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Special Ramadan Q&A _

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah vida AlLahi wa sahbihi one word about today's our final q&a before the blessed month of Ramadan, we're going to be doing this q&a and then pausing this series until after Ramadan. And so today's q&a will be entirely dedicated to various issues pertaining to the month of Ramadan. And we're gonna dive straight in. So the first question that I have is, Chef, can you please in a brief summary explained between the controversies of moon sighting that comes every single year. So this is the issue of Of course moon sighting. Now, I'm going to ask you this question briefly. And please be

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aware that I've given a much longer lecture on this online. And I will answer this question. Firstly, by saying that, let us talk about this from a perspective of classical Islam early. And then let's see what we can do in modernity. Second point. And then third point, let's conclude with the practical position that we should all follow. So first is traditional fifth, second is modern. And then third is what we're all going to actually end up doing. So as for classical physics, there are two primary positions and you've all heard of these positions, there's called a global versus the local moon sighting. And of course, this is a simplistic way of phrasing it in reality, the oma

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was never ever united on the global moon citing This is a theoretical position, because I asked you to think about the Muslims of Andalus versus the Muslims of Hejaz, Arabia versus the Muslims of Iraq versus the Muslims of China because they're Muslims in the East Turkistan province. Do you really think ever in history that all of those Muslims celebrated and began Ramadan and ended Ramadan at the same time, it is actually impossible for this to happen? pre modernity. It is only the advent of the Telegraph and the telephone and the internet, that we can even conceptually Think about this. So realistically, it wasn't global versus local. This never happened. Realistically, it was okay if we

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hear the news that a neighboring province has started from Oban just in time, and we did not see the moon but a neighboring province, it for crier came within that 12 hour span or five hours whenever they came. And within that time, we heard before the Adana budget that the neighbor, the neighboring province in the neighboring city saw it, should we follow it or not. And this is the controversy that is found in early Islam. And there are some Roma that said, Yes, let's follow as far as the news spreads. There are others who said, let us follow every single region or locality or what is called Moore's law, which is basically the the hemispheres or the latitudes that the sun is going to

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rise in. So let's follow everybody in within that same. And then others said, No, we follow the people of our own local locality. And generally speaking for the bulk of Islamic history, before the advent of the Telegraph and the telephone, people would follow that which was within a reasonable distance, and that's about it. And that's really the way that the oma has proceeded. In fact, if you look at one of the earliest

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incidents that we have about a controversy inciting This is a headphone is a Muslim. So very interesting idea. And it's technically it's not a headache, because the profitsystem is not directly mentioned, but it involves some of the Sahaba. It involves more out of the law, one who was the governor of Syria, and it involves Eben Abbas who was in Mecca, and even above his freed servant, his Mola, corrib went to be led the Sham one to Damascus, in the month of Ramadan, and he was in Damascus when the moon was sited, and he then left Damascus and he came back to Medina or Mk or the Hejaz, he came back to the edges and it takes around three weeks. So by the time he got back,

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they're still in Ramadan. So notice it takes two to three weeks for the news to reach from Baghdad, sorry, from Damascus to hijas. What do you think of under this? What do you think of China is not going to happen? In any case, he comes back to pages he meets even Abbas Ibn Abbas asks him, when did you guys see the moon? And Kareem says, we saw the moon on the night of Friday. So we began fasting The next day, even my boss said, well as for us, we saw the moon on the night of Saturday. And so we are going to keep fasting based upon what we saw. So caraibe said, Isn't the sighting of Maui a good enough for you? And he'd been a bastard? No, this is how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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taught us. In other words, this is a bit ibises interpret

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That the Profit System is telling us we follow what we have seen. So from a purely theoretical perspective, I would like to state that the position that is has been the default historically, and the one that I personally

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subscribe to, from a theoretical perspective, from a classical perspective, is that every locality every region should follow its own sighting. So if we're possible within one land, if you like, or one country, which is basically one group of people, they should follow their own sighting. Now, this is from a purely theoretical perspective. What a lot of people don't really take into account in this regard. And I've given a longer lecture I asked you to, to listen to that lecture, which is was given actually last year only a year ago, is that in fact, one needs to also take into account our extenuating circumstances. And the issue of extenuating circumstances is something that is well

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known even in the great dilemma of Islam. The great scholars of the shafr scholars, Dr. Dina Suki, he says that if the Mufti wants to take a position that is not as strong as another one for the sake of a religious benefit that it is permissible to do so. And even Raj also has this statement as well, in this regard, that you it is permissible for the one who's doing he had to go to a weaker position, if the stronger position from a textual perspective is going to cause greater chaos or greater evil. And even Tamia also has many positions in this regard. And many of them, this is a well known principle. And I have explained in my longer lecture, the fact that the whole issue of

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calculations has really been taken to an emotional backlash that people have just become, they've just become bitter at the notion of calculations. And they just don't even want to listen to it anymore. And this goes back in my humble estimation to how the whole controversy was introduced back in the late 90s. When I was also a student in Medina, I remember this very clearly that when this happened, it really did cause a huge backlash. And I think we're still, at least those who are alive back then they're still, you know what I mean by that those that are above the age of 30, or 40, meaning we were alive back then we were we were we were Cognizant, as for the next generation, as

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for those who are in their 20s, or even late 20s, those of the next generation coming, my prediction is, and Mark my words, and listen to me carefully, and mark this and remember the date two years 2020. This isn't the COVID crisis. I'm saying this clearly, whether you or I like it or not, whether we want it or not, within a decade, not a generation, within a decade, the vast majority of massage in this country in America, and even maybe in the Western world, we'll be following the position of calculations. And my opinion now is that it's not a problem at all. 10 years ago, 15 years ago, I did. I was very much against the position of calculations. But I am following now even Tamia and

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Suki and many greater amount who said that in extenuating circumstances we go to a position that is not as strong it is a weaker position, and we leave a stronger position because there is a greater good that will come to the community and anybody who has witnessed the moon fighting wars over the last 15 2030 years. And anybody who understands that the next generations Islam and they're coming to eat will be dependent on whether they know when he does or not. They will understand that there is a huge benefit a massive benefit in our children in our societies, in our school districts in our workplaces and our bookings of the halls The list goes on and on that we know when it is going to

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happen and it is not a position that is a progressive opinion. Rather we find it in the Lebanese shade one of the great tab the room we find this in Russia the robot is the greatest item of the last century. We find this in the Shere Khan as her Mufti El Mirage who died 1945 we find it in the great scholar of Hadith machaca, who died 1958 Adi Tonto, we must have Hazara use of called Ali Shahada. Hola, Cora dalgety Sheikh Hasina shall furnish Abdullah Jew there, she faced Alan Mulally, and it goes on and on. And of course, as we're all aware, the fatwa of calculations was given by the European Council of February 2007. The field Council of North America, which I'm a part of it was

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given before I was a part of it, but now I'm a part of it. And I agree and endorsed this fatwa, and more and more scholars and informally speaking, informally speaking, anecdotally speaking, I have been talking about this issue for the last 10 years amongst odema and students of knowledge and imams across this country. And I would estimate from my own conversations, that over 80% of the people that I have spoken to the moms and the dads and the scholars they are sympathetic to and they want to do the position of calculations, but they're worried about the backlash of their communities and they say that Oh, the board is going to get angry or the people are going to get irritated.

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But more and more of the students of knowledge and aroma are understanding that Islam is not that strict in this regard. Now, all of this is abstract and theoretical. If you're in charge of your machine, if you are the chef that everybody is going to get fatwa from, then you have the right to endorse the position. All of this put it aside. What will you do and what will I do? You and I, we will follow our local Masjid and community regardless of what their position is Why? Because it is not my right. It is not your right to go against your own community. When it is a gray area. It is not held on and held that it is not *can. Cofer versus bit uneven verse. No, it is a gray area.

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It is a position that people have been debating since the beginning of Islam, and you are not authorized to go against your own group, your own people that's breaking the unity of the Muslims in your own region. So if your message is that you continuously go to the group of people that you associate with, if they follow calculations, follow them if they follow local, follow them, if they follow global, follow them, stick with the Gema as much as you can, and Allah will bless you in that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hadith is intermediate. And this hadith is really really profound, that he said, a somo Yamato supermoon will feed through Yama to Pharaoh or solo yo

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masamune the sect the day of fasting begins the day that you're all fasting, and the fitter is the day that you do the fitter. Now at first glance, this headed seems bizarre What does that mean? A Soma Yamato Simone Emma metonymy the the one who reported the Hadith he comments, he explains and he says, and I quote from scientificity, he says, this has been interpreted to mean that one fasts and celebrates the IED with the group of Muslims and their majority, and the scholar of Hadith Hassan Ali from Yemen. He writes in his subroto, salaam, this hadith proves that what counts for EAD is that the people agree to the fact that it is read. And so if a single person sees the moon, but it

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is not followed by his community, he will follow his community and ignore what he himself has seen. In other words, when our Prophet system is saying, The Day of fast is the day when all of you fast what he is saying, his Who cares what happens up there, down here, when your community begins, you stick with them. When your community breaks, you break with them, do not break away from your own community, I want to be as explicit as possible. Listen to me carefully. You just heard my opinion right here. And that is that I endorse calculations. And I believe that calculations are the way to go for the future of Islam in this country. And I believe that is going to help preserve Islam.

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Because the fact of the matter is a good percentage of Muslims who live in this land, the only time their spouses and their children even come to pray is on the day of read, we see people under eat, we don't even see any Friday of the month, a good percentage of people will not even pray read when if they are not able to take off if the if the days are, you know two days and he's a engineer, doctor, he is a pilot, whatever our skin, our kids school, etc. They're not able to take off two days, they only take off one day, if it's not the day, they thought they're not going to come besides that. That's my position. Now. That is that has been my position for over a decade. In my

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previous community of Memphis. They never followed this position despite the fact that they wanted to why because we had one machine and the other massage it in the community did not want to follow it. So I said to them, we will not break away our messages from the other massage. Even though my message was willing to break away. They were willing to follow me I said no, we're gonna stick with the other massage because he had to lie Allah Gemma because Allah is Baraka and allez hand comes when we all combined together. So for 10 years in that community, we never followed calculations, even though that was my opinion. Now, I have moved to this great city of Dallas and now we're

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finding the messenger that I'm with and most of the massages here are not following calculations. I will not follow calculations in my personal life. Why? Because I'm following the community. But I will continue to push and I will continue to argue for and the day that the community changes the day that our messages are the majority of messages change, that is the day that I will follow. Until then, even though I believe that it is the better position in my own life. I will not follow it. Because we should be together as a community. We follow the community because Allah blessings come when we follow the community if you want to bring about change, change comes from within it is not

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super imposed from without so the answer of our first question after all of that long journey, and I've given a longer lecture online, just find it online. I forgot the title but it's basically called I believe, it's called

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Ending the moon fighting wars or something like this. So you can find it up online on YouTube to conclude all of this, all of that is theoretical. What will you do in your personal life? Dear Muslim, the messages that you associate with follow them, the community, you consider yourself a part of follow them and leave the rest to Allah subhana wa Tada. That is our first question. The second question that we have here.

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A brother asks that, how do we calculate the timing for federal? And can we follow these charts that our msgid prints? And what if two masters of the same city have different charts? How do we understand this, this difference? So the issue comes over the early timing or the beginning timing of selected budget. And again, in a nutshell, all of these questions can be given in long detail, but we don't have time in a nutshell from the Quran and Sunnah. We learn that fudger there are two types of federal they are what is called the false budget and what is called the truth budget. Okay, the Federal Academy will federal saw them. Now, what is a federal cabinet. So imagine yourself

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sitting in the desert in the middle of the night and imagine the sun is slowly going to be rising from the horizon, okay. So as the sun is coming closer to the horizon, or as the earth is rotating circle, so that the sun is, is appearing to be closer to the horizon, the first thing that you will see, you will see a sliver of light come out straight from the middle of the horizon, you're going to see just the very first Pinnacle just avert like a vertical column of light. That will be if it was pitch black, there was no lights that's going to disturb you know, atmospheric problems. There's no clouds, just imagine you're in the middle of the desert. On the moonless night. No moon, we don't

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want any light. And you're sitting there at 3am. I don't know what you'd be doing a 3am in the desert, but just imagine you are, what would you see, you would see a slither of light come slowly, this slither would expand, expand, expand, expand, right, until finally, it's going to be straight in the horizon. That is called a budget of sadhak. That is called the real time of the budget, the true dawn that we're waiting for. We're not waiting for the early dawn, or it's called the Zodiac dawn. We're not waiting for that dawn, that Dawn is the false dawn, we're waiting for the real dawn when the entire horizon has a sliver of light and it's going to be horizontal, it will not be

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vertical. That's the key here. So the real fudger is the horizontal one and the fake fudger begins as a vertical and then slowly is going to go until it is horizontal. Allah says in the Quran for Kuru assura, boo, Hector lbnl, como hypo abbiamo, meno, hyten, Swati mineral fudger go ahead and eat and drink until you can distinguish the white thread from the black thread. And the Hadith explains what this means is the horizontal rays of light to that white, white and black you can clearly see them. So, when the real figure comes in, that is when we begin our fast and that is one selected ledger can be prayed at the other end of fudger that is when we start our fast our if thought should

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be before that point in time, sort of circle should be before that point in time. And then when the event comes, and obviously if we are late for whatever reason.

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And we hear the event with the water is in our hands, we know the health of the process, and who said that if the event is called and you have a glass of water in your hand and finish the glass of water, so it's not like any literally when you hear the demo we should try to give some minutes before us and the event. So that Daniel fudger is the actual timing one we call what what is called m sack starts okay.

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This whitish light that we see, it is not something that is scientifically precise. It's not something that we can calculate via an equation. Now, can we calculate any prayer timing with with a very specific astronomical calculation? Yes, we can, we can calculate the end time of fudger. To a millisecond, we can calculate the beginning time of Mahara to a millisecond we can calculate the time of war essentially, you know, to a half a minute or so. Why? Because the end time of fudger is when the sun begins to rise, the disk of the Sun is just beginning to rise from a flat horizon we can calculate with very precise calculations we have enough knowledge now of astronomy to know the

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precise second that the disk of the Sun would be visible from a flat horizon, not from a mountainous not from a skyscraper from a flat Horizon, we can calculate. So that is the end timing of failure. We can also calculate when the disk of the Sun is going to disappear under a flat horizon. Imagine yourself in the ocean as the classic example. If you're in the middle of the ocean, and you see the sun come up or you see the sun go down. We can very easily, astronomers can calculate to a second really

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Those two calculations beginning of of mohareb and end of fudger. As for beginning of fudger. And as for solid Tunisia, that is a gray area, pun intended, it is great, it's a gray area. And it is not a scientifically precise calculation. And there is no formula that anybody can use to predict this. What has happened in the last 30 4050 years even more than but especially in the last 30 years, is that astronomers Muslim astronomers have attempted to try to model equations and try to figure out when we can begin fudging and when we can begin arratia based upon so imagine the horizon is flat, the sun is going to do well, you get the point the sun is doing a 360. Metaphorically, it is the

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earth that is rotating, but you get the point, the sun is below the horizon, on one side for fudger. And then below the horizon on the other side for Asia. So the question arises, at what angle does the sun have to be beneath the horizon for a solid to set in. So again, imagine one degree two degrees, three degrees 40, you get the point, it's going slowly this way, obviously, 90 degrees is too much, at what angle? Will the sun be beneath the horizon for fudger to come in. So for the last 4050 years, people have been attempting to be precise, by the way, you do find some medieval Muslim astronomers attempting to talk about this, and they have some fingers. But in the recent times,

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obviously, our knowledge of astronomy has has grown

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exponentially. And so for the last 3040 years, you've had a number of great conferences or odema committees, and we've had numbers anywhere from 1314, all the way up until 19 and a half even 20. I heard in one paper that I read, so you have from 20 from 20 degrees. So 20 degrees would be the earliest, all the way up until even 1213 degrees, which would be the closest right, so obviously, the higher the the the number, the higher the degree, so the more time for the sun to rise up. And the majority of councils of the world, they have a number around 17 or 18, some say 17 and a half, some say 18. Some say I've even had 16. And the fifth Council has said 15. And in the last 20 years

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in particular, quite a lot of specialists have attempted to themselves go to the desert on a daily basis. I know a group that went in California in the 80s. I know of another group in England, two years, or I think a year or so a group of Roma went every single day or every two three days. And they wrote down the timings for failure. And what all of these people discovered every one of them that actually did it for multiple days throughout, you know, a long period of time. What they discovered is something that is I would now say an incontrovertible fact it is cannot be disputed. And that is that there is no one magic number, there is no one number that you can apply across the

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entire globe. Rather, the equation or the degree that the sun has to be below the horizon. It varies from time of the season to place in the world, to even the weather conditions because a cloudy notic not cloudy, excuse me, I didn't mean cloudy, the there there's something called the visibility of the horizon. So there's something called atmospheric dust how clear the horizon is not cloudy. So there's just the horizon being clear is different than the horizon being cloudy.

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Not cloudy I keep on saying cloudy dusty is a better word. So there's something called as I said the the the visibility factor within regular air, it changes from city to city. So for example, in play in the ocean, for example, generally speaking, the visibility is much better than in let's say Los Angeles or China or something, the visibility will be different because of the smog you get that point there. So, the notion therefore, of there being an exact number is false, there is no exact number. And that is why one finds these differences in the charts that to try to plug in an equation, well then what degree are you going to use and most of the

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the councils that are that are now looking into this, they're also advising that we don't have one particular number even though like I said, many of them they gravitate towards around 17 to 18 degrees and some of them gravitate to 15 degrees and insha Allah Allah the differences, it for most of us is like 510 minutes 15 minutes in Scandinavia and other countries obviously that difference is very much but for most of the world, it's just a few minutes 510 minutes difference. So again, I would say follow your question. It's not a big deal. You're mustered the people in charge of it, they are taking one of these opinions and inshallah whichever position they take inshallah Tada.

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There should be no How do I or blame the people insurance

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of your community, they should do the research about which council or which partner they want to follow if they it. And it also depends on which region of the world they live in, because those that live closer to the equator are different than those that live further north and south. So there's differences between that. So every community should look at its own locality and its own rhythm and get the number from them. And then they can plug and chug and calculate these charts that come out. And inshallah, tada, you may follow these charts, and you are not likely full of knifes and illawarra, you are not obliged to go out yourself and you cannot in this city Anyway, you wouldn't

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see anything anyway. And you can follow your locality, because they're going with a standard position. And whatever it is in Charlottetown, it is permissible. It's not a big deal. Either way, whether it's 1516 1718, whatever it is, the matter is very trivial and shallow to Allah. And it's not up to you, you don't have to worry about this. You may follow whichever. That having been said, if you want to be extra safe and you follow the more conservative, there's no question that it is a sign of caution. And it's best to do that. The third question that we have today,

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sister says that she is

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pregnant, and she is wondering if she does not fast, what must she do? And I'm going to add here that what if a mother is feeding her child, and she feels that she cannot fast? So this is the standard question that every normal bond we get asked every single Mufti gets asked this question about the issue of pregnant ladies or breastfeeding ladies, if they are not fasting, what should be done?

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realize first and foremost that the notion that a lady who's pregnant or a lady who's feeding her child is automatically exempt. That is not totally true. Rather, we ask every individual lady that she needs to see herself whether she's able to fast or not, it's not an automatic excuse. And I have spoken to a lot of doctors. And this is something that is well known, but you asked your own doctor in this regard. But generally speaking, especially in the first two trimesters, it would be possible to fast in most countries, when it's like 1314 hours without any harm to most ladies, in most cases, but again, I'm not the doctor, go to your doctors and get a specific answer, generally speaking, and

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especially when it comes to feeding as well, that it is possible to work your way around this. My point in saying this is that a lot of people think that if they are pregnant, the house is an automatic exemption. No, if you look at the books of fic, without any exaggeration, all of them state, if such a lady feels that it is a hardship, if they feel that they're not able to if they're worried about the child, there's always that conditional, you don't find that when it comes to a person who has a high fever, no, a person a high fever, you don't want him to fast, he's going to not fast because of the fever, sick people that are very sick, they're not going too fast, no

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question about that. But ladies that are pregnant ladies that are feeding their child, they need to see are they able to fast or not. And what I suggest if you're healthy, and everything is normal, and your doctor gives you the okay that you give it a try. And if on a particular day, you feel extra nauseous, or something happens that you feel very weak, okay, that day you break and then try again, don't just give up from day one. Why? Because it will then pile up, I have had cases and we all know of these cases where one year she's pregnant, then the next year she feeding the child and the third year she gets pregnant again. So she might have four or five or six years all to make up

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and then she comes and says What should I do? I have six years, you know to make up. So before you just jump to this issue of not fasting first see, am I able to fast with some difficulty, you know or not if I cannot fast and Hollis, no problem. And if your doctor says is dangerous, no problem. Now suppose that it is? Suppose that it is a problem too fast? Well, this issue of the lady who is pregnant or the lady who is feeding? What should she do? This is a controversy. Interesting point to fifth here. It was a controversy from the time of the Sahaba, the famous scholar of just sauce he has a book called camel Koran. And he says that the early scholars differ about this issue in three

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opinions are the authority of the son in law of the Prophet system. He said that if the pregnant lady or the best breastfeeding lady breaks the fast because of that, then she must make it up afterwards. And there is no financial penalty, no failure upon her. And even a bust. The cousin of the Profit System also said that she must give a financial penalty of feeding of one person per day and she does not have to make it up. And even O'Meara said she must give the video and she must make it up double whammy double penalty, right. So I wrote the law

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One who said she has to make it up. Even a boss said she pays the money. Even Omar said she has to make it up and pay the money. This is what happens in early Islam now and the next generation and then the third generation, those three opinions essentially moved down to two. And even ibises position was not practiced by any of the major med hubs. And the format hubs vacillated between ideas opinion, which is that she makes it up and even Omar's opinion, which is that she makes it up and she gives a penalty. And so the issue of just giving the penalty was essentially abandoned by pretty much all the oma and that is because, as I explained, it does not make any sense from a from

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a technical standpoint. And the Hanafi said that the pregnant lady and the breastfeeding lady if she feels she cannot fast, then she does not fast. And she makes up those days as soon as she can after Ramadan. The Maliki said the pregnant lady, she makes it up and the breastfeeding lady she makes it up and she feeds for every single day. The Shah fairies and Emily's they said that if she fears for herself, and she fears for her health, then she makes it up afterwards. However, if she fears for her child safety as well, if she's worried about her child, then she makes it up and she feeds a poor person. In other words, all of those opinions all of them, they said she makes it up. None of

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the famous mudah have said that she only pays the financial penalty. Why? A bill Kodama, the famous humbler jurist, he says in his morning, that the reason for this is that the pregnant lady and the breastfeeding lady that she will make up the fast and I don't know of any difference of opinion amongst the people of knowledge for this event for them is saying he does not know of any if they laugh amongst the aroma, there is a laugh amongst the Sahaba the first generation there was an opinion, by the time Eben Kodama comes in the sixth century, the seventh century, he says, I don't know of any scholar who says she only gives the money. And then he gives you the reason why, the

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unknown Houma remains a little muddy for LFC, because the status of the pregnant lady, and the status of the breastfeeding lady is the status of the sick person who's worried for himself and he cannot fast because he's sick, then he is cured. And so he has to make it up. So the point is that if you look at the two scenarios when you don't fast in the show the number one when you're sick. Number two, when you're very elderly, when do you give the financial penalty, you give the financial penalty when you are too elderly to make it up yourself? So an 80 year old man, I'm just giving an example. Any elderly person who knows that from now on, I'm not going to be able to fast so for

00:32:45--> 00:33:27

example, a diabetic, even if he's 50 years old, and the doctor says you cannot stay away from food for five hours or else you're in trouble house so he is permanently sick, permanently sick or elderly, these two people the permanently sick and the elderly, without any controversy, as per the Koran. Allah says in the Quran for video tomamu miskeen This is a versatile suited Baccarat. If you cannot fast, then you give the video or the penalty the food of one day. So for every day you do not fast you feed one poor person around $10 you feed so for the month of Ramadan around $300 for America for different countries you ask grown aroma in America generally speaking, it's $10 or a bit

00:33:27--> 00:34:12

less than $10 per day. That is the video. So you will feed a poor person you're going to give money to a poor person to get food. Now as for the one who has a fever, but he's otherwise healthy. As for the one who has a temporary illness that is only for that day or for that year that he is prevented from fasting then he is going to come back normal or the one who is traveling. So it's a temporary issue. That person by testimony of the origin by text of the Quran, Allah Subhana this has very determined a woman or her they make up what they have not done a later date. So if a person is in fever, right now, there are some of our brothers and sisters, you know, with the virus with COVID-19

00:34:12--> 00:34:50

We ask Allah to to cure them to give them shifa, they have high temperatures, they're feeling fatigued, they're hungry, they're they these people, of course, they're not going to fast and they will drink as much water as they can take medicine as much as they can. Now inshallah inshallah they will get cured. Once they get cured. What should they do in a month by unanimous consensus, if they miss three days, if they miss five days, they're going to make up those three or five days after Ramadan. Okay, that is clear. Now, the pregnant lady, which of these two scenarios is she closer to? Is she closer to the one who's temporarily sick and is going to become normal or issue closer to the

00:34:50--> 00:35:00

one who is permanently sick and will never become normal? It's common sense that the one that she's closest to, in terms of you know which of the two paradigms is the one who's temporarily

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

Because she will regain her energy and strength 100% after that phase is over, and that is why, after the time of the Sahaba, there was no controversy and it is something that is pretty much unanimous position that the only issue comes this you have a double penalty and inshallah she doesn't you just have to make it up without giving the the the physio or the financial one, she just makes it up and inshallah that is good enough. So to conclude this question, the lady who is pregnant or the lady who is breastfeeding, if she feels that she is unable to fast that she's gonna have a great amount of how to, you're great. It's just not possible to fast and she knows best. And

00:35:42--> 00:36:04

she has to answer to Alan, nobody can make that decision for her. Obviously her and her doctors, right you do. That's something that she has to make in consultation with her doctors, she knows best and people are different. Some people have more strength than others. But I'm saying still the default generally speaking, that to abstain from food for 13 1415 hours in most scenarios is not something that is

00:36:05--> 00:36:44

impossible to do. But still, you know, your situation best all of these I keep on bringing it back that I'm speaking generic specifics is up to you. Suppose you decide that I cannot fast, okay, don't fast. And after the pregnancy is over, and after you recover it every after everything is your energy is back then insha Allah to Allah, you will make up your fast if it so happens that you're feeding, and two years go by well, then you will have to make up to two months of Ramadan. And that's that's just like you got off for two months. Now you have to make it up for two months bit by bit slowly but surely. And this is as even Kodama says, without any controversy amongst the scholars

00:36:44--> 00:37:06

of Islam. Yes, there is a position from the very early of times, and perhaps one or two people in our times are you wanting to follow that, but I don't, I don't see this as being within the it's not a reasonable position, because as I said, the two paradigms, the pregnant lady is closer to one of them than the other. And in the end, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best. The next question that we have a

00:37:09--> 00:37:14

sister saying that she has to go to the doctor and get an injection, does that break the fast

00:37:15--> 00:37:50

the issue of whether injections break the fast or not, you can literally give an hour long lecture with seven opinions about this issue. We don't have time for all of this, literally at least seven opinions with all of the details, we can get seven but we don't have time. For all of this, I'm just going to give you the spectrum that is most important. Some say that any injection breaks the fast. Some say that no injection breaks the fast. Some say that an injection in the vein breaks the fast. And an injection in the muscle does not break the fast. And frankly, that is the most bizarre and the weakest position because anything that is in the muscle will also end up in the blood. Every

00:37:50--> 00:38:26

doctor knows this is just something that our scholars sometimes they don't know medicine that well. So it was a common position like 2030 years ago that if it's in the vein, it breaks too fast. If it's in the muscle, it doesn't break the fast, but there is no reason for this distinction. Anyway, some onomah said this, the position that I follow the one that makes the most sense is the position of my teachers, you're coming out with a mean and also the position of the measurement 50 the council the Robert L imagemap. fealty, and they said we look at the type of injection not where it is put the type of injection. If the injection is meant to increase your energy, then it invalidates

00:38:26--> 00:39:03

the fast and if the injection is meant for anything else, if it's meant for a pre surgery for numbing for something that is something else you know, because sometimes for example, you're getting some type of CAT scan or something to have to put in a special liquid that's going to go through your system let's say or for example you're going to the dentist and you have to get a numbing sensation in your mouth before the dentist does the operation or the surgery or whatever that type of injection does not break the fast because nothing has happened that would break the fast However, if the injection is nourishment straight drop of glucose for example the drip of you know regular

00:39:03--> 00:39:32

drip clearly you're kind of cheating the system here and you're trying to get some energy so that would break the fast otherwise and so but by the way, so what if you went to the hospital you got admitted and they put you on a drip for whatever reason a legitimate reason Okay, fine, no problem you're in the hospital Something is happening. Just remember if inshallah you get normal and healthy then you have to make up that fast. And if it's not something that you're gonna get normal the hunter you're gonna pay for the the cafaro of that day but the point being that

00:39:33--> 00:40:00

any type of injection that is non nourishing, and we have many scenarios and examples of this, that is inshallah not going to break the fast and by the way, when we're on this topic, let me just add here that as well inshallah Tada, it does not break the fast if you put eyedrops or ear drops or asthma sprays if you suffer from severe asthma, and you need to just have a spray, you know an inhaler to inhale it in. This is a fine missile.

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

And it is not the same as drinking water. Even though there is a physical difference only not a chemical difference because what is a fine mist, if you take a glass, if you take a mirror and you do your spray a few times, you will get a few drops of water right now if you were to drink that water, we all know it would break your fast. But again, we look at the goal, we look at what is happening here, that fine mist, it is meant as a medicine, it is not meant to be swallowed, it's actually an air particle. If you were in a hot sauna room, and you're breathing in the water droplets, you know the the high concentration of water in the atmosphere that does not break your

00:40:38--> 00:41:15

will do. But if that same water were to be condensed in a cup, and you were to drink it, that would break your I said will do that will break your fasting. So fasting is not broken by asthma sprays. And this is the photo of most of my teachers. Some said it did. But inshallah that's it does not make any sense because it's not drinking liquid, it's a liquid that is a mist that's liquid that is in the air, and fasting is also not broken by medicinal drops. Now some arola were strict, and they said if you put it into the eye, and it goes into the throat, and then you swallow it. So I mean, if you can get out of it and don't do it when you're fasting, it's better but in shallow dial if you

00:41:15--> 00:41:45

need to take medication that is not going to be swallowed. Because swallowing down your throat will break the fast anything that swallow down the throat will break the fast so if you take medication via the eyes, or via the ears or something of that nature that you're not swallowing, or that there's a necessary medication that you have to inject that is not going to increase your energy then inshallah tada that does not invalidate the fast according to the mind filter and also according to many aroma and a lot soprano which Allah knows best.

00:41:48--> 00:41:50

The next question that we have here

00:41:51--> 00:42:04

is that once I broke my fast accidentally before it's time, do I have to make it up? Or was the fast valid? So what is to be done? If one mistakenly breaks too fast before it's time?

00:42:06--> 00:42:24

What do you mean by mistakenly breaks the fast? What do you mean by I mistakenly broke the fast? Do you mean that you ate accidentally that you pass by water? And you forgot you were fasting and you simply took a swig of the water? And that's it?

00:42:25--> 00:42:30

Or do you mean that you broke before Missouri time thinking that it was negative time?

00:42:31--> 00:43:11

If you drank accidentally not realizing you're fasting? So it's human nature, for example, when we used to work in the offices right now it is we're all working from home, but when we're working in the offices were passed by the water machine, okay. And so subconsciously like Oh, let me just drink some water. And then you drink it. You're like, Oh, I'm fasting. So it already went down your throat, if you accidentally drink. So very clearly from the Hadeeth It is very explicit. Our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Man nesea Warsaw in one four akella kariba failure to massamba who for in Mr. Toma hola who was caught whoever forgot that he was fasting, and he ate or drank out of

00:43:11--> 00:43:56

forgetfulness. Then let him continue his fast because it was Allah subhanho wa Taala who gave him food and it was Allah subhanho wa Taala who gave him drink? So essentially, if you exit completely accidentally forget and you eat or drink then no problem. It is a gift from Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, this reminds me of a funny incident in my own life. Let me just quickly tell you this then move on. My eldest son, Mr. So one, this one when he was young, he was only like, I think 10 or 11 years old. And it was really a hilarious thing that I still remember to this day that one day I saw him drinking in Ramadan. I said you're drinking it's Ramadan because Oh, I forgot. Sorry. So you

00:43:56--> 00:44:33

just left it there. And then after a few hours, you know, I saw him again it passed the kitchen and he was drinking and I said it's this is you drinking again? So He shrugged his shoulders look at it looked at me It goes, Is it my fault if Allah gifted me twice? It's like so you know my shoulder. The kids have some smart responses like this so supine Allah, no, it's not your fault if Allah gives you twice, but you also have to pay attention that you're actually eating or not eating or drinking by the way. If you see somebody eating or drinking that's a Muslim, and you know they're supposed to be fasting you may remind them hey, it's Ramadan. No problem. You may remind them, they are forgiven

00:44:33--> 00:45:00

but you overall you remind them Hey, isn't in Ramadan no problem with that. So the issue comes now that the brother said or the sister said I don't know his agenda, the mistakenly breaking my fast before it's time. If you broke it accidentally not intending to break that's what I mean. If you ate or drank, without intending that you want to break your fast, then you are 100% forgiven and you continue and it is a

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

from Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, if you intended to break your fast, and you found out it was a mistake, that is where the issue comes. So classic example, suppose mother is at 8pm. Okay? And let's just suppose that you have a watch that is five minutes early in your room, you didn't notice five minutes early, the watch hits 8pm. And you're like, Okay, it's time to break you're eating, drinking, somebody walks in, you know, your wife, or your child doesn't know it's not time yet. You say it's eight o'clock? No, but that watch is five minutes advanced, right? Or suppose in your mind, Missouri was 758. And you forgot that was two days ago. And today's time you didn't look it up. And

00:45:43--> 00:46:21

today's timing is moved on to eight o'clock, right? So 758, you're counting down the milliseconds, you know, as soon as it's 758. Then somebody checks. It goes, No, that was yesterday, today is eight o'clock, right? So two, three minutes difference. I mean, if it's 30 seconds between watches, we're not a learner, but we're talking about something that is you know, that it is clearly too early. So if you wanted to break your fast, but you mistakenly broke it at the wrong timing, ie, you thought that it was Mercury, but it was not marketed, then realize that the safest position. And the position of all four schools of law is that you are not sinful, but you need to make it up. after

00:46:21--> 00:47:04

Ramadan, you're not sinful because you didn't intentionally try to break the fast obviously, if you intentionally break the fast that is a major sin. So the opinion of all format tabs, and it is definitely the safest one to follow is that even if you are off by a minute or two, and you thought that it was marketed, but it was not my script, and you ate, you broke the fast, then your fast is invalid, and you need to make it up. Now realize that there is a strong dissenting voice in this particular issue. And many of the early scholars, some of the Sahaba the Tabby rune, the great scholar of heady Fabian hoceima, shareholder, Sam Ibn taymiyyah, very strongly argued my own teacher

00:47:04--> 00:47:45

of entertainment as well. They argued that if it was a genuine mistake, genuine mistake, then they are forgiven and the fast is also valid. That was their perspective. And they said that Allah says in the Quran, that led to a cleaner in the scene, our thought and our law, don't call us to account if we make a mistake, or make a genuine forgetfulness, then Allah forgive us. And it is reported by Bahati that as many of you know the law and has said that once we broke our thought and the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on a cloudy day, and after we had broken our thought, then the sun rose up, and she did not say whether they made it up or not. And the fact that she did not

00:47:45--> 00:48:23

say indicates that they didn't make it up. Well, she would have said that his interpretation would have been to me I'm saying and also we have the narration of our medical hub in the center of a very healthy that once armored Malhotra was sitting in the masjid and it was cloudy and they broke there, they're fast. And then when the clouds disappeared, he was told Oh, the sun is still there. So we have to make it up and so I'm going to know what Bob said la la de la naka de no we're not going to make this up ma turgenev now the estimate we did not intend to commit a sin so this narration is also used by the other dissenting voice nonetheless that having been said and I'm kind of seem to be

00:48:23--> 00:48:38

defending that position but I'm just letting you know this is a minority opinion and to follow the majority is safer is just one day it's just best to make it up and you know, let get out of this this controversy and Allah subhana wa tada knows best.

00:48:39--> 00:48:42

The final question for today inshallah Allah

00:48:43--> 00:48:51

given that the messages are locked down, can we do air decaf in our houses? Can we do a decaf in our houses?

00:48:54--> 00:49:41

So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran says the Dakota verse 187 wala to Batu 201 to Maliki for nephele massage it do not come close to your women when you are doing it to gaff in them as Jude and our Prophet salallahu alaihe salam always did it together in his Masjid. And that is why all of the schools of Islamic law have said that erotica AF for the men must be done in the masjid the concept of erotica means you seclude yourself and you really cannot seclude yourself it means to basically seclude to cut away from so the concept of erotica is that you break away from society from family from your daily routine and you seclude yourself to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala as

00:49:41--> 00:50:00

max as you can during those time and you only exit that seclusion for the very bare necessities if you have to go to the restroom then you have to go outside the masjid if there is no food coming to you. You will go and get food you know if you have to do hostel and it's not inside, otherwise as much as you can you remain in the masjid. Now there are

00:50:00--> 00:50:12

Some very, very small dissenting voices on the far right in the far left some LMR said that a decaf can only be done in Makkah Medina and Jerusalem, the harem of the two markers and the mustard oxide. But this is

00:50:13--> 00:50:55

an abandoned opinion nobody actually follows it except a very small group of literalists. And perhaps one scholar in the entire oma as far as I know it, Bill Lu Baba Maliki, he said that he it golf can be done anywhere that you want. But these are positions that are very like you can find them mentioned in the encyclopedias. But in reality, nobody ever acted upon this in Islamic history. And therefore, given that the massages are shut down. And given that erotica is not obligatory, then there is no need to reinvent in this regard, because there's no like you can you can always get out of this in a simple way. And that is by secluding yourself for whatever period of time for the

00:50:55--> 00:51:32

worship of a lot. And it's not a technical error to guff but it is a seclusion and you expect a lot to reward you, logistically, you can tell your family you can shut off your cell phone or you can say, you know, from 3pm to 4pm, please nobody disturbed me I want to read the Koran. This is a type of I'm not gonna it's not a technical error to God, but it is a seclusion and you can expect a lot to reward you that you are doing this for the sake of Allah that you are sitting in a corner reading report on doing you're a bother during your Vicar, there is no problem in doing that. So given the fact that erotica is not obligatory, and given the fact that you can worship Allah in a type of

00:51:32--> 00:52:10

seclusion in your house, there is no need to radically reinvent this position. And the the the the standard position of all of the scholars of Islam for all of Islamic history is that here the gaff is linked to the massage. Now, footnote here. Many of you are aware that the Hanafi school and only the Hanafi school, it allows erotica for women and only women if a number of conditions were met and of them is that they have a private space in their own house that they regularly worship in IE they have a room or a corner that is known to be their regular mestu the corner that's the height of a position the other three methods actually say no. The concept of the calf is linked to the massage

00:52:10--> 00:52:47

and even the whys of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he when they would do etic if they would do it in the masjid despite the fact that their houses were connected to the masjid. And this is actually one of the strongest evidences that the majority have. And it's a very strong evidence that a calf is linked to a Masjid because if anybody should not do a take off in the ministry, there should be the women the wives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam yet the head it isn't Bahati and in Sahih Muslim that omus element Arash and others, they will do etic AF, and they would set up a small portion of the question and they will put their tent over there, and they would sleep over there.

00:52:47--> 00:53:26

And they would worship a lot over there, despite the fact that their houses are literally connected to the masjid. But they would not do a takeoff over there, they will do it inside the machine. Anyway, that is the position of the majority, whoever is 100 who wants to follow their school, there's no problem. Having said this, I want to also point out, dear Muslims, the religion is so beautiful, whoever sincerely had the intention to do etica this year, guess what? Allah gave you all the blessings and reward with zero effort? Because in them and Mr. Lubin, yet, you had the intention? You got it? hamdulillah What more do you want? You wanted to do it you were sincere for

00:53:26--> 00:54:07

doing it. And hamdulillah You got it. So if you were sincerely wanting to do it together, and it was your goal to do it, then this year, Allah gifted you that while you're at home, you will get the rewards of erotica. And for those of you who want to try to do etica, well, you're not going to do something technically called an erotic app. But why not dedicate a day, half a day a portion of the night and tell your family and shut your cell phone off and tell them look, I just want to worship just don't disturb me and consider that your equivalent and Allah will bless you for that Nia and for that attempt. Even if it does not technically constitute an ethic off nobody's gonna say that

00:54:07--> 00:54:37

what you're doing is wrong. Well, I what you're doing is good. If you break away from everything just like the process of when you went to a bar to head off just break away from everything and just worship a lot privately without any interruption and considered that the equivalent of the earth decaf. We asked that a lot. Subhana Allah blesses us to see a regular Ramadan, we ask Allah subhana wa tada protects us throughout this month. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect our loved ones in our families. We ask Allah to accept our good deeds to exalt our ranks to forgive our sins.

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