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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a We shall have from the day on every Thursday at 6pm BST. Without further ado, let's begin. We've got quite a few questions today. So we'll begin. So the first question we have share is by Sayid who says, My cousin who is a pilot is not allowed to fast during flights in Ramadan. Despite this rule, he fasts but occasionally must show he isn't by drinking water, pre flight, what is your advice on this?

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Question to like that, they're very important

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to understand sometime that could be confused between a personal commodity mattala Which actually belong to your UI, the person and sometimes there could be a command of Allah subhanaw taala which, you know, belongs to you, you know, as a part of him, but of a wider society and victim at some time, but it's not a hard or soft sacrified for sacrifice to for the sake of you know,

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to avoid the bigger harm, for example, like you know, if somebody's doctor

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in his fasting and it is fine, you know, understood that if he fast it can affect you know, his activity, you know, in during operation or something like that, then he will provide not too fast because you have to save other people's life that are more important than his faster he can do other later on to similarly, you know, when somebody the pilot, you know, bigger risk, and if it is really advice, which is based on some, you know, proper medical, you know, study that fasting can harm them, the best thing is not too fast, you know, while somebody's being on the planet, you know, as a pilot, especially because you know, your friend or your cousin

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if he's on the plane, he's traveling anyway. Because you know, it is real must be going more than 48 Miles even though it is a trail, he's a trailer too far too easy to use, not too fast. So either way, really that you know, if at the best on it, good. Steady, then he should not fast.

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Just up to locate and check. The next question says, chef, I am a woman in a culture that favors the sons, since no one owes in laws, anything. If my parents tell me to be good to my brother and his family can I refuse, sometimes it's too much, but how not to disobey.

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Nothing people don't understand really the way our family culture is a very bad culture. It's all really negative to the towards women. And the women are the one who are obliged to do everything. You know, to keep everybody happy, too, people have to understand that, you know, Parents, Husband, and all the people around the women, they have leaders, they don't have unconditional command over the women either with no woman can survive in this world. So parents don't have any, you know, command over their daughters to command her to listen to the, you know, in laws and this and that, that's unnecessary. Women have no obligation towards the laws anywhere except human in relation.

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Luckily, they come to your house and be nice and good to them like you're good to everybody else. But to serve them to lock loop after them. You know, this is not your duty if you do you get it forever, and you've got to reward for that. So I don't understand why people are forcing the women you know, they notice expect the same thing from the men they didn't nobody said you know the men should be good to the women's wives the in laws and obey them I listened to them in Islam really bothered same thing. You know, the women is women same laws are same either men some endorse it, men have no duty and obligation towards their in laws, why they expect their wives to have any duty or

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any obligation towards them. Both are same thing. You know, a woman has the same

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you know, she has same relation to her husband's parent, as her husband had to her parent, the same thing. They're no different between both of them Islamically two people should not expect the women in all those things. Leave them they know you are living with the family then after that, how she behaved with your parent. Does she within them look after them? You know, if you don't want that to her, it should not affect any relation because not her duty

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No dude, no obligation upon her. I think this should be very clear, like at this time kosher keep coming anytime to you know, and I've written a book out I don't want to get published. But simple matter really is that women don't have any obligation towards their in laws. Actually women don't have any obligation in Islam to cook the food for their husbands, or clean the house or wash their clothes, we may actually the husbands have duty in the salon to provide food for the wives with the food or buy their meal for the from the shops, or give them money that women can, but the women have gotten even the forecast if or the wife or the husband has bought food for wife, and she ate it. And

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she left some of the food husband had no right to eat leftover. She cannot even give that leftover to her guests, because that is property or ownership of the wife. No to her right. So we are basically going in our life completely apostrophe, salam, if people follow Islam in respect of their wives, most non Muslim women will have to become Muslims, when the see really how much respect Islam has given to the women. But the problem is in our houses so badly that you know women always are suffering and in some time I feel like actually set out what to do. People are very shocked. I read that wrote and we'll do that the condition news meaning women live. If the men have to live in the

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same condition for a month, they will become my mate mentally ill they cannot survive that to divorce their wives to live in very bad condition. And it's all haram unlawful thing. One day they will be questioned, like in the Quran said that the people who buried their daughters alive the question similarly, all the people who are the women are press anybody, there will be questions that are fitment.

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As I close here and check for that detailed answer, I look forward to your book on this matter. Inshallah. We'll move on to the next question, but Fatiha, who says salaam Nia Chef, what is the wisdom behind the ending of Al Baqarah? With the beautiful two?

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I can't see.

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I can't see the screen.

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No better.

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asks a salami Hashem, what is the wisdom behind the ending of sorts of Bukhara with a beautiful day about self weakness that needs dependency on Allah, which just before that the verse mentioned, Allah will not burden anyone more than what he or she can afford. And why is it made the ending of the surah talk a little bit

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about background. So today, we're actually the we're ending both, most orders, we're really ending with a very important as of the beginning of a very important event, a su Surah start a lot of other MCs, mindful of the people to understand and to act upon all the details that are mentioned in the Surah then at the end of the day, you know, coming back again, you know, most important teachings are the sutra that is very important to learn.

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That, you know, we cannot do anything, even obedience of Allah subhanaw taala

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without the will of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And even if we do things as best as possible,

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still view it will have many, many shortcomings, many failures, many problems. So that's why we had to ask a lot not all the time to forgive us. That why you know when

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the latter on Whoa, he asked the person on the salam, O Allah's Messenger, you know, when I pray, and I sit in the father Raka and I make dua what it was, was really ask Allah subhanaw taala So the Prophet said to him, say Allah Khomeini, as well up to Gnosis or Monica Fira, what I have for the rubella for Lima for them non liquid Romney in the country or for Rahim, do I talk to the best person you know after the Prophet Messenger because a deep and after the best action, the prayer is still like teaching him to say, Allah who my knee as salam, O Allah, I read myself, you know so much wrong, you know, I'm unjust to myself. And you know, I did not do this properly, you forgive me. So

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that should be the way for believers to self love forgive all our sins, you know, we have not done it as best as possible. So then unless the heartless people like that innovation, the humble and humility, suit about right great Surah no doubt ready to act upon all the details is not easy, especially with the fear of loss of Hautala with full sincerity. It is you know, not you know for anybody who not a prophet, it was so difficult. So that's why a lot of what that taught us those two hours, which can help us to ask our Lord to forgive us in all the shortcomings and then give

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A full report to the Secretary

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wants to see an order the last page of Susan Bakura is a very, very connected in this matter.

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Is that glow Hayden share? The next question is by Federico who asks, My name is Maria, when I started reading the 102 years back, I used to have so much crucial, but as time passed, my whole show has reduced, what might be the reason?

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And the thing is that all the were huge. They depend on the effort. We did not that you know, you have some time feeling good mood, and you're happy with do something good, does not actually, you know, effort, effort is that you make intention planted, I want to obey My Lord, I want to remember everything, my prayer, that force yourself, that the real thing really that what real is, was imposed by forcing to even if your heart is not feeling anything, your mind does not feel anything, but you force yourself to be present in the prayer. That is to assume means that you understand what do you think about the verses that being read? You know, and that what some people think also means

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the hearts are moving and you know, tears coming from their eyes, and you know, the mood is uplifted or something like that. None of these are really these are just mood. It can happen by anything real for you is your understanding that you are in front of your load and you are worshiping Him obeying Him, you bond to him, and that will come from

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Zach Lokeren chef. The next question, says a Salam aleikum, Chef, my wife was in a state of Geneva impurity and before she could bathe, she got her period. Is it personal? Is it permissible for her to bathe for Genova during period and read Quran as she's Quran teacher?

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Yeah, so you know, if she didn't have enough time to her bath, and she got to the period then she did not need to do the prayer so but if you had a tough time, but she delivered the Janab vuestra after she got the pillar that prayer she has to do further when she's pure. Until this period Yeah, if she wants to read the Quran, so you know the battery that our foothold on that don't think really you know, Java can stop you from reading the Quran very similar to the height to anyway so many people think that you know, you can read the Quran anytime you know within general about

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the book of Allah is not a reminder for lots of mattala and nobody can start from the remind truffle anywhere him to remember she heard about that function or not above

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she can read the Quran understand the book of

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particle our future. The next question is by referred who says how can we understand that a sin is major or minor for example, sharing answers with each other in the examination hall is unfair. Is it major sin or minus it?

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Just seems really are those which are mentioned the Quran and among the things that are mentioned in the Quran? You know, very clearly is Allah subhanaw taala say that you must do the Amana you notice right? Don't cheat Lata Hoon to Allah is arbiter Fionna the very other professor said Monica, Shanna, Felisa Mina, those, they are not us, you know, to like somebody was selling something.

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And he put some water with a grain inside to winter weight when it become heavy. So the cheating, so the power is not from us from us, not from us, beans become lactiful. So it measures it to know that cheating is a major, major sin.

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It could be any cheating is cheating. You know, something you're cheating something in society, to to against the state it all cheating to whatever you think people do, it will be made just enough people should avoid that

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as best as possible.

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Does that close it and share? The next question

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is about government bonds. So someone asked government bonds are the safest place to put our money right now as an investment? Is it allowed as banks run as bank runs and volatile markets are risky right now? Worth noting that bonds have interest in them? So? Yes.

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You'll think that you know, we have to early understand from the people that do not I don't know how much interest they're very interested in the nature of the problem anyway, there's no interest and you share the profit and loss, you know, goes up and down. That could be fine. But sometimes if it is too much risky, it could be like gambling. So you have to find out really how is it? Is there any interest connected to it? If it is, then it will never be allowed?

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Yeah, I know with this shift that with the government most Western government bonds, they're based on interest because it's a loan you you give them money to the government, and they will give you your money back with that with a percentage on top. But the Islamic world in the Middle East, they've developed

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a type of bond which they called Sukuk, Islamic finance, which is profit sharing based. No, no, don't go like that. There is not all of it. I know the so called business. You know, just looking at that, you know, it's all connected with same thing. So I think you know, people should be careful, okay.

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Avoid all these things.

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Just that love hate and ship. Next question is by Maria, who says a Salam aleikum. I would like to better understand the concept of a common to Salah and why in the Quran Allah says a theme is Salah, and not suddenly Is there a difference just below him you know there is a difference because when it's so late Mr. Play a comment a salon means to make the prayer straight

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to something make it meaningful, do it properly like with ODU

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taharah purification you know every time for the jump in Canada regression host every single thing that connected the prayer do nicely to your comments closer later submit same thing we're honored to serve as a reminder of that, that in order condition to the prayer should be fulfilled properly. During the prayer people should be presented their mind should be attentive to what the real word in what they're doing. That when it comes to slides Do you agree includes it includes the hara education in equals Jama Masjid in equals to two faced Aquila. It includes all the conditions and all the return of the prayer in either mentioned the Quran sunnah.

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Is that located in check before we continue a brief announcement there is one week left to our early bird special for our Arabic summer school in Makkah, where you'll be going on a two week trip to Morocco and be learning and improving your Arabic in the holy city. And shukran will be there as well. The details for this are on the website. And as always, enrollment is now open for our next academic year as salam Institute. We've got our foundation Yeah, our Arabic immersion. Yeah, the Islamic scholarship program or the all new Quran study program as well. I will share details for these but you can find the details on the website inshallah.

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Let's continue. The next question chef, says a Salam aleikum. I've been told some piercings are allowed if they're part of your culture. So I wanted to ask if a septum piercing the middle part of the nose between the two nostrils I believe would be allowed as it's part of British slash Desi culture because I love

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these things actually allowed, you know for the women to I don't know if the person was negotiating a woman you know the piercing the ER or knows, you know, it is part of the beauty. It allowed for the women but not for the men.

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Just that flow pattern shift. Next question is by unwell who says salaam chef is allowed to wear cloth below the ankle during salah? Well, since we're wearing clothes below ankle no longer seen as showing off or arrogance in the culture. Is it okay to wear below the ankle

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country that automate the difference between wearing clothes below below above the anchor don't find any difficulty anything arrogance in this matter. So there are a lot of other people that you know wearing blue anchor is allowed, you know, generally because the the reason the professor for budget is a sign of arrogant people are a people. They used to have long claws and pulling you know in the street. I sign up there being a master or above everybody else, since people don't think in ROTC attached to the cloth here. So some people say mobile still I would say really better thing is to be careful.

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That's an ally like a chef. The next question is by Mohammed who says what is the importance of the bed in Islam?

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Who know that I agree again, a different matter. Some people say you know it is allowed MOBA that people have been some people say it's the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. I did mention the Hadith in Muslims.

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Teams which are a fifth from the fitrah to one of them is growing the beard. So at least it is Sunnah, but it's something he says that they make a file that was so that no profile data that is so nice people do it and it seemed that it is a beard. They follow the Sunnah. There's no limit for any length in Islam.

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So people have unnecessarily putting all those conditions in how much longer should be as long as people think it could be. Or

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it could be that what languages actually talk to the Sunnah by somebody to not follow the Sunnah. There are many minutes unless people don't follow suit, because so strict on the people, if they're missing one or two most important things, or the fourth or fifth people should do the father of the patients properly.

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Zach Lowe, head and chef. The next question is by Anwar who says As salam o alaikum. Chef, in summers, the nights are very short. And it's very difficult to pray tahajud will I get the same reward? If I pray enough for Salah and winter before going to sleep? Yeah, I know, right? Sometimes night is very short. So you can do your tahajjud before you go to sleep. So there is proof that you can do your Vittorio tahajjud before you go to bed. And then you get up and to your physician

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Zach Lowe clincher next question. We've got a lady who's written a bit of a long post where she says her mother beat up the daughter till she was 12 years old. For small things. She would lock her in the bathroom, she was an emotionally abusive, controlling, she would spread facade between the siblings, and now the daughter she's grown up has anxiety and depression, due to the constant flashbacks of her beatings. To what extent does she need to maintain ties with the mother, and how much is enough?

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salutely very badly, you know, the mother is developed disobedient, you know, somebody came and complained to him or the law about his son, that my son did not listen to me. Tomorrow, well, very angry, and he called the sun. And then sunset sunset, actually what my father had done to me and he did all the things he mentioned. And also he named a very bad name. So I want to become angry with the Father that You are the one who disobeyed. So this mother actually, I don't understand him because you know, we always give example of the mother's father mercy, Father rotten, for kindness for the love. But I always keep hearing the stories of those mothers who really are already

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horrible, you know, so much in control, I don't know why what they get actually by harming their own children and daughters and until people you know, become ill and depressed and develop anxiety that these things are. We're honored to have genuine with us. We'll be asking, because one has to understand properly. Nobody owns anybody. Parents don't own their children. Like I've got daughters so I don't own them. I'm not owner you know, they have their life they have you know, dependent, they have their own rights. I cannot bike by back bite my daughter if I back by to get sick. Notice that because my daughter Tigers or whatever, like, I can hurt I can No, you know, I have to know the

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laws of Allah subhanaw taala about that matter. say Mother, Mother has no right to beat her children. She has no right to back by them. She had no right to harm them and hurt them anything like that I can easily kill a question that I've learned and what she had done with her daughter very, very badly in which should never be allowed. So a daughter like that she shouldn't be away because she sees her mother or her anxiety will come back. Try to advise her for the time being be away. Keep distance until your mind can sound did or maybe some sometimes send some gifts to her, because you want to be nice, but don't mix with her so much. Otherwise, all your bad memories will

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come back.

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That low energy ship. The next question

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says I become nervous after making Toba because when I make Doba, my mind says the sin will happen in the future again, is it from Shaytaan?

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Listen to shut down. And listen. I will not be tired of forgiving. You're not tired of asking to forgive of simple matter. If you do sin, ask him, he'll forgive that again million times he will find that time and stop asking to forgive, then he will not forgive that because you are going to become tired. He knew it is impossible that you ask Him to forgive and he did not forgive. What is possible is that you don't ask Him to forgive that that word problem is really problem with the people that you don't ask them to forgive the problem they never that they asked him to find a good man who never can happen. He ought

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to have mercy don't listen to shut down. The first thing is don't do so. But if somehow sin happen, then don't sit until you ask Allah to forgive you.

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Is that clear and ship? The next question is by Ali who says salaam chef How does one deal with excessively worrying about their health all the time? And what might happen in the future?

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Is if anything unnecessarily is a problem anyway because you have to know that you are in the hands of Allah doesn't mean you know Allah, he can have a market die, anything I'm sitting here you know, heart attack can happen, anything can happen in our life is not in our control. We don't know what's going to happen even people who don't have any health problem, they can die. People who have health problem maybe they live longer, nobody knows. So, you know, all these anxieties are a sign of lack of trust in Allah subhanaw taala to people shouldn't be thinking that our life that all enhance our health and illness are in the hands of Daraa to turn to Him, obey Him and don't do or unnecessary

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problems, you know, for yourself. It's very, very bad manner, to leave Allah and just keep worrying about yourself

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to the cloud, cloud and ship. The next question by Achmed says A salaam aleikum, Chef, what are the books of Navajo that should be studied? And in what order? Also regarding sort of, should we teach students the garden way? Or should we use the Arab way of teaching

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them which people should learn language properly readers and all those things, but the grammar should be learned to also properly I don't know if you know my book, and the grammar my body to have written one my body and one is suffer, to learn, memorize stuff I did in the book. Then in the novel after that you can read

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in the self after my book, you can read Shadow life. If you're gonna suffer, you want more. So there could be, you know, a Shafia hygiene. It's coming very, very, very good. And in novel after Shadowcat another, you can read Mufasa if you want to more than read the book of SIBO Johnny, very good book of Johnny is important. Then you can go to sleep identically, so much everybody people should know as best as possible.

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Joseph Lohan and check the next question also about Achmed says what is the chef's opinion on the Russa Lova books by Dr. V. Abdullah Abdul Rahim

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I don't know about this book, but there are so many years in the world best thing read that follow that NEFA answer properly. Like you know, my mocha Baba does somebody

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do properly or something will teach you that nature we have language don't need to spend so much time and suffer now, like many others do, but then they have always weakness. I meet so many artists, they always do mistake in the surf and do nothing with it properly. So much mistakes people in the past did not do because they use a lot of property that advises you, you know, learn language, but at the same time, you know, spend time on the software. And for good RB readers there are like books like a lot, a lot of bearded Nashi and some other books or NAFTA that is easy to carry level.

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And, you know, books after, you know could arbitrary people, it will develop or improve you but I don't know about this book.

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Does that glow Herencia? The next question says if black magic doesn't exist, which the person who asked the question completely agrees with? Can you explain when Musa alayhis salam came across two magicians who turned their sticks into snakes and also what about the iron Surah Baqarah one or two

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thing either one or two people can do the can control your mind for a while that happened like a Buddhist kind of good teachers it clever people they can make you to think a certain way you know sometimes if you come to a clever person, he will make you to think so different from other people. So they can they can overpower you to similarly in positions that they do. So something is like a pen. I noticed pen but they can you know make you think it's an IC or something like that. But just for what short period what you need to do this plan don't listen to them. And don't believe in about this today in the fact

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that while they do deliver the masala Sarang to Musa Scarlett but he's also a human being. There are lots of what Allah made him clearly that know nothing to just the myriad us to think but the noise Nick, where Musa is assured them what Allah has given him that was a proper miracle and threat by all the musicians who bought inside that because the new air conditioner magic. Magic does not change anything. It only make people to think like philosophers, oil, rituals, universities, all these people they affect your mind thinking. Similarly, magicians also can affect the mind how to think to the contrary but for short period, not for the long time.

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Which is aka low head and chef. That's all we have. That's all the time we have for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps

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We can aim to answer it. The week after next to Zach Lowe head and chef for your time and Zach Lowe head on everyone for joining and we'll be back next week. Sorry actually, we won't be back next week because chef is away, but we'll be back the following week on Thursday at 6pm BST as always, Zack located on A salaam aleikum, WA Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh