Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #18 – Defending The Honor of Your Brother

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Episode Notes

The believer defends the honor of others, and doesn’t allow them to be slandered or their dignity besmirched.

In our latest Episode (Number 18), we discuss the concept of speaking up when others are slandered, and of not allowing false accusations or blatant lies to be left unchallenged. Even backbiting that occurs in a gathering, or evil insinuations based on assumptions, should not tacitly be allowed to slip by.

When Ka’b b. Mālik remained behind in the Battle of Tabuk, and the Prophet (SAW) asked about him, someone of the hypocrites slyly remarked that his wealth had distracted him and hence he wasn’t in the expedition. But it was the scholar of the Companions, Mu’adh b. Jabal, who immediately retorted, “What an evil thing you have said! O Messenger of Allah, I have only seen good from him…”

The Prophet (SAW) said, “Whoever defends the honor of his brother shall have his face shielded from Jahannam on the Day of Judgment” [al-Adab al-Mufrad].

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Today we will discuss a hook that is very difficult we ask Allah azza wa jal to make it easy for all of us have the o'clock of the believer of the highest o'clock one of the most difficult ones is that the believer, we said yesterday speaks the truth, right? Today we're going to move a little bit more beyond this. When the believer here's another believer, put down, humiliated, made fun of smeared, that believer does not remain silent of the lack of the movement. He defends the honor of other movements in their absence. The believer does not just sit quietly even and let other people do sin. The believer actively engages in defending the honor of his brothers and sisters.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hadith is in the genre of autonomy the reported by Buddha menorah done earlier he he whoever defends the it'll the honor of his brother, Allah will defend from his face the fire on the Day of Judgment. If you defend the honor of your brother, then Allah will defend you from the fire of health Subhanallah the Hadith and Sunnah in Abu Dawood, reported by jab at him and Abdullah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever humiliates his brother, at a gathering or place where he is being humiliated means he participates, he adds to that shall himself be humiliated at a gathering later on. And whoever defends his brother, at a

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place where he is being dishonored, the brother defends now shall be defended at a place where his name is being dishonored, somebody will defend him. Subhanallah we have a statement in our books of fiction adab come out to the unit to done as you do to others shall be done unto you. We have another maxim, our ADA, Algebra women Jinsol Amel. The reward and punishment shall be in the same as the category of what you are doing. When you defend the honor of others. The prophets have said, when your honor is being smeared, people will come to your defense. And when you actively engage in dishonouring others don't be surprised when in gatherings behind your back, your name is going to be

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dishonored. And the famous book of Imam Ahmed Buhari at the bottom of Rocky Mountain, he wrote 22 books, the most famous is Slovenia. The second most famous is another bad wolf wrote an entire book of Adam. He has a whole massive book of Adam, he called it the separate book of Adam. He has a chapter in that book of Adam defending the honor of your brother a whole chapter. And in that chapter, he has along with these a hadith some of Hadith he has this one as well narrated by Ibn omad that Mr. Mahajan is the North ordinaries, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, medulla teba into who whoever hears libre of somebody in his presence, somebody's being back bitten you are

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sitting there and defends the honor of that brother. If you defend the honor of that, Brother, listen to this Jezza hola who hyaluron dunya will ask era Allah shall reward him hired in this dunya and the era you're sitting in a gathering, and Reba comes up and other people are doing Viva you're not participating are with a biller. You're not actively participating, but you're silent. That's not good. But if you defend and if you say no, no, that's not correct. Then the Prophet system said, Allah will give you Jessa Allah will reward you in this dunya and this Africa, you know, in the famous holds by the process will give you the farewell hautbois the largest football of his life,

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right 100,000 People there five paragraphs, small hotspot five paragraphs, one of the phrases of that ultra the farewell message one of the phrases that's the Muslim everything of his is haram for the other Muslim his life, his property and his honor, the honor of a Muslim is sacred. You have no right to infringe on to impugn to slander the honor of another Muslim

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And when you hear the slander, then you don't just sit there you say something you defend. And we see this throughout the Sierra and throughout the lives of the sahaba. Our Prophet system himself in the famous, infamous incident of the slander of Arusha, he gave a whole talk on the member in Medina, and he defended the honor of our Isha and he defended even soft one, the one that was accused of because I know nothing of my wife, except her chastity and goodness, and I know nothing of this person, except that he has been a good man defending the honor of the Sahaba and in fact, another incident in the process, some sent somebody to collect zakat, they came back and they said,

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Yeah rasool Allah so on So didn't give didn't give hottie to do what he he refused to give Zeca the Profit System defended the honor of Hadith. He said Khalid you have done volume by accusing him of this the money that he has all of his weapons, it is actually walk FISA beat Allah You misunderstood. You thought that it is his No, it's also feast sebelah he's defending the honor of Hadith. In fact, not just how did the video lead Subhanallah I said this incident a few days ago, when that drunkard was brought to the Prophet system and was whipped, and somebody cursed him the process and even defended the owner of the drunkard, so don't curse him for what Allah he I know

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that he loves Allah and His Messenger in his heart, defending the honor of a drunkard. Don't go beyond this, okay? He's done wrong. Don't go beyond this. I know this is a man who loves Allah and His messenger. So to defend the honor of your Muslim brother and sister. The same goes for the Sahaba as well. We talked about the incidence of the slander. Do you know how I showed her the law when I found out about the slander? She was mashallah disconnected from all of these chattering and all of the murmuring How did she find out once somebody cursed Mistah her cousin, Mr. Who was one of the people who was spreading this slander. I issue her instinct or fitrah. Why are you saying bad

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things about Mistah? From Allah He attended budder he participated in Buddle she defended the honor of Mr. Then the lady said, Don't you know, Miss that then explaining what happened? She didn't know until she's defending the honor of Mislav. We have as well in the incident of Cobbin Malik when he remained behind the two book, right. So he remained behind it to book the famous story of COVID Malik, the prophet system looked at the gathering. He says, Where's cab? He wasn't there? Where's cab? One of the people slyly are marked with Allah, his fancy clothes, and his gardens have distracted him

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trying to make a smear that yeah, he's he wants to live the life. He doesn't want to come and do jihad with us. He wants to be there. More on the bingeable and this is why this was why the bingeable said beeps about cults. How dare you say this, then he turned to the process and will LAHIA rasool Allah, I know nothing of gab except good. Subhanallah This is the lack of the movement. This was the one slip up that cab did And subhanAllah some of them gonna have to or want to make a big story out of it, and more others defending the honor because that's what the Movement does. And indeed eventually that was the point you should have defended. It was a mistake and repented to

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ALLAH SubhanA which either defending the honor of your brothers, this is what the Sahaba did amongst themselves as well constantly. We see this amongst the Sahaba Of course, we're aware that during the time of the Sahaba there were differences there was even a civil war that took place but that didn't mean that they went into our OB la slandering no once when somebody said something negative about recommander the Allahu ang in the presence of it Rhodiola horn gave a long list of complaints it though the Alana said do not criticize with man. One of the things that they criticized him that Ruth Monroe the Allahu and gathered the Quran and burned them. It said do not criticize him for

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this. Well Allah He this was all of our decision. He didn't do it single handedly. We thank Allah with Mondo the alarm and his decision to unify the Messiah because of this hamdulillah the whole Ummah has one Quran, or you know the Allahu Allah defended with the man. Also we have after the death of Earth man, you know, there were some rabble rousers. There were some people who are with Ebola, they killed him and whatnot. So one of these people of that camp, he went to perform Hajj and he saw a large gathering. He said, Who is this, that they're gathered around? They said, this is Abdullah bin Omar, he's giving a headlock in front of the cab, massive gathering. So he walks to the

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end of the gathering, and he shouts out. Oh, even Omar, I have questions answer me now. And Wallahi this is the way of fitna mongers they want attention. Well, Allah He we see this over and over again. They just want attention. They want to disrupt knowledge they want to cause cast aspersions, that people doing good. So he shouts in front of the cab with this idea, somebody by the way, he shouts in front of the cab. Oh, I've been neuromotor I have questions answer me. Is it true that Earthman Rhodiola. One was absent from the battle but he didn't set the alarm. I'm saying that because he doesn't like Earth man. Is it true that Earth man was absent at the Battle of butter? It

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been almost said yes. He wasn't at the Battle of butter. The man said Allahu Akbar. Yes. Okay. Is it true he turned

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away from the bottle of water then Ron and Omar said it is true. He turned and ran. Allahu Akbar. Yes. Number three. Is it true that Earthman was not present at the Baotou Ridwan? Are they be in Omar said it is true, he was not there. Allahu Akbar, yes, he thought he won it Ben almost had come here from the audience come here. Let me explain to each one of these points. As for Earthman, or the Allah who are not being at better, it was at the command of the Prophet CISM himself. Because Rocha yo was sick his daughter, the process of himself told Earth man stay and look after he passed away. And that's why Earth man was given a share of the battle brother even though he wasn't there,

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his spirit was considered to be part at the commander of the process of them, ask for Allah himself says in the Quran, well aka the Alpha Allahu Allahu Allah forgave them. So who are you to call them to task as for what sort of the other Emraan Allah Himself says that it was a mistake, and Allah has forgotten you and asked for Ridwan. The whole covenant took place because of Earthman because rumors spread that he had been killed and need to defend it with man we did how to read one and two, when everybody had given the oath. The prophets Assam took his own right hand, as if it is the hand of Earth man, he puts it in his own hand, and he said, This is on behalf of Earth man, what higher

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praise Do you want the prophecies in himself is giving the bale on behalf of Earth man. Then he said hmm, take these three and go back and do whatever you want with them. Point being this is the o'clock of the movement. You don't allow this type of slandering and bad mouthing to occur and Subhanallah we find this all the time. People just want to create controversy, somebody as pure as innocent as Earth man or the Allah one, someone whom the angels were ashamed about, they took his good deeds and they cut and pasted and they converted so that he becomes a villain in their eyes or with a biller. So when I am slandered, you are slandered when my good deeds and your good deeds are

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cut and pasted ambiguous. Well, Allah He people far better than us. Well, Allah He people far better than us. They have been slandered. And they have but the point is this not the clock of the believer, the believer defends the honor of his brethren. Now, because we're talking about this very quickly. How about defending your own honor? Do we defend our own honor, the Shetty allows us to do so. And it allows us to be quiet. It's up to us the story of use of his clear when he was accused of the ladies doing what they did. You said no, no, I didn't do it. The wife did it. She said very clearly. I did not do this. She did it. She seduced me. So he defended his honor. Later on in the

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same story, when the brethren accused him of stealing, right? He said, Allah knows what you're saying and he didn't defend his honor. So you have the option. If you want to defend and is gonna you know cause you a bigger harm. If you don't defend you have the option and if you want to remain silent and leave it to Allah subhanho wa Taala conclude with this incident. The prophets of sin was sitting with Abu Bakr Siddiq, and a man came probably because of business transaction became irritated Abu Bakr and eventually said nasty things, or Welker was silent, said it again. A worker was silent, said it for the third time Abubaker lost his patients and he responded in kind exactly

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what he had said responded back to him. The process some stood up and left. Oh, Booker said Yeah, ran behind them. Yeah, Rasulullah Did I do something wrong? He slandered me. Eventually, I said back to him. The Prophet system said when you were silent, dignified, Allah sent an angel down to defend your honor on your behalf.

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And when you came to his level, and became angry like him, shaytaan became happy and was there in the angel left. So when shaitan came and the angel left, I also left no notice here Abubaker did not do haram. Abu Bakr did not do a sin. But the better course in that instance, was to have taken the higher ground. So what if somebody said something one on one, it's not going to harm you is just quiet as personal. This is not the same as the slanders public and is going to take you to court as something else is a private matter. So point being in your own life, it is up to you if you want to defend or not. That's a separate topic, the topic for today and with this, we conclude the Mothman

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does not allow his brethren to be slandered in his absence. And then final point and why this is painful has to be said, if the movement does not allow the honor of a believer to be slandered, how about the dignity and life across the globe? We ask Allah for AVI and salaam How about what is happening around the globe? And we're not able to help them out. We ask Allah for forgiveness and Aafia but we don't just sit around at least our hearts at least or at least we feel something that our brothers and sisters need our help. We cannot help them the least we can do we make dua for our brothers and sisters in Arkansas, in India, in Kashmir across the world wherever they might be. We

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raised their hands and make dua for them that Allah subhanaw taala help.

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