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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone and welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi On every Thursday at 6pm GMT will begin with the question Shall we have one private question today? The question today is about what is going on in India regarding the increasing Islamophobia, especially with the new creation of the Ram Mandir at the site of the previously hosted Babri Masjid Chef, what do you advise Muslims should be doing in this hostile environment currently, and can you give us some Naseeha?

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You know, we understand from the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, sunnah. Listen, Muslims are a special nation,

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they have been appointed by Allah, to the order to the all of mankind, the professional Islam was sent to all the mankind and when he passed away, again, the responsibility

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is on his ummah, in all the time, all the ages, that was the need to do the most important thing for Muslims everywhere is that their PC salaam, and teach to other people and save them from the Help file to the most important thing, when they do this, they will first problem price like the percentages of profit,

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but they have to be patient and to do so, brick and mortar will help them and we will reward in the hereafter.

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Muslims in India and so whereas in the West, they are not doing this duty to people are concerned that they're losing, you know, mosques, and they are, you know, suffering

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in so many different way. But what they are not actually discussing is the other Muslims who are doing their responsibilities properly, do their prep properly, do the call people to salaam either left motorised commander there, we don't do this thing. And if you go to Indiana mosques, so you know, there are hundreds 1000s to the mosque, where if you go people don't harm the 10% of Muslims paid. Same thing in the West. You know, people don't pay their bill mosques. You know, I go to this to the left of my house, very big mistake. And, you know, we have seen them, so being Muslim. But when I go into the fray of prayer, you know, even in a festival isn't just half of hardly 10 people,

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with the most acrylic can have 1000s of people. So this is the problem, the first thing really either was a Muslim, and that's what I said in the Quran. For the crooning or the Quran. You remember me, I will remember you, if I don't remember Allah subhanaw taala, you know, an arbitrary number, Nito, Muslims have to think about that. I've had them come to my mind and

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what Moses needs to do in India, and also is incredible. And we are going to have soon a retreat in Leicester, to where I want to remind my students, this thing talking the light, good that you asked me, the two things come to my mind that Muslims everywhere need to do, especially those who are scholars. And

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the first thing you can somehow to reform their own society, how to live them better Muslims. So for that purpose, they should just start teaching the Quran, especially the consumer,

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you know, once a month, to their community, in the masjid in the computer, all Muslims come together, they listen to level one out

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and then they understand and understand the Quran and follow that. And similarly, they should do once a month class for non Muslims, where they use a common space like it could be community center could be in school could be a cafe or somewhere where the novices can come I set up to one of the chapter from Contura where the Deaf Gay men felt a different dimension and read a translation in the language that those non Muslims understand could be English, could be Hindi could be in another language. So if people start at least these two things in or if a factory for Muslims an effort to call altar uses non non Muslims. The other problem that difficulty will come do difficulty there is

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something that I've done right exactly and and doesn't matter it was people and wants it to happen. And if people are patient that Allah subhanaw taala in certainly make them successful.

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that what we need to do really rather than thinking how to go to the mosque and which will not go to happen, so, easily the best thing is to do Java India did not have any Muslim people who went out from outside the tortoise alarm and the cold people Islam and there are now millions of Muslims killing Muslims in India are more in number than muslims or muslims or together the huge number of Muslims are in India. So, how they become Muslim you know by this call of Krishna, that what we need but you know with the Hekmati wisdom that people don't you know,

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create a problem for you. So, it started two classes of Quran one for Muslims and one for non Muslims and keep thinking also now submit friendship with them called the for the food wherever you make last or looseness cook food you know, something so that become happy and then you know, friendly so that helps a lot with that I'm thinking you know, maybe one day I'll detail how to do these two things. But that is somebody you know what can be beneficial for muscles everywhere then I look and see that you doing what a loved ones the love will do with you what you want

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as an ally Laker shifters up located and for that, we'll move on to the questions being asked by in the comment box now. So the first question is by now head who asks a salam ala Kosha what do we do if we are asked to use the pronouns of the LGBTQ folks is it preferred to use their pronouns as it implies, we are accepting what they claim i e, a man can be a woman and vice versa.

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No, if something within a part of the culture somewhere unusual or different, you have to use the language to understand it. Even the COFRA you can use you can use the name of the Quran you the names of spiders, if we can use the names of the itis allow to manage and all those things. So is there any worse than that? You can refer to these things because they don't worship a lot or even though the Nazis they are a monarchy there are so many ideas that Muslims can mention in it just by name. They can use Prolon for them to similarly they can use the no noun or pronoun for everything which is even not acceptable. It's not, you know, just by mentioning that there is no

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Zach Lowe head and Chef The next question is by Aisha who asks a Salam aleikum, Chef, is it permissible? For women I'm presuming to wear loose clothing that imitates jilbab for work purposes like loose trousers and an extra long top

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Yeah, that's funny like you know people don't understand there's no need there is not obligated that you must have something called the verb to propel really there's something new if people have got you know, the Forgotten metal lose. And you know, Proverbs

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that in the neck along discuss can help some time that may be caught or something which can be long enough so that the new leader necessarily that you have something that's closer

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to that glow kind of ship. The next question is by Fatiha who asks, salami a share what is the wisdom behind relating behind relating between water clean or that little water clean with the mistake done that caused the loss of the Battle of offered as we learned in Surah Al Imran?

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Going to find the weather the weather connection is you know people lost the button for further

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so it doesn't look good and so I don't understand why people lose the battle bond does not mean they're

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missing something because a condom mistake but I didn't understand the question properly. Whenever you know the people are not happy. You know the kind of mistakes that people who are out here they can do mistake by does not mean the mistake will exclude them from the rely on the taqwa so

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many I think maybe less than you make the question period to deny industry what needs

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your inshallah clarification will come we'll move on to the next question.

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The next question is salaam surah. Here is it permissible to eat in Sikh and Hindu restaurants if they cook their food with Halal ingredients you

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Muslims have allowed people to eat a lot in the house or in the place of nonsense if they're in a funeral really? And they say they know what forgiveness if they say that, you know there's no harm I even did my test is not in the room that is different because Muslims need to pray with people every year in order to have neighbors say no non Muslims. If Muslim if we did a very simple rule, that was just one they can have a meeting Muslims house, and he assumed the fact that life is so difficult for the believers. So it didn't matter to you to eat electrical bite from Muslim shops and empty shops. Similarly you can eat anywhere that make sure that you know whatever you need to do the yard

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and also

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to Zach Lowe credit check. The next question is by tasveer, who asks a salam ala Condesa Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in Surah, and legend that a man shall have nothing but what he strives for, is it only about the Accra or can we equally apply it for dunya as well?

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No, the goal was to get above the alpha in this dunya loaded with difference so differently under smarter can get people you know without any effort, you know, this is the number two door that people have been commanded to earn the money, you know, their family, but sometimes they can inherit, sometimes they can be bordering the house offers people or things and this and that, but in the Hereafter, it will not benefit people to be born in the house of a prophet or messenger or Ali more pious person everybody will be responsible for their own deeds. So deliver sorry about the development

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because upload and check the next question is by Sammy who asks a Salaam Alaikum what's the difference between sunnen Muslim Jana and the name of Hadith books

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you know, JAMA, the door Hadith books, which have got the latest chapters

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in the book,

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the quality is chapters in particular their own data, what are the those chapters selectable there should be emaan without human play by that everything will Aminata Jihad and Mala G see that person or listen

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to something they have to do it that includes all that proper sector to dedicate our job not.

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So not are those books which are arranged economically to the practice of people to start generally by the Hadassah they are not they don't necessarily have all these exceptions to most Assam because they don't have see for example, to go to the doctor. So now they really have got a feel for that right people don't tune in for it. Some people call it Jana. Some people call it tafsir. Masada their books about the Hadith arranger or with the name of the sahabi so all the hadith of workers of the workplace is starting with their hadith of Alma that hadith of of Oman, then or the the rest of Archer washer. Then Mohammed read on SAR given

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the Hadith in the Muslim mythology that led to the narrations of the Sahara

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Desert glow clan and Chef The next question is by Feriha, who asks any food items that we use as facemask or hair mask using graham flour for example or honey will it be counted as wastage of food and will we be simple

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relief holder to use facemask

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did they apply to fit so? Yes you know sure how does the certain products that people mix together honey and a few other things and they apply it to their face or their plate as a cream or something like that

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local butter anything you know something can be used for food but also can be used for a medical reason no ill health reason to go to the clinic and do so many different ways. So if something is used for any purpose

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or something like that, because most of

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the people that you know use honey for eating or they use honey

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or they use all the Wi Fi

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and they use it in their head of integrals with everything you use for

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Zach Lowe Hannah.

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The next question is

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from Aisha who asks What is the ruling on women cutting the hair to complete the Umrah? Is there every strand of hair that needs trimming or just a few strands is enough?

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You know, some people say you know it should be shorter than most of the hair not at all.

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But some people say little bit data and I think really even a quarter or something. If the cutter definitely just a little bit shorter yet for uptake you know top of the hill

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a little bit of

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zap. Now enchantment next question is how do you do go sir? Is it different for after intimacy or versus after menstruation?

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Oh, so the disabled

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people should

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clean their private part of the dirt somewhere. And then after they do go do and then after that, you know, wash all your body after menstruation because the women impacted in the bleeding condition for a long time, six, seven days or whatever. So could it be there either, you know, by additional software

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make sure to use something we never knew this would solve or something like that, that you know some perfume when event which makes you you're eligible to pay that same nothing differently that

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you wash or the body doesn't

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deserve love. And the next question is by Exxon who asks salam Wa alaykum chef Could you please explain the meaning of certain Nyssa it for the ayah that non Muslims use when talking about the allowance of her husband to beat his wife is up allow

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you to actually say that you know to beat the wife and all those things are distinct. So Mary Tyler

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is on you must be a component of this course. So I talked about the women and the service or the sort of necessity of a time a

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if you can find any recording, or whatsoever that will look better. To repeat all you're gonna do

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is o'clock head and check. The next question is by an adult who asks chef,

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the common interpretation of Nebby Soleimani salaams death is that he held on to stuff and fell when the termites nibbled it away in that long period did no nobody even bother

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to check that when the VSAM navaids Sulayman al Islam was dead? Did nobody check at all on him? Why he was not moving? Didn't his wives wonder why he didn't pray or eat?

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Well, my soldiers would have question because many people don't have this question. I had a discussion and I think I have written an article on this matter to explain this that you know, well. So first thing we did initially monitor this alarm, you know, sometimes used to be secluded, you know for a few days to February mean that you know repeater like that. Second thing is that that stuff that he was on he was

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dealing that has got, you know the animals eating it not that day when he started that already before that.

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When he died, it was about to fall anyway to just maybe one day or two dose. If within a few days he fell down in order they started eating that day. Already they have been eating, you know. And then after that,

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if I find my article I'll post a motion to to concede

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to Zack located and ship. The next question by Anwar who asks, Chef sometimes I delay my prayer but still pray within the stipulated time. Is it sinful to delay delay prayer like this?

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No, as long as people spend the time that

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there has to be an income and time they're fine. But don't be lazy. You know, don't delay the prayers are unnecessary. Sometimes people do the prayer because they're watching football. or something's not important to dangerous, dangerous

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but some time couldn't be less as lack of traveling or some type of in the house. You're

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helping somebody you're very serious worker to something that players can be delayed. Does not probationer be happening more often, but never divided because you are busy with some some entertainment or something like that

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that's an a low Laker ship. The next question is by Junaid, who asks, all I'ma say that if you invest in stocks, you need to raise your voice against any haram activity the company wants the company is doing in the Annual General Meeting. If you don't then your earnings are haram Is this true?

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The thing really I don't know how much

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the company

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knows most of the companies are not going to listen to you because there are some Muslim company. They have some

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guidelines and they want to listen to the people but most of the people are

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Got him. So simple matter in the easy way you can

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even invest in the stock medically and that there are

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all products and I want to invest in Mr. Use your money as possible and it will make very clear

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is up. Hello, hi rancher. The next question is by Sammy who asks, chef, I remember years back you mentioned you were working on physical Islami volume three, any idea when this will be published?

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Conditional or two years, or three years since I finished the positions and now the phone last week.

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That really, really

00:20:45--> 00:20:57

just a few things here and there. And I said to the investor meeting on Friday night available to be printed. So you know, I'm making a fool of myself so much busy, so I didn't actually follow

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but now I feel it

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maybe a few months as we come up.

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Inshallah, just upload code and ship. The next question is, If a man who deliberately deceives the Muslim community by pretending to be a woman online and run women's groups, ie women's events and women's chat groups, is he still a believer or outside of Islam?

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You know, people do a lot of sinister you know, social services seriousness, a disability deadly serious sin. It could add hypocrisy in Africa. But we don't declare people unbeliever or something like that, because that actually even more serious allegation. So we don't want a few them by

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coughing one believer, but what he's doing is certainly a big sin and we should be warned that even by doing the stimuli in your computer haram and people should reward us people should not listen to someone.

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But anyway, don't start as elegant papercrafter This is very, very dangerous. This should be done only by the state or by the

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state or the mind of the common people. They have no right to record everybody covered.

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Zac Lohan and check the next question is by Saiful Islam, who asks a Salam aleikum, Chef is Witr Prayer mandatory.

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In this matter, there's a difference of opinion in our affordable long term course with Awaji not for the word for this is below Ferber method you must do it.

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By did not I assume that for the prayer. But the rest of the all of Imam Malik Marcia for the humble Imam Abu Hanifa is tools that we use for Mohammed, the majority of the amount that's 1199. The Quran sunnah, they don't call the call volume, but it's still

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more emphasized than the sooner the failure to do emphasize sooner, if not necessarily what

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is up low credit check. The next question is by Achmed who asks, is Imam Abu Hanifa has position always given priority over the position of the site event in Hanafy field for example, the for the starting time for us of prayer, the position of the soccer event is the same as the other modality then really is a matter of people who have so many different resources. Many people recognize the dean and the people differently that invaluable data, they always refer to our opinion, but I really think there should be no nothing like that really people should feel a different way a different one open with a code. One way to look really whose argument is found in the Hadith from whatever second

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thing, which opinion actually is it better for believers to follow, follow, which will be easier more convenient for some type of opinion which can hinder believers most that the most important people should follow? So I would not say that you know, in every case you must have preferrable money first look really sometime maybe the one whose argument is founder you find that sometimes the doctor who the opinion is more convenient to the believer, you kind of can follow that. So people should not in the sister or on the water we're using.

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Zach Lowe credit and Chef, we have two questions from Muhammad Sharif Khan first is as Chef which also book should I study after my body also the tip and he also asked chef please suggest me and also that the observer book, I am a beginner

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you know after you have done that in my body so you know if you want to generally to understand those who are affected

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Be more younger we're not a matter so then the book by Audrey Wahab

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something that I further than him to her love to find out you find on on

00:25:16--> 00:25:24

collapsible consecrated very very good book as you can study the chicken board getting into more detail but your experience editing multiple

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parts of Syria the Council of RDT you can read my body in a tough scene and then after that if you want to study further you should study our fossil fuel solid pursuit by showers or debris. I have no additional fuel source tafsir by my military so they will help you and then there are books on the alumina Quran like on us up or whatever haunted by the Kashmir Buhari more details on CLT basically summarize

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we're going to start with the small body by me and then we'll probably put them off by the train

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to Zach Lohan and Chapter Next question is by a crowd who says chef I was told reading Surah Yaseen has many benefits but Hadith for our dive is it okay to read for those benefits

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people have you know, many many Khalifa every sort of discipline could really benefit the Quran has got for guidance, in order to book of instruction teaches you what to do. So using the Quran, for all the benefit when people say not right, that's not how the companies have been doing. So do the crowd try to understand the meaning and follow the commands and instructions.

00:26:48--> 00:27:11

properly, then Baraka will come in your life that we should be doing. So just don't disturb with the ones to now read from living, understanding the Quran when they started, then you learn more and more and make effort to follow it to understand it follows that the bulk of the Quran is understanding the Quran fit upon the Quran.

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Giselle, Glaucon, and Chef, the next and I think the final question that we'll take for today is Visayan, who asks, how are the universal lessons of the prophets in the Quran distinguished from those that are time specific, for example, Yusuf alayhi salam was frustrated to according to Surah use of verse 100.

00:27:34--> 00:27:39

The thing really the Quran is universal, everything the Quran, therefore, all the time,

00:27:41--> 00:28:12

meaning when you have same condition, then you follow that of a condition that will keep changing, like for example, the cardi further onto the piano. But if you are not rich enough for the money to similarly, the Quranic verses, they are relevant to Muslims for all the time, everywhere. But it depends on how you are conditions up to sometimes the category for the party, sometimes I thought in order for the party, sometimes fasting with the public IP sometimes not to the portfolio conditions of some time.

00:28:13--> 00:28:14

Motions will have to

00:28:15--> 00:28:34

do had father dinner sometime No. So all those things are important. But this thing that you saw the burger, they did say that to him, or Jessie do say that Waterman salon. I've written an article this is not to read. The Quran does not mean that

00:28:35--> 00:29:20

but what Quran says you did say that on that occasion, like for example, sometimes your son passed the exam or something will happen. You do something? Thank Allah. I know I pray and people actually play football. And when they make a goal they decide to do not have to say that to the bowl. It didn't say said on that occasion to use for Santa Barbara. They just say that well, but on that occasion, people thought they decided to use it or not to use it. How they can be caught on with the interior. So I don't want to leak I didn't pull up nobody else. Rahim Ali salaam it is this family home it is possible to one hyperlink with the doing so at that time not to use it, which is a

00:29:20--> 00:29:28

celebration that you say whatever version Islam is by saying done the prayer to the decider to Allah not to swear it's not

00:29:31--> 00:29:40

that physical locator chip. That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week.

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Just Okolloh head and shape for your time and good luck located and everyone for joining. And we'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm GMT, as always, a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh