Mufti Menk – This is WORSE than your SIN!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the need for forgiveness after committing a sin and emphasizes the importance of repeating the promise of forgiveness to elevate one's status. The speaker also touches on his struggles with sh patterning and apologizes for past mistakes, assuring attendees that he has forgiven them and won a vote. He emphasizes the importance of satisfaction through the actions of the people and independence from the devil, and stresses the need for satisfaction through the actions of the people and independence from the devil.
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Assalamu'alaikum. Many people after committing a sin realize at a certain time that they need to seek the forgiveness of Allah, especially when it's major sin, adultery, perhaps intoxicants, perhaps whatever else it may be in terms of major sin.

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They realize at a certain point we need to turn back to Allah so they do; Wow, that's great. Allah says he gets so happy when someone turns back to him after having committed a sin, because they realize they have a Lord who can either punish them or forgive them and here they are seeking forgiveness. Allah says to His angels at a certain point, I want you to bear witness that I have forgiven the slave of mine who is seeking forgiveness from me. So when you ask Allah once, sincerely, the first time, Oh Allah, I did bad. I committed this sin. I regret it. I won't do it again. I want your forgiveness. Forgive me. Allah says to you: I forgive you, my worshipper.

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Subhana Allah, I am the Most-Forgiving, Most-Merciful, Most-Kind, Most-Generous, Subhan Allah ya Rabbil 'Alamin, so Allah has forgiven you completely. Now what happens shaytan is upset. So please understand the plan of shaytan. Now, first time you asked Allah's forgiveness, He forgave you. It's recommended to repeat the seeking of forgiveness, but not because you're doubting the mercy of Allah, just to be able to elevate your status and you know the reassurance between you and Allah to say, I'm still on the straight and narrow that I promised I would be upon. But shaytan is upset and shaytan then comes to us and approaches us with faults. What are these thoughts? I can't be

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forgiven. What I did was very bad. My Salah won't be accepted. I'm very dirty. I'm actually a bad person. I really can't do this. I can't pray because I'm so dirty and filthy. And I'm really what I did was really bad. It was unacceptable and Allah can't forgive it. I know I'm not forgiven. Look, there's a lot of bad things happening in my life and I know Allah has not forgiven all that is from shaitan. Allah says: < 00:02:09,840 ..anfusihim laa taqnatoo mirrahmatil laah; innal laaha yaghfiruz zunooba jamee'aa;

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..innahoo Huwal Ghafoorur Raheem>> [Q,39:53], O Muhammad Sallallhu 'alaihi wasallam, tell them oh my worshippers who have transgressed against themselves. Don't ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah. What are you doing? Are you losing hope in the mercy of Allah? Do you know why? Shaytan has come to you and he's trying to convince you that the qualities of Allah are not really true, Astaghfirullah. That's worse than the sins you committed is to doubt the qualities of Allah. So understand that there is something worse than the sins you've committed. And that is doubting your Lord, doubting His Mercy, doubting His Greatness and His Kindness and the fact that he is the Most-Forgiving, Most-Merciful, the Most-Generous,

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the Most-Compassionate, the Most-Kind, the Most-Loving, Subhanallah! Don't doubt those qualities, because to doubt Allah is worse than the sins you were committing all along. Did you see that? Subhana Allahi Rabbil 'alamin, it's a plot of shaitaan and it's a plan of shaitaan. And when a person has committed shirk, Allah will forgive them. But when they start doubting Allah, they're committing a sin. I don't even want to say it's disbelieving in Allah because, you know, perhaps is just the was-was (doubt feeling) of shaitaan. And don't allow shaytan to do that. So don't doubt the mercy of Allah, you are forgiven when you seek the forgiveness of Allah sincerely, Subhana Allah, no need to

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doubt that. Now you must smile, look forward, look ahead. Forget about what you've done. And if ever it comes back to your mind, smile to yourself, say to Allah, Oh Allah, I know you've forgiven me for that sin. Forgive me, Ya Allah. Asked Him once again, Subhana Allah, and you know what, it just as a reassurance, like I said, but nothing to doubt the mercy of Allah. So I thought I'd let you know because many people sent me an email message saying, You know what, I committed a sin I lead a life of adultery and fornication, I lead a life of alcohol, intoxicants and drugs and so on for many years. And now I really, I know that Allah will not forgive me, Astaghfirullah, you don't know. In fact,

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what you know is wrong. It's not knowledge. It's just doubt; --iyatabi'u na iladzaan--, you know, what they're following is just whims and fancies doubts, Subhana Allah, --inna dzanna la yughni minal haqqi shai an, you know, the doubts, these doubts and these suspicions, do not really avail anything when it comes to the truth. The truth is different. What is the truth? Allah has forgiven you. Now start afresh, and I always achieve comfort by the story of Adam alayhis salam, Allah prohibited one thing for him and that's the exact thing he did imagine. Allah told him Don't eat from this tree. And that is the exact thing he did. He ate from that particular tree. And I always smile at myself

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as if Allah could forgive him. I'm sure Allah will forgive us.

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Man Subhana Allah, Allah has forgiven us. So you must feel the beauty. That's a sign of getting closeness to Allah and understand shaitaan's plan because you were too long voting for the devil. Now, when you're voting for Allah, The devil is upset. And he starts his campaign trail once again, to win your vote again, Astaghfirullah, I know there have been elections in certain countries, but to be honest with you, I've just given you that example so that you understand, don't fall back for the devil Subhan Allah, Subhana Allah. Don't. Make sure that you understand when Allah has forgiven you, that's it. His forgiving you. shaytan is going to come to you. He's going to try and make you fall

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back into the sin, don't! and if you do you still come back to Allah again and again. But don't doubt the Mercy of Allah. And when you seek forgiveness, seek genuine forgiveness. May Allah forgive all of us and strengthen us, strengthen us May Allah strengthen us so that we don't need to commit haraam. May Allah grant us satisfaction through halaal so that we don't commit haraam and May Allah grant us independence in a way that we need not depend on anyone besides him. Ameen, Aqulu qauli haza wa Sallallahu wassalama 'ala nabiina Muhammad.

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