Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 22

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Tawbah Will Gain You Jannah

Daily Reminder Day 22 – Tawbah Will Gain You Jannah. Tawbah, by its very nature requires one not just to abandon the old ways of sins but instead requires us to replace those with righteous deeds. Turning to Allah swt in repentance, therefore it is a truly transformational process.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam aleikum, wa barakato the others as he were coming into another episode of Raja Ramadan 2017 they 22 so it's another odd night tonight the day of the or the night of the 23rd so today is Day 22 is colossal panda with Allah to accept from all of you until until

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make your marks those were by the soul shall be saved from head fight inshallah to Allah. We're still talking about the names of a lot the web and I will have for a while and then I flew in this month of apple and the month of forgiveness.

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Some people think that you know, Toba or repentance is only meant for the seniors where as Allah subhanho wa Taala he addresses the believers in know in the end when he says yeah you have Latina M and O you who believe so here is not talking to just as a habit of Prophet Muhammad Allah to them.

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You have Latina M and o to Illallah Hito button also have all you who believe to go in Amato button. So ha, repent to Allah, a sincere a true repentance. You know, how would you feel, you know, if you're, you know, you know, you're undertaking a journey, right? And then you realize that you're taking the wrong, you know, direction the wrong

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highway or freeway or the wrong route, you know, you'd be making a U turn. You know, likewise, if you know yourself and you know, that you'd be doing, you're doing something wrong. And in fact, you know, your subconscious tells you so Pamela sometimes, we tried to ignore that subconscious that tells you what you're doing is wrong. Aren't you going to you know, hit the brakes and stop and this is what tober means. In fact, October means in Arabic, but I add to innotab means add means Come back, come back, come back to Allah Xhosa. Can you say today? No. Can you say no to that thing? Can you just stop it say no to it today? You know, make it intentions. Yeah. Because I want to see is

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this stuff but make sure that your abilities that if you don't make Toba now, when are you gonna make it?

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You want to make her happy? Because a lot becomes happy when you repent.

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And shaytan Subhana Allah when this particular Ayah which is your sort of Mr. You know, was revealed shaytan cried. Allah subhanho wa Taala says bad either wilhemina Shivaji?

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Well, Nadine either I know. Hey, schatten mo fusa

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first dealt only Ruby him when he was done over in LA

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when he

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was a home

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and those who wronged themselves well, I deny that they did something do something wrong, they do an evil and they wronged themselves, the Kabbalah. They remember Allah first of all didn't obey Him. Whenever you said

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in the first law

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says they mix default Allah and who is the one who forgives the sins of Allah and they do not, you know, persist in committing the sins while

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he catches a omafra Tomioka be him virgin tangerine in title and add that one when Emma Joel Amelie. Those are what they get from a lot of religion. And not that God not only Jenna, heavens, and they're in a which runs reverse doesn't even tell them how hard enough we have forever. They will do an init forever. So disturber will gain Eugen Lt. Don't sell yours and that for this live you know this, this worthless dunya free. Please have it. This is the month of forgiveness. ask Allah Allah for Allah to forgive you. And there is some more I want to talk more about, you know, in this beautiful names again, I apologize. Oh, and to another episode of Ramadan. 2017. I say that

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while I catch up