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Akram Nadwi
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Cal Poly salami, that a book on the filter, a guide for Hanafi madhhab.

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And that is a publish until now in two volumes. The first one is on taharah purification, we'll do a whistle

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and then solder the prayer. And then janaza funeral prayer. second volume is about socket, fasting and Hajj and inshallah working on some more volumes. So that is *, this is a card 200 femur The reason because people most people who have been knowing that they follow 100 feet mother,

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but this is different from the classical hanafy work in two ways.

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What a difference is when people write the books generally they like right for their own time, to the our set of questions or their own time, because the book basically like a general manual for the guidance people help with daily life, how to somebody want to do how to do, what are the where to make yourself clean and pure, how to create the questions that actually are related to the people the time, the discuss, to like you read too many of those questions that are raised in a query, they are not related to our time, then the pastor now is still people keep reading them. They don't need to know those questions, because they're not a question that time. So I realized really, we should

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write a book which answers the questions our time or we don't need to carry all those questions the pastor to make it simpler to this wanting to this in this chapter select go to the Hara Salah Jenna is all the questions that can come to people who are living in this world, Western world, you know, answer them, you know, properly to this one thing has been done. The second thing also is many things.

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People used to write the book in the past that people learn from a teacher, and then understand it, I realized that many, many people, they don't have time to go to class to study with a teacher. So those who study in the USGS in the college, if they have good understanding of my test, if they read this book by them just so they can get sense of that, too, I made effort to explain that in easy language as much as possible. So for example, one of the difficult things is about the women, you know, their monthly cycle. So you know, when it happens, the ruling word that what at least is what the maximum, you know, what happens in the sea, blood even after 10 days, all those questions,

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mothers don't explain, they just don't have time to spend with the people. Any woman, any Guardian, you know, if she reads it, it will be clear to her time read as clear as possible. So this wants to kind of quality or the book, clarity, it makes things very clear for anybody who knows it, you know, English that that level. The third thing that people have been learning

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to the letter human language, they don't learn that what are sources where they're coming from? So in these two volumes, I made effort for every single ruling to connect it to the Koran if not the Quran, at least sundown on the parcel or listen them if not the sooner at least the practice of the companions The sooner and sometimes the not there people who come later Abu hanifa Malik shuffling work this is to form their own teacher. So, it actually teaches you you know one one problem has been the later on is it when people ask question they want to answer the question in very short was is it possible to nobody knows anything? Sometimes the answer only Yes or no? My thinking has been

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no people need to learn to teach them to when a question explain the question properly and also teach them the evidence from the persona to when people hear them they become more learned it improves their knowledge and when people know more then it becomes easier to practice. So there are two volumes and inshallah there will be in a few days of course on each one of them on taharah Salah Jana is where I will summarize in all discussion and also make effort to explain those parts which are more difficult for people to understand about as a pie about the height you know, clearly another question certainly even if you read the books it is possible is still question can come and

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people some might have different what we think Korea not necessarily Korea to everybody. So you know, in that way people improve their learning under under understanding of of the fucker

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inshallah and also I'll make a factor to measure other opinions to the book in regard to Hana filmmaker but there are two who don't follow Hanafi maga. So as you can understand our I never think it is necessary for the people to follow in mother the need to obey the Lord unto worshiping. If not disappearing. retropie appears no matter what matters is to obey Him and to worship him sincerely, you know that no bit no opinion which is firm or not. You have to take it apart.

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dies, you go to Paradise by worshipping your Lord, and by obeying Him sincerely. It could be a new opinion it could miss our opinion. So I'll make effort to also answer the questions in a way, which makes it easier for the people sometimes hanafy answer the more difficult for the people to any with no hanafy answer can make it easier to find a dead cat we want to make a life of the believer as easy as possible when they obey the Lord to like for example, wiping your socks. Maybe many of you don't allow go honey for himself did Rama Mama hanifa did a wipe on the socks, but many of you don't allow. So I think it makes more sense for them in our time. When they go to the universities or

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colleges and traveling on the aeroplane or they are in the services they don't have any place to wash their feet. If they're going to wipe it it makes easier then don't Mr clear, sometimes combining between two prayers or malaria Venetia can make life easier for the videos to there are many easiness which people can take from other opinions that didn't know how if all opinions are you know, solid and they're authentic, if we can make life of the believer that they're fun we could do inshallah. So I also make a factor for many of those questions to mention those opinions, which can be easier for the people to follow.

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Also, I've been giving an alpha

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already Hannah Filipina has been that women when they are in their munching cycle the cardinal the Quran, except they're memorizing by the way they don't really but there is no magic number hurry no they can read it is not in semi purity, because people need to run every day to I think it makes more sense to women no if you deprive the women of the Quran for seven days or eight days every month, two big things that people need guidance from this book every day. So we should help them to I think this matter if people follow up enough you're hiring American just good enough to help them to have a new connection with the person all the time. So yeah, this is summary what will happen

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inshallah in the course

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