Mystery of the Fitrah

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Yeah, I know what feta means really in order to really no doubt with so my discussion argument actually, at the end of the day, most of them actually make it so difficult that they nobody knows anything. If you read the philosophers, they have their own way, but even have their own way Mussolini actually, you know, give Armada and people love that and there's so much discussion, so much contradiction between what the say, in the time you had written in Liberty law long thing about fitrah and avoiding all these people, you know, finding weakness in their argument, the nearly 100 pages, we have answered all of them in my book by still not published. And then modify comes he

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wrote on fertilizer, but I found a new model for iron ore, in 10 years, they are very similar, do mala for is much more clear, actually much better explained the fitrah what fitrah actually meant is

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like, what our allies created, it has got its own little like plants, to plants have in nature, meaning by fitrah, they need water, some air, some light, to purify, understand how much light they need, how much water if you take if you give them that, too, they will be good to people not liking animals, some animals need to mute some animals use some something grass, green, something like that. If you understand their feedback, and you treat them like that, too, they will live

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the same human being they have got the fitrah that there are certain things they really need that part of fitrah if you do do you do that, then they become happy tomorrow for ISIS fitrah not only in our demands, actually when you fulfill the demand it becomes hypee and when you don't fulfill the market cause upset upsetting that people really understand their fitrah properly, they can see the most important thing the fitrah is that anybody who has a favor, it wants to bout sugar The first thing really that first thing comes in the filter like you know people are born so much abundance or the you know, favor from the Lord and even them subsequently favor for $1 to foster what used to

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come from needs to come from mouth to thank Allah that way the first thing in the Quran Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen to that fitrah. So, you can say faith right basically is this what is the built in in the people about the good and bad, but it is not by see it is actually more active faith right the demand

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by demands, if demand fulfilled, then becomes happy that I can see when a child is born to a Mother Goose milk Look, I got this in Fedora, Fedora Newsome, the milk, the milk of the mother, that we become happy otherwise have no reason to be happy. You know, if you're given a stone will go to happy something else you can change the future no Phaedra is to get the milk thereby the person who is the person that told that no you are in the future because he wanted to milk to milk it without fitrah if people sit together they can they can understand it. I always said to people for example, you know, when you are hungry, just think really what might fit right. Now you feel you need

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something, what Phaedra says to you fitrah will tell you that you know you need something which can give you energy and give you help.

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And if people do that, it will help you give the food which gave me notice if food comes and then no energy. It was not like food. I will not be happy. If you give a food get some energy but actually a craft the health fitter will be upset you need to have better support energy unhealthy, eating too much burden on eating the food which actually is more than energy fitrah will be a burden. But fitrah can be corrupted by culture, people culture, the lack when people are hungry Indian people they think being hungry means your sub kebab samosa biryani, you thought that was not Phaedra Phaedra never said it. The people have developed this to fit right just food and simple food that

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are made. To most people there. They don't understand what fitrah means. They actually corrupt animals and plants, Detroit culture to their right fitrah human being can make culture that can corrupted to weaken that why too difficult for them to understand. But if you read the Quran, the best way to understand if you tried read Abraham story. He's the man of the fetal. And actually Quran wants to tell you not only but even all the universes, like Ibrahim did, amazingly, really Oran said that, you know people say Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that God guards samovar,

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the Haven way to break down and Arthur got his plate and mounted pieces, people sort of Merkerson exactly what Abraham does. What all this nature did everything the Abrahamic faith if you want to understand fitrah and mind, the best stories are in the Quran is MP vertebra my son that way Carranza tilaka Jonah, we give him our as our ultimate

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new document, he knew how to sit in on a lasso

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We gave him even you know in childhood, Russia Russia, the child who knows the fitrah understand the mind. The mind and fit are both together. They make Rashid and they make you happy

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when you enact something, fasting, philosopher son maka limit they make fitrah a mystery is not a mystery. It is a very, very everybody can know their own fitrah nothing. It is something very, very clear but people don't make effort