Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A 05-10-2023

Akram Nadwi
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warahmatullahi wabarakatu everyone, and welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi. On every Thursday at 6pm BST without further ado, we'll begin. Chef we have two private questions that have come in. So the first question is in sort of the RF verse 192, which reads as the following whether you're stumped the own alumnus Ron Walla and fossa Omean so rune,

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the Quran refers to the False gods, as plural masculine. Why is that? Can you explain

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you know, the

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remit of gender in the Arabic language, is actually to not follow one single system, there's so many ways to one thing is, if

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there are many, many feminists

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are mentioned on one of them my schooling, then more likely than 10 would be my school to look for luckily, there are 10 women, and one of them is mine. So Arabic language you have to make the verb either masculine nor feminine, don't tell women and one man that how they do so among the gods, there are so many people, many people worship angels, and I'm just mentioned either masculine people in worshipping or human beings, to you know, if there's even one single masculine still agenda can be masculine. So, this one, the second thing is

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when you know, something, is used, and that has capacity of something else, to the gender consequent to the capacity to for example, like, you know, if people worship Sun and Moon, too, sometimes Sun and Moon will be used as masculine, because Gods are expected to help people to you know, to support people to do something. So because of the repetition, gender within the school to gender, actually not the language enough follow one single pattern with gifts in a car to the context and the meaning, though the speaker who might

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just talk a little cleaner and shift the next next anonymous, anonymous question that has come in is salaam share your points regarding some of the Hadith such as the splitting of the moon, are good points. But the issue as issue is that so many whole Hadith would need to be dismissed. The points you make involving dismissing Hadith and reports brings a conflict in that you are accepting Hadith says reliable on one hand, than dismissing them on another. How do you reconcile this?

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Okay, well, one has to understand that when things are reported, you know, we're not going to dismiss them, we have to understand every word because in history like that, all the reports from the past and your understanding about them, how they make sense, but in the report, so, there are mistakes, misunderstanding, sometimes things are out of the context which are clever in Buddhist color, they need to understand during work comes until something had been said and what would have been the background.

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Not necessarily everything authentic, it could have actually, you know,

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it could be implied in our accepted in a different context. So that we have to understand the Quran is the one which is the most authentic thing, and that we believe it all from Allah subhanaw taala or the worship. So Quran has no problem reporting.

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But when the

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single reports come, if they agree with the Quran, that's fine if they don't agree with the Quran, we make effort to reconcile. If the reconciliation is possible, then fine if not, then you know we have to choose between the Quran and the Hadith is not done by noon. Everybody to consider us so many Hadith manufac Murata does not accept because you think it doesn't matter too much with the Quran. There are so many posts on my internet accept you, Marcia for your humble because all of them they live the Quran. They are men guidance, and that was should we anyway, so if something didn't fit in the Quran, either they will not accept it. And that actually is so all the invoicing the

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players and for example,

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in Hanafy model

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because for the most people

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incent the time,

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when the shadows of everything are twice of the length of any object

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that the terminal assistant that is most used Malik Shah for you

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All them have defeated and all the, because of the Hadith, but you have an ephah priest in the think that today people say one either shall return one didn't have any object then the time is against and the time passes. Now Hanifa said, you know, twice of the length of any object he had made it double and for that he does not have any support if it was very clearly in the Hadith, but he think that were Quran means so you can see there are people there, but sometimes sometimes they could leave because the thicker there's a better argument stronger argument.

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Since we also know really that in many, many cases, the entire Quran, failure to follow the Quran but it does not mean with this with all the data

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in one or two Hadith from Apple. The Quran mentions

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that lot of mortality made the women from the same

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kind i the men in from same not same so it's the same so there are some Hadith which suggested that the winner created from the rebuttal

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so you know we interpret differently we say no, it does not mean really from the Ribbit meaning here you know, it is just symbolic language distributor for it to not real because the karate very curious to read Quran very clear, and there's no ambiguity. The Quran should be made I mean criteria, and the Hadith should be understood in the light of the Quran. That's a very important span.

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So let's keep in mind but interpreting one Hadith to Hadith or

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not following one else's Hadith does not mean that we dismiss the whole literature, this is impossible. It is against the belief of believers.

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Under certain recent peyten A committee has by had been different density Imam Muslim and Sufi adore Dr. DT because this is so important for us how anybody can dismiss him. But that does not mean really that every single Hadith reporter has the same status, even Bihari Muslim. There are many Hadith is a Muslim as biography.

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And there are many Hadees in Bali, but the Muslim does not think and I compare both of them to my country, that there are even been differing about authenticity of the hubby for carbon defying all the people but the egory that hadith is a source of his or her this is

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mixed with the Quran everybody agrees but when after agreeing on that, the different view when it comes to individual Hadith, whether to accept or not.

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Desert locate and shed the next question is where Federica who asks, I'm trying very hard to build enthusiasm in my seven year old child to perform Salah as per your instruction past week. Sometimes she doesn't show any interest. Sometimes she prays with utmost interest. Is it normal?

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Yeah, no thing either. Don't worry too much. I really meant to advise people teach them you know, don't need to all the time to force people because when you fall for something people have really in their heart, they don't like to obey. So besting is in general teaching that you know we are significant we must obey You must have thank you and the prayers are different and they're not like a burden. Sometimes she will do sometimes she will not do until she grows and God more repetitions so even if she was not a doctor it's just you don't have to borrow money one version of the print and come back that's how the right fit but if you prefer so much concern that it will lead up to the

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problem when you create tension in the house. And we don't want that really what has to be a peaceful house where the children feel happy to be with their parents.

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The email did not obey the parent in some things is to the parent or to be nice to them kind to them hoping that one day they will become potential like Allah subhanaw taala is so kind to us even if you don't obey us or don't like we don't already is so kind to us email people we will people to refer people to share all those templates did he give them a chance said you know expecting that one that they will turn to him so we should be similar to that don't be too angry don't even make house Dempster and but keep teaching gently nice and the candidates

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pass and a lawyer like a chef The next question is, is the Hadith which says one who talks during the event will not be able to recite the Kalama at the time of death authentic.

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So this is my very first time you are saying something like that? Don't really think that

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people totally random count, shahada

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and your husband did

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Ready for this? To find a source?

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Check. I've never heard this before, before this

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glow fix shift. The next question is by Andreas who asks chef, if somebody is not capable of holding his urine because of inconsistence bit due to a permanent illness during a stay at the Haramain what amount of ease is possible?

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Yeah, you know where growth was can protect the harm of Elon Musk, from from drops of the unit, the first thing is, you have to make sure that no drops fall on the ground and to your crotch should be good enough cloth, which can dry everything inside there. So that in my mind, second thing is if are your prayers only go

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to what you need to do is to do at the time of prayer. That is all the time. And then don't worry if drops come until the end of the summer, it is the same What do you can pray you can do tomorrow you can do anything with the same will do in the time that prayer.

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When also time comes, and you want to play us and then do the threshold one other time. So if something does not happen, then this will do will continue for the whole time after basically meaning whenever people have any interest, and we'll do breaks due to that inverse, then there will do remains a value in the time of one whole player. If you're not provided, if nothing else happens if something else happened. He didn't do otherwise, for that reason, that illness. So like you know you've got this human problem. If the fuel keeps coming up during the time of the song, don't worry, your prayers were converted. And you can pray enough in the form that you can do the work for as

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much as possible, but make sure that no drops fall on the ground,

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which is not located in church. The next question is by Fatima who says salaam Yasha. How can we ponder the meaning of heightened flavor mentioned in certain

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which is granted to the believers who do good? Is it referring to the heightened flavor in the dunya or ACARA or both? And why this verse specifically mentioned male and female for the believers to that.

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You know, basically, the lifer, in the Day of Judgment that we hired

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will give you

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a good life. But you know, could be sort of I play with this one. And that will be the life of a pious person, meaning you will make him to do good deeds, you know, increase the belief and do the prayers and fasting in all those good things. It doesn't mean otherwise, you know, in this world to give the food and money and provident just wanted to light up anyway. So that she does for the believers and unbelievers both sometimes he does for the unbelievers more than the believers. So that's not so important. But the other thing is that you have the admit, when only good deeds can benefit. So more like like athletic denier has worked for the hustler for Hassanein, aka De Pere

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agents, and in this water Hassan eemaan and good deals that are a hassle, but it's good to be something peaceful life something but they're not really real meaning for some time people extend to that meaning why Quran some time, Manchester male female both

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the theory in Arabic

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is that men are going to vote to do masculine gender and gender is come gender for both of them to their Quran keeps doing it. But sometimes Quran is very clear marathoner most people know really, that everywhere else. Also, it includes the men or women both to win a karate meditator some of these more general ideas, like you know this thing that anybody who does good deeds. So this is very gentle and very powerful thing in the Quran to hear Quran mission military now we know really from that, that any good deed done by the women will have salary what are the mean? Because it is such absolute Kalia major concept in the Quran. When people say that if the women go to the mosque, they

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don't get reward, their reward at home is better than the mosque in that right. Because Quran and live in Kenya when good deeds are done, but whether by male female, they have the same way more or less no that does not make a distinction between female. So this verse should apply to everything is to whenever people make

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in the meta reward any distinction between men and women, that not Mr. Quran, we sometimes are very clear, especially those concepts which are gender, in power for absolute

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You know, that object will be out in the den, once a day are known, then you can apply them to any contest to now if people have got any particular hobbies, like I mentioned about the prayer or, or something like that you can say no, around this powerful statement. So that is absolutely the most important thing to audition under, so understood in the light of the Quranic verse. Similarly, anything like you know, going for the war, jihad,

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commodity, the good of the evil that women have saved.

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Because the Quran this weekend you're earning to do that we're going to get the same.

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The only thing even women don't get seen if they don't,

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either. So that M casts or other reasons we have known that, that women don't get the same. If they don't attend Friday prayer, if they don't go for Jamar in the mosque, if they don't go for jihad, they don't get any sin. That exempted, but if they do good deeds tied to this verse, and they're similar, Watson, they get the full reward. So that's why Quran or some of these tools, which are

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very powerful to be data in, it will get very clear that men and women bought some diapers in

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the mouth to indicate there couldn't be yet the Quran has made very clear between men and women and Muslim men and women on all quality, harsh or even harsh cyber insider, that these are the major pieces of Islam. You know Sabra, pursue Salah in all distant minimum right? Then nobody can make distinction to that right could react in Quran sometimes has been made very, very clear. So nobody can have any problem in applying them to the habit of God. Somehow this couldn't be very specific look like that make a distinction between men and women. You refer to the schoolyard. And you make very clear No, there's no distinction. And this has to be understood in a way that it does not have

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conflict with the Quranic verse

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does not allow create and ship. The next question is by for us, who asks, What is your opinion on the concept of Nozman Quran by the Farahi slash vomit the school of thought, which claims that the true understanding of the Quran is not possible without

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you know, I don't know too much about comedy, but I know all of it.

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So, certainly there are, you know, like in any book, really, there are some things where you cannot not again, unless you know the content, but many, many things. Even the couldn't be understood without any contract because they're so independent. So, so powerful, and so clear to you don't need it in a basic meaning is that sometimes, you know, some teachings are general conception ideas. So they don't depend on a contest, they always absolute, or the Tafolla Quran said, Allah does not like the laundry room. Oh Allah subhanaw taala does not like a digital diet or something like that. So you know, and por la noche likes. So these things even if don't know the context is still in Munich

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is very, very clear. You know, I can see that porosity people should do Southern, the subject that is very important. In addition to Quran even if you don't know the contents of the Quran is still important to many, many pieces of Quran they are so absolute and so so helium, evil destined to be easy one afternoon, the proper perfect competition, without any contest. But in many ways, it is also at the end of the day that you can't the contest. So people need to know that that what No, no Quran used to understand the context of the words, for tomorrow for I have developed this idea more than this contest, you're gonna hear thing that every student has got a major theme, and all the

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parts of tourists connected to that central theme that are on Moodle, they're connected together. And then you know, so it is a very helpful tool.

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So, but when the company's got the Quran,

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didn't handle the Quran, Quran used to be revealed to them in pieces in that condition. So if they have to wait for the whole Quran to believe in order to understand if we're too late. So, the conditions in which parabola reveal data enough for them to please me. So you know, the order companies understood the Quran, piece by piece, because in the light of the condition is real. Now we don't have the similar conditions that will be needed in all these tools which can help us to modify or delete one tool. But another thing also is to know the contents of the components How did they and

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As to diversify the House of Representatives we always I always teach people we need to both things we need internal context and external context. Internal context is what more for I mentioned item level and if Turner one is about when the zoo or condition in which Quran has a review do we need both of them?

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To Zakah located and ship the next question is by Mohammed who asks chef a video circulating everywhere says that you reject alma de for all the Allameh say that the Mati will come and he will meet isa even Marian please clarify to me I think you know, the printers can differ IT people say that

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that's not such a big thing anyway. But you know, not me at all saying something about Monday if you read up better than not make any money or will have any final money they don't make any money. There's no material in books people call this the nacinda sound no sound no sound if a concept is so important, yes, it should be at least one song that no sound this to people that not only I'm not alone, there are many medical binary but if some people need to seek them out not a problem anyway if it comes up X is not a toy yes and people conquer the world and all those things that fun to me really all those qualities are inside Sasquatch hidden

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by people saying my DNA says two different persons that could also write the Caduceus opinion

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is located and ship. The next question is

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salaam Shan what is the opinion regarding dua made at the masjid of the each Salah by the Imam out loud or dhikr circles that are focused on chanting the Puerto

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Rico thing whatever I learned my single and many communication that shouldn't congregation and whatever they do not get in communication people should do individually that will be more focusing. So like NASA players, you know they've moved the market to a clean alone is it better to see your condition of your heart similar to other outside the player they're not integration, but their joy inside the player

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to before salaam of the month. You know people when you sit there find a sitting then you read it

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and then you set out on the Prophet Muhammad and then after that you've met God in a different class.

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You know, some people do.

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Some people do far or military to those who are inconvenienced congregation in JAMA in the imam in the prayer but once Imam Salam then there are few differences come the Hadith. So you can say those because even if the after Saddam, you leave the place you go somewhere else. Do your Sunnah prayer, do your decree. Do your dog eating just fine. imambargah mulatto used to advise that after the salam Imam should stand up googly eyes if he's sitting on a fire. You should not remember the cardinal people will think whatever Imam does after the salam. It is part of the DMR but the parents do not know that how the Sunnah has been. So if some people leave the Imam, they do their own, they're

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fine. But if everybody receives it, then we basically are subject to the Islam. That should not happen because the companions are but the salam did not sit in the same place. You know, maybe a few people sitting they don't have any proof. But most people used to leave and then do their own liquor or whatever and they come back home and they're so that people don't go in all this consider and would have done whatever first thing they should not do in the congregation demand that on their own really read your own text, because when you do Jamal

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create a lot of problem. And then people leave their family come there and then you're at home. So it felt like a burden to the so if you think really the Buddha you're qualified to eat at home, just on your own, and then do the current draw what why people need to come together for something for mutual love is messenger never asked people to come together. You know, the only met 500 prayer that hadith in Sahih Bukhari the prophets have said that the prayer of the people at home is better than the third at the mosque except for the prayers to further for the only thing people do congregation this other thing people do on their own.

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Jesus located and ship. The next question is by Naadam, who says As Salam aleikum, if someone were to deposit 10,000 pounds into an Islamic bank, and then use the money to invest into a business which could earn profit

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Would they need to pay from the 10,000 pounds or just a profit? And

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yeah, whenever you have money invested anywhere, so you know at the end of the year, you have to give the car for whatever you know that that time it could be 10,000 it could be 20,000 could be 15,000 It'll be nine told them you have to pay the cut. For example, I invested in a bank on first of Ramadan next year on the first of Ramadan I got 13,000 but 15,000 and if I've got 9000 1000 less than I got it so I you know, physical financial, whenever you're an investor, you know, you have to look at end up what after one whole year, how much you've got, you have to pay the card for what you have after one year. You know, that will tell you it could be more it could be less it could be the

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Okay, did not allow furniture. The next question is by for him who asks, what is meant by missing Jumar out of negligence. If my work is so busy that I ended up missing Juma, does that count as missing Joomla out of negligence.

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You know, if your boss or people who work for you does not allow you to go for a

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year then they don't really have much choice. So if you are in this condition and we miss we hope inshallah Allah will forgive you and forgive you. But make sure that you know should not get every time for that believer that if you miss one Jamar make effort lest you go in domestic with other people, or something like that, if not continuously every Jumar whenever if you are somehow forced on daughter, my choice will open.

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Just McLoughlin and the last question we'll take is by Anna who asks, salam, a lady was born with a protruding lower jaw? Is it permissible for her to get plastic surgery to fix it? It's a visible deformity, but it doesn't affect her eating. But for aesthetic reasons. Can she get plastic surgery? Yeah, well, she should do anything with the body look like a defector. So if the surgery or something which can help people, that's good, what will not allow that will not creating the perfect condition. And then you change it. But you don't like the taste. For example, people are clapping eyebrows and this and that. Some people change it, though that is the whole period that's not like

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to buy something either either defect, electronic people have got it, like women have got hair on those places on the face. What should we know here we are allowed to, to remove them as best as possible to understand that in the body. If there's any defect, you know, which you know, somehow dissipate or our does not, it does not have refer you in any way you are allowed to improve it and make it better by medical surgery or by an entity. But it's something that given Bilasa Matata is perfect and complete. And the pace has changed and want to unnecessarily change that is seen for some time. Do you have to find out what category but this question that you asked. In this case, you

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can say that she's allowed to have surgery and recovery work, because it is something she wants to get on.

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That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Because I've shared it for years and years I've located on to everyone for joining today. And we'll be back next week.

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We'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm PST as always a Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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