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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to our Thursday q&a with Chef aka midway. Every again every Thursday 6pm GMT. I can see we're already getting some questions. So we'll get started soon Inshallah, Hope everyone's been doing well, and you've come with your questions at hand. Just quickly last week and the week before we'll be receiving some questions about having our previous q&a timestamp so you can see when each question was asked when you watch it back, so we'll be doing that the past few weeks. I hope this has made it easier for you guys to look back and be able to stray away see what questions have been answered when and we'll continue that inshallah.

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Without any further ado, let's go with the first question

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Okay, this question is I've heard someone say to me that there is no sooner prayer prior to yoga is this correct?

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Some lawyer manual thing.

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It was a Sunnah prayers that have come in the Hadith. They are for the regular prayers like physeos hora hos Ramallah, Alicia.

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Juma it used to happen you know, once a week and the professor Lathan used to do Sunnah prayers, not in the masjid. So even the Sunnah prayers that are for the normal prayers, they are narrated mostly by the people who know his hybrids in the house, like the wives or they told you know somebody else, so that how people learn that the professor did not do some prayer in the masjid. When he come to the mosque you do if there's time he will do to raka either Takita Masjid if there is no time you will start the pair Juma the Salah, the same thing Juma we think the process must have done a sunnah before coming to the Juma i He did follow her but there are no Hadith to support the professor

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Latham did any sooner. Before the Joomla tow the Companions used to have Latino ocular Masuda Latin Kufa, he used to teach people for Raka suna before Juma that how in the Hanafi madhhab because alternative schools are in Kufa and 100 females have emerged in the Kufa to cufon People used to pray for a guy before Juma that how it came. So this is not from the Companions not from the professor loathsome directly

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Okay, that makes sense. Exactly. We have a question from Salah Dean. There's a lot of Arabic terms, but hopefully inshallah if you understand that you can maybe give more clarity to the audience. Why do some people differentiate between Tahuna Robbia and auto here and claim the Quraysh WeMo heads in Robo BIA and Mushriks in auto here

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you know the people may have different set it to different words in Arabic language, the Quran use the both of them in two different contexts to nothing to do with the people to the you know how you understand the Quran. Let you know Quran uses the word hum done chakra. So there are similar but they still they have some differences around us for Alassane Ouattara, Rama and afar, so Ramana far both fr Allah, but still they have remained different meaning like Allah said, he's a robber and reserve to reserve and are both you know attributes of Allah, but still the meaning different to Robin Allah both refer to Allah muster the meaning the different

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through beaubier means you know another tribute I love being either Rob either master creator Sustainer you know, like what a father does for his children, to Allah, the Creator, the master, you know, and sustainer and Olivia means like Allah, he should be worshipped in Mahmoud to Olivia refers to the Ibadah I like the law Mr. Mahmud Rubia refers to the Halacha creation in a mastery over the creation and risk shaitan never denies a lie that he actually even he said after being coffee, Rob be Oh my Lord. Oh my rub. His problem was not Allah is a you know, a robo video Allah is a robber Holic creator. His problem is that he did not obey Allah. So that's all here are a law. When you

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make someone a law, you must worship and obey.

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So that's why we make a difference between boo boo ba da. It could be possible that people make a lie that they believe in him, but they don't obey Him. They don't want to worship Him. So they are not believers because the believers are those who say law

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In the law, not law, law, Rob baileigh law in the law that we all the messengers used to come and teach people that worship Allah don't worship anyone other than Him to the Avaya of the message justified elevada not for robia and to make a law robber does not give you any importance. When you make a lot more boudoir shipping, then it delivers to us you get a reward, you become nearer to him shaitan accept a lighter rather buy does not make him yet world he actually the worst coffee. Two people can believe in Elijah rubber, but they're still our worst coffee, to read the Quran Allah that the rules are many, many and all refer to a lie still the difference to you know Allah

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subhanaw, Taala Demimonde and refer to Mohammed and afar both refer to Allah, but still the meaning the difference, the same Rama and Allah did refer to Allah, but the meaning is different.

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Okay, let's take a question from Ferguson.

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And this question is, is sharing a good work for example, political views or articles of a person who has a strong disbelieve or wrong? Am I doubtful whether this will lead others to follow his disbelieving parts also?

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Okay to understand what it means

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you know, thinking that unbelievers are disbelievers, they are not, you know, absolutely wrong, they are wrong in something in the religion, but they couldn't be right in many, many things, you know, their human being. So, when they write something about this world, sometimes they could be good, sometimes their analysis would analyze things properly. They know how to learn from unbelievers, or share their you know, opinions. Either way, it does not affect your religion, to be careful, you know, when the idea darker, conflicting your religion yet then you should not afford on don't make people to read. But if their views are those which you further play, like farming, you know, it's

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something people need to learn, you know, if it's coming from non Muslim is still fine. The same thing politics, there could be many aspects of politics, which could be easy to good to learn from nemesis, there are no harm. But if it says that people have a right to make a laws, or something like that, then it could have been converted to Islam because Allah subhanaw taala may Scalia, he's the one who gets the laws, aka people should obey Him. But how to select or elect your ruler, your master? That is something you know, people can learn to like a democracy if people learn by voting. That's fine if the people choose a ruler, by a shura, no consultative body or biking ship anything

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fine as long as the rulers they obey the obey Allah and follow his commands.

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Okay, let's take a question from Takashi Tabasum.

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If a woman does not maintain her hijab, Will her father husband or brother or son be regarded as they use in the sight of Allah? Should they force her to wear the hijab so that they do not become Dios?

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No, they you say that doesn't mean that really the youth simply means in Arabic language, that if a woman has a relation with other men, and the husband does not mind that, that the youth that you know husband has no way or nothing, that you know,

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whether somebody has a job or not, it doesn't have to do anything with that. The parent and the husband said don't have duty to force people to obey Allah, they don't have nobody to be a duty, they only have duty to teach people. So, if a woman does not wear the hijab, her husband had the duty to teach her to explain to her that how important it but not to force her save the father, he can explain to the his daughter, but he has no right to force forcing anybody for the religion is not right. Sometimes when there is state, they force or 10th is not because they want to force the religion or the intention is to keep an order in society so that other people rather by religions

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never can be forced that religion is something people do willingly. So no father, no husband had any right to force his wife or his daughter to obey the law. No, Ill will abandon obedience either willingly or not by force.

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Okay, just a

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wee bit.

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Question from Tanzeem? Is it sinful to pray at home alone instead of praying in congregation? And I'm assuming this is for men?

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Yeah, you know for the men, no for further prayer. It is so no nearly wajib to attend them in the masjid. If they can go easily. If they can't go to the masjid, then they should make effort to do in the Jama at home, you know, with our men, they can start together if there are no man is still the women can pray. So the man will stand in the front, and the women at the house will be behind him the pledge amount of the good the reward of the Jamala.

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Okay, let's have a look. I think I found a question from Sarah.

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Strange people, no questions from Facebook yet? Is it true that women cannot travel abroad alone, I want to study abroad, but I'm afraid of stalkers. As I've had this opportunity, this issue before?

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No, thank you there is no distinct so many times that the woman when they're traveling means a distance of 48 miles in Hanafi madhhab. More than that. So the normal opinion the mother, either they should be accompanied by their husbands, or by their mother or father, brother or son or someone else.

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Though there has been no evidence of women traveling alone in the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So when we look in all the arguments properly, what we find is that if traveling is safe, and the place where the women are traveling, it is secured, and there is a spare for the women and the law and order and the society, then women can travel alone island with their husbands and pirates, they are happy, they don't have any problem with that.

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But the traveling is not safe. You know, people actually don't respect the women of some some danger. Maybe many, many countries, you know, India and Pakistan in America today, you might be former travel alone, they may not have problem. In those cases, we don't allow the women to travel our law, they should be accompanied by someone. By most European countries, Western countries, mostly, there is a respect for the women under the law. So we easily can travel in from one place with a place so that what you need to think really that the place where you're traveling, if there is respect for the women are too safe to travel, on your family happy. You can travel without

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maharam or without any husband.

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Okay, just how can

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we have a question from Boyd?

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What is the the origin and significance of raising the index finger to childhood? And is it required for women to

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Yeah, you know, this is a has come into some Hadith and the prophets Allah knows,

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you know, moved this finger and components used to move this finger, you know, just the move one, so they kept them moving. We don't know really. But

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certainly, you know,

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there is a witness that moving happen. And that is when you see a shadow

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in the law. Because you know, this finger

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RFC used to use it, to abuse someone to sit dirty words, they used to point the person, so it was abusive. In our time, also, people have something like that, too, in our culture. This one, if you read about this finger, it will be abusive. And that's why it was called a sub Baba, sub Baba Sub Sub Sub Baba from the word sub Boon sub one needs to abuse someone to this finger was called a sub Baba abusive. So in Islam, the name has been changed, you know, to make it a finger of shahada to know that they know Allah Subhan Allah so you know that is to me Sasha Allah Allah Allah you read as a finger so to make meaning very clear in your formula with the action and also with the word so

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it's allow my sharing the finger this finger from being used for us to be used for to witness the dead no Illa no Magwood that Allah subhanaw taala.

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And you ask for women Yeah, I think that we don't have many different sort of men of women appear except in a kind of Hanafi madhhab in two or three things, bother in everything else. Women do same thing as men.

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Okay, let's take a question from him, which I think is a predicament a lot of people are in at the moment.

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When I'm working full time and can only do short courses in Islamic studies in Arabic language, would it be better? Would it be better to focus solely on Arabic at the moment?

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You know, it depends on what your purpose is if your purpose is to one day to understand the Quran and the Sunnah the source said you know properly then you need to learn Arabic language. If we just want to understand your religion, basic things you know in detail maybe some detail but not to become an Alamo scholar then you can attend the you know, don't into the anatomy just attend the courses on hadith of seal and Phil kind of get an understanding of religion

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if you want to know our proper Olimpia then this thing we don't have enough time to start with Arabic language maybe a little bit you know, some other things as well. You know, if you look at the course of our salaam Institute, they have designed very well it's only for Sunday and that how they did in the beginning they have Arabic but without a big also they have something Islamic study a little bit that also helps for Arabic and also people learn

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basic things to when in future they want to become island it will be helpful to I think for that purpose you know to design for the people who work full time or they study full time to the get one day in the week Sunday and you know and the focus on the pen become a hiring within six seven years. The look into course maybe that can help you inshallah

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yes, definitely if you go on to our website as salon.ac.uk I'll have it on the screen to check out our programs inshallah because the first two years the first year is foundational level the foundational level of Arabic and Islamic sciences in the second year is fully immersing yourself in the Arabic language only as I definitely recommend

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we have let's have a look at another question inshallah.

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Okay, I'm hesitant to take this question but let's give it give it a try, it looks more like a red Dasha

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if one's father died while his the grandfather is still alive, and his grandfather's other children are also alive in this case is the child of that father eligible for inheritance? Yeah, I understand your question because this question is very common. People keep asking you know in Islam, but people have to understand you know,

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the son marries he because independent he has his own house his own property or he doesn't live with his father anymore. So, if his father has got four sons and all of them married, they have their own house and they have their own properties and in one of them dies then his children will inherit him you know, similarly when the grandfather died his children hate him means his sons the sons are no more there then it will go to grandsons so thinking really that you know all the brothers have a right of equal rights even after did that not right if one one brother had died you know then he cannot inherit if he does not inherit How can he still inherit they will not get from the

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grandfather but certainly delicate from the Father. So you know this I don't think I know people will understand is so easily in discussion as a session by already have written articles on this matter if you read them it will be helpful I don't know if you know exactly what something in detail you know the language to icon forward to a Salam and before to explain in detail what the reasoning behind that and you can understand really why is in Islam you know grandchildren don't inherit you know if the fathers or their brothers or their fathers alike

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Okay, exactly.

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We have a question from for us

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where I live almost everyone kisses their fingers, kisses the fingers of both the hands off the saying the name of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is this something that we can do as well? Well, we should do

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you know, they say you know in some cultures, you know, when you kiss the finger, it is sign of the love. So when name of the professor lesson comes to some people kiss the fingers, or to express their love to the professor listen. The professor Lhasa certainly should be loved. But we learn everything from the professor and himself how to love him. He the love you need to obey Him. You know, pray and fast and pray soon say Salam on the parcel. Allah says, Obey Him. Avoid the sincere make your life as you know, good eyes. He did you know follow him something kissing the finger he did not do. He did not teach anybody that comparison ever did nobody ever have done so in a mental

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way of love you

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Not right really if you want to love the person I love the way the companions are loved, nobody can love the Prophet sallallahu Sallam more than the companions for for Rashi do then look at Abu Hanifa and Malik and chef you have to humble they never kissed any finger you know it all the books of Hanafi matava around you look in the books at the Hadith Tafseer you never find anything like that. So you know a new culture had developed you know Indian subcontinent very late and people are doing this thing.

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I don't actually fight people I don't argue but I don't do reason is because there's no proof for that. We want to follow the progress that allows them not to innovate something that again

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Okay, let's take this question from armour regarding the wife beating verse in the Quran. And so the desert is this is this following interpretation Correct. Allah commands men in society to punish those woman who commits immorality thus the poor will iterable It is not about the husband beating the wife

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no if we look at that in other materially Zina in order Doris has kind of sort of

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you know the Quran has said that if you feel no shoes and you know the women have no shoes so the Quran has commanded the men because the Quran has Gemma or Regina Lacava Monterrey jolly men. So, this to the men is not and then after that it says that you know, if it did not work then a separation to nobody said women do then you know you build them they're separated nothing like that nobody said like that. So this cannot apply the term look in the square really can see the stages you know first thing we did leave them in if we meant to center to wise leave them into very far away then era boom they won the Quran says very clearly do this do this do this few things. You know

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to indulge punishment that nothing like that these stages

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I have explained this was many times and I will retire somewhere maybe Shall I won't I'll publish then you can read it in a more clearly

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Okay, let's take this question isn't very clear. But let's see is a Hadith regarding blowing trumpets

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during marriage ceremonies being hated by Allah is this okay, let me read this again, is the Hadith regarding blowing trumpet is hated by Allah in marriage ceremonies or likely occasions authentic. So it's a bit of a mouthful. I know not only what heard something like that, you know, what we know is that in marriage 70 or celebrations, the professor has allowed singing he has allowed to do to one side or something like a bit in in a laboratory or something like that, which can make a little noise of people do these things. That allowed you know, to from that all my thinking between Trump's or something like that, that Makarov disliked. But what you're saying is, I don't remember anything

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like that.

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That's fine. Maybe Mohammed next time you can share with us a hadith. Okay, our next question is why does Allah say about some disbelievers that they will be disgraced in this life on the hereafter and about others he says he will let him enjoy the dunya and be punished in

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you know, certainly people are no different types of people.

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equally possible that the peoples are who heard the parser lol Islam, humiliated him and did not listen him to even get humiliation like him mostly it has come in the countries of Quraysh that they will get humiliation, because they have been humiliated the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions. But generally the plan makes clear that in this world, they will get you know some enjoyment by enjoyment does not mean they will not get humiliation, they Ullswater delay, punishment, but they will get humiliation. So there could be both. There's some people that delayed for 1020 years they can, you know, live happily then after that humiliation comes. And then the

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peninsula Porush for a while they enjoyed the life then after that they're humiliated in other and other battles. So same person can have both, he can enjoy the life. He also can be humiliated. And we can see in the world, there are people who do crime, they're happy, they live nicely. And then after a while they're arrested. They're humiliated. People can see that same thing you know, Cora, if you look in the context of Quran, you can see the reasoning behind so I don't see any contradiction in both of these things.

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Okay, let's go to a question from Musa.

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And she's saying can parents give their child the EagleEye by praising him

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too much. And hamdulillah my husband and I are blessed with a child and we adore him every time I say something good for example, he's growing fast or eating lots of my mother advice is not to say not to say such things as I'll give him the evil eye. I don't see them with evil intention.

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You know, the evil eye is a true buy does not mean really that in all the time, every time buddy can have evil eyes, sometimes you need to encourage your children you know, and praise them to praising them to not make an evil but it's good to say these things with another name to something you've said 100 You know, sometimes they mashallah you know, few words. Trust me lesson mattala When people trusted and also Hautala, then no hard okay to come to them and their family. You know, so people say Bismillahi la de la Tomas nation, Aleph is one of his summer, you know, something like that, you know, oh, it's just Bismillah in the Name of Allah, you know, it will be helpful. Wait, and not

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that, you know, just you say something that your child looks nice or something, the evil eye will come in within that like that, otherwise, nobody can survive in the world. People pray the children and is still there. Some people get evil eyes sometime. So don't worry too much like in this world. Some people select it, when they walk in the road, they fall towards the mean. Now we don't like to go straight to open the road. Sometimes people drive the car, they get accidents, the word or the mean, you don't let people drive the cars. Sometimes you can get the evil eye you know, like somebody can hit you. So these two people happen the life because of something happened sometime.

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You don't stop people you know from doing everything in their life. You know, just as NASA Hautala don't don't go in these things. So much. It's very bad for believer to you know, to worry about these matters. If you have a love with you, they know that nothing can harm you.

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Okay, let's take another question. Maybe one or two inshallah.

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Give me just one women

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00:27:14--> 00:27:19

is it permissible to wear a watch with some elements of gold within the mechanism?

00:27:21--> 00:27:42

You know, if the goal is just you know, like, painted, not part of meaning either gourd is no less than 18 carats or something like that. We don't consider the gold something in plated. That's fine by its proper gold. You know, you know, just like a zener don't matter, then it will not be allowed for that.

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Okay, let's see if we can take one more question. I'm trying to find one that's not requiring at least a one hour answer. Let's see.

00:27:59--> 00:28:16

We had a previous question. She can't remember if you address this for women to someone asked about whether it was sinful to pray. If you can pray in the masjid. Well, maybe it was in the Yama but can you speak about this woman? You're the father, the women. You know, if they go to the masjid, they get

00:28:19--> 00:29:01

the more reward like you know, for every player the greater reward 2527 times more by the women don't attend the print the most they don't get seen. Men can get seen if men have no excuse. And they don't go to the mosque. They can get sin. But women don't get any sin in art attend the prayer the most. But they will share the same lack of jihad. If men go to jihad, they get reward if they don't go with zeal bigotry, they get since if women don't go for jihad, they don't get any sin. When they go, they get reward. Same Juma prayer If men don't go for Juma they can get sin. And the women that don't go they don't have a sin but if they go they can get reward. So every Jamal for the women

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attend the friend the mosque, they get reward, but if they don't attend, they don't get anything. Women don't get any sin in not doing these things.

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Okay, I think we'll wrap it up there and Shawn load 630 Does Akiho show for your time again and everyone else for joining us every Thursday 6pm GMT again, I we have had quite a few requests about having these sessions timestamped so that you can watch watch it back on a YouTube channel. So this session will also be time stamped inshallah tomorrow. So all you have to do is go on to our YouTube channel, which is SLM in SLM Institute, and then you can just click on the part of video with the question that you're interested in, in having the answer for Inshallah, please do join us the same time next week and without any further ado, so I like everyone