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completely. But

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the reason I think we should talk about this is that it's more of a problem than most people realize, especially if they're married, if you're a married person, that this immediately becomes completely insignificant to you and don't care about anymore. And if you don't have kids who are ready to get married, then you don't care about it either. But it's actually extremely problematic topic within our societies here in the West, and even outside of the West as well. And even for those who are married, who are struggling, we have problems that need to be talked about. The only value that the Muslim community can bring is the stability of its families. We are built on

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families, we That's how we're built, Muslim society is built on families, doesn't mean everyone has to have one. There are many scholars in our history who never got married or had families. And that's totally understandable. But the bulk of our community is going to be based on families and the strength of these families and the ability to prepare the next generation to continue continue to carry the baton and continue the legacy. So it's important that we talk about these things because I'm finding that more and more, I am not a marriage counselor. But this is only like the theme of of these problems, whether it's trying to get married or hold on to it is is is on a halt

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at a all time high. Which requires I think a little bit of

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actually not a little bit a lot of discussion. So cover something Hadith where the prophet it addresses the issue from different aspects, hopefully inshallah we benefit. So when he says in this hadith out of your Serato sounds difficult, either a telecom or either either hot or illegal in the there's two wording for this narration, I'll use the one that's in a collection of email, but didn't mean which is either attack one man carbona, who Luca who, Medina who, so we do a lot of value that can fit NetOne philosophy, Professor ordinario he said it is also if if someone comes to you, looking for marriage, and this is specifically is not specifically a Forgive me, for men over women,

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it works actually both ways. It's more common, obviously, for men than it is for women. But it works both ways for sure. If someone comes to you, and they're looking to get married, and this person is someone whom you see both the quality of their faithfulness, Dena who, which is their way of life, the quality of their of their understanding of their religion, the way that they see it, they view it in practice, it will hold Oklahoma and their ethics, their character, how they are in terms of, of what they, how they treat people around them, what values they carry their principles, it's impossible for you to know 100% of these things from a person, no matter how much time you spend

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with them as possible. But how do you say, mentor Bona, meaning you're satisfied? You get to know a little bit about their faith, about their character about the hook, you're satisfied you find the checking all the boxes? We don't have any there's no red flags really. So would you then offer this person to marriage in value if you do not? If you fail to do this, that couldn't fit in? You will cause fitna on this earth with facade and how do you know why the applied amount of corruption, facade and Aryan it's wide of application of corruption, corruption will be everywhere, and fitna will happen all across Earth. It's very rare that he uses these terms on a histological asylum

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again, the importance of studying Hadith. And the Quran, obviously in the same way is, is understanding the rhythms, the rhythms of the verses and the rhythms of what he said Ali has a lot to say if you understand the rhythm, you can figure out how Allah subhanaw taala talks about things and how the Prophet Allah you saw some addresses things when something stands out, it becomes a little bit okay, hold on. He, He never speaks like this. He never says these phrases. He never uses this, this terminology. So it must be a big deal that he's that he's saying that if you fail to do one thing, then then fitna, which is if it is when there's

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confusion, if it there's a word that's used for many different things, but there's confusion on Earth, and widespread corruption.

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If you fail to do this one thing, if someone's looking to get married, and this person's Dean and this person's whole look, are both satisfactory to the person who's looking at them. But still, we can't seem to get this person married for maybe financial difficulties or age based difficulties or even worse, racial problems or some other some other cause. Then prepare yourself for a fitna that will be all across Earth and corruption that will spread and that will spread widely in every direction. This is what's his warning it has thought to us. This is to me a more of a warning than a command Watch out. Because because it's not sure what most people do. If someone comes in the

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reasonable you find someone that for them to get married to.

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If you don't do prepare yourself to what will come later, which is what we are starting to see happen pretty much in front of us it's unfolding in front of us. So we have to change the way we look at things we have to change the way we look at marriage understanding altogether and with that, inshallah Tada. Y'all really ma'am are telling me the up Jamie. Hey,

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What's the man we're gonna merge? If you saw any Hebrew sent out in Hassanein? Have you heard about the Allahu Anhu called binary use of Allah Allah you only will send me the mentor loner who Luca who What do you know who will do who will follow that confit? NetOne philosophy, Professor Donadio, sort of Rasulullah Hassan Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah and we also have Allah who was sending them over like, I don't know, have you been on Muhammad in my lifetime? He's right. Inshallah Donna chef