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The history of Prophet Muhammad Ali's legalacy and the legal system for entering homes are discussed, including his legal dispute and punished actions. The use of social media and language during daily communication, particularly English, is emphasized. The importance of permission and avoiding false assumptions during the pandemic, as well as shelling to prevent violent behavior, is also emphasized. The use of Facebook and Twitter is noted as double-edged sword, and the safety of others is emphasized.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah we're live

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the chef is Allah has started reciting since yesterday and today now the contamination of salt the moon amazing for the solar we have in fact I have seminars seminars on on on certain thoughts from the Quran just saw it and all by itself would take weeks to go through it so that the mother is a Medina Salah and then they will talk about they will also recite Surah and Paul can and so assure Allah today inshallah is our soul as well just show up to Strava I think right? So please hold on No, and what can and uh, so Allah, Allah is a Madani Salah amazing Surah it's a surah brothers and sisters, that talks about the social affairs and home etiquettes saw has lots of laws but all

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pertinent to our homes and our dealings with one another. And one of the reasons why the Salah was revealed, it happened in Medina it happened during in one of the incidents that happened at the time of the Prophet Muhammad or the Sudan, as you may have heard of the habit that will make the essence of slandering the slendering of Aisha your mother, my mother, Omen me the mother of the beneath the believers, minion Aisha when she wants or when she was slaps you auntie was slandered by the hypocrites. You know first was this hypocrite who spreads you know DeVos this news that she committed stuff Paula Xena wrongly chiefly accused her of committing Zina with a man by the name of

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sublime. So one didn't happen. It's a long story, but the summary of it she was accused of committing Zina, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada was to reveal if you know to show the innocence of passion of the Allahu Akbar. So no, he says I told you Allah and she says by Allah Safwan he did not talk to him. He didn't even look at me. They were traveling. And then I showed you a little Anna she lost a necklace.

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So she went looking for her necklace. When they came back the Sahaba were there they were just resting then they Prophet Muhammad sometimes when he used to burn on these expeditions, sometimes he used to take his wife with him. So that was the time of Aisha her turn so he took her with him. And then actually as she was like that these two have this this thing called an outage. It's like a slug a little tent that needs to put on these camels. So the mother of the believer will go inside this whole dish so when they will go on the rest they will take this whole dish and put it down I shall demand as she came out to take care of her needs. And then she lost her necklace she came back and

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then she says my necklace like this and then she went looking for a necklace. They came back they thought that it she's in her house this year she was like they carried the whole is different on the cover the the proceeded I shaky she came back she did not find no one she sat down and waited because why Prophet Muhammad, as I say, always used to leave someone behind. You know, and then you know, to follow the army in case if somebody drops anything or or whatnot. That person would come in, pick it up and go. That man was softened on mark but he's so he shouldn't be recognizer from Florida. He says, I mean that how no one ever went to 11 That's what he said he came brought her the

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camel I think he turned back hi she says well, I didn't even look at me or talk to me. And then they work together until Medina he did not speak a word who was at the entrance of Medina, the head of the hypocrites what's his name?

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What's his name? Who said that? If you want chocolate who said

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what he said You said she said who said man I said

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of the lug nut will be

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I'd love to obey them to

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obey, obey because his son was was the believer. So anyways, he accused her of committing Zina

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for one month, although he did not was not revealed for one month and there was a big girls that happened in Medina. So much so that even some salsa hobbies they they started divulging the news that actually Allah admitted Xena, Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down this area to show the innocence of actual demand and also the solar talks about lots of debt. First of the other of the first of the etiquettes permission when entering home

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the solar sisters this solar is mostly for you that have entered our homes permission before you go to someone's home, you need to ask permission to enter and let me take about something quickly here because something that we can all relate to. Sometimes we have families that live together. You have the Father the mother to see the daughters and the brothers and maybe the the brother or the son gets married his wife She's living with him and the brother get has to have another brother when we call the brother outlaw I mean the brother in law

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don't get it.

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They are

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The involves living together everybody's living together the Prophet Muhammad Ali is such someone he says with regard to the brother in law the son i The shampoo and moped and the hammer and Mote Mote in Arabic means that you come back because I'm just his brother and then you have the your the sisters why your brother's brother's wife right? Yeah the Brothers live she's home by herself and then you know you leave and then you just go in and Oh, it's my home my parents home and they leave here they are happy the Islam has etiquettes

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I sent tells us not to mingle with one another. So you need a dad you know make asking permission before you enter. This sola talks about the Vasa lowering the gaze the salah talks about here, the surah talks about the prohibition of Zina the salah talks about the prohibition of slandering of acacia this Salah is filled with Adam and I can go back and read inshallah Tara also the next Torah is Surah Al for time for time is like Farah Ahmed follow Alma follow it, why is it called

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differentiate between a cap one bath and so that we can differentiate between falsehood and between Unhak between the truth the saw that talks about it has a beautiful uniforms before I talk about Eva Hawkman wear a bubble machine and illenium Shona. The owner will either have a

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beautiful description of the evils of Russia and the slaves of Allah half man and that the name of the holder those walk peacefully on earth will either have Muhammad jihad or Nakano, Salah when the Jehan speak to them, they say salaam they don't get involved in idle talk. They are peaceful, and those who make to have for their families in such a very beautiful in equalities, please read them in sha Allah Mahara and then 645 Seven minutes I still have two more minutes to download. And then Allah subhana wa Tada and then so what Estrada, so shall we, so are in Arabic means bullets.

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The saw talks about the methods or the means used at the time by the prophets in propagating the message.

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At the time of the Prophet Muhammad, Hassan someone of the means was using poetry.

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As if today if you were to have this analogy today would be media at the time was poets

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share poetry, what do we use today? Or what is the most efficient things that people can use today to propagate the message when is that is missing media social media so that's why my assertion the Quran when he says Estrada

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Yes, you know the show Allah a lot of them are misguided, except that ALLAH is an ill Latina, except those who believes because social media or media is a double edged sword, you could use it for something good. Or you could use it for something bad. So a lot of our youth here today all of them I will say everybody's using social media, don't you? Yeah. Instagram. Insta use Facebook? I mean Facebook

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sometimes tick tock now right these the no

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I don't use it but what's what's the what's the trend today? What's the trend today?

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Twitter Twitter that's human because you're all

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the youngsters What did they use today? I'm just joking.

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Exactly. Can you use that to spread Islam? Can you use that means to do something good for that Allah if Allah it's between your hands use it in a good way inshallah time and I that will change your life.

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And so on. And for verse number 68, Allah subhanho wa Taala says 6869 71 levena Nya don't own Allah He Isla and

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Wanda yup to Ronan Epson Nettie how Rama Allah who didn't have the one is no

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one I find any guy in PA samma you will die for them. We'll

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try to follow up Mohana Elana

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dabba What am I now I mean I'm on our body fat hola you can you bet Dino mom saying he has

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worked on hola hola for me,

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one of the most hopeful ayah in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says, we'll let him read only

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and those who do not come associate anyone with ALLAH assumption and those who do not kill innocent lives and those who do not commit Zina. And whosoever does so he shall have a very severe punishment and he will be thrown in hellfire will be that and but Allah as it comes in with the golden part right here, except illa. three against three, those who kill those who commit to those who associate someone to worship of Allah, those who commit Zina or those who kill innocent lives and those who

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SR three major sins and then in regards to hazardous this except those 11 tab were em, and that's what I mean, I'm an on site, except those will repent in them and Tab, Tab, repent, and that will believe what I mean

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and work righteousness, what would happen to them? You may say she had happened to me many times people come and say I don't think I will forgive me. I don't think because I've committed such a very horrible crime I don't think Allah would forgive me. I say how many people have you killed? No, nobody. Why you say Allah forgives the man who can one and advise wouldn't He forgive you? Allah forgives the man who killed the uncle of Prophet Muhammad what's his name? The Prophet Muhammad Hamza who killed him?

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Why she ALLAH forgive what you wouldn't forgive you Subhanallah to Allah so Allah says except those who make Rio who repent those who believe and those who work righteousness, what would happen to them? Without AK you've been able to see it in person yet what kind of level of effort all of those Allah subhanho wa Taala not only will forgive them, Listen, I'm done. I'm done. Not only Allah will forgive them, Allah will forgive them and convert all their bad deeds integrates. All the bad deeds will be converted into good deeds, what kind of Allah? Allah is the most forgiving. Allah is the offer. Give us Subhanallah I asked you to forgive us of the Shabbat. He decided to forgive our sins

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to forgive our shortcomings. He forgives. We are the sinners. He is the forgiveness of Hannah what's the other week we commit sins day in and day out? And he is a rough fall. If he gets day in and day out. I asked him to

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insha Allah Who Tada showed his mercy upon us, Africa, South America