Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A 23-11-21

Akram Nadwi
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Salam Alaikum everyone and welcome back to our q&a with Chef Akram. nadwi. This q&a is every Thursday 6pm If I'm not mistaken we are now according to GMT, so anyone who's confused about the timings because the time did change two weeks ago. This q&a is every Thursday 6pm GMT Inshallah, I hope that clears that up and no one has been miss understanding the timings and missing the sessions. Without any further ado, Inshallah, let's start with our first question here.

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You can hear me okay, sure. Yeah, fine. Yeah. Okay, perfect. Okay, we have a question from somebody. What can be the biggest achievement of the Muslim world? What is our maximum potential? Very interesting question.

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From the lawyer below me was salatu salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad, while he was a hobby mine on my road. So Alhamdulillah I really like this question very much. This is the one of the most important question, you know, somebody ever had asked me

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that was should it be really Muslim should not look for the minimum or where they should look for the maximum for the best they can do? Many people, you know, they think okay, this is a part of the this is sooner, so enough for us to do further, but then don't do sooner. So, all of it, they want to make in the Legion, things which are a minimum, you know, the first time somebody asked what can be the maximum, this is really of that what I believe is should be always look for the best for maximum, you know, least since and most obedience.

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So, that actually there is no limit for a maximum there is no limit at all. Reason is don't no limit. Because you know, in this world, it could be possible that you have jobs and they know somebody paid you know 20,000 per year and somebody 3050 100 maybe million today the limit, and then you look for you know for the maximum, Allah subhanaw taala has no limit to nearness to him is the what believers desire, they want to become near to him. nearness to Allah has no limit at all. You have if you are given life, million times is still unique or can be the maximum or the prophets and messengers. If they come and live again, again, it still they cannot reach the maximum because Allah

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has no limit in your list. You know, nearness to him has no limit. His favors have no limit. So that the good thing is that everybody in the world makes effort. Still, you can see that a mature left. So a button or some other way the very Believers Walk to him, you know, one in there come to him walking, he comes to them running. So there's good thing, whatever effort you make your reverser multiplied by many, many times. So people should make effort to do the Basilica, Brahim Ali salaam, you know keep always making effort that are to come near to Allah subhanaw taala you know, he wants to see that you know how Allah subhanaw taala does many things or any Kapha Takimoto How do you make

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that alive? He wants to know this. You want to understand to he wants to be you know, as best as possible to know his Lord.

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So the way they really are interested to do the best possible. Read the Quran, read biographies, the Prophets and Messengers. See what they have been doing, you know life. So pure life I always celebrate Allah, always very humble. No complaint like he suffered Islam, you know in the prison. But no complaint. Ibrahima Islam leaves his house does the Hegira from one country to another country, but no complaint. The frog of masala Lissa lambino keeps moving difficulty, no complaint to you know this what Allah loves from the people that you know you keep you do your what is the OB obrigado upon you. And when you don't get any ease in the life don't complain, always do be patient

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to suffer. So Allah loves people that you know those who want nearness to him, but the same time they are patient they are do stop they never complain. And they're very happy, pleased with whatever Allah gives to them. So that what Allah wants really true believers should you know aspire for this thing to know to be the best as possible. If we make like that, the life will become so good for everybody.

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The men and women are made difficulties and problems that people have the life they will disappear. So I will encourage you, you know, the one who asked this question that you know, read the Quran and make effort to use every bit of your time in obedience and understanding Allah subhanaw taala

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take the next question from rise. And his question is how can we understand the Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says the killer for the Khalifa should be from the Quraysh

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the way

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that our minister understand that leaders are to be obeyed that are the thing is and the people who follow them they just basically make the believers united behind them that a reason that we don't make women imam in the masjid The reason is, because there are many women are bought that men cannot pray behind them. So then tribute to Jamala. But if the man reading them women can pray because women don't have any problem. So, women can play behind anybody. So, it is not that we are inferior to the men or men I know nothing to do that the reason is because the men you know, the if the women read the prayer the men thing behind them, their mind will not be so you know, so good. So, the we

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need those people to simulate other people

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or Asha the leading people, if you make an alpha in any other family, what will happen is the other processor making claim. So, it will never happen, but if you operate correctly from a leader, so then all ours will have no power to follow. So that was in that time, but later on when the other you know, believers and other families became important. The even not the case. So you can see Khilafah was in Bernama. Yeah, they were from Koresh. Therefore Ambala bus, they're from Porsche. They're hella far moved to, you know, to Turkish people. They're not from Burnham, but you know, from Porsche, but Muslims accepted them because they were you know, defending Islam. They're strong

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people to as long as people defend and they can bring unity to the believers they can be so sometimes the professor lawless Allah makes a command in certain condition, a context the people are not allowed to make a generalized for all the time this nerf purple, because purple it how to keep unity of the believers. So did that time it was important that leaders are from Koresh. But later on, you know when other you know believers also became important tasks became important because it became important. Yeah, then if they can ignite anybody who can bring unity to the believers, you know, they should be leaders.

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Okay, let's take the next question from Takashi. Question is can I father give equal portion from his wealth to his son and daughter

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you know, during the lifetime, you know, certainly he should make effort to make everybody equal daughters and sons when he died, then the inheritance really beats according to the law

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and the difference in the inheritors if another reason, you know, I don't have time to spend, but during the lifetime when the father alive, he certainly he should treat all his sons and daughters equally, you know, in order to you know, he gets to power to the son and one point for the daughter, this is not right issued, that way the prophets will let them you know, upset when somebody had a daughter and daughter came to him and then he made the daughter sit on the ground. And when the sun came him, he put him in the arm. So the professor favelas are weighted by Noma Why don't you treat them equally? So you know same cloth for the daughter and knows for the sons you know, what they

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need not that you know, big Sunny, you know, most preference in this matter, they should all should be equally inheritance for some reason, you know, different not always but sometimes it different.

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Okay, let's take the next question. The next question from Tanzeem. Is shaving her arm or micro

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washing framework?

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I'm assuming shaving for men shaving the bed? Yeah. What would you say? Oh yeah, no thing either appears different other work people think men some people think in a beard is sooner. So then it will be makuu or Makuta hurry me. Some people think it is that you know allowed the cultural thing then it they will say it's not a big thing. The many many older mother she had the beard, you know, and some people make it was forbidden. No proof died in between I think it is sooner. If somebody shifts it will accrue. But in our time there are so many plants or if people don't have

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Proper belief. People don't pray, it did not have a good thing that always, you know, come to the, you know, these small things in the religion. And he started saying that people when the people don't have the big thing, I don't like people when they start judging people because I've got the beard on because the higher Taku Tao you know, cloth, this is very superficial Islam. The real thing the Eman and Islam and piety and fear of Allah to that worship we call people if you started teaching these things, you will divide the people not everybody will agree with you. And we don't actually we don't believe us to be divided unnecessarily to teach important thing you know the most

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important thing that is openness of Allah subhanaw taala the top of our piety the distance that we should emphasize inshallah.

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Okay, next question is, can a person follow two different methods? In one issue, for example, in Bordeaux, can one follow one can one follow the Hanafy sons on touching the spouse and the chef is on some bleeding? Neither method would consider his widow valid, you know, think about no matter how rarely mother people have been ordered, every mother will mixed, you know, it depends actually what can mean to the people, but don't worry about this matter matter. You know, if it must have if there are things, which not very many, many mothers, so, what, so, if somebody think that in in bleeding, he follows Shafi mother and touching the woman he follows 100 Free mother did no harm in that

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another type really, because Voodoo is what do you know in few things, you know, some people think not valid, because some provide the fun, God What about these smaller issues, you know, the real thing they know you do. So who is a bigger Bada and you get your sins are forgiven, then you are able to pray that men thing, but as some of the, you know, details, people I agree, don't agree it is not important, because then they will do that. Imagine the Quran everybody agrees. So there are some details where Hadith are different types of some of these are not so strong, peoples are telling you how to differ. So don't worry about these matters, you know, whether how about 151 of

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Shafi said, if anybody does anything, which could be valid to any mother, it is valid.

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Okay, let's take the next question, which is in the efforts to improve interfaith relations? Does this justify having other faith leaders teaching at Koran classes and Islamic Studies? Or is this a step too far? I'm not sure what the question is referring to. So,

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really, what we want is that people live in harmony you know the lacking of Christians, Jews, Muslims and to everybody you know, they live in harmony, harmony, we respect them i the human being by does not mean that everybody think other person right? No, it still we can respect them we can you know, take care of them give them food, you know look after them look after their weak people, but we are not allowed to mix the the religions because religion the revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. So and believers in will teach religion in different way compared to the unbelievers. So when it comes to the teaching of the Legion comes in are leading the prayer the Muslims should know love

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from Muslims, Hindus from Hindus, Christian Shula from their own Christians, that was should be you know it another way that you know, people started mixing then basically no belief remained there, then it will create a fill the hearts of the believers with the doubts, because if the teacher didn't, you know, hide the doubts, nobody will doubt. So we don't want you know, because we have know very clearly that the people who go to Paradise are those who believe it can't be Salaam and those who don't believe at Islam, they will not go to Paradise to be caught in mixing but at the same time we respect them that your do you think you're right fine, we respect you we don't harm you

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by does not mean that you know we believe that they are also right other than the no part of any religion. So Muslims should very careful you know, we are allowed we should respect everybody, but we are not allowed to change the religion of Allah subhanaw taala

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okay, just kosher Okay, we have a question from moine. Here his question is should we keep a distance from family members who are busy with this world enjoyment?

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The thing is, you know, you should not be influenced by other people. If you think that somebody is influencing you, you have to protect your religion, but you should be able to influence you should be dying, you know, you should be strong Eman and his alarm. You should go to the people in avoid them to the prayer to you know, teach them some books. You know, you should you should initiate you know, gathering and meeting

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So many way the simple matter is, believers should be careful about any gathering or any position where they're influenced by non Islamic thing. But they should be keen to provide those spaces where they can influence other people in order to bring them nearer to the path of Allah subhanaw taala

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Okay, next question is, can we donate her organs when we have passed away?

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Oh, no, these are questions that, you know, keep coming. I'm not really very sure about the many answers in this matter. What I'm sure is that, you know, people can donate their blood because the blood so you know, easily can kind of be replaced. So things like that, or maybe here because here you know, if you cut your hair and give to someone to hair scan, you know, replace the easel if there's a need, otherwise for no need, we don't want to give them their butt any other organs like you know, somebody died and he gives his heart to someone else. So then this person becomes a dead person because they know heartless without any heart.

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So this is something that you know, I'm

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I still I'm not very clearly I think people should be accepted what Allah has done, got the border in a blind, sometimes people have some defects, we should accept that. And If death comes,

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you know, because of any of these illness, we should accept that, you know, one day everybody should die anyway. Nobody wants to live here forever.

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So enjoy, until now really my father away that we should be very careful about donating the ordnance. Do I allow the you know, in this world, you know, people can donate their blood or something like that, but not after the detriment they donate organs? That is still I'm not. I don't think it is something we should encourage.

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Okay, just talking to OSHA, we have a question from Assam. Can you please clarify what you meant by the law it was sent him did not to use the same diet as the previous prophets in the Quran? Does this mean we should make our own personal dyes without trying to copy the prophets of Allah? You know what one means really do I mean to you, in order to Tassadar let me make very clear maybe misunderstanding, da da da, and the office Tiana dwarfee, by the Minister of worship Allah subhanaw taala. So people should worship Allah Sahaja the way the Prophets and Messengers used to worship you have to you know, follow them, not copying them, but follow them like a prayer and fasting is a card

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you have to call your Lord, either my sentence the prophets have called then after that they will always stay on when you ask Allah to help you. So in this matter, everybody the need is different prophets have their own need, messengers had their own need companies had their own need your father has his own need, you have your own need, you ask Allah what you need, put your in your words because when it goes from your heart under love that so in that case for our first message did not repeat each other. You can say other Mersa mitzvah but you never find that same do I done by us or Islam or by Rahim Allah is no use of his own dua even I myself has his own door this door they keep

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changing but throughout Alibaba they don't change the price in the same way the fast same way only dollars Tiana change dollars Tiana should be changing according to your need it more importantly that you give a message to an Ask Allah what you need, it could be any language it could be could be able to do English whatever language it could be sometime your heart and mind you think and it also can be a lot smarter listen to everybody like I've seen so my time really, you know even today you know I just make a DUA and I knew really to go to hype night until it happened. So that's it I did not borrow words from any messenger prophet. I just make my own language even is not to say in

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Arabic You know typing so if you ask Allah in any language whatever you need do all this Tiana is not to be copied or you know if anybody it is your own RG your own needy want us to ask Allah subhanaw taala so that we don't ask people to copy anybody put your own words but yeah do all the Alibaba when something Alibaba like you know in in the pair we do salata and the prophets Allah Allah Islam and we have many many SEBI yeah that we should follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but when you have all this to honor means you ask some * for yourself that you should do in the language that is best for you in the words that are best for you. Is that clear?

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Yes, that's clear.

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Okay, let's take

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another question. I saw my relatives selling Hindu god photos and when and wooden sculptures. Is this permissible? They say it's their business.

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Yeah, the Muslim shall be very careful about the business. You know, he said Muslims are to invite people to worship Allah alone. And they start selling these either for the sake of the money, it's very dangerous, you know, inroad beta found them, because the thing is people have so much notice, if you got tough or harsh, they will, you know, break relation with you and they think you are extremists and this and that, be nice, you know, start from something else. It we are living in a very bad time, to if anything you do, people will label you with something. So you have to be careful to know, it's not right what they do. But at the same time, you can't say very clearly many

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times that they are what they do is wrong, you have to be nice. We have been to Palestine.

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And we went to a village in near Jerusalem, near a mosque and next to the mosque was a shop owned by Palestinian Muslim but he was selling selling there, you know, all these things that Christian buy, you know, crass and all the Haram things. So I said to him that you know, you are Muslim, he still you sell these things. He said, because all the tourists come, they are Christians, and they want to buy these things. And we just make money. So people have the justification. But believers are dwad that they are dally that they should be careful there anyway, I'll tell you, I'll tell you that we understand that this around what they do. But when you teach them, you should be very nice and kind

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of don't be rough and harsh, either, which will hurt you and harm you.

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Okay, shall Let's take another question.

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From Mohammed, in a corporate setting, how should we interact with the opposite gender, can we look at their face while addressing if there is a need for looking and talking? Can we look only at their face, even if they are attractive?

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You know, while talking to the men or women, you know, nobody says you can't look at the face, you can talk you know, you can look at the face people used to teach, but be limited and also you know, control your desire. So the Quran says that a believer should control their eyesight, meaning it they should not make their eyes to fall on the places which can make you know, them disturbed and that action can come to their heart, but is the limit to the business and something like that we hope insha Allah Allah will forgive. But, but don't enjoy that don't you find excuses to look at each other? You know, limited to your business. That's all

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Okay, let's take a question from another Mohammed. Can you explain the Hadith treat people according to their status? Does this go against treating everyone the same?

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No, doesn't mean like that really, all human beings are respected anyway. But meaning you know, the prophets have said when a leader for any people come to you have to give him important than all the for his followers will be happy that they can be respected, they're shy of respite, the little iPhone, Apple, I'm, I'm in my house, sometimes people come to meet me. So sometimes people have been in a chef, that 10 People come and the chef is there, too, when I you know, respect the shake, I give him a gift, make them to sit on the best place, then all the followers are happy and shake is also happy that what the meaning is that you make everybody happy. You know, it's perhaps as a

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mentor that when leaders are farther price karma, you know, respect them in that respect in their own to their followers will be happy, but does not mean that we don't treat human being either in the same no in the near real respect it feeding and teaching Islam and all doston everybody equal, but you know leaders that they like a certain position where to sit, you know, when they come you build them faster, you know, you they're certain they have sometimes a certain protocols, they have to follow you know, if you go to minister of Prime Minister, so there are certain miners they follow. So finally, they follow that manner, it will help other people to love you and liking you

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their culture that are the perils of teaching. It does not mean that no people are not same or equal. No people say money equal.

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Okay, let's take an interesting question here. What is spirituality come from? And it's something that Muslims should try to achieve.

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You know, there's the word for spiritualities Rouhani, or for a rule, but you never find this word in the Quran or Sonata parcela seldom, but you know, in other cultures, people actually love this word material world. So they want to free themselves from the material world that they want, you know, to be spiritual until like that mean this connection for the material world. And somehow this this world also made its way in Israel.

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are motivated by Islamic with not like Islam really has made this world is preparation for the hereafter. And whatever you do here if you do for the sake of Allah it becomes Kalibata even eating, drinking, you know, marrying, helping people or being with the family, laughing, smiling at all elevada In Islam we don't need something like that. That why what is for Islamic obedience, you obey Allah and His messenger if you're bellows messenger, that's all that is the best Rouhani that you don't want to do this because you want to do you don't follow desire you will obey Allah, to Silivri the Rouhani of Islam that people become slaves of Allah subhanaw taala so that emphasize that don't

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look at our Ruhani always look at etha orotic what is our people should obey in a willingly they should obey Allah his Messenger SallAllahu wasallam

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sorry are you saying that in Islam we don't have the this the separation of like the material world and the spiritual side of things you're saying that the the two things are interconnected so we can't

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show isn't enough. Because you know, you eat and drink like in faster, you faster, faster you eat and drink before fast you too after fast you eat you know people marry the parser people sleep and Islam did lips take care of the body. This immaterial world is going to help you for the hereafter. So what we needed to do in our money but the way the lie the messenger allowed you to spend money but the way they are allowed to obedience is the key thing if you do everything it can to command of Allah's Messenger it all Alibaba so that what we want to know we don't want people to say you know emphasize Rouhani yo this material no do whatever you like. You got to come out of messenger see

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what a learning messenger C'mon that do that way. It all will be Oliver that you could Fall River for everything that you do.

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Okay, exactly, for sure.

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This next question I quite like I think it's something we can all relate to.

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So John Cox is saying what can the ordinary man who works a simple nine to five office job do to gain nearness to Allah subhanho wa Taala as he is neither a scholar benefits to people nor eloquent speech like a diary to invite other students Dean Norris here rich man who can spend abundantly in the positive Allah subhanaw taala what can you do to gain the pleasure of Allah to gain a company of the prophets and the righteous and attain Alfredo Salah

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you know, think women understand really, the path to the Paradise is same for everybody. It could be possible the layman who's working in the office, your nine to five, does not have time to read the Quran, I did not have time to teach and like I did not like to die. He could have been near to Allah than all the Allamah he could be more beloved to Allah than anybody else. It doesn't depend actually. What you see depends on your heart and mind. If you trust in Allah subhanaw taala if you believe in Him, and if you are fearful of him, and you are humble, you think you are nothing. And you do your duty, with honesty, nine to five job with honesty, you come home, you feed your family,

00:28:11 --> 00:28:36

look after them. Accept all the difficulties and problem be patient with everybody and do your you know farther and prayer read Quran littlebit you could be better than many Halima, you don't know this, who knows really, in the Day of Judgment, you will see that many many ordermark they will be left behind. And many people who are common who people working in our day five, you know their nine to five, they will be nearer to Allah than many autumn

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we don't know anything about you know who is going to be what. So the best thing is just whatever you are, do obey Allah the best possible you have money, he spent some money on the family some money on the poor people, if you have time, teach some Surah to the people, you can't teach a Quran in a meaning, but you can teach some Surah whatever, you know, some people do you also can do that there are so many things you can do even Subhan Allah you'd say Alhamdulillah as you say, they make you so much nearer to Allah subhanaw taala

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so you can't see that all the you know, Partha Oh, you know, first of all, the nearness to Allah is in the hands of the whole Amano, it could be in the hands of anybody. Everybody has similar access to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Exactly at 630 now, so I think we'll end it there. But again, just Buckinghamshire for your time, and for everyone else for joining us. I don't know about anyone else. But those last few questions I really enjoy it. So I will be going back in Sharla and probably listening to them again. For anyone who is unaware of SLM Institute and our work that we do Shall I come down to is the principle of SLM Institute and the co founder of it as well. So if you don't know that much about us, you can head on to our websites on there. On

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The screen now or go onto our Facebook page our Instagram our Twitter we do a lot of events we do Islamic scholarship programs we do short courses we have an upcoming retreats in December inshallah.

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I feel like we tried to get through as many questions as possible, but if your question was missed, I sincerely apologize and Inshallah, please do join us next week. Next week does a 6pm GMT. Until next week, inshallah assalamualaikum

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