dressing, performing our works on time and Hamdulillah, then, you know, we've come through the holiday period safely. And it would show our gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala.

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But they are those of us that hamdulillah will actually make this time, a time of real benefits. And this is a higher level challenge for all of us, yourself myself. We can go and enjoy ourselves and use it purely for entertainment which is good at Hamdulillah. If it's done in a Harada way, side note to mouth. Remember that hadith. Using your time and enjoying yourself in a halal way, as I said is worship. Remember the Hadith when the prophets of salaam said a man who spends time with his wife is intimate with his wife, Allah will reward you for that. The Sahaba was shocked. How can you how can Allah reward me for sleeping with my wife? How can I get the reward? There's a guy reciting

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Quran a guy making tattooed, I'm spending the night in intercourse, and we all get rewarded. How's that possible. So the reason said, you could have done it in a haram way, but you chose the halal so Allah will reward you. So that's the similar kind of principle, knowing how to do you're going to have open to you a lot of haram options, but you will look for that Halal option. And so you will be rewarded while you're having fun. So even as we said, you will come out of this holiday period with reward to your name. But of course there's a higher principle the prophets of Allah mentioned to us that there are five things which will be asked about on the FTM five big questions. One question,

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how did you spend your youth? What did you do with you? You? What did you do with your good health? What did you do with your money? And what did you do with your life? And then one question what do you do with your free time? So all those leave days that you've clocked in those days will be answerable to Allah? How did you spend those leave days? What did you do with him? Because we can say Allah I couldn't make that I couldn't do this and that why I was working eight to five, and then I had kids and exams and all these things, and I was tired. Yeah, Allah and Allah will inshallah hopefully we'll accept that as an excuse. But now when we're free, what did you do with the free

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time? This is a question. This is a reality. And if we can come and say Allah, I didn't do good but didn't come at sin. hamdulillah that's, that's, that's okay. But then he's the one who will be able to show ya Allah when I had free time. I used it beneficially. The prophets of salaam says there are two blessings, which most people so there's a very, very difficult question on the exam paper. 90% of us fail this. There's two blessings which go to waste, good health, and free time. We don't use our free time to the maximum as we could. And we don't use our good health only when you become sick. And we can't do the the beta now we regret now we try. So this is an opportunity, another

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taste. And this is the nature of life. One day, life is difficult. It's hard, you're going through depression. And that's the taste when you come back to Allah. You don't get the things you want the people you love are taken from you. And then things become easy and I notice you with happiness every moment is a test from Allah subhanaw taala and how we come through this test. So this holiday period is a test for you and me how we spend our time. What do we do? What do we look at? How do we dress? How are we going to spend our money? I pray Allah subhanaw taala grants that we come out safe and sound Mala keep us safe during this period. Our Iman our families, our bodies everything for

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those of you are travelling Mala grant you traveling is Malaga into a safe journey. Traveling is one of the it's regarded in the Sharia is one of the difficulties. It's a It's hardship. Traveling is difficult, is a difficult thing. And so if you are

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Even if you're flying first class, you're so lucky hamdulillah Mexico to Allah make sugar then even that is regarded as difficulty and therefore Allah gives us certain allowances and I think this is a good time for us to talk about traveling to talk about traveling because we always forget about this.

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So, we have a thick, thick rulinea

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If you are there to as a as a as a human being as a person, you are in two modes. You either a Musashi, a traveler, or you are Mukim. You are a stationary person. Mukim Homosassa. You cannot be in between you're either one of the two, if you are Musashi, if you are a traveler. Allah has allowed us certain kinds of

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allowances, certain dispensations of His mercy, he has relaxed the Sharia for you. He's made the Sharia easier, because traveling is a bit difficult.

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So when do you become a traveler? So but the default is you Mukim. All of you. Yeah, most of you. Unless you're on holiday, you're in Cape Town, then you are Mukim you are stationary, you are a resident. When you become a Musashi, you become a traveler when two things happen. Number one, you are on a journey you're traveling. And number two, the distance of that journey is 80 kilometres outside of your city.

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So if you are going somewhere for the day, for the month, whatever it might be, you're traveling, and that journey is longer than 80 kilometres now you become Mousavi. Now you become a Mousavi. What happens when I'm Musashi when you're Mustafa, Allah allows you a number of allowances. Number one, you will shorten the for Raka Salas lower acid and Isha IFO into two and it is better to make it short if you're on a journey, even if it's easier to make four it is better to make two than a visa some always shorten his Salah during a journey. You will own you will make cancer you will make cancer Salah people have heard about the Sunnah Salah Nabil Salam on journeys. Usually he would

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you'd still make the two raka as a Fajr sunnah. And Witter at night. Witter as well he never even on journeys you made with her shows you the power of these two Sooners and even when he traveled even shy becomes two He still made with it shows you the importance of of Witter and the two rockers of Pajama suit America has. So you allowed to shorten your full you can shorten Fajr and Margaret McGriff says three vertices to

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you can also also if you are traveling and it's Friday, you don't make Jamarcus you may attend the Joomla match, but you need to make Joomla then you make the word truckers. So you're on the road and the Joomla is what comes in you're on the plane and now it's Friday. It's one o'clock two o'clock the afternoon. You don't have to look for Molana and make a quick bio No, you just make Tura cars and you don't make you don't make Joomla Salah you make the hood of Salah make the word Surah also what what besides shortening, it is allowed but not encouraged to make jam. Jam means joining. You can join two works in one, but it's not encouraged meaning better for you to keep them separate. But

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if you're traveling and it's easier to make jump than a jump, how does jump work? You can join the war to rockers with asset trackers you join them into one walk either. It's the word now I make the word to rock as I said, I'm going off to my tutor Casa Dan. I say salaam aleikum wa Salaam Alaikum I get up. I make a comment again. Hola. Hola. Hola. Comma, and now I make acid to rockers. And that's chum. You brought us early? Right? You brought acid. For those of you been on Hajj, you did this on Arafa

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the what an asset comes together. In other words, what? Or the opposite is true. You can say look, I'm flying 11 o'clock the morning I'm on the plane. I'll only land in Hong Kong at five o'clock that afternoon. So the whole thought I'm on the plane. Rather I will make the what in essence worked. So I delayed Doer all the way to access. So again, I make the word first two records. Assalamu aleikum wa Salaam Alaikum I make you comma. And then I'm like I said to raka says one way of jump either bring us early opening the word late. You can also join Marguerite Benny Shai, same story. You make Marguerite three rockers and then you bring two records of a shy forward for oppositely on Hajj this

00:29:15--> 00:29:49

what you did in Mustafa. You skipped Muslims worked the whole watermark repayment Wait no mockery, and when you got to study for you made the word I mean you made mothership and then you may be shy, fire season budget. So wake up before sunrise. You still have to make that test remains even on Holidays even on the best even even if you're in first class, budget remains budget remains. This Is Spinal, the nature of Allah right? Allah will always let you know it's amazing. You tell a friend, no matter what holiday I'm on as a man

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

excluding the ladies in the hate as a man, not a single day in my life will go by I don't pray to my god five times not a single day in my whole life from the day I become

00:30:00--> 00:30:28

ballyhoo I can make Salah until the very day I die, every single day of my life I will make some subject to Allah. That's amazing. As a wonderful weather I am at the height having fun all right at the bottom, I will make that such as whether you the King, the CEO, or the slave whatever it might be, you will make that such that to Allah subhanaw taala that is something very beautiful back to our Musashi the person if you travel as we said, you can shorten and you can join

00:30:29--> 00:31:09

you can you don't have to make Jamar Salah you make dua what else you obviously not far if you're in the month of Ramadan, you can choose to fast or not fast that's your choice to make. If you are making mass now this must work and Masters is something to learn Sharia gives us free freebies and sometimes we don't take them there are so Salam had a coupon and he went to make noodles didn't have to do and so I was with him. And I was brought the water. So while the property was taking we do Anna's got to his knees and try to take the sock the hoof often AMISOM and obviously not leave them leave them don't take that off. I put them on when I had to do so all I need to do now is to wipe

00:31:09--> 00:31:24

over them. So instead of taking my socks off, washing my feet, I can just put the hoof on what we do and wipe over it. And so if you have hoof and you took we do put it on your traveler. You can do that for three days, meaning you don't have to take it well. Maybe it's good for you to take it off for three days.

00:31:25--> 00:32:06

But sometimes it's difficult and back in the day it was difficult. You may be finding difficult. Putting your feet in the in the plains basin. You can make much over the hoop you can make mass over the hoof question is a sock a hoof as a long debate here. It's a very, very thick sock. Very, very thick. Inshallah sock can also be a hoof but leather is always safer. Leather is always safer. Next question, very, very big question. So I traveled Now when do I stop being a Mousavi? This is a very big purse. Listen carefully now. If I travel from here to China, is this is this a journey longer than 80 kilometres? Yes, everyone agrees ofoma divers the journey

00:32:08--> 00:32:22

so I can make while I'm flying from Cape Town to Hong Kong, I musasa the whole way when I lived in Hong Kong, if I decide I'm going to stay there and you know, stay there for one year, and I mustafina for that full year can be so when do I stop being if I stay there for one day? Mr. Mousavi?

00:32:24--> 00:32:26

Yes. So here's the limits. When do I stop being a massage.

00:32:28--> 00:33:07

The minute you land or your journey comes to an end you get to the hotel, your journey is now officially over. If you're going to stay in that location for four days or more, four or more. Then from the day you arrive you are no longer Mousavi. Now you don't wait for days and now know from the day you land or arrive at your hotel. Now your status of Masada disappears. You are now Chinese now from the Sharia perspective you are Chinese now. You need to go for Jamar you need to make for cars. You can't make pasta. You can't make jump. If it's Ramadan, you must fast. So you need to look at your journey. I'm flying from Cape Town. Dubai, how long am I staying in Dubai? I'm only staying a

00:33:07--> 00:33:12

half a day in transit. So my old stay in Dubai and Mustafa. Then I fly from Dubai to

00:33:13--> 00:33:37

Turkey. I'm going to say five days in Istanbul while I'm in Istanbul five days is it more than four years from the day you land in Istanbul, you are now Mookie, you must stay and you need to do the oh don't get the allowances of the traveler. So this is something which you need to think about. And you and I as we said, You know what the beautiful thing is, even if it's a journey of fun, you're going to have fun, Allah gives you the allowance.

00:33:38--> 00:34:19

So Allah is the most important thing all this is fine, make it short, fine, join it, but don't miss it. Don't miss it. So please geometric mean it does not neglect at the very least our Salah during this period. Be safe. Remember Allah subhanaw taala this time of year everyone is thankful we thankful to our teams, our businesses here in functions or that Allah took us through a year. Most of the year was good. There might be some times which were difficult, but most of it was good. Take this time to we should give sugar and appreciation to Allah how many people on earth don't even don't even ask about holiday or vacation. Just getting from morning to evening is a battle for those

00:34:19--> 00:34:34

of us who can still think of festive. Allah who we are, we are of the lucky few. And Allah Subhana Allah bless us in good times and bad times. Allah make things easy for us and Allah grants us all the goodness and a safe journey for those who are terminally mean when hamdulillah few announcements quite a bit of announcements

00:34:35--> 00:35:00

Alhamdulillah to kick off the festive season, the Masjid as this this from today, we will be having a youth camp in the masjid. So we're having young people from different areas Massenburg underprivileged areas, some people don't Some kids don't even get to see the side of the mountain and all that. So we bring them here. They'll spend the weekend here with us. And it's really our youth team the Bromley youth the guys

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

To predict the money and all that here are youngsters so they are on holiday. And they can waste their time. But instead they said I'm going to use this weekend to give back hamdullah we pray that we have kids like that, right so they sitting up in the going to be teaching them skills and those kinds of stuff that you've though if you'd like to contribute towards it, you can you know, to give the kids something you can you can do so, then also this is up to this very special special group of people will sleep here. But this is a this evening in sha Allah, this is open to all the young people, your kids are welcome the kids. It's a book up initiative. But we're going to have a games

00:35:31--> 00:36:14

evening tonight a soccer tournament. So from about three o'clock till Margaret, there'll be a soccer tournament that again, our youth team organized, there'll be food and stuff like that available. And then and at the same time, so if you're not on the pitch, you can play cards and dominoes. Hallowee your play is going to be at the center. So there will be a huddle games and entertainment at the center again, open to all and hopefully the you know the vibe will be good. Then after. After mercury, we're having our Nightmare on Elm Street. We'll have a outdoor lecture on the gene, Gene stories, right gene stories. So again, open to everyone. So even though it's an you know, serious

00:36:14--> 00:36:25

topic, but people want to learn about this so everyone welcome free of charge between Mercury money shy, yet live in St. Just by the park and the budget. You're welcome to do that. Then I end up with this lost sleep is very important.

00:36:26--> 00:37:08

While all this is happening in our youth is doing this, there's a massive project happening to revamp our old nursery school to create an exhibit. So by your generous, generous contribution and hamdulillah a few years ago, a year or two ago, we were able to shift our nursery school to a new premises. So the old building was standing the blue building the famous blue building, we want to make this a an Islamic exhibit, Islamic Cape Malay exhibit so we have 1000s of tourists coming here every day. We want them to go inside and see something about Islam and the unique heritage in Cape Town the type of Islam Yeah, what about dogmaels and persisters and Ramadan and Labrang and whatever

00:37:08--> 00:37:50

it might be, and we will talk about and they will go there they will learn and the purpose of it number of things. Number one, we are this is a Dawa initiative, it is also to preserve our cultural heritage. It is also a means of income generation for the entire organization. So the masjid can run the nurses who can run we can feed people in Ramadan. So people this baraka and Baraka, the project is almost finished. Last, last hurdle. If you'd like to contribute to that for a continuous agricultural jariya and an initiative that might sustain this masjid, for generations, this is an opportunity for you to participate either you get the word out when it opens please attend 15 and

00:37:50--> 00:38:05

not so much you can attend as well or you can actually say you know I'd like to contribute to this project contribute to it's almost done we're going to launch next week inshallah we vanilla Yoda was the 19th of December will open first of its kind really so please you know you'll do us is even more precious

00:38:06--> 00:38:30

will so decision as I noticed one of our Auntie Salama of Salama 15 passed away, we make dua for her Fatima granddaughter of Auntie Salah man she's one of our youth leaders so very very busy doing all these things and they've gone through a family tragedy so we also lost Franklin grant on the Selma high place in Jana, Southern in the hearts of the family and grant them all the goodness I mean, there's so much beloved