Are Mortgages Allowed in Islam?

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First thing we want especially when we allow people to take one house on commercial mortgage in order we are making obligatory unbelievers we are thinking really in this country yeah it is possible that you can rent house but when you rent house anytime they can ask you to leave or sometimes you want to find a place next to a school or mosque or community and then you want to stay there that only person when you buy the house either nobody know if council house they don't provide calm house enough to most some day provide variety it can come to some time people have no choice but to buy a house. If people have distinct area they want to buy a house do we say okay you can buy

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one house if you need to consider our conventional mortgage because we Salaam something becomes

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out of necessity and that mostly about eating and drinking something becomes halaal out of need and there are more in money transaction to even if not necessary even nude in nude Musa if you don't have their thing you have your life becomes more difficult to find a way people don't have house is still like a survive in or like food if you don't have food you die to that necessity that but Hydra is very don't have something your life in that easy. So to some time haraam because out of the Hydra the Hydra people actually ask all this question about mortgage I asked a simple question really is it insurance itself Haram in Islam?

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Or does Allah who have created so much profit gets to me about morbid or you know cars and uninsurance

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tell me which one is more need car or house

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housing more need just so much for transport and in same house you have two three cars you have to have cars uninsured it has got to have insurance and shahara to because your need which is not so urgent need is still you can many harm to that we allow us to further we don't make obligatory the people say you know there is no mortgage if there is something Islamic Why will go far far far enough are empty but there's no Islamic mortgage ask people who work in that field they'll tell you Islamic mortgages that don't exist in the world. It is just a word people have made simple metal is to do research to find out if there is any song will be fun if no had no but whenever I discuss with

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these people and they say no to 80% Islam what 80% of them usually if 20% haram why you want to pay more money for to it if the same haram same thing then go to commercial mortgage which is more safe cheaper more than a year to you there's no further there's enough nobody will give you mortgage house you know alone for no interest with Islam and Islam. If people want to know the proof what I'm saying really go to Pakistan and look at all the time banks do Islamic banks in Pakistan exists in rich area poor area.

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In all rich area, Islamic banks only help rich people Islamic banks in need of our help any poor people. Islam. Islamic finance is like modern Islamic finance is only for rich people that might create a really well petrodollar happen. Islamic finance in the book is affected. They only help poor people or the exceptions are madora Pino modaraba

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ijarah Jara Salaam all this country don't liquor for poor people. Now same tricks are using to make rich people richer all the time now is alarm only make exception for poor people now usually sell for the rich people, Islamic banks and never exist in any poor area never never intersect to help, then you should go to support area never because it is only to help rich people. So I said to the people if there is an Islamic bank, which give people loan without any interest to buy the house or not get it but that does not exist. And don't be deceived. They will take from you more money with another name. But you just same benchmark are more expensive, Islamic, but Islamic mortgages

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everywhere in the world. They're more expensive than the conventional mortgage in the name of Salaam who can give more money that we don't mind. But two three, or is it the same idea, same concept, nothing, nothing different. erotically Firebase, you know, taking the resume the rubber bucket that was sucking the blood of the people.

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people when they give a river, not the happy, they're forced to force condition or a different laptop, somebody want to marry the daughter. He had no money. Nobody gives him a loan. Other than interest. He takes this loan because he had no choice. He's forced to do this. But people who take interest they're not forced into making money. today are the one who can mean people. The person who takes a loan you know, he has no choice. If a good people Nobel Prizes said they help him was nobody will take nobody will take a loan on his desk. If he can create another argument. Nobody will do this. So they're forced, forced condition. Never reason

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every society is different from the condition where people have choice.