Introduction to Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

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the commands of Allah in the Quran or the teachings or the person is in the suit in as soon as you know they do have different degrees they are not equal, that we have to understand properly because not every commander for lack same word, not all the commands of the process will have same word, not all teachings are the same but if you don't understand the priorities you fail to Islam really to understand the priorities properly lack of many people teach you how to make a life in abundance. It's not about balance Islam really in the balance is allow me to understand the priority what is more important than what is next to the to what and if you understand the priorities properly, your

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life will be in a peaceful and also in flow bits and lasala filter basically to teach you that priority and also especially to make you to understand the sources and the arguments for that project properly. To what first thing that we people have to learn also the 50 that you learn in the Quran as soon all those commands you don't know the priorities so that we can come to account basically that all the commodity for learn the rules work prior to that there something is the farther something's watching something sooner something might do something haram something makuta hurry me something Lattanzi if you don't know this, this priority sometimes if you prefer to know

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what the further you fill in that same thing, if you do you know if you prefer, you know, if you don't care about haram or you care about Makoto Tansy, some people do this to to firstly you learn to sort of fake it categories properly for the what is awaji and then second thing they teach you how do you notice further How do notice how not to then you will learn Masada laka the sources of these where they're coming from what makes something further what makes something wise what makes them tick, what makes them tick, what makes them tick in a MOBA those sources to those sources are what the Koran the Sundar the parcel Allah solemn, and their consists of this woman sometimes can

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make some ruling and also you know big mind who the mind sound mind which can make effort to derive the rules for those cases, which are not measured clearly from the from those cases which are measured clearly to the class that you do and there are few other things which are not so important, but even this for the data for Social Forum where you get the meaning of the outcome and the practice properly.

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Then you need need to learn really the Quran and Sunnah they are the Arabic language to how can I know that I read this or this and how can know it is why even how to further some time Koran says do something you should do or something like that, then you learn those rules of the language which can help you how to derive the rules from the Quran sooner that align to do so, there are quite a language do you know for example, that if you unless what I said command ombre have said don't do it must be haram because you know so far so in our Lord to these rules, we have to learn how to derive the rulings of Khan from the Quran, Sunnah, we have to know that, you know those rules today or

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avoid after lugar. You know, that that also one part of this will fail to understand how the language works and how can how you do when you read the Quran, how you know that this statement is stronger than this this statement, when you read the Hadith, you know that you know why this one is more important than the other one, this you know from the Arabic language. The third thing we learn about the Cavazos rules, which help you to derive the outcome from the sources. The fourth thing is you know all the Kamala satara satelli there for wisdom and for masala and another heckum and masala and nobody can look properly except him, but there except still there are some of those accounts

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which are worldly you know belong to the society just this and this and that somewhat limited to some I suppose, not all of them some of them they kind of be known and people should learn about them because when you learn that it helps you to apply them and to stand the ruling today are called in masala calm you know, the reason I have that a must must have an ECMO behind it that that actually has certain rules. They help you to you know, do the driving at anally from the Quran sooner you know more sound much better is still difference if you happen to directly what a certificate you don't learn these rules. What happens is you read the Quran sooner, but you are not

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only not able to understand the practice properly, two simple things so that helps you to understand the priorities of the commerce of Allah to serve personalism