Are Credit Cards Permissible In Islam? – Q&A

Hatem al-Haj


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years, here's the thing now, credit cards. Well, what's the problem with credit cards, the other Julius condition, the curious condition in the credit card is that if you fail to pay within the grace period, then interest will accrue. This is a injurious clause in the contract, you know. So it is not like the contract in and of itself is yours, but there is this hilarious clause in the contract, therefore,

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whoever, you know, consider the correct credit cards to be permissible. And that's the position of AMDA. They said that the permissibility is tied to the need, if there is no need,

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if your need can be secured by the debit card developer should not be allowed to have the credit card. So when we first said that when we first said that, we did not say that credit cards are haram, but we said that if the debit card would do everything you need, then you should have debit card and you should not have a credit card because you should not sign a contract that has a usuarios clause. But most of the people said that you you will not be able to build credit history. If you debit cards will not help you build credit history and credit history is essential is needed for various things. So we said that if that's the case, then credit cards would still be permitted

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for that need, given that you are confident

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that you will be able to pay within the grace period theory without interest accruing or accumulating

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and that you have the intent and the resolve to do this. So I don't know about this. If this is true if you have something like a debit card now that can give you everything you need, including the credit history, then it would certainly mean that the use normal credit cards with normal credit cards or the conventional credit cards would not be amenable in this case. Yeah. If you have a halaal alternative that will give you all what you need.