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The segment discusses various popular celebrity moments during the day, including the return of the star, the return of the moon, and the return of the sun. The speakers express their love for various celebrities and their desire to celebrate success. They also discuss the importance of being mindful of one's words and actions. The segment emphasizes the need for people to choose their own path and not giving up on their opinion. The segment also touches on the history of Islam and the importance of showing one's behavior in public. Finally, the segment discusses the importance of submission to Islam and not giving up on one's opinion.

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quantifying that'd be nice to leave everything behind and controller. Whenever I did this when he is much or dieters, then one days people

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they say we worship star Ibrahim came out a timer to teach them the Rama is now that they think he does not believe in the religion. They don't want to listen to him but he he's a clever man. Good guy he's the one who makes people to listen to know that I'm going to burden him the term people think he's I guess it is against our religion to know that arbitrary sent to him by well he knows how to influence people. They come to worship star, Abraham also look at the star until he said harder this group of people actually still never lean in Why does it not make sense to him? But it started make sense to him that he said, now they're around him, everybody, I don't even know how to

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color the crowd. Everybody around him that he wants to teach. Then the star disappeared. That what he want to teach, he said law artfully I don't love those who disappeared. I don't love them. My heart and heart never goes to this. This will die with disappeared. I brought it up that he wanted to teach really is a really amazing thing. You know the birthday party was a very, very powerful, powerful person.

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He said also coup de Sharmistha Harami over will be after this erosion therapy session may have been a motivation also Kuta Sharmistha Harami will be after in the communist or the evening at the desert, imaginary desert. Very big, huge desert. Nobody around you alone. So Kuta Shamsa an evening quiet and then the sunsets telling what will happen in the desert. Calmness. Nobody around you evening and the sunset what will happen? You can't see anything. You have a bar sir, just sir ocean turvy, just image has been there for him when the sun was setting in the darkness of the desert. If Ibrahim became even brighter, he could see more clearly. When the sunset he saw more clearly what he

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saw. He said that the whole universe is offering love of the Buddha. I brought love total disappear. He did become much deeper into mind. I really want to say the same thing came to my mind. Once I was in South Africa they have it a mountain district Table Mountain like a table to people they're in a water in how sunsets. So just our thinking really, people love that scene when the sun is setting for the mountains taking the picture of said how far they are from

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this exactly reason why Ibrahima deserted the whole universe. You are awful you deserve you disappear. How can I interview we want to catch that scene. Even our image does not like that scene. He hears that. He thinks sunsets is not my destination. I don't listen, if sunsets something says I don't like the next day. People celebrate another time moon then again you will not see behind because I think you've run into internal validity but I'm again you know he knows how to is harder. Again he said My Lord. Now everybody comes and listen to him. Again. Moon disappears. Love Good afternoon. He makes this victory.

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Then next time there was sun again era him comes now nobody wants to come to you because they know what he did with ideas. Why did he start with the moon? Now notice, but even more clever than them. This time around change the center. He said ha Robbie. This is my Lord. This is bigger. This only Brahim actually no different you see the moon did not make sense to him but sunny next century they say it's bigger now around him but Sun has also said when sunset again even now I don't love the sector actually in the whole Quran I know they were finding any sentence more powerful after line and then this

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very very powerful satisfied nothing more powerful than this antecedent tells you how deep Ibrahim is. You understand every so clearly. He never lost a tooth he disappeared. The set decline now for Good afternoon. And this is the sanitary another

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database you're actually at La Mirada courier to remind you of Milan, you got thinker but still don't think

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don't you ciliary over time of prayer is the first prayer to pray. When star and Moon has sunk disappeared. Sun is still not there. No sun no star no moon. And you can further further testing what the Buddha for the people who worship pi star and Moon Sun day should know their disappeared. My road near disappears. I worship the one who lives in a time with no sun, no moon no star. I was in my car my son can separate not my road star can disappear but not my road. Moon can disappear but not my daughter

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Love Buddha for you,

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you must do before sunrise must do and if you do the firebrand sunrise forever invalid that will damage to the car. So when you are second raka or first aka you know sunny right just shut the car and do it before sunrise. If you had before raka some parts will happen with sun is rising, that will lead me to the car too easily you can finish before sunrise and thereafter the sun rises and people think is power of Sun glory of sun and kingdom of sun so powerful.

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And then realize that what believers come to mark, celebrate, you see so powerful decline, then a believer near confer the sort of prayer and it makes very clear son can decline but not my love. I don't love after the sun is offering this appeal. But not my daughter. Never. I worship one who never disappeared. I worship one who never realize position can go money can come and go. Anything can come and go but not my dog. Everything that Philly money found dollars. Gold, silver, the earth flowers roses Sun Moon is that all? You see, but I've never heard the word singular. He didn't set off a good Orfila I don't love the one who disappears what isn't funny. One our Phil makes him to

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know all of the affiliate miss or the one who disappeared. I don't love any of them.

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That to do is over time. Then after that is still sun is shining. Sun goes behind the mountains and hills. You don't see it. But it's still there. Even for us a clearer and clearer sun can be hidden behind the mountains and hills but not my mountains cannot hide my door. Now

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there are another time cost

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and subsets that a believer comes up with making very clear son cancer but not my daughter. I don't love those who said I don't love them. I'm the one who turns 30 Every time you make a point and then light option goes you know a short time and

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then you can see in the Quran whenever Allah says Basma glorify You Lord always comes with decline as a Sunday and at the start all the time, robots in the Digital Public Relations, you know, after the stars disappear, why? To remind you but we're here to remind you that there are Faline that is to you don't love this world.

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If Sun and the Moon and Star actually are like so weak, nothing is done here. Don't love money, don't love position. Don't love flowers and roses. When Lee be attracted to and learn nothing should attract you. Nothing to distract you. Nothing can attractive rhyme and nothing can display only

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their vibrancy in new after all this evocative answer in Neva Jatoba didn't love the first of the summer what do you what are the Hanifa I brought love affiliate. I turn on my face the one who made them. The holy was the fact turning to him alone and I don't ship I go to mechanic partner. This is a great thing.

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This formula means really, you think and you become Hanif when you become Honeyville it really no doubt it very very powerful thing for anyone.

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So now see what Quran says. Why nemici it the Ibrahim?

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If Quran mentioned the Prophet numerals are among the people who are foreign the party of new is also Ibrahim but he is different. How is the Roberval be a livin Salim whenever hindgut is road with the heart sound sound heart Heart of Darkness love entity does not love universe does not love the sky and one lead that's the one who made your heart Salim heart sound heart do have sound heart.

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You know him got sound heart, any heart which just this word is not sound any heart which does money is not sound any heart of the lowest flowers or roses and seas and ocean is not a sound hot. Sound hard money uses all of them. But a lonely lasondra Does the one who made it does not love them even I'm also had gotten a lot of cheese and good the peace of mind. Even I'm so used to drinking but does not love them. He does not love eating drinking.

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He used to because he needs to eat a human being. He did not love them. He had gotten money, but does not love them. Karate or above the Taliban Saleem, first condition if he is your father should be selling

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pure heart pure mind. Nothing should make sense to you except Allah notation makes sense. Going deeper can directly whatever he was left with. He goes so deep, that he is

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And he can go to the cause of all the causes. When I fall ill and I become well then you asked me how you become well twice I went to this GP disappeared actually next time when I fought it I'll go to this GP you will either you know I became healthy you asked me how you can healthy I say well I use this food very good and I go to gym so canister I'll do the same thing all the time if people do ask you but

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who fears you? What is

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the use on USP minority that want to fearsome he goes beyond everything you say food I eat food I then next question where food comes from. The use of food comes from the front, from the plants where the plant or from old art and rain and this combination where the art who made and who made the air who made our distinct key passes until you can pull what you learned after so many efforts. Ibrahim use it first time to when you ask it but I'm who feels you what he said Allah Midori is the one who feels were stealing he is the one hooking water he's the one who makes me satisfied. He does not go to the cause, he goes to the cause for the causes. We are we are stuck with immediate cause

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he he knows the causes are so effect or the causes that you know our effects. You don't know the real cause.

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Even him does not that happy with the causes. He knows Gartner calls, they just look like cause they themselves have been caused. They are effect of something else. Cause is someone else love the core cause he keeps on doing research research in machine learning learning more, until he reached out to the cause of all the causes. And then he said why the Modesto for over A cian when I fought it. He is the one who kills

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he don't kill

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and then he did nothing. He started and he the one who will make him to die. People say I died because I got cancer. I got because distinct people don't even answer the WHO THE who makes the guy, my lord. he the one who makes me to die. And then after death, he is the one who is going to make me again alive. You see he removes all the curtain to the people look at the curtain. Even if surgery lift the curtain see beyond the curtain that the problem our problem is we look at the cartel. We look at the weight

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that one of the person but I've got a portata Madhulika Tiara de Guerrera me person.

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The woman is walking the street. She's got a beard

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and you think oh she must be very beautiful. You fall in love with her. The poor said to the woman lift your will. You will no really he did not love you. He loves somebody else had mind. You are different. He just does not know him. He just saw you well, too. He think behind the veil is somebody who he won't lift away. He you knew he did not love you. They're here to lift the veil. The word that you love is not a word. Just lift the curtains you see it how how how do

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you know I'm sitting here teaching you tell me if you take if I take off my skins you will run away. I'll learn from you hate me. You can't see this how how dirty every human being is just leave it remove the car test you will see how the problem is.

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Eat food say I can be I've been having biryani nice spill enjoy. Take Breann in your mouth. And then it makes a saliva and take it out and put it here and then can you take it again.

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Remove the curtain that what food that we're eating misery for associating the very dirty.

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The reason you you because you don't see it. That curtain between you and the food. If a curtain is lifted, if you see somebody has a mouth, the eating can eat that food.

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The very ugly process very ugly the reason you love eating because you don't know what eating means. You just don't know it. Lift the cart and you will hate eating

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it not something not a good process. There to what he brought up when I asked you to lift the wheels or remove the cartons look at reality either they are

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that are the profits do vary. profits come they have same I like you but the different mind there removes the carton, then the World Cup different.

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They come and they sell Allahu Akbar. We said this was bigger this big America is big power. A prophet comes it's a new Allah but unlike because because we have Christians. We think America has power to a profit America like a spider. Nothing worse than that.

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weaker than that. Anything any commander for lack of finish, but to us because the curtains, curtains be lifted, lifted, you will see the crowd really

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We will say same thing. When it happens when people die, then you know finish. You are not somebody very powerful in your town for agency tell me when he died, I would be scared of him.

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But why did not know before that he's going to die.

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That what is different than when child is born, you celebrate. When child the board Ibrahimi, the only person who knows is going to die.

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In architecture, when a flower comes in that in the garden, you become happy, even as the conductor I noticed

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when flowers die, then you don't love it.

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But if it grows, then you'll love it. Why don't use your mind it's going to die. Why don't you see what you want to see after a few days? Why can't see now?

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Why can't one disappeared? Why can't remove the cutter at the time? Two Three dead time just remove the curtain who CVLT time and space both our curtains remove them. You see

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that whatever anything that will Hanif em is honey, we run it to men, he understand this what it is. We see it with curtains that the problem we don't see the word either.

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And not only our leaders are the same thing. You got Pakistan prime ministers and descended and they say no, we must follow the Western way of economics or they will can't go we can't develop. We need to copy them. Because they do so well. If we want to be developed country, we need to do simply with internet access, less voting. And when you vote for him for five years, still Pakistan remains same, isn't it? Then after five years, the next person comes and he makes a few promises. And you believe in him after five years thing so simple. Okay, let's bring the other person but you go in the same cycle nothing but Pakistan remains where it is.

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Because you don't remove the cactus. Remove the curtains, you know, really? They're not right. But we believe that that whitecliff Karasawa Iran, Iran says people, ma orico Illa Mara, will ma de su Illa Soviet Russia. You know, I show you what I see I see this what is good for you, too. I'm saying what I see and I want a guide to the right path. It is right but you need to follow. He's a liar. He does not hit the nursery. He showed what he said. But he himself now he's blind. He did not see Musa so. That Musa came then if people understood reality properly, but feront did not see for sure people are seeing

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or the people around you don't see and you follow them. You're a first by them. Even I said you stupid. Use your mind. They don't see if there are aspects of money because they don't know what money means.

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humara 01 of his father Abdullah Zimmerman big man in the government of Egypt a very rich man and his car wants us to go everywhere so much money

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to one his time his car one came for a big get some huge profit. They got good news for him that we got so much gold and silver huge treasure. But he done he said by Allah all this gold and dunk after enemas both are saved in my eye

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too late they should have been saved to you when we go alive. No dying deck of 70

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Why did not receive this thing when before when you arrive? Why you died Can you see

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what it because same to you now it should have the same to you when you were alive. That however I even know him and disappears before everybody else he sees before everybody else. He removes all the curtains to have the time and space to watch people see after 10 years Abraham can see now

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then it just is a curtain he removes the curtain and he sees what happens when a child is born he right knows he's going to die then when he does people cry even I'm ordering he's got nothing new to blame for you to be new, not five lie there to watch an ATM everything going to die except your node except that a person could do mana valet have fun. While virtual Rebecca Fujairah everything on the face of the earth person except your Lord. He don't That way when I say I turn away from everything to Allah to the first pillar actually thinking and the second one you think properly. The first pillar Rashid thinking second one the Hanifa then you turn away from everything. Allah subhanaw

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when you come to Him, then what you do then surrender

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don't surrender to things because things have no value. Don't surrender to anything. This is something even Prophet Muhammad from his father Ibrahim because Pradesh come to Professor Lara Somerset to

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the boss said to him

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that you know if you doing all these things because you want to marry a woman, we can find you the most beautiful woman of Arabia and marry you

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If you want money, we can collect all the money and give you and if you want to become king we can make your thing if this is what you want

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the problem was not set by Allah if the giver put son in my right hand and moon in my left hand I will not

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deal with this money and even Sun and Moon. Huge impact I've not lived

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that high. Even I'm not even this word. Even if you give me Sun Moon stars. I know.

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Nothing can attract you. Nothing can distract me. I leave all of them by the Hanif to win in this all of them what he did then is diminished countries go sir industry, the eternal question, certainly but I'm just such a good thinker. Question everything. One he's kept his door.

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If Allah said I will do

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if anybody else come up to Brian, he will question what your argument what your authority Councillor Ibrahim, question everything. But if unless it no question, surrender full submission, even I had no hesitation to obey Allah for everything else questioning that Allah Nasaan when anybody else teach the Rahim even I'm not even I said, No, tell me prove it. His father said innocent No, I'm not going to sit to prove it. People say but I'm trying not to say to them, anybody said Abraham question everybody. And but he knows that they brought him up, he leaves them but same time when it comes to the Lord, no question. If I lost it.

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If Allah said just isolate him, he knows me. He is the one who doesn't mean the you know, to Allah set to a Muslim

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you know, this really?

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You know, discipline can see how, even when he got the message from Allah He said to his father such a strong word. Yeah. Abati in ne Adygea. Any minute Idaman MA and Jotika Oh, my father, I got the knowledge. You're not fat vrna follow me. I don't need to follow you. Not because you are my father. To you. Are you no more than No, because you don't think you don't use a mind? I know more than you follow me. There are certain severe if you follow me, you will be on the right path.

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Right knowledge gives you confidence. Wrong analogy makes you hesitate. Right knowledge comes you know you're right. You follow and you make everybody has to follow and then you influence people. And then people start seeing this with your eye. Then you've got so powerful right now or very helpful. Run Analysis force it never could answer in the bath that force who is going to die is going to go to remain.

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He will isolate don't surrender to anything. Only surrender to your Lord, that direct power abundant Nevada Toji Amata more mid socket Camila Higa Pawan Ito flowers rose the star Sun Moon stones grasp, they follow taqdeer they follow destination. Believers don't care about destination What destiny what they follow. They follow commander folder. Believers are lists a list of unless command if Allah commands they do it. They don't look what my destiny is. What's the definition? Believers one lead listen to the command of the door. If Allah said, I must obey. And he will have seen the dream that is rotting his son.

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He listened to his road. So this is a cleaver is away if Allah Thomas, I must. I read a few photographs of his cunning planning, then I'll come to explain more details. In this case, along with the third most important pillar of Abraham's teachings, not what they said and that he believed the different is now so I'll tell you how this is different for our Islam. Then another question was do military hydrometers regret but very pious person he said, up in a bun baby. Just to Cha Whoa, so pa da the Kuru per kahini Jimena Jai as article

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I'm your slave

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do anything want me do any injustice any Iran you know, hurt me harm me to the main problem any test any trial upon me unhappy, do whatever like on your celeb do

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but never never free me from yourself that I don't want. You do whatever like but don't free. I want to reveal yourself. Anything you do. I'm happy, but not freedom. I don't want to be free from you. I want to remain your slave dinos Sullivan. When Ibrahim get to Allah, then full slavery full Aboudi full, full submission. He does not want to be free from Allah, freedom from everything, but spiritual law. That what you mean like second party, when he becomes free from everything then it becomes slave of Allah for submission.

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More on metabolism to law. My teachers in India very good port. They said near Mati mo Bara Kochi, Ahmed Kavita SCO Madani Mahabis sin Azad Karenga behind me, you have got the greatest

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fear of Allah, what the Kretser that he has promised, is never going to free you from history. You will remain a slave for all life. It is such a great favor from my Lord, that I remain a slave.

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To this is a Robbinsville Ebrahim is full of scileanna complete perfect said it never actually questions him. The person Marathi got a great quote he was a very bow saw the orang D had asked Danny haram, very bow saw the owner and he had asked Danny haram near hitc the saying if the die smile, the story of haram you go to Harlem, I shall not take the group to Harlem but we don't know the story of

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what Harlem really is to say. Rigo saw the r&b head Dustan in Harlem the story of Harlem is very strange. Is not a common saw the simple very simple, run good colorful. The story of Haram has got three three attributes. One it is a very it's not a usual unusual second things solder very simple. And the third thing is corrupted. It has got a color what the color is the height is key for saying it the Dice my desk story started smile. An insult for Santa Clara full with

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this story the full of the polar bear out of his mind slotting a smile under killing a person the story basis summarizing sacrified meaning you sacrifice yourself to use that for some reason, your ability, your desire, your habits, your custom your culture, you what you wanted, a very thing should be slaughtered for the wonderful

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if you want something that allows something else what Allah was that was to happen

00:26:48--> 00:26:53

if I left something on a lead or something else, what Allah does that why should it not what is

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that what is to your haram haram story is it even ah he loved his mind. But Allah said slaughter him he slaughtered

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That is terrific Harmon haram story is sacrifice to what you love for the sake of your note. Anything you love is not important. In it I love that important. What you want not important, but allow what they support and what alone wants. That is good for you.

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If your two choices, what what you want and what Allah was the one you want in there prefer the one Allah what that is good for you go for that. That is summary of the story of haram to Baal Cerebro saw the orang de Dustan Hara. Now how it skillful said if the dice

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story is similar in these two stories, is 30 mile an insert for saying the whole history of Hermes just sacrifice that why haram was built in a place where there is no water, no food, no green thing nothing to people come there only for that load, no other attraction nothing is nothing there. Nothing attractive. Now people have made all addiction harm to people don't want to hurt them. They want to stay in their hotels.

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All attraction outside attraction outside harm is more than the funnel. This goes against the philosophy behind why but I'm sure the mecca for karma. Just think really why he chose this place.

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I have no authority in Saudi Arabia but if I had to consult me I could have said really if you wanted to make voters make also 20 miles away from Harlem and provide buses to rich people. They come and visit other people who want to stay in Makkah can stain normally no accommodation and spend more time Mahara. You don't need our five star hotel next to her to make all these buildings two to 30 miles away from Hara provide a safe transport. They come and go. But haram remains simple. The people that would harm it really, that was the people in the past never liked a building to be heard in the Kava Kava used to be the highest in that place. Because that place is a city of Kava nothing

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else. The city of Chicago, everything is around the cup and nothing is there nothing important and curato Zanella beta mutha Linda's, by the developers House Open Data Center center it is not for any other building there to what now people refer to clock tower, not to the house.

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Because that is the most striking building, not the Kaaba. In the past. Everything was measured with the Kaaba you know why Shams Kushtia why you want to call him

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Shawn Mr. Lefthand humans right handed. What are the right of Aqaba became German what the left at Aqaba? The Kim Shang things are named because of the Kava Kava is the criteria is decided and even name to you are right of Kava, you're human you are listed a common question that has become that what the measurement now no more than that measurement. So this really is three

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sacrifice data why

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adequate animation suitable for the story of

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the story starts with what? Yeah, a young Latina woman is telling B slavery was salah, first thing solid. hadn't ever Islam never can be with her solder. You need to Allah Thomas you need to the sovereign, you need to wait for the photo, that moment is very bad and good started my son what will happen? Do sovereign and that is my son or my father you will find me sir did the slavery, the sovereign

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when under sovereign then after that got into safaiwala Mattawa time Insha Allah, the start is a den of Stefan Marva

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his story of Ibrahim Midrash Ibrahim basically suffer

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patient data from a typical when you did this woman, you lose it. You need to stop. When you turn away from this word you are losing to you need to discover that what you're getting is much more precious. But you need to wait for that. The Sovereign is a great thing, too. When people leave this word, and they get Allah then they lose something but they're getting something else but what they're getting is not immediate. It will be after the death of some you know, you have to believe in that. That was somewhere in the middle that you were I'm meaning you leave something you get something else. What you leaving is present, what you get it future

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that what sovereign sovereign needs to leave what is present for the sake of what his future tell me when you study in Oxford or Cambridge for six, seven years. Do we suffer? Why do we suffer? You split really then I get degree I get a job I get that. But now six, seven years I work very hard to wake up in the night and eating less than this thing and take a degree to do otherwise you lose something can you Stichting after six years you will get to Solitaire to what under was 35 Do some data on FEMA honey if you miss you turn away from what looks like beneficial for you for something more beneficial, but the benefits are hidden into server to server is very productive as Ron said

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we're at batalla Ibrahim Roku pika Lee Martin Fatah Mahan remember when your daughter tested Eve Ryan sovereignties test

00:32:17--> 00:32:51

not once tested many meters last one what is my story Brian is my mom. Ibrahim passed all the test or the test one after the other even passed to Allah city Brahim in Niger locally Nassima or even I now pass all the tests I'm going to make the IMA for all the mind can meaning it now all mine kinda need to do what you did exactly therefore a mommies need they need to to summarize duty they need to sacrifice I do do they need to surrender to me I do did

00:32:52--> 00:32:57

that or demeaning it meaning not just to say I forgot to grind meaning to do all that possible.

00:32:58--> 00:33:00

Because Bronson after that immediately Carozza

00:33:02--> 00:33:03

when your loads that you will assume

00:33:05--> 00:33:09

surrender what is the last release to surrender

00:33:10--> 00:33:51

without meaning meaning if I tested ever I'm 1020 times each time is liable expected to surrender to my command and he did to already know the word verbally surrender to Me no even I did not need that. Even I saw in the dream slot in the sun Allah dinner surrender to me. But the meaning was there even I surrendered every time test across there no command from Allah we're gonna surrender to me. But Abraham did exactly to Allah said acid or Sillim surrender. Allah diversity when I'm assuming this command never had been given to Brahim. There it is command Rahim understood himself. Every time the command comes. Ibrahim knows he has got to choice whether to surrender or not to surrender. But he

00:33:51--> 00:34:29

chose to surrender. Even every time you have to say a salam ala villa. No, I'm going to surrender not to myself, to load of the people, not to myself. Every time I had a choice to surrender to himself or to send to Allah. Even I chose to surrender to the Lord or the people to Allah said every time I said to but I'm asleep. You will actually know I slept a little bit. I'm surrender to Allah love this for me. I have so much to say said this is going to happen in your life in your life test will come when you have two choices. One is to surrender to yourself or to the society to your wife to your husband, your pirate, and one choice will be to surrender to me. Now you have to decide to

00:34:29--> 00:34:36

unreceptive Reimer Islam, Korean Quran that is not a very distinct everybody and Allah

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

wa slubbed Behave Allah him by me here yaku this submission that every time the two choices and go to choose submission to Allah, this is so important that an era taught to his family that this test will come to you. Every time you have two choices. You need to choose the right one right on what submission to Allah to Wasaga havila hemo bunny

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

Yahoo. Ibrahim left a will to all his followers on Yahoo. What is it? Yeah Barnea in LA has plafond Akuma Dean, all my children, Allah has selected for you one choice you have two choices, to listen to you to Allah, but the choice that he chose for you is surrendered to Him or my children, when you have two choices, choose the one which is submission to Allah. This he made it clear for everybody that in your life every time you have two choices, which one you have to choose? See, if question paper have been taught to you your question or it will be two choices. One is choosing yourself or your family or the people or your culture or your government, your state and one is to choose Allah

00:35:45--> 00:36:34

and he taught you choose the next one. He taught all his family when you have two choices, which one you choose, submission to Allah. So he said Allah said in in The Last Starfighter coup de Falla Tamu tune in to the moon in every choice to submission to Allah. The Quran never use the salam with capital I disabled people translate wrongly people write Islam with capitalized Islamic capital does not exist in the Quran. When foreigners in Medina underline Islam, deed to allied, what is Prophet Islam with capitalized this mistake, Dean to Allah is a right choice is submission submission to Allah meaning every time the two choices, choose Allah that what the enemy's cut every time to path,

00:36:34--> 00:37:14

go to the path of Allah, in the Dean on the line Islam is deemed to allied, going to right choice and that is submission to Allah, that what is surrendered to old assumption to Allah. This really is important a part of my life, full of submission to Allah, that the Prophet Muhammad no prophet actually rejected every prophet had to follow this. Distinguished clearly. And Dan Abraham did this. And I became very happy by Allah said to Brian now Ibrahim, from now one, you are the founder of Milla you are the imam in Niger, aka the nurse, Imam. I'm going to make you imam for all mankind.

00:37:16--> 00:37:23

Everybody, even the prophets have to follow you. No prophet can afford to leave you. Every prophet has to follow

00:37:24--> 00:37:37

every prophet every messenger, they have to follow you. They can't choose their own path your military Mila, they have to follow that so clearly, the Prophet Muhammad was very keen to do it but

00:37:38--> 00:37:41

he was very keen to respect the buildings Rahim.

00:37:42--> 00:37:43

He lived in Makkah

00:37:44--> 00:38:26

he did not like to leave that he asked her not to Mecca. Medina is haram either Maka. You see he loves it. He gives gifts simile. Maka Ibrahim is a central central person in Quran in In religion he is the main person is the month. Nobody mentioned Lima. Ibrahim is the man and then after dinner last night I said what is the journal kava why Jana the beta butter butter when we make the house center of ours? Not all people. He would hit him up for a nurse to carve it out so far enough not for one people since first April for whom you were handyman. Same before same people by the center

00:38:28--> 00:39:01

to who are people Acaba, all of us, follows the Prophet Muhammad first was what caliber? He's even with us. We're going to save enough on all our NASA they have to cover sameness. They have to follow Brian. Same thing they're Curatola NASA. Hey, do the baiting under NASA oran all the way the main ship and NASA when Mila Khurana mention us all the main time, they must follow Brahim Islam, full submission. And then actually last pillar of the military I mean, don't do *

00:39:03--> 00:39:33

on e4 Muslimah when he would not for a machete, then never make a partner. Never Never, never make an important Alibaba. surrender to Him, then don't surrender to any manuals for submission. You have known the world you have known nothing is worthy of submission. You can't vote anything. Then deep and come to a level. You can see if you read the Quran really can see very clearly and done never allows the Avada for anyone other than Allah never

00:39:34--> 00:39:38

cider beyond ruku only fahrenden

00:39:39--> 00:39:49

Do I ask Allah is Tiana builder Yaga not just in order for Allah Allah and that way those who are wrong, who think that undoes while commanding them

00:39:51--> 00:39:52

to do to bow to other

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

side done never has in the Quran, except for under the law just to manifest them over to Allah alone beside them.

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

Everything. How can I like Amara and just to say that to other Muslim

00:40:04--> 00:40:46

peoples are used to for instance family can they decide that before use for Islam? impossible for family for Brahim Famy rhymed not to say that to anyone other than Allah. They don't believe in anybody. There ylide only allowed the door to set up to use one Yahuwah him the only side that they know it will not alter and then nobody has to forsake their biggest mistake would be the accusation against him difficult. Family for Rahim, one leader CIDA one list submission the notes to Allah. And the Quran said that, you know, I'm going to shahada in the huddle, Jacobian mode very difficult to yaku what he did, he America showed that a very, very good to to say that we're not alone. And now

00:40:46--> 00:40:51

we said that he said that to us? Well, it's not too big a mistake. I understand what Quran is saying.

00:40:52--> 00:41:10

When Allah created other Muslim, he wanted to celebrate that day. That for Nepal, when your child passes the exam, used to live it is I'm going to pray to the car. Somebody I'm going to decide that. I'm going to do this and that to me to say the Buddha said that your child

00:41:12--> 00:41:14

uses that wonder, but on that occasion,

00:41:15--> 00:41:31

when you say Okay, Miss salata, Lucas chumps established a prayer for the decline of the sun, did you pray to decline of the sun or declare to Allah, to Allah and that time on that occasion, to win I just want to create other minutes now. And he said, do let them do cider.

00:41:33--> 00:41:34

On which occasion,

00:41:35--> 00:41:41

time has been created, now on this occasion to suggest to me to Allah not to say that will be to Allah, but on that occasion,

00:41:42--> 00:41:58

he will least become jealous, I was created, no celebration, no occasion. Now this man descretion created and now this is the new thing, new celebration, lacking if you're a child, and one of the things delivered, but not father will tell you what jealousy

00:41:59--> 00:42:42

is born. You know, celebration of the creation, not date or the birth of creation, and released by the board, no celebration, you become jealous. That what is Julie Musa do cider on this occasion, but cider only Capitola a site that will love but on that occasion. Similarly, when Yahoo's family came, and they saw you suffered cup this position faster they do the result on that occasion but subject to who to Allah who's familiar not to say that to anybody else into Quran you don't find a site that to anybody else, no tree, no human being no creation, except unless of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad makes very clear

00:42:44--> 00:43:19

that the no side dot out to anybody in never or outside that anybody never happened submission and will be will need to adopt and administer nowship era has been a no circuit since Ibrahim came until that they have Tiama they didn't know Shrek in this region sugar can not be tolerated and sugar Miss sugar filled Alibaba Nevada Miss Roku cider br fasting Xhaka de la vida de one little bitter for Allah cider is the most important part of Alibaba tell me when you pray, which was the most important

00:43:20--> 00:43:25

cider cider do to anyone other than to what Then what's your kids? Then what are the means?

00:43:27--> 00:44:12

If you can do cider to someone else other than that, tell me what what? What What was she? This is what she did was she means Mila Ibrahim knows no silk at all. Lambda cuminum shakin no sugar in this region. CC Brymer Islam there have been no CIDA to anyone even before the site. They've never been to anybody. We are Kurata villa. You know if Canarsie just to to rely on them, you know, say that in turn to a nearby district, but they're not having fast but eventually the law just Do you know what it means our language will lead to Allah when I said to you when you read it Fatiha er Kana abou what it means. You know the word. Now Buddha, Vincent Nava, look at me to watch We worship you. But

00:44:12--> 00:44:30

when you say is jacana Do you know what it means? We want We worship you alone. When you change it, it because emphasize we worship you alone, when you suggested to the law, it means he does say that to Allah. When he said the lie is to do it means he does say that to Allah alone.

00:44:31--> 00:44:59

Not anybody has to Bourassa Villa he has to do a very thing to say that you are not on the no other Masuda. There are no other Mahood that no ceremony but he doesn't say that only for Allah that no shock in this religion at all. That this really four pillars of military right, first pillar is thinking rushed. Get beresheet If you are not rushing, then you are what Sufi? Do you want to be too stupid to be called stupid. But actually there are Quran sin for us any

00:45:00--> 00:45:26

But who does not follow Mr. Fernandez stupid? Oh, my injera military. Rahima man, Sophia, NASA, anybody who turns away from military Brahim, they are stupid. They're not are answered every one lead. Those are 40 But I'm very clever, those who don't follow Him, they are stupid. They're colossal. And first part of that cleverness is rushed thinking and thinking is what thinking means

00:45:27--> 00:45:56

to make your nature your senses and your reason or three incoherence agreement, they agree with you that they don't have conflict. Do you use your senses in response of your nature, use your reasoning in response of your nature to when you eat food, ask your nature what I want to do, if you do the work your nature was you are rushing to deliver if you choose what your Indian culture was your stupid

00:45:57--> 00:46:20

it your choice, even answer always go for right choice that what Rashid Rashid need to go for right choice right right choice don't follow culture for what follow the nature culture is corrupt culture that no reasoning culture has no history, culture is made by the people who are thinking man in a perpetual a stupid person has some time did and people follow that.

00:46:22--> 00:46:39

So it is what happened one of the one of the Indian gardener British got cut the people in India so lots of British people white people so you see what happened one of these in a British girl a white man in his moustache in one part something else something happened here too he can't hit the nail go here

00:46:40--> 00:47:03

to not say but one part is just a little bit and one is for what he did he called this parable to becoming you know between the Indian authorities must be good fashion if wide percenter must be good to the odd Indian people that fall under the no reasoning mind that this person has got an illness problem no Indian people you know they don't use their mind white person does they must do like in this manner Rajasthan in India.

00:47:04--> 00:47:26

You are the farmer in fact a white person boss by him and asked him something topic that I want to go to this body the way white Indian Foreign because so happy that he talked to a white person white man. Now he came to his house, the wife asking how are you? We want to eat something he's quiet. He's a mother asking family, every participant he must have some elastic data to speak to and

00:47:28--> 00:48:08

then the good doctor to help him know he's gonna speak. He became angry. He said, Don't you people know, I use this my tongue to speak with a white person. Now you think I can talk to you people like you. I talked with vitamin C, this will help you not think at all it just is to build cultures and with the culture so I think really before you do something, you take a look at Pakistani culture. I'm a totally I only marry Choudry I bought a marina girls, stupid culture. But you see this. If your father say something don't have you don't have mind. Your father does not have mine. But you should have mind. Like even even I know his father not not at this he using mine. He rushes. He said

00:48:08--> 00:48:13

to his father that you don't know but I know. But we are so stupid. We can't sit your father is that you don't know.

00:48:15--> 00:48:58

So but in private God, these two things really intellectual courage and moral courage, intellectual courage, that you read, rise question and moral courage and then do it. You will have got both courage. He could question intellectual courage and then moral character he did it. He not scared? We have nothing nothing. We say oh my god marry you because you're not God. Why would my father say but did you ask a question? No. Then access to internal access but I I follow him. I don't have any courage. No intellectual can no more courage. Midlife Ibrahim can not be followed. If you don't have intellectual courage, and proto moral courage. Intellectual courage and moral courage are two

00:48:58--> 00:49:21

important foundation for this. If you don't have courage, and you're covered, then don't be Muslim. It's not your religion is not enough for covered people. It is region after people have heard intellectual courage first, then moral or intellectual courage means courage to ask question, courage to understand courage to go deeper and moral courage is where you know didn't do it.

00:49:22--> 00:49:36

Don't be scared. If you know really you can marry somebody who knows God then do it. Don't be afraid. But all these people are so much promise in society all the time. I keep hearing that you know, I love this girl and that girl but she knows children My father told me

00:49:38--> 00:49:40

nothing knows television because that is stupid. The rest of

00:49:41--> 00:49:49

the children are stupid people. Don't even mind if anybody follows culture. That's stupid. The Quran said woman Jericho a military

00:49:50--> 00:49:59

go to foreign culture, the stupid due to foreign nature. Jerky never done your nature, in your nature the notary. Nature never says you want

00:50:00--> 00:50:01

Canada children it doesn't HSL again

00:50:02--> 00:50:42

is there anywhere in the nature to love children only to culture cultures that you will lick and children, but culture cannot impose on nature to people fall in love with somebody naturally no culture comes on impose culture them artificially made up by human being culture, not your nature. Culture has come from society it is socially engineered. People have engineered made it culture not come from you. It is made by the society, culture and means something made by the society. Is it clear that culture has no foundation when the British put you to the left hand? Is not that clever people? It is because the stupidest culture and when I'm associated with the right and not because

00:50:42--> 00:50:47

there are systems they eat with eating with the right hand and extra growth our culture

00:50:48--> 00:51:01

and understanding why I do the right and then doing that, that clever idea to be easily left with right. That way we don't understand. We said what probably you know, somebody left handed the to the left. Somebody said to me naxal

00:51:03--> 00:51:37

that I'm left handed to you I do with it. I said okay, you're left handed. Still you want it people are right handed to the left hand. In all the former drills in Oxford, everybody is supposed to eat with the left hand then they did make argument but some people are right handed because their culture to them is more culturally to the left hand none even to people who have who say to the right hand you make are no but I'm left handed. If a right handed people can eat with the left hand in your culture in your former dinner, why left handed people cannot eat with the right hand

00:51:39--> 00:51:59

to just stupid argument not thinking to make your best question if somebody said to you that this is a culture tell question next question. But what authority cutter has got? What is authority? What orthotic Ness question sugar is that why evolution is important? In textual therapy, bad courage, ask question.

00:52:00--> 00:52:18

And I used to say to I used to insert to the right hand you all the people around me in the form of JC to the left hand. My son knew that no reason bonded. No reasoning is just dead culture. You have seen your ancestor doing the same thing. There's nothing bonded. You deal with the right hand of God. Kill your argument, which you don't have.

00:52:19--> 00:52:28

So I got an argument about why should I follow you or whatever takes your courage. And then more if you have this to your