Akram Nadwi – How to understand the prophetic teachings

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of following a long cycle of monograph and the lack of understanding by people. They also touch on the topic of prophetic medicine and the lack of understanding by people. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to understand the cycle and not just follow the monograph.
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This very important question really, you know, this really nice. Kevin ytc Bukhari and all these books have this, you know, long, long sessions? I don't think it is. But it's a very, very good question that what a problem hyper for many people, many people they see Howdy. And they think you have to follow it. They don't understand really, that something being a headache does not necessarily qualify to be followed. People are set to monograph Muladhara mamadi. Why is it that you will not read Hadith anymore? In your book, but you don't follow it, too. He said, lay Allah na su or na Allah elimin Taka now who do people know that we left her with knowingly if I don't mention in

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my book, people will say Malik did not know the Hadees I know the Hadith, but still I don't follow it. So something that Professor listitem allowed once or data once that not necessarily make it to be qualified for sooner, so that people understand. So not basically me, let me tell you another word. So null means a practice continuous from your time to the professor lawless along with the full record, the tsunamis, property, if you see a practice in your town, but does not go to the parcel of Islam in asuna is something he did when he was sick. It couldn't be allowed or some time he does something. I

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I the human being not a messenger. Those can be either either myself that that was from locums. What he did, I loved the process a lot of when he fought in

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the treatment that he used to get it or a treatment or a medical treatment. Some people think prophetic medicine the nonprofit in medicine, or medicine that he used, like the president when he's hungry, he used to eat the food that arrives use it for ease and decentered. Now he said he's a prophetic food now right? Our food, prophetic for only is harmful. That's all the prophets I used to wear certain cloth because he used to wear them. If now we say it is sooner, you missed your mistake, if not profiting sooner or sooner. profits are the husband, you know he's to narrate his story to his wife. Now you come to your wife, Sue, I had loved this I didn't go Hurry the Prophet,

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you know, narrated this story to his wife. Now I want to follow sooner. And another story to you. He'll be bored and tired. Because that is to reveal in don't fit in. You need to tell your wife your story, the story that she is similar, not the story of the person listen to so nine to 10 story, but not the same story, that what many people are mixing that the professor dallisa when he behaves I the messenger that what the sooner comes in what he did as a human being like he goes to toilet, Sunday morning, Sunday evening, you got to make morning even sooner. No human. Whenever he leaves, he goes, you go when you need. You don't need to follow his time, because it's a human thing. But

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when he goes to toilet, he used water. He claims that his sooner. What he taught teaches you as a prophet, that was sooner what comes? What is that teacher, the prophet? That is what

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the tutor sooner sooner? I assume that rather. So not the guy that's asuna culture and tradition. He is a part of the culture. He follows that, too in real life, I'm wearing this cloth. Now, sooner Not right now. It is actually Indian culture. If you follow in Western culture, neither This is better than your cloth. Neither you're better than me, which is a culture you follow culture. I follow culture. If I study sooner, I'm wrong. If you said that, as soon as referred to in the keynote was too nice to cover your body properly, and to be brought over nobody that was too nice. But this workload that growth is all fine. Is it clear to everybody? Just understand So now, what it teaches

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you either messenger to the database, why don't be impressed by the people when they say prophetic medicine

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that they are thrilled with other medicine. The final I'm not against that. But we have to understand this to understand it is actually our own medicine that he found lucky to follow our food

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