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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching

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cerametallic Morato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early he or Safi woman Maria Bahama Luna Maya and fowl now on fina Bhima LM tener una casa Mian would you would draw one many How To Become An emerald I am FAO Albula Shah and FC letter Shiva. What do I live SMA Robina Allah to alumina Bader is today Tina are Hublin Avila Ankara indica and sativa. Have be shortly surgery with Sally Emery, along with Emily, son of holy Salaam Alaikum. Everyone is Akula here for joining us. May Allah pantaloni Ward everybody and as I always request, if possible is to tell us where are you joining us from? And may Allah again reward you for joining us from the law

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hero brand. I mean, today is about a month from Ramadan, maybe a day more a day less Allah knows which means we are in the month of Shabbat. And this is what we're going to be talking about and why do we need to talk about Shabbat in the month of Shabbat because our Swati salatu salam was asked about this month. That's number one.

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And number two, he and his salatu salam used to

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single Shaban with certain acts of worship and certain virtues that many of us may not be aware of Subhanallah what does that mean? Saraswati salatu salam, the first thing he did, he used to fast a lot fast a lot in the month of Shabbat, not in the month of Rajab that many people or

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think it is it's actually not it's the month of Shabbat. And one of the Sahaba actually asked him and this is St. No Sam of New Zealand. He asked her Swati salatu salam, this hadith in Imam and we say and he said yoroshiku Allah, Yamanaka AutoSum, Sharon Mina Schoharie Mata tsunami Siobhan, Cynthia rasool Allah I have not seen you

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fast a month as much as you fast and Sharma say no some Abizaid was like, what's basically were you saying the words these days? What's so special about Sharma? Right? Because what Roger, if we say, why Roger, what their job is the shahada of haram, one of the sacred month, and if you talk about Ramadan, of course it is Ramadan. So he was asking him, you know, to Allah, I have not seen, you know, some of crusade is actually

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the servant of Roswaal risottos. And so he was with him. And he said, Yeah, rasool Allah, I have not seen you that much fasting, that many days, you fast in a month, then you fast in Shabbat. Why is that? And of course, that's where the learning comes in. And I and you need to remember and he said the following, that he can shuffle your foot to NASA john bainer Raja Pino Shaba, he said, This is a month, many of the people

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are heedless about it, simply because it's a month beef between origin and Ramadan.

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So this is a month that people don't pay much attention to. Some of us don't even know what this Shabbat and some of us don't know. It's called Shabbat. And some of us will, we noticed Shabbat but we don't know anything special about it. That's why we try every year as much as we can to remind everyone myself number one of this month because of a swami salatu salam singled it out with something special. So he said, there is so he was asked, Why do you fast that much in this month? And he said, I do fast. Because this is a month, many people don't remember. Don't pay attention to what's the big deal. Number one, and it is between Roger Ben from avant, because Roger is again,

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it's a sacred month, so people pay attention to it. And Ramadan is Ramadan. So that's number one. It is a month that are sweating. Salatu Salam fasted way more than any other month. And another Hadith that's sad. I just said, I've never seen him fasting that many days in a month after Ramadan, as I see him fasting in Shabbat. So that's number one number to

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the virtual, what we will need to remember that he said, Well, how does SHA one or who was SHA one, it's a month to referral fee.

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I mean, this is a month, where the deeds, my deed, your deed, and our deeds is presented or are presented to Allah in the month of Shabbat. So why do I fast? And he said, Well, Hebrew and your family one

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I saw him and I love for my deed. This is a Roswaal risotto sir, once presented to Allah subhanho wa Taala presented and I am fasting. And this is the same reason why we are recommended it's Asuna to fast Monday and Thursday, because it's the days especially Monday, the day that the the deeds are presented to Allah subhanho wa taala. So number one, what I and you need to remember that this month that we are in and just started going into, this is not a month, that should be like any other months.

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Rather, this is a month, I need to honor it, and single it out with a special act of worship, like our Swati salatu surrounded and what did he single it out with, with fasting, because man that people forget. And it's a month that the deeds are presented to Allah's pantalla. And he said, I love for my deed, to be my deeds to be presented to Allah when I am fasting.

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And why is that?

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And now if you if you combine more than one Hadith, because the most beloved deed to Allah subhanho wa Taala is actually fasting.

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And last pantalla in a hadith, pudsey, he said, assume only one zebra, and we're going to comment on this and you're going to hear this hadith a lot during Ramadan. Fasting is for me, Allah saying this fasting is for me, and I will reward I will reward it. This, scholars will say, every good deed is time stamped. But when Allah says really, for me, and I reward, this is way more than just the 10. So here you go, you are

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fasting. So this is a very loving action to Allah subhanaw taala. And then, as I am fasting, so I'm already coming to Allah subhanaw taala was something he loved, and then I am bringing with it my other good deeds, and that's what he says, Imam even Roger, he said, This hadith has so many benefits. And he said, number one, as we said that the month of Shabaan. It's another virtuous month, but many people forget, because because people pay attention to Rajab and to Ramadan, and they forgot this, the one in between. And usually, when, Pete when you do an act of worship, in a month that

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people don't do a lot of good deeds, you will get much more reward. And what does that mean?

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If you fast in Ramadan, and we hear this very commonly, and especially I hear it from woman who had sometimes miss some days of Ramadan, because they have to make it and they make it up. And they are they usually ask for Can I take a birth control tablets to delay my period, so I don't get I don't miss a day from Ramadan, and they follow it with this. It is much harder to fast outside Ramadan. And subhanAllah how to is this unless you're really used to it, but in general, it's not as easy as Ramadan and you you you just finished 30 days of fasting in Ramadan. And then when you come to the six days of Chawan, you find them Subhan Allah much harder. And I just finished 30 days, because the

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virtual from Amman itself. So what is he saying? He said that this month, people don't remember. And you don't see people fasting. So the act of worship in it is actually more virtuous. And this is a very common, very beautiful concept. I'm going to share it with all of you. It is not related to Siobhan only, but it's in general, Imam and Raja he said the following.

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The one of the most beautiful deeds you do, is you of course all the deeds are good deeds are beautiful, but make it even more beautiful and more virtuous is when you quote unquote resuscitate, resuscitate, give life to assume that to an act of worship, that not many people do. And what you what what he's saying is that it is your own maffulli. And that's something nobody, not many people do it. For example, the three days of the month. And if you are in a place, let's say you are in the house, and you're the only one when what when you see us like it's a full one. This is 1314 15 I'm going to be fasting for example, then that act itself because you are doing it alone. It is more

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virtuous because you're struggling more remember this. So he's saying in general, any

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Time. And this is very important principle of task here. Anytime you do an act that is hard on me hard on you, it is more virtuous, a shotcalling force they say it when it is harder on for me to fast or to wake up in the night, for example, in the summer when the night is very short, that 100 Praying at night in the summer is not the same as praying the night in there in the winter. Because the winter the night the nights are long. So you when you get up it's not as struggling and it's big deal as in the summer. Same thing for Fajr. Same thing for fasting when you fast in the summer versus you fast in the winter, the idea, any act I do pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala It is harder

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on me to do it, then this usually is more virtuous. So I am looking at a month where many people don't even remember, people are busy getting ready for Ramadan, people are busy. Like for us here in the States. This is the month where you get the Super Spring Break. People don't pay. No people don't say oh Siobhan is here, we're going to do this and that usually not. So that means when I do good deed in this court and quote,

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a man that not many people remember a good deed, let alone a deed that Allah loves number one, let alone add to a total soiree salatu salam practice it. And it is harder on me than it is way more virtuous. And usually, they say when everybody is doing act of worship, it's much easier versus when nobody else is doing it. It is much harder. There's a hadith of a soiree salatu salam, where he said the following the meaning of it, that there going to be a time coming and this applies to you and me. And he was talking to the Sahaba, the meaning of the Hadith, he said there will be a time coming

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and that time needs a lot of patient. Think of our of these days we are living in and she said we will need the he or he saw to Sam he said there will be a time that was going to come where we will need the person or the person who worship Allah subhanaw taala we need a lot of cyber, a lot of patient to practice the Dean Subhan Allah to obey Allah. And he said in it, that person who worship Allah spawn Tada and obey Allah subhana wa Tada. At the time, when the majority of people are heedless. And this is what he said. He said Zilla, Amelie minimum, that person who works for Allah at the time when everybody is not practicing or people that deen is not a priority, and you are

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singled out because you're the only woman who wears hijab or you are the only person who does that or this does this and everybody else is not. He said Zilla, Amelie minimum for that person, who does this, the reward of 50 of you, you're talking to the sahaba. And even the sahabi asked him, he said from us, your rasool Allah or from them meaning us at this time, or from us because he was talking to them. And he said no,

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from you. And of course, the Sahaba were

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from us. And he said yes, because you find people to help you to obey Allah

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versus them. You and me these days, we are not living Imagine if we are living and around us are also hub, what is the problem of being alone? What is the difficulty? What is the issue? Everybody around us is so happy at woman, act by the Quran, dress like the Quran, do whatever everything Allah wants, stay away from everything Allah doesn't want, what is the problem? Versus you are and a lot of us these days, you are usually probably the only one the only Muslim in this whole company. You are probably the only woman wearing hijab in this in the school and in college, and you still are holding fast, holding fast to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala to obey Him. So He said that person

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would have the reward of 50 of you, because there is nobody to help.

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What is this rate to Shabbat? When I come and I want to fast Shabbat and many people are not then I remember that.

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I remember what he said the Roswaal is AutoSum Lila Marimon home as you have seen, I mean the reward of that person is equal to 50 from your hub. So here we come. Siobhan is amongst

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that people forget.

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And don't, don't, don't fast, and they are busy with another usual month. Then I come in, I singled it out with an arc that are Swati salatu salam did a lot. Plus my deed will be presented to Allah subhanaw taala because this is a month, the deeds are presented, and I am fasting, but it is harder on me. Because many people are not doing it. And this in general principle, every time I want to do something, and this is specially for our youth, when I want to do something, and 90% of the people don't do it, and that what I am doing is pleasing to Allah. It's my Deen, it's my religion. Again, the way I dress the way I speak, the way I interact. It is not the norm. You're living in the last

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century, I remember that I am or being last pantalla in a time when majority around me are not doing it. I remember my my reward. Number two, fasting in general, fasting in general, when you are doing an extra good deed like it's not Ramadan, and everybody of course is fasting. You can easily hide it. You can easily hide it. People will not ask you why you're not eating.

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You they will not assume let's put it this way. You will they will not assume you're fasting because it's not Ramadan, Ramadan, everybody assume you're fasting. And if you are eating or drinking, people will start looking at you, especially in the Muslim countries. But when you are in Shaban, people don't assume you're fasting, so you can hide it easier. Now why I'm saying this, again, this is the words of the Imam, even Roger, he said, the more

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of the voluntary act, Sweden, and we do it in secrecy, nobody knows. It is better.

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It is better when I do a good deed that is not obligatory. And I do it in secrecy, whether it's charity, whether it is fasting, whether it is extra salah, whether it is nice to do any of the extra good deed when I do it in secrecy. And he added specifically fasting, because the fasting is actually a secret between this servant between the servant and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And the more secret secretly you do a good deed, unless doing it publicly or announcing you're doing it publicly will bring more benefit. Meaning, if I will say, Oh, Tomorrow is Monday, and tomorrow is Shabbat and I am in a gathering and I say, Well, I shot law. I'm going to wake up this morning little bit

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earlier, because I want to do my support, because I want to fast that people you're reminding them when it's Monday, and Siobhan and I want more rewards, if that's the reason why you are publicly announcing your good deeds, meaning more benefit, it's going to come then you will do it. But in general, keeping it secrecy,

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obeying Allah, and doing acts of Allah privately with Allah subhanho wa Taala is usually more preferred, as I remember it. You hear it a lot from scholars from people of Allah subhanaw taala, where do they use to advise? Make sure you have added added that between you and Allah, and nobody else knows about it?

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One could have, of course you can have more, but at least one a secret? Do you have a secret between you and Allah? And nobody knows. Whether it is an act of worship or that it's a feeling with a something that you do with so fasting in Siobhan, it is highly recommended because of the hadith of Roswaal risotto sir, and you can hide it easily. And hiding good deeds is better or less doing it publicly brings benefit. One, two, it is harder to fast in a month, where people don't remember to remember Shabbat and there isn't that many people and any good deed I do. Where the I don't have a lot of help to help me my reward is more and I'll say this to all the sisters, especially the

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sisters from India, may Allah subhanaw taala keep you strong with all what the Muslims are going through in India. Because for only one reason they are Muslims, stay strong. Hold fast to your hijab. Your reward is way more way more than the reward I have living in here where I can put my hijab with no difficulty

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To order for those of us who are living in Muslim countries where it is actually even easier.

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So anytime you do a good deed and act of worship, you are doing it with more difficulty on my enough's. I don't like it, nobody else is doing it. The weather this the day is too long, and or the circumstances around me make it harder, my reward is absolutely

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much more. Three, which is really important because that's communal benefit, a smart but only when we are surrounded Subhan Allah this is again the words of the Imam even Roger commenting on this hadith. He said when we live, when we live, as a righteous person, between a group

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between community, nation, who are majority of them, they are people of disobedience, regardless what kind, that person who is the righteous one, by his or her act of worship, by his or her a righteous deed, can wear off can push away a lot of harm that can affect these people. Subhanallah So, one person, one good person, young, old woman or a man, that person does a good deed, in spite of he or she is living in a society in a community full of this obedience to Allah, by that

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by that

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action of good deeds he or she may protect. So the first thing he says, Why are soiree salatu salam, fast Shabbat. Second part of the Hadith, which is really interesting, is that SHA one to follow up, it's a month where my good deeds and your good deeds europea me we have good deeds that will be presented to Allah,

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my deed my good deed or actually in general our deeds, it's not necessarily only good deed or our our deeds are presented to Allah subhanaw taala in different times throughout the year, there is daily presentation

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and there is weekly presentation and there is yearly presentation,

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my deed good or bad, your deed good or bad, presented to Allah pantalla Think of it this way like the book and the angels are writing and then the book I went to bed sleeping, the for example, the the deeds will be presented to Allah one one daily, weekly and yearly. Okay, daily, twice

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after fajr and after also, when the angels want to use the word change shifts, angels change the angels that is surrounding us all change shifts just like you know change shifts in hospitals change shifts in factories.

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after fajr and after are sold.

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And that's when their group of angels are leaving, taking the my deeds and yours and presented to Allah subhana wa Tada and that was Swati. Salatu Salam. This is in Bukhari and Muslim and EMA and Ebihara. He said, are Swanee salatu salam said

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yet ah kabuna fee Camilla Mela, Katanga lady Omala Khatami now, but because from the lady on my own behalf,

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it will be it will you you will have if I want to translate it this way. You will have angels that will alternate alternate over you during the day and during the night.

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And they will both be together. change of shift wished me on if you saw that in February was salata Laos, and they were both get together and over as we call it in medicine, handover after fajr and after hustle. Then those who slept with you meaning the night shift angels, Yahweh Luna, they go to pen Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala for yes Allahu Allah subhanaw taala ask those who are coming to Allah presenting our deeds, the one we did in the night, and Allah is you will ask him face alone, or who Allah will be him. He asked the angels about us and He knows us of course, cater to my body. How did you leave my servants? And you want me to remember this house a lot. You can get me doing

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what came to my body. How did you leave? It's

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Find your time. How did you leave my servants? And then the angels will answer that I can overwhelm you. So learn why Taner homeowners.

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They say Allah, we left them and they are praying. It's fed your time. And when we came, beginning of the shift us of time they were praying, you want to make sure you and I and all of us are among those for just time, they are changing the shift. They are ready to go and take right deeds and presented to Allah, they see me and I am praying and then when they come for their night shift after our soul, and I am praying, so there is the the concept of the deeds presented to Allah. It is well known in the Sunnah daily, after fajr after also after morning prayer, after afternoon hustle, and afternoon prayer, then weekly, weekly. And actually, it is Thursday. I'm sorry, I said Monday, it's

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actually Thursday, and we're sorry salatu salam said also, this is in the month or so say Naboo. Herrera narrated this and he said I heard or Roswaal a salatu salam says in that emalahleni Adam to Bburago Kula homies les little Juma fella Yakubu Amal, author or a hand or sorry, salt person I've said the following. I think he's salatu said, he said, the deeds of the son of Adam. All of us, Children of Adam, presented to Allah subhanho wa taala. Every Thursday night, so that's weekly, Thursday night.

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I'm sorry, Friday night, meaning the

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end of Thursday, Little Drummer Thursday night. And these deeds will be accepted. Good deeds will be accepted from everyone except that person, except that person who have severed the relationship, that kinship relationship, that relationship with the family. So I want to make sure on Thursday, night after model, the night of drama started that I want to make sure because that's it the book is going to be presented. I want to make sure I have not suffered any relationship with my relatives. Whatever happened, text them call them they don't answer send the text send something so when my deeds present it to Allah's pantalla I am not that guy with that category. I am my deeds, your OB I

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mean are accepted. So that's the weekly then we have the yearly presentation of our deeds the whole year, and that's actually in Shaba that's why we're talking about that. But daddy Caffee Shabbat and this is also this hadith that we just shared started the the the talk with it, which is an imam unnecessary Sound of Music. And he said, said Rasul Allah salatu salam, some Abizaid, I'm sorry, he's not the servant of Roswell is what it is, he was his adopted son till the time when there was when the adoption was allowed. So summer music, but a macabre

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Xeomin health I'm sorry, this is Sam his son. The point I'm trying to make his yearly this hadith summit was at the soiree saw to Sam, why you are fasting and fasting because this is the month where my deeds are presented. And I love love for my deeds to be presented to Allah and I am fasting so Thursday, Thursday, one of the good things that that we need to resuscitate if you want to use the word is resuscitate the sooner of fasting Monday and Thursdays because he did it at a software center. Thursday specific specifically because the deeds are presented to Allah subhana wa Tada. So maybe when when I want to do a gathering, gathering do the Gathering

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Sell it commercials lover cartoon, some delay Laravel I mean, we had an issue with the Internet. And the last pantalla is always the best planner so Tumblr brand. So what we were talking about just a reminder for everybody hamdulillah there is virtues of the month of Ramadan. Shabbat and we were talking about the hadith of Roswaal risotto. ceramah say no saba crusade,

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said that he Saraswati salatu salam fasting, he has not seen him fasting that than any other month than Shabbat. And that was what he thought was salam responded, and he said that's a month what people forget about and then it is between Roger and the month of Ramadan and one and two is the month that my deeds are presented to Allah subhanaw taala and I would love and I like when my deeds are presented for last pantalla that is it.

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It is presented to Allah subhanaw taala. And I am fasting. And then we commented that there is a lot of benefits. When we do a good deed in a time of difficulty in a time where there's a lot of obstacles, a number one obstacle is me, when I don't like to do something, and I do it, and that thing is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala, then I will get more rewarded. That's number one. Number two, it's when you do an extra or voluntary act, and there it is not. In the usual time, you can easily hide it, and hiding a voluntary act is actually very virtuous. And we commented, and we said, it is very good that you all of us should have a special secret with Allah subhanaw taala, a special

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secret whether it's at the eddied fasting, or a deed, in night, salah or a deed in charity, or a deed in connecting and doing something good for people, but absolutely something special between you and Allah Spandana. Then we commented on that the deeds are presented to Allah's pantalla in three occasions, daily, weekly, and yearly. And the daily number one is we said on the timing of the dates twice, it is after the morning, solar and after the afternoon, federal Announcer And that's when the angels change. And then the angels of the morning believe, and taking our deeds without presenting it to almost pantalla. And along would ask them, How did you find out? Did you leave my servants?

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And they said, Yeah, a lot. We left them and they're praying, it's about your time, morning time. And when we came to the beginning of the shift, which is after, in the afternoon, we also found them praying. And of course, Allah knows that this is a reminder to you and me, that's here I am in this life when I am with people, and I want to impress someone, right? And when I put in my we all do that in our CV in our resume, what do we put we put things that impress the person who is going to read my resume, and so I can get the job so I can get maybe a bonus or maybe probably kind of get promoted, basically something to impress. And this of course, this is a paraphrase Allah's pantalla

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I don't want to it's not about impressing Allah subhanaw taala it's about making our last panel Hautala happy with me, the servant. So I want when the angels come he asked them, How did you read them? How did you find them? They were praying, they were praying morning salah and the afternoon salah. And one of the benefits and also this is an Imam, even Rajiv and he said,

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part of the Hikmah of the wisdom that rasool Allah Salatu Salam is teaching us in fasting more than the usual during the month of Shabbat is a training, it's a training for the month of Ramadan and this is absolutely we all feel it specially in the summer we are still for us living in the West, that when Ramadan is gonna come out to be May Allah make us live till we see Ramadan, the mother of time will be around eight and fetch your time will be about 430 Because the time changes, it's not only the day will be longer, but also the time changes. So it will go to the daylight, the the day to day life, the daylight saving will be removed, so they will be longer, so the fasting won't be

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longer. So if I am a person who fasts from one Ramadan to the other, the first couple of days of Ramadan is absolutely difficult. It's very difficult Hamdulillah we keep doing what we are doing, but it is not easy. I know a good number of people they get headaches, they after they fast they cannot even do any extra deedat tarawih is not easy for them because the body is not used to it. So one of the weakness of fasting the month of Cheban is actually that it is a training that's what the demand manager is saying is it training so when you are normal Vaughn comes in, I'm not going to be worried about me feeling tired, why I cannot do this, why I can do this. Now, the fasting become

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almost a habit. So set a training is that so Siobhan as Allah brought it, to Rasul Allah saw to send to do this extra fasting so it is a training for us also, one of the things also the righteous people did in the month of Shabbat as a training for Ramadan is start restart your connection with the Quran or if there is already a connection will increase it, increase it and this is an imam Shafi used to do this and they said that the reason for that is that the knifes me and you get used to the ACT

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of worship, because when Siobhan finished, let's say it's day 30 Or day 29, and Ramadan comes in, it's not a switch, that I will just turn it off, or turn it on, and then my body completely changed and fasting becomes very easy. We're excited Tara has very easy, nice Salah and I start trading or I focus usually stop this case, we all know that, that to get to a habit, we need a training. So when we, for example, when we exercise, we cannot run three miles right away, we usually have to do it gradually. And if we leave it for a while, even if we have done it, and we leave it for a while, it's very hard to go back to the habit unless we train so that's why fasting in the month of Siobhan

00:40:43--> 00:40:46

reading Quran increase

00:40:47--> 00:40:55

the reading or the connection of the relationship of the US with the Quran, and there is

00:40:56--> 00:41:43

one of the squat or one of the righteous people he said, You all can call Shalom Shabbat Shalom or they said the month of Siobhan is the month of the people of the Quran. And Habib, the Sabbath one also the righteous people who used to say once Shabbat comes in, he said, Okay, the month of the Quran, or the month of those who are connected with the Quran has arrived. And one of the also righteous people once Shaban comes in, and he works, right, he cut down on the hours of working and he starts spending the extra with the Quran. Again, not everybody can do this these days. But remember the first comment I said was when you do an act of worship in a time surrounded, most of

00:41:43--> 00:42:36

the people don't do it and you are the only one who's doing it. The reward is equal to what 50 companions does. So when I start cutting out on my hour fork if I can, I can't if I can carve some of the extras I do have some of the things that is not very necessary. I carve it away and replace it with the Quran in the month of Shabbat I am probably doing something most people have not done it most people don't even know about that. And then what what I will I will have the reorder the 50s your OB me then I am training myself so Ramadan comes in reading Quran is absolutely as not a not an issue. I'm have to go again and train myself. And remember no I am also said, commenting about why

00:42:36--> 00:43:33

Rasul Allah salatu salam fasted many days during Shabbat. And he said, our Swati salt was, in general, he used to fast at least three days of every month, right? So maybe, maybe sometimes, he could not do that on a regular basis. Something happened, then he will, as if making up all the missing, extra fasting and he will make it up in Shabbat. Someone Ramadan comes in. He has done it. And this happens to many of us. Many of us, sometimes Mondays or Thursdays comes in you are not feeling well. Maybe you're traveling, maybe for the sisters during the monthly time. Maybe I have something I wake up I whatever it is that I very unlikely I will put it this way. Very unlikely that

00:43:33--> 00:44:22

there is no Monday for those of us who are very much used to fast Monday and Thursdays but me there's no way in the whole year. And there was a Monday that I couldn't do. It probably is a Monday or a Thursday for whatever the reason. So, Amy said one the first one is in case and that's Saraswati salatu said, in case he did not, or he missed a Monday or Thursday or the three days of the month, then that Shabbat the extras will make it number one. Second, he said the hikma the wisdom that Roswaal is auto set up fasted a lot in Ramadan in Shabbat before Ramadan is actually glorifying Ramadan. And he said this is beautiful actual This is so beautiful and he said this is

00:44:22--> 00:45:00

very much similar, that when you pray, for example, the heart of Niger, the noon salah, or the morning salah, or the mangroves or the HSR when we have the sooner the extra with it, he said fasting Shabbat is like the sooner for that Ramadan fasting meaning what is the hikma the wisdom of doing soon and Salah it's definitely extra good deed but also guarding and protecting the Salah and getting robbed you so when I when I when I pray to God before the the the obligatory Salah when the obligatory Salah comes in. I am more ready

00:45:00--> 00:45:17

The more focused and he said that's it. The second thing is that it is as soon as if it is same concept of suna Uppsala, it is this past thing in the month of Shabbat. And the third thing is, he said it is, as we said, the month that it is

00:45:19--> 00:46:03

the month that the deeds is actually presented to Allah subhanho wa taala. So, what we need to what we need to remember that this is a month that we are coming in the beauty of Islam, and there is so many beautiful things about this town, we just need to know it Subhan Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala so much aware of us Subhana and he knows us, and He knows the struggle we go through, and we know the weaknesses we have. And we know that we cannot be the Sahaba 24/7 would love to be but it's it's not the reality. It's okay, we can't it's difficult. So what does he do Subhana every

00:46:04--> 00:46:52

few days, every few months, he brings an opportunity to do extras, and that extras that extras will add up. So if you divide them over the year, you didn't miss much throughout the year. So he brings Ramadan, he brings the six days of Shabbat then he brings Hajj or if those who did not go in for hajj, he brings out offer, then he brings the 10 days of the Hajj, then he brings the fasting of the I'm talking about fasting and then the fasting of the Ashura there is always opportunities in times and in days, that Allah subhanaw taala

00:46:54--> 00:47:45

make it easy for us. Subhana is making it easy for us to obey Him extras in case I missed this or don't worry, don't feel too bad. There is this so I can't fast I couldn't fast Monday and Thursday this week. Okay, you can you can do with the week after Well, I missed the this or that you can do extra. So the beauty of it, that there is always a loss pantalla if you look at the year Subhana and that's out of his loving mercy to us or what he does he actually alternate and give us more opportunities. Even when we sin Subhana Allah when we sin, he doesn't give up on us. On the contrary, immediately, right? In the SRT, US eveness say we're dedicated the Quran exactly, as he

00:47:45--> 00:48:39

said in solitude, Chapter hood. And he said good deeds, remove bad deeds, let those who remember remember this meaning when I disobey Allah and we all do, when I fall. And when I when I when I am not me, I've sunset something is like me, there's something not to me, disobeyed Allah. Regardless. No room, no room for despair, or other opportunities for good deeds immediately is to ask Allah for forgiveness, give charity, do something extras, so he Subhana always wants us. That's a sign of his love to all of us, that he always wanted us to be in a state of obedience to Him Subhana and he make it easier for us. If we look at the relationship we have, should have with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. In

00:48:39--> 00:48:44

both ways, it should be it should be a relationship of love.

00:48:45--> 00:48:59

I do things because I love Allah is not I do things because I don't want to go to Japan because I'm going to be punished. Punishment is there. I can't deny it. It's there. But that's not the essence. That's the last.

00:49:00--> 00:49:24

I need to obey Allah out of love. And he out of his love to me and to you and to all of us to his servants to his a bad is he makes it easier for us to make it up. Send us more opportunities. Keep reminding us that he's offered over he is all forgiving is all merciful. You forgot this do that. You

00:49:25--> 00:49:59

shot you didn't do much in Rome and Roger what he is here here is Shabbat. Well, I didn't do much on Monday. Well, here's Thursday. The point, an opportunity is coming to us. And opportunity is coming to us 30 days. That's number one. Number one, bring back to our attention. That is something called chabang. Now, that's number one. Number two, it's a month that's many people forget, I don't want to be among them. Alhamdulillah I need to remember three he taught me what to do.

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

You want to sell fast, as much as you can. If you can't fast, you can't fast a lot knows. If you were able to fast you were fast, and you will charge a lot you will get the reward. It's someone that I need to get ready for Ramadan. I need to get ready, get ready internally, get ready externally, externally by fasting by my connection with the Quran and internally switch in turn me internally from my daily routine and the things we do to the fact now I need to get ready because Ramadan is coming and I need to be the servant of Allah.

00:50:37--> 00:51:22

May Allah Subhana Allah make us of those yarby Me who listen to the words of admonition or read the words of admission? I am number one and follow it and the last part ALLAH forgive all our sins may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us life Yarrow be me to live the month of Shabbat to see the month of Ramadan Loma Linda Ramadan, your lap a little more on the Allah make us live to see Ramadan and you won't be I mean help us all of us to practice and be the servants You will love your biani Subhana Allah Morbihan Nikka shadow India and stuff we will cover today so Mahallesi no Muhammad Ali, he was happy to Steven Kathira Zack Mullah here and my apology for the little bit of the internet issue we

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had Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh