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The speaker discusses the concept of spirituality in Islam, stating that it is not possible to purify oneself and is related to the concept of body and soul. The speaker also discusses the use of words like "arcels" and "arcels" in Islam, and how it can be considered a means of achieving spirituality.

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Okay, so first what I said is it does he is purification the task yeah basically for this work not for the grave anyway. So I made something else. The sky is for disabled people a man Islam is only for this world who will suffer lies messages for this world purification this one, but I'm trying to say even the believers did die but they do not purify themselves, they have no have did not have any shilka cofra. But they still have some senses, Xena are stealing like many, many senses from which they don't do not purify themselves to what happens is they get punishment in the grave. So this punishment in the grave, it basically takes away the burden or the sin from them to now they have

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less than

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if at the end of it, they can go to Paradise, but sometimes their sin is so much really even by this punishment, they still are not cured from the sin, then they're thrown in the hellfire. So they're punished for their sins until they become pure and clean. And then Allah forgive them they go to me really meaning it if people don't purify themselves, they're going to be punished because the since in the grip that punishment because

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if they're punishing that not enough, then they're going to punish in the Hellfire that punishment can become purification until every belief believer is purified long, long time but the no no believer will remain in the Hellfire that what I meant by that in a spirituality people what they mean really people think that a human you know what I tell you read I don't have time to spin out this thing say basically in Islam. Two major cons you know his idea the thoughts you can say, you know Kalam and Sufism, both of them atomic origin, at least the scholarly part they come in from Greek tradition.

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kalaam comes from Aristotle, and Sufi that comes from Plato to Plato is demonically, or Sufi idea of Adam Mittal and descended the donor to him, if you read it as early, and if you read the value added in all these people, and then you read Plato, you find exactly the same thing. They just his idea would have moved in Islam, to the the one actually who is to have you know, a human being are two things body and the spirit, soul to things and the body the problem, you have to get rid from that until you become seen a soul and spirit is pretty different. When you become like angels and just only soul. They don't have body, the body is burdened. You have to be really free from the body

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until you become like Angela sue the data why the word or swallow the word is rooted in Arabic language to from danza, capital, Hania spirituality, that what it means really, Islam never teach it is not not your body's burden. Islamic teaching No, you're you are body and soul both what you nearly obey Allah you can eat and drink and then eating and drinking are not bad for you. But when you eat Haram, that problem will eat too much as a problem. But eating our submission here tell us when you eat it with a good intention with near 12 satara. Having a relationship with your wife is not a burden upon you. When you have relations. You're right, you could reward for that. You could

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do it not Agassiz Christianity. But in these people, it's all aggressive spirituality, it's all material relation sex, eating, drinking, they want to get free from themselves from God as much as possible. That is coming from the wrong tradition. Never Never We are the Prophet messenger. You can eat and you can come here to losada you can drink and you come here at Ross hautala. You can have relation, you know the profit of nine wives at the same time, or to the 11 vice

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if a hybrid relation and sex is actually I guess it's the Trinity. Then he's far away from associati for everybody for wise, and he had nine wives

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to just think really, and not only that some time he used to have relation with all knives in the same day.

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Or the night was same day. Tell me really what happened. If this is I guess it is dirty. He's not a special person. Not in obedience applies to charity. Don't use this word anyway. You need to obey a lot more than two people have got the idea for spirituality from the Greek tradition from the player to that it's coming from that is alarmed does not have the word the word Rouhani Yeah, Islamic word Islam submission that are lesser two grammars are silly arcelormittal in Lyra Brahimi there was a Islamic or Eastern assumption to the universe after his his, his his his people was Saavedra hemo Bernie yaku Yeah. Berea in the last lava la como de ferrata Mouton. Illa. anta Muslim moon, oh by

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suns unless Jordan you fari salaam submission. Don't die unless you are full for submission is another use separate your body from soul, make your soul and body bought to surrender. decide that this idea is more spiritual than having nobody in

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the body. How can you decide that? When you decide that you can get your Lord, an attorney in the suit? The attorney should explain more detail. It said at the end faster, Judy, walk 30 do cider and you've come here to me. How do you say that with a body body that a butter upon your body actually serves. It serves to you helps you to become near to Allah. It is for that purpose. The prayer

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The body G has to do with the body in order that they are helping you for that purpose. When you misuse them, that's a problem. But when you use them at a large percentage that is good for you. So the concept of spirituality does not exist in real Islam, though people have added to Islam later on, but that that exists there.