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Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of grammar in Islamic language and how it is difficult to forget rules. They also mention a work by a British doctor that emphasizes the importance of deferring grammar rules for future students. The discussion concludes with a hope to finish the work in a day.
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What I've been looking for for a while either that people no doubt in mother Assad and also in Islam still today be studying grammar in the in the beginning. But rules are the grammar very easily also an escape from the mind of the people. And it really that people forget very quickly. So the automa Oliver in every state, they should be revised and revisit the rules of the grammar.

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Because we have seen so many mistakes that went by many minalima because they don't remember the grammar and they forget many, many rules. So it came to my mind to include one of the important work of the grammar in our syllabus. And that actually is the work of humans, the machinery that I'm actually the one or the expert of the art grammar can be one of the few people in Islamic history, who are so good in Arabic grammarians who kind of work and say that, you know, after Siva, why

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I ended that first generation then image in the eye and then I brought you to pharmacy and your journey after these few people are, to my mind, the best person in our grammar is no doubt. They've actually had much, much better than later people like in his shop and the hijab. them actually his expertise at the at the grammar is so clearly known even from his work of the Sirocco chef. But this Mufasa is a really amazing work directory is very short. But through the examples, he has actually made effort to present every single issue on every single rule of the grammar, you know, eloquently, and he was mistaken the grammar to sometimes differ from Ms, Eva and other people's grammar. So one

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can learn also in the grounder thinking understanding. So one thing we have done in the service is always selected or chosen the work of those who are a mom, and we're thinkers, not those who just follow. Two people can learn that how to defer the actuary you know he's great expert, but at the same time he differs from other people he can he can differ from Russia from from where from early people so 100

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as a whole. I think this work will be enough to revise the grammar for the students and also to make them to think about Russa the grammar and to understand the wisdom behind the grammarian sir, thinking and making making the rule because it is it is a shorter work. So it is easy inshallah we hope to finish in one day when the whole one academic year

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