Advanced Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

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The speaker discusses the importance of following certain principles in Islam, including the completion of the praised act of theoliolioli. They also mention the success of the Sunbelt solar system and the importance of students understanding the science and cultural significance of these principles. The speaker emphasizes the importance of fostering students to understand the science and cultural significance of these principles.

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no I think basically is it was sort of fitting in the way the filter in Islam is it no doubt is based on certain principles which are followed by Imam Abu hanifa Imam Malik and people before he might people after after these people they have been following those things and certainly Imam Abu hanifa is doing the rotor something on an oscilloscope which which had been lost, but the earliest work hours will take which which available email Shafi the result of that no doubt amazing work. So if yesterday there are resolved properly you can understand that what was the real sort of faith in Islam because later on with the Fluence as a Greek logical philosophy or solar Tech has completely

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changed, and especially those who love texts, which are written by

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by Shafi, Chavez people, or even Maliki, they're the they're more on the pattern of the column and corrosion rather than being worked on

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it especially the words of Mr. Mohammad

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than his mama Daddy,

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these words they are not you know,

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but what sadly was still affected their models WhatsApp, Bella, sigma Shafi rissalah, will accurately this was what the real also the fact is, so that I've chosen that and then that tradition after the proper Islamic Ahsoka was the more followed mainly by 100 feet and mo the Hanafi the one of the best to work with the work of Mr. Selassie solar cells and data will not only see those details after teaching the students that why he wants the emotion maps that are simply explained very clearly that why we have followed these principles what are the reason behind that duty not only or sudarsan reasoning or those who run science but also and the philosophy behind that so that

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it connects

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the student not only with the suit also with the mind behind those who divide they have got this a sort of other purpose behind that is so that we have to have our thinking that these two books it in itself will be helpful to understand this the science episode is not properly more of a parting shot, it is a very important worker there have been no work in Islam similar to that in certain ways. And the reason I have chosen is a foster winner because it is so important worker and it really teaches so many things but second thing is in our time it has been used so but Missy users you know by the by many modal mister for you know for their own, you know,

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for you know for their own interested

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company then

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we'll hire

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inside and confetti than any field