Do I Support Suicide Bombing?

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Salam aleikum

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regarding the recent post and titled, misguided Dr. Bilal Philips condones suicide bombings, which contains a mixture of truth and falsehood.

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I would like to quote from the original text written some 20 years ago, of the unpublished manuscript of one of my books, entitled, contemporary issues, and use for delivering lectures all over the world, clarifying common misconceptions regarding Islamic beliefs and practices. It states on page 14, the following under the heading suicide bombings,

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suicide is forbidden in Islam. So the concept of suicide bombing is fundamentally unacceptable in Islam. That's the first statement

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goes on to say. Number one, the intention behind suicide is to escape the problems of this life. Life has become so burdensome for them that they decide to end their lives. It is argued that those who strapped bombs around themselves in order to kill as many of the enemy soldiers as possible, are not tired of life, and therefore not committing suicide in the religious the impermissible form.

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This is a form of military strategy. The Hamas movement resorts to this method of attack, because they do not have the military strength to confront the enemy on the battlefield. However, leading scholars who permit such operations stress that it may only take place if there exists a Muslim state, and the leader of the Muslim forces judges that it is absolutely necessary to facilitate the victory, where all other methods have failed. Furthermore, it is added that the suicide missions should not take the form of strapping explosives to a person, but should include some possibility of escape, as was done in the time of the prophets companions. May God's peace and blessings be upon

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and may Allah be pleased with them. Point number two in terms of the civilian deaths in Israel, those involved in the struggle there are you that the whole population undergoes military training, and most carry arms. Consequently, the population at large are not considered civilians, but military reserves. At any rate. They claim that their military operations are not directed at civilians, but military vehicles carrying military personnel. Unfortunately, the blasts sometimes catches civilians in the vicinity, collateral damage, that's what normally called. However, in many, if not most recent cases, blast have been directed at civilians, as in the case of supermarkets,

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discos, wedding parties, etc. Such operations are completely forbidden, as the prophets Allah salaam forbade killing civilians, women and children during jihad.

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This is the complete text as printed and distributed. As is obvious. Those who posted the false accusations carefully chose selected texts without mentioning what came before and what came after. Taking statements out of context is a common strategy and methodology shared by deviants, extremist enemies of Islam and bias journalists. By taking statements out of context, their meanings can easily be changed and their content distorted for example, it could be claimed that the Quran is opposed to prayer using as evidence chapter and Nisar. That's the fourth chapter. Verse 43. Yeah, I you Alladhina amanu Latok, horrible Salah all you who believe, don't come even near to prayer.

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However, that's not the end of the verse. The verse goes on to say what I'm doing Saqqara

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while you're in a state of intoxication. That changes the meaning totally. So, we should know that most of the ideas in the defamatory post

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were taken from the Wikipedia page dedicated to maligning me, with many false rumors, innuendos and misinformation, and an article in The Guardian newspaper in the UK.

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it is for you to judge. And for you to understand that this is not my position, I do not condone suicide bombings, where airplanes are blown up, airports are

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broken into and explosions take place, passengers are killed, etc. I don't support this in any way, shape, or form, nor do I condone it in any way, shape, or form.

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I hope my statement is clear. In some of these writings, they do mention that okay, in 2010, he did make this statement, the same statement I'm making now. And from back at that in those days, when issues were raised, this was my response. I was speaking about military operations, suicide missions are known all armies in the world engaged in them at one time or another.

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And they had specifically military goals and targets.

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Civilian attacks, which are terrorist attacks,

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by their very nature, are completely forbidden in Islam

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Baraka la ficam. I hope that this is clear. And

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you can rest assured that I have not changed my position in any way

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and gone off track in condoning suicide bombings, this is not true at all.

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So now why they call Marama to Llahi or better cattle