What is the real purpose of Ramadan?

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What actually fasting does that why conocer la la quinta tahune when you fast you get stuck over why what are you saying this thing?

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When people explained this thing in this matter there have been more than one explanation in Islam. One is the very famous which is done by many many Sufi people especially Manuel de la mala tala that explanation is that he thinks when you are hungry, then your desired cause a weaker then your inclination towards good news because stronger not because weaker don't do sin to hunger makes you basically to dip to your willpower a stronger desire for the signal become system become weaker. It's all about hunger. And that way you can see if you read his book a book of fasting in Ramadan, it teaches you to sometime he will say in Ramadan eat less because Ramadan be hungry You can tell if

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you The more you work as a person try to eat less and then he mentioned that fasting of common people and you know CRM will alarm and this Yamaha was under a service and Synopsys Yamaha sukawati eating only once in 24 hours. And what time in the time at the supper in the morning. They attended breakfast duty just drink water and do your restart the FCM ahavas

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if this is the reason why why fasting inward results into taqwa their basic their problem, because then why the profit introducing the professor Latham On the contrary, he used to breakfast eat at three at a time a star and he actually measured this thing very close to everybody. If hunger being hungry makes you to have more tequila, he should be the first to encourage but he never realized that his company has never been like that. Second thing is there are these other personalities in the books of The Hobbit very clearly it before a month of Ramadan he used to give a speech that Ramadan is coming and he's to make people to welcome Ramadan and one of the things that is to remind

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people is shahara Shia Harun USA the theory school moment

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Ramadan is the month in which for a region of the believer is increased

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when unless not only increase your provision in Ramadan to what the purpose to use it or to keep it a word for word theory and that's what I increase believers Ramadan so they keep everything on the word for Ramadan know if he in a critical period for Ramadan meaning it use it that when Allah was otherwise that no purpose to increase provision if you don't know what to use, and people aren't going to use and you also can see the life of all the believers anywhere in the world wherever you go in the poorest Muslim country. You always find in the month of Ramadan they cook more food

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and they are so the quality is better quantity the better more and quality but everywhere you go and you can see in every single Muslim Quarter if you go at a time if there is more children that are walking around with the players what happened their mother makes if then the she gets in them to something God take to the boss take to this person take for the neighbor dinner goes around with the bread to other day they make more food and they share it with everybody it is very clear in the month of Ramadan Muslims eat more ate better food so then the month after the reason the cover is coming in not because people go hungry is not proper then doesn't make any sense to in a career.

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Therefore we're the believer in the month of Ramadan it is certainly one of the things for which a man who has alcoholic resize it in his book and at least first time when I read the script someone you know by monotonically Ramallah did a great amount of India a really great scholar the model the mind the body he wrote a letter to him that in a month of Ramadan

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you know advisors to do this thing What do you say? So he said no he prayed and then he said what he advisory is good against all these are these two he mentioned that you know month of Ramadan basically no further purple is nothing but what he suggested that also I don't have it but I just mentioned what he thought his thinking month of Ramadan that you become hungry and you can put the desire he think a month of Ramadan basically a month to discipline you. Meaning unless mother does not want to believe us to become the slave of the harder they should be Sullivan hautala in the morning you eat a breakfast, lunchtime lunch, evening dinner it is your habit or less mother bless

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the hobbit in Ramadan. He doesn't know what to teach less does he read the hybrid then to make your your your nurse less of a hybrid? Yes Let's allow you to when he come on, you drink when he comes to drink. We use tough money commodity to bring the hybrid. An example for that if an apple when you go to hide it, but you can see unless commodity to pray all the press and the time but in our effort. He commands you to combine between as one analysis. Why? To make clear that you are not a slave of time whatsoever lack of mercy to combine

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Combined between two players to more autonomy and people like even my teacher Mara mana personally, there has been a month of Ramadan is not really to make you hungry and to break the month of Ramadan to break the other, break the other there's a month of Ramadan that hopefully how

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you know when you break the other actually, you know after long thinking during the beginning I used to follow the second opinion because imbibed from it mala was another V and also I was very much influenced by more than 10 of you but I used to read his listing so much. But now after reading the Quran and reading mala for a year after I might, my opinion is generally the cover does not come from neither from being hungry, that word does not come from being disciplined yourself that Allah that Quranic teaching is coming from training you how to obey it at a reasonable cost. Basically, simple thing obey Allah Rama mantra for Ramadan trains you to obey Allah subhanaw taala that for the

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month of Ramadan is obedience to let available is not actually breaking the habit or something like that.

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You can see really sometimes people can't fast all all their to their habit in the first two then what do we do for them? Not too fast? Is the first thing this month of Ramadan to break the hybrid to what about the people who have passed or the year to what it will be breaking the habit for them. This simple matter really, to obey your Lord, that and this obedience really makes your heart clean and pure when people obey or listen to him. They're really hard to clean minded because you're a realtor comes comes from the blessing of Allah from his gift when people obey obedience basically the real cause for every worker to Taco Bell for the month of Ramadan because people obey Allah and

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he made this a special month for that purpose. And he made more about a burka further to when people obey in this way to Allah Allah tala then it basically they're more like when obedience because so deep your mind after Ramadan is still you keep obeying Him. And if you think really because what happens if pleasure Avada other it makes things

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meaning if you become like that, and now you become a turkey. Why Islam with you do with the will it actually makes it very clear that you are slave of your Lord. You obey Him willingly. So the reason fasting of Ramadan is connected with Taka is because it trains you teaches you obedience of Allah willingly to your will occur basically, monta for Ramadan makes your willpower stronger. That one minute the willpower because it's stronger. So then after a month of Ramadan, you still have such a strong willpower. You still keep moving, obeying your Lord and aware of the things that are happening to willpower in wonderful Ramadan is really strengthen and because it's stronger