What is Beautiful Patience

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sovereign Jimmy

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what is beautiful patient? Beautiful patients what is it? How the sovereign Jimmy is the landmark upside now?

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When you say say sovereign Jimmy YOU say say now

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what is several Johnny?

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Not questioning at all? Why me? What happened? I here I am on the profit, right happened before again nobody else in this slide but me I have to lose my children. None of that meaning not a single word of complaint and not a single word of complaint internally.

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That's suddenly January. The summer not Jamie is when you don't say but your heart is all complaining. But you don't say hamdulillah Kalahari

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and he turned to a moss pantalla ash Kuba Theo Hosni in Allah

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ADTs tested with something it doesn't matter small or big. You turn to Allah and says I am complaining to Allah. NEMA Ash COVID Theo Hosni it Allah my pain and my loss and my grief

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as COVID steel housing while women are liking manga to anime, and I know Allah who never let me down.

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He is so sad. He is blind. He lost his two children. Still, his faith did not change the people of Azusa

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and you're seeing miracles in the faith. Everything else is is beyond me and you seeing and imagine the faith didn't change. Be patient. stay steadfast,

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or rely on Allah. Victory is going to come but will take time