The Test of Life and a Powerful Dua

Mufti Menk


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of Jesus being a powerful drop and how people are unable to do anything with the same name. They also mention the meaning of "verily" and the meaning of "verily" in the context of the title of Jesus. The speaker also talks about a medical history and the meaning of "verily" in the context of Jesus.
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When Allah has placed you in a certain situation of hardship, that is your test, that is your test, you can never tell the examiner this question is unacceptable.

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You might find it a little bit difficult but with the help of Allah Nothing is difficult look at the prophets are seldom when they first revealed to him when Allah revealed to him a Cora

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What did he say Manna Bukhari he was to read, he just politely responded, I'm not a courier, not a reader.

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Ikara again, I'm not a reader manner, because guess what he was told after that, verses were revealed.

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A Korra be smear beacon lady holla. Or read in the Name of your Lord who created?

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What does that mean? That means if you think you cannot do something you read in the Name of your Lord, the minute you take the name of Allah, you are able to do it, it will become easy for you. That's why as Muslims, what do what are we taught? We're taught that everything you do say Bismillah Bismillah before you eat Bismillah you opened the door of the motor vehicle Bismillah

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you go somewhere you do something Bismillah

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why? Because it is only with the name of Allah.

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That everything is made easy and with the same name of Allah. Nobody can harm you. Nothing can hurt you. Nothing in the heavens of the earth in the sky is should I say or the Earth can ever harm you Bismillah Allah be liable Roma asked me he sure you can fill out while I have his summer he will who was Samiullah alim. I take the name of Allah, with whose name

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Nothing can harm me.

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On Earth, or in the skies, and he is all hearing all knowing. That's a powerful drop.

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Another very good dua Yahaya you

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are you who is ever living all alert? Why am I calling out to him? We die. Allah doesn't die.

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People around us pass on Allah doesn't pass on. People are helpless. Allah is not helpless. Everyone else is helpless. The people you turn to for help, they themselves cannot help themselves. Subhan Allah

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and we tend to people for help, they will let us down.

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Turn to Allah. What does Allah say?

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Listen to this dua taught by the prophets of salaam yah, hi yah. Yah to Oh you who is ever living all alert. Berra Hermetica Astbury is the Rata means to seek help in desperation. So bureaucratic asterisk means I desperately seek Your mercy. That's what it means. But Hermetica Your mercy is what I desperately seek.

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Bureau of Medical history with a slightly sharp Nicola make good for me all my affairs helped me in all my affairs, the difficulty, the hardship, the grief, the sorrow, the loss, whatever it is, oh, Allah helped me in all my affairs, especially shut Nikola, while attacking me, Elon have seen power over time. And don't leave me to myself. Don't leave me alone. Don't forsake me, even for the blinking of an eye.

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One blink of my eye, I don't want you to go away from me. I don't want you to leave me because I'm not going to survive. That's a dua of the Prophet SAW Salem.

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Let's learn the DUA call out to Allah using this dua many times a day. No fixed number. Yeah, hi, yo, yo, yo, I'm bureau of medic as the reef asleep Leisha Nicola Orla takhini Ella NFC purify time Subhan Allah Subhana Allah see the doors opening