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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman named Hope who narrates a scene in a forum about her father's death. Hope's father talks about how many people are on the streets of Tokyo and how many people are watching the event. Hope's mother also mentions her father's book and how he explains the Hadees. The transcript suggests that the event is important to her and that she is the last person to narrate.
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Mr. cattani you help you and he narrates this order this forum amatola been to address Adela visa Omen, Amma to live in Tokyo Vanya della via She is the daughter of Abdo honey

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and she is the last father. Whenever Israel died, she remember the people from everywhere they used to come and get a job that summer for amatola delegation mahanagara Drama catani

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now in the whole world, that no single person who narrates this drama, nobody, nobody in India, nobody in Pakistan, nobody, the only person on earth her this

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year she was the last person to narrate her this from her father.

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So hi

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teacher, she are so used to narrate all the masala and people are in from Mecca. divagate great. It's one of these

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he has written that we stop people from the from the team and it's Jordan we went to Medina to let her this Rahmatullah when we came there to cinetic was masala Sheena Anna masala, one of the most well studied masa

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masa withholding beer. Now she amatola delish is a woman she cannot narrate.

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But these women are so keen to hear this father and he says when we came to her

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then she also narrated the Hadith.

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She put her hand in the place of the view and then we got from this unique isn't because you never have most of them.

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Except this one. I attributed my book

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amazing two how to even the Hadees which is not their responsibility because they don't appear to get Huggies Masada Padilla for a woman is a very, very rare in the Hadees. The people are so happy to learn from that woman.

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You can see this How important is the Holy Trinity