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Ramadan Reminders 2019 – #12 Switch to Safe Mode_ Monitor your Food intake

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Omer El-Hamdoon

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One thing or one is definitely not about and should not be about is about food and how much we eat and the kind of different dinner spreads that we get in Ramadan, which unfortunately become a reality for some people in some cultures, it should be about really feeling the hunger, feeling the thirst, by feeling the hunger and feeling the thirst there should be that achievement, that food is only secondary, but even lower down tertiary and so on, in our scale of what we are really about as humans because we're trying to seek the spirituality we're trying to see the Tacoma and so, we can go for long hours without food, and by doing that we can achieve so much and then we even when we do

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think about food, we have to consider the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala which is to eat halal and by him. So, not only he eat that which is lawful, I mean prepared lawfully, but also that which is that which is good, that which is fresh, organic, or whatever it is, because in doing that, we will be able to achieve so much in that regard. So it's about halaal biab is we're asking ourselves, why are we eating? What do we need was the purpose was the intention to make sure that we switch on to safe mode.