One of the most important books in Islamic intellectual history

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The speaker discusses the importance of learning about Hadith, a book that is considered the best one among those who know it. They explain that the book is human work and is not a coincidence, as it is a science based work. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of learning from past experiences and mistakes to improve one's work.

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Sahih Bukhari actually the most sound book in Islam after the Quran, or did the most academic work, or most professionally done very nicely done. So we people respected and everybody said the best look after the Quran, but we are not really able to find out what are the qualities behind why it is so important, why it is more authentic than any other word, what makes it so important that we need to learn, it's not a secret, it's not a mystery that nobody can know. It's not a revelation from Allah, that this book is the best one. It is human work. It is something you can learn, you can explain to the people, but we don't make effort. And it really great science that you know, and

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almost a defender had been doing really how to authenticate Hadith, and how to, you know, distinguish sound Hadith from the weak Hadees and what are the method methodologies to use to work out that it is really amazing you've got so much interest in our time there's so many weak Hadith and Fabrika Hadees and circulation and people don't hardly find a difference between weak and you know, and a fabrica Hadith and sound Hadith. Once you learn this course and you understand the mythology of the Mohabbatein you really learn that how different how much effort they have done to separate you know, the sound Hadith, from the non Sound on Sound Hadith, it depends, you know, on so

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many things, one thing is that chain of narration should be connected to meaning the Buhari want to say that whatever I learned, I know I should mention should be able to learn my name, my teacher, this hadith I got from my this teacher, he got from this teacher he got from this teacher, going back to the professor lawless Allah, no link should be missing, patron link is missing, that missing person could be responsible for the law, your father mistake. So we should know everybody, then we should know the qualities of every narrator, who they are, how pious they are, how honest they are, how, how true they are, and how good their memory and memorizing or writing, because people could be

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very pious, but they do mistake they forgot things to how would in debt are. And then even good people and pious people and those who are learning they can do mistake

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the how we can find out the mistakes of the reliable people. People like Malik Sofia and Foley even or Lena read people expert of the Hadith. But they also did mistake too How can I find out their mistakes? Their mistakes we can find by comparing same hotties how many people are it? Who I agree who disagree to what the problem is that so there's so many different techniques that they use to find out really what is sound Hadith. So data, amazing work they're done by Mahabharata insha Allah that I'll teach you and explain to you you know that not only those over yesterday he looks He even looks at deeper about the mistakes which are hidden

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generally many expert the Hadith they will not find the mistakes but he had some big expertise and you know, he's pretty life he can censor some mistakes. People generally don't know the how does he sense that he have any argument any evidence for that? Can he sprint was to we need to know because I've mentioned not a secret. Then after that he wants to say that he noted this my book is not only collection of the most sound Hadith guitar so to prove that most of sound Hadith, they are enough for our religion

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to be derisive in all the rulings of Islam from the same sound Hadith, one Hadees you can use for many, many times that have same Hadees has so many different contents he brings

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he will teach you the don't take knowledge from you know your society and it falls by that or whether Make effort to disconnect yourself from all the teachings and come back to the sound teaching the many misconception misunderstanding he believes it creates them. So remember firearm lots of work really in use to study properly. And either people said in this book that nothing randomly, everything's planned properly, even the order though in the order in which he brings Hadith, it is a plan and perform for you to find a purpose, even the chapter headings. Each one follows from something that there is something intention, beginning of the book, worship the first

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Hadith, what is the last word is there a relationship between them. So let for now put the best Hadith about intention in Omarama vignette.

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Last one is color Metallica FIFA taught to lie to us but they are very heavy in the in the heaven. What he wants to say that don't look at my book is small.

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It could be small, but if it for the sake of Allah, in a proper it will be heavy in the eye for Lasala same your actions. They couldn't be smaller. But if they are good, and they're for the sake of Allah they can become very heavy. The beginning of the book and end of the book has got relation, seemingly every chapter where each chapter ends a new chapter

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Start between there the relation. So that has gotten us so many details, which generally people don't have in mind when they write the book and Hamdulillah that we are lucky that we got this book. No nation has got on the face of that, a book like that such an academic book, such written such perfect so much professional way, but still we don't want to understand it. Don't want to learn learn in all the secrets that why I wrote this book or hamdulillah and inshallah explain, you know, most of the details that I just mentioned in that course and for that initial