Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A – 20-08-21

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of privacy and " hungover" in relation to fasting, privacy, and privacy is not something that is easy to achieve. They also discuss the need for people to learn from the experience and develop their own qualities. The speakers emphasize the importance of reading the Quran and avoiding double counting during prayer, and touch on the use of people for their own benefit. They also touch on the issue of marriage and the need for compatibility during busy times. The speakers emphasize the importance of not interfering with others' behavior and the need for people to make effort to help others without harming themselves. They also mention the use of shady language in media and a deadline for applications for a study on behind tirmapital.
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I said Mr. Luke Murphy one. Welcome back to our weekly q&a with Jeff aka midweek every Thursday 6pm BST on our YouTube, our Facebook and our Twitter now since recently hamdulillah I hope everyone as well and whoever is fasting I hope your passing is going smoothly and it's not been too hard. And on that note Actually, I was thought it was maybe a few questions about fasting when I showed or like combining intentions because we've received a few questions about this inshallah. So let's take the first question.

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Okay, given that Ramadan fosse is for denationalized sooner Is it better for me to have the combined intention rather than the single Ashura intention

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light of my Rahim and those fasts which are further on which are sooner we don't need to combine because they are independent, but novela fasting which you do our yourself, the Prophet did not ask you do your with your own tension, those fast can be combined you know with something else that is possible, you know, of fasting of

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you know, if people for example, faster Monday, and you know, thirsty so that fasting is you know can be combined with something else because that is not such a you know, stick sooner, but Ashura are they are forever. They're independent. So you know that people make it temporary somebody for Ashura is coming on Monday, or Thursday and you have been fasting on Monday or Thursday. Yeah, then that's fine that your Monday on Thursday, refined, okay, today's Thursday, so that will be fine. But any other combination? In the like, either or something else? You can't do that others should be independent.

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Okay, inshallah, let's see if we have any more questions.

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Let's wait to see inshallah, if we get more. Let's move on to the next question by scissor Takashi. If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, can she abort her child and if she gives birth, then issue obligated to do her duty as a mother.

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This case, you know, the woman has no fault. You know, when people are forced to do something, they have no fault. And they are not accountable for that.

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You know, abortion is in a forbidden, especially if, you know, four months have been passed on the pregnancy. If it had before that then some cases people allow that. But once the four months have passed, is it proper life, the nobody has a right to take away.

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And which child is a given either in born? Yeah, she will look after either mother. And she'll get reward for that like mother, because she had no 42 she will get reward and then did have a mentor, she will is suffering you know, too big suffering she will get no certainly no

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reward of burying the child and suffering and the sovereign all that because they're no no mistake in the fall by the Romans, she had done nothing. So people should not worry sometimes they will make and so much worried because the culture you know, sometimes because the culture and then people take the life and abandon the child leave somewhere. This is not right here Allah don't fit the society. People should feel a lot more than anybody else in society not to help you in the Day of Judgment. So fear Allah, undo what is right in the eye of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take a question from Mohammed. It is said that the iron sword Mashallah about giving charity before meeting the prophets, Allah Allah Selim, privately was abrogated shortly afterwards. What is your opinion on its obligation and why is it still in the Quran for all times,

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you will think of I have discussed in abrogation in the Quran so many times in the last omotola had mentioned something and then after that, within the Quran, he said now we I made lighter for you, by does not mean that those commands have no value they have very well meaning it. You know, if people feel really something like initially, if you think you've got up for the command, make it tougher, then after that make a lighter when people get in hybrid. So when the people used to wear

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Did the prophets time so much so the Quran embed now every time you talk to him in private, you have to get

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caught up and after after very quickly people run this thing run down now there's no need for the people actually are following the right manners. Okay if you follow right mouse because you will have an overlay to do something then you don't develop your own quality. So, Quran wants you to develop your own quality of civility You are the right person to in the beginning you need a support so that but after that develop the quality in yourself

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but we can learn from that, too if there's an upper leader you know, and he really has a lot of time all the time for the service I don't mind the religion if everybody keeps asking his private time it will be very difficult for him then he cannot do anything and sometimes you just waste time if you impose some money that you have to pay to 20% or 20 pounds and then go first year to for something else. There are many many people they will be careful they will only will ask questions which are needed. So once people are trained, then after that things can become normal. So the word verse in the Quran which have been appropriated and they still exist reason is because they're needed in the

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future you know, people can learn from keep coming again again.

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Okay, just

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let's take a question from Manila

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hoping I'm saying all right, is it permissible in Islam if I want my pet cat to be neutered

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to work to be muted. So what an operation to stop it from reproducing

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yeah to find you know papers and just not probably anyway this is fine This allowed for the animals you will also have been doing this. So no this problem for human being but not for the animals.

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Okay, perfect some dinner. And next question is from Fatiha in Malaysia if I'm not mistaken.

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Okay. So her question is, could you please elaborate and how we can have a balanced life or the right direction of life as a Muslim based on the verses 16 and 17? ossola. Allah Allah, Allah says, but you prefer the worldly life, while the Hereafter is better and more enduring. Also, what are the lessons we must follow in order to live right? You're guided from the verses after?

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When Allah says Indeed, this is in the form of scriptures descriptions of Ibrahim and masa.

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You know, this really is a very important question in this verse, I have a fairly you know, soulmate on the mic. And really, these are the verses the move my heart, you know, the Quran was to fantasize, basically, this teaching is a teaching in all the scriptures, especially Quran mission to Scripture to the Brahim and most of the Scriptures, you know, in the real problem, the reverse is, enough people prefer this one over here after it's this world is not your electronically, in which I think really, what there's one human being in the Quran, chronic inside concern on one human being that is, you know, in modern civilization, the human or the motorcycle nation, their purpose really

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is existences to attain, or to maximize, you know, his enjoyment, and utility and benefit and profits and gain in this one, it is possible, to be happy to enjoy to earn money, there is a purpose, while the aura Ron muscaria, that in this world, everything temporary, to help you to worship your Lord, not to get enjoyed and you know, get money and restored money. No, you get that much money and that much food, which can help you to worship your Lord. And the hereafter should be your focus.

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That's all the time the people are the more money but the intention is to help them help their family, help the society the other, that's fine, then good thing, then they're referring hereafter over this world. But if the intention is to know the most of money and eat more and live very comfortable life and not to give charity, nothing really, and to be proud and arrogant, because they have so much property that is very dangerous. Here the Muslims should be allowed to earn money, but money should be serving you. That should not be the end of your life. You don't have to collect our own. Just you know collecting money and storing money. So that the real from the word, you know, the

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people have made the means or the end. Money in Islam just means nothing more than that, to make it an end. Dunya the means for ocra that you live in this world, worship your Lord get our Hara, but when people make dunya I the focus of their attention. Then at the really big punishment from Allah no doubt. So last one tomato said the real thing is after that the permanent life lasting life, real life

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Whenever compression cars always prefer aka over the dunya

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is aka crochet. I think that was a much neater reminder for us all. Let's take a simple question from my brain is it haram to do anything during the done?

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Nothing high music meaning that people should not disturb the call of Allah when Danny said you know the call to Allah subhanaw taala that people should be quiet today everybody can hear a restaurant answer but in some time could be needed calling someone saying something in a while and you don't disturb much other people. You can talk to dinner like prayer in the prayer you cannot talk your prayer coming into Atlanta it is better not to talk in disturb but you know, what if that need it comes to you can talk in their loving heart No harm no sin, except if somebody intentionally talks in do not want to disturb the other to disturb everybody else. Yeah, that intention but intention.

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So in the time, the time generally people should be quiet. Answer the other one and then after that they can do when somebody's teaching, sometimes reading Quran and they don't nobody else is there in the country. They can continue whatever they do.

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Okay, let's go to Alia. Her question is Annie radula one who said in sort of Surah Muzammil I afore that 13 means that you read of letters and knowing where to stop correctly, Is this true? And if it's not, then what is the meaning of that feeling desire, what the law says something like that. So you know, don't don't go to all these require that narrations 13 in what they're telling me is really, the professor lesson received the Quran, so he can teach people he loved himself and teach people, the way he used to teach is reading the Quran, in the prayer in the harem in, in, around Kaaba, where coresh get together so they can hear him. So kurata rockvale kurata Tila when use See,

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read upon the reader slowly, the people can get the message properly. That still nothing to do with all this third video that people have invented. You know, you people should read the Quran, people read this all but all these things. So far they have married and the mother should be like this longer and one night should be this much and my mother and this and that. The devil happened to love the parser

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Abdullah Methuselah says once I saw the Prophet citizen praying to I stood next to him to follow him and he starts to Bukhara

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to isolate You know, he will do Roku in after 100 Versa by continued twice that he will do a Roku after 200 verses. But he continue. Then I said he will do Roku after citrobacter but rahima dua and he continued sosele Baccarat sutra liberato to Nyssa trishula in Morocco, and then he does a contract and all those things. You know, tell me really if you read the Quran apply to the reading of these people in all these rough Egypt and this country and their country. Hardly you can read Mr. bokka in the whole night

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of La Casa de la Toronto was the Lord the player the father and he read horses to Bukhara

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over a lot already in the federal prayer surah to use answers to the hate to Surah in to Raka fire. So if the people follow these rules or the carotid Nothing can be read for 30 minutes read in a way that your audience can hear what you say. Not so fast. Nobody knows what he's saying. That word meanings after the lease.

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Okay, just occupation. Just on that note, I have a quick question. If If someone can recite or Anna with tissue weed so they can recite it well but they don't know the necessarily the codified rules of visual aid. So at home and if and which letters come underneath it and what are the exceptions

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do they need to know this? People need to know Buhari they should make effort because it Arabic language the people should read is read by if they can't do because Allah will forgive them but they should make effort. But many of those are words that people have been developing you know one this much and mud this much for this they have no rule. It never happened the other person lessons that are

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different from their language. Nothing happened. They met slowly that two people can hear but there are nothing really no different rule for the Quran differ from their own language. They used to read the Quran they speak their own language while living one thing we know from their life in the vendor Quran their little server, so a vertical come inside them and other broker here but not to solo otherwise the quite the contrary sutra Baccarin in the fire time. But all many of these, you know, think that people have murdered made. I don't think anything for something like to say somebody a Buddha

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mentored by the people that don't have any proof

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Okay, just

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this next question is quite interesting from for us how to make a difference between helping someone or if someone starts using you for their own benefit. I think if I were we would a bit differently How can we differentiate between as a Muslim being helpful to someone and then also just not getting taken advantage of,

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you know, you help people that can't your ability and what you know does not have as much. And if somebody needed really urgent need, you can even sacrifice your need for him. or certainly if you know, really, some people are just, you know, thinking you're stupid on their benefit, then Be careful, you know, still not harm them. Or still if you can benefit them without harming yourself or still do not worry, people can think you're foolish, but Allah knows that you're doing for the sake of Allah, even if people want to take advantage of you, or you can help them without harming yourself. Yeah, to do that, no harm in that. But always understand really the people who are in real

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need, they need your attention, prefer them or fake people.

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Okay, and so let's take a question from Tenzin. Can I Islamic government force any girl to wear the hijab or niqab if a girl follows the opinion of those scholars who say that the niqab is not obligatory can a government punish her for not wearing it?

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I don't think Islamic government has anything to do with interfering with the people's wearing cloth and this and that you have to the people you know that were in the government will only interfere you know if somebody cloth can be disturbing the society and you know cousin proud of all the people but the barbers are not going to impose this model How about that?

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They don't do until they really really read the history you'll find women in Medina used to walk without NYCHA you know that I mean so nobody if we start from this you know, people used to talk everything has to happen you know when enter the government has only wanting to give the order and peace in the society the peace and order are disturbed then they will interfere then after that orlimar there to teach people the right code or Sharia during a period after that, but that's all Am I do on their own without any punishment, the teach people advise people how to behave like Muslim but the stress don't interfere everything like the day life you know, if you want to understand

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this, just read it, you know, Muslims during life during a basket period during my year period in mobile India, in atomic power, you will see that nobody will interfere with people what people wear well they don't wear it after people you know, there'll be sometimes some problem but generally people used to be free

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Okay, let's take a question from sonova when is it an hour to tell a white lie

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people never allowed really to tell any lie you anything except you know if you're like and save somebody's life or you're like and make us my wife to become knighted or something like that in a way you know it is not too much then you can do but don't get hybrid you know to do something either. So a lie can be allowed when it says people from bigger harm but life should not be the way of the people die is very Burton evil Ron has so much I guess like the people should avoid avoid the lie as much as possible

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Okay, let's take this question from a hurry

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and I think she's referencing Heidi's but maybe I can double check if one recites I don't foresee after every phone Salah then the only thing between him and Jen is Does this mean that this person will not face judgment day

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No, I don't remember this this really so could be I don't I don't know they remember this or this buzzer posse has got a lot of words to buy does not mean that no meaning basically either he will not enter to Hellfire you know, but judgment or sometimes admitted lighter sometime quicker. So judgment is for everybody. Everybody has to be judged some people quickly and some people will for sample will take time. But what this simply means is that no, he will not intend to Hellfire you know he dies and then judgment and paradise. They're known to have no time for * for many many Muslims who will abandon the prayer all those things. First they will time they glorify Hellfire to

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be clean. Then after that they go to Paradise but a man who does this you know he has this river but you know all this reporter assuming everything's fine but somebody resides corsi after every further prayer but he did not fast or steal some money or he you know beats people then he will not enterprise he will go to punish for what he's doing is to add recourses, unilateral courtesy after the prayer helps you when you avoid the since

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If you don't have all the sense, then you're in trouble, the other person will not help you.

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Okay, let's take a question from Chowdhury.

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Does the Hanafi madhhab allow consumption of certain times certain types of alcohol? I'm not sure. And maybe alcohol at certain times, I'm assuming it's a former

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you know, what they allow really because the Hanafi madhhab you know, put on his farm in a Hummer and 100 people the humble minister, what is the murder from the graphs, and some people say more from dates. So, if something were from deers and grapes and T intoxicating, so, you know, even a small amount will be around, you know, not only in Denmark, which makes you intoxicated, drunk, even the smallest amount will be around, maybe one a glass makes you drunk. But even if you drink a one drop you it will be haram

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because those things which are made from something else like barley, or any other things, and they become intoxicated, then according to some Hanafi people, you're allowed to link up to that much, which does not make your trunk more than that, we will be around but just less than that, which can make it longer will be allowed. But I think the best tool really to follow the mother hub of you know, majority of the scholars who say that anything, which is bigger quantity, carmaker drunk is even smaller quantity will be harder, that is surfacing. Otherwise people will make excuses and keep making drinking and all those things. So, if you ask my opinion, I will say to you don't drink

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anything, if something boschetti don't take you any smaller a small amount of that.

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Okay, let's take a question from chavon k sir, is it true that he goes social status or lineage should always be lower or equal, but not never higher than a man's and what is your view on qufu of a marriage

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You know, it is basically in those it is in a certain society, that daughters used to be a big honor for them, if the daughters are married to someone lower, so, it will be bad for the Society for the family, you know, that you have to marry their daughters to someone equivalent to their status in the money you know, in the respect or in the family lineage, you know, it should be same or more than that that person, but if it is he the man is lower than the fifth family feels very bad. So, then they can make objection in the door and they can take the girls to the court that how do you because marriage is not just between two people It also involves a family if your your action can

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bring shame to the family, it will be problem that how people used to think in the past some people but there have been all mothers You know, it was a metal really. And in Islam, all the men are Muslims are same, yeah, and the difference by the piety in any color, any man in the Decker met each other. And there had been so many cases, people have been marrying each other and another person lot on after that. For the inoculum under the fact of you give relief to people who want to get married, you know, let them marry in their country, they know each other, you know, and they're happy with each other they know how what to choose, then they're the married except if somebody marries someone

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who really is very harmful and the girl does not know distance, then the father should actually make a strong advice and don't do this if you want to harm you destroy, you may still insist then they will face the problem. You know, we don't allow people to force but we advise people to you know, explain clearly, displeasure should be there. So this matter of the Khufu the girl should not be married to someone lower than her. That was in the record to some people I don't think anybody follow this anymore.

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Sorry chef is is this what call for is just to clarify for Musa to be compatible. So in a salon,

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the husband and wife they should be compatible Mr. Locher is somebody seen as a surgeon now for a barrister in Oxford and her husband is you know from a village in India, the marriage is not lost to our mercy not involved in this marriage. It will not last longer. At least you have some background on this there's a performance there should be compatibility

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Okay, just

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let's take a question from sure one which commentary of whether another which would you recommend

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I don't remember it by heart any any commentary but, you know, I generally teach from the book, but on when I read a nice commentary, then I go to the commentaries of other books lakisha

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hypno appealed on Delphia nomadic. Oh, I read your john is a commentary on a body of forces work of some time I read a chef. And I read also other books of inertia to him, rather than through the hub and other books, but I don't feel commander is one of the returning jadwal people, but I never consulted any country, I've got another.

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Okay, inshallah, let's see how many will take a few more questions. We have a question from feriha. On the actual Ashura war, 100 Hussein and his people are fighting the sun was blazing so hard. Why didn't Allah make it easy for Khaled Hussain and his people?

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How do you know the sun was blazing so hot and all those things, you know, all the stories of Ashura and Santa Maura and Hassan Hussein or these are in a fabricated a moon car, nobody knows anything really. You know, there were very few 40 people on the face of the earth, wishing most people had been killed. Nobody remembered narrating the story, no narration from the people who attended the battlefield, nobody was there. All the stories coming from very, very little people. And she appears to have made a very, very big to make people cry because their whole intention is to tell a story in such a way everybody cries. And then they have invented Hades, anyone who cries have made mere

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concert to cry here entered the paradise it only knows who was there telling me really tell me the name of any narrator who saw the heat of Ashura in Karbala, who was there and is over there. It was very hot. Tell me anybody anybody that no single person who was generates any story or is to their writer by the pin nobody was there even generation gap

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find out any single Hadith your Karbala which is narrated by the person who witness it and then we accept that nothing like that does not exist anywhere.

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Okay, inshallah let's see if we can take maybe one or two more questions

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follow Jesus so many let's see.

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Okay, a question from one audience. Do you men and women need to cover their heads when going to the bathroom to relieve themselves

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woman with uncovered here in the bathroom attract the shady Is this true?

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Nothing relevant people you know what they do really when they go to the bathroom? They should not uncover until the real to you know they're about to you know sit then the addition not unnecessarily. But covering the head is not innocent enough are the women in their side house with the no Mahara? No none Mara they uncovered that they're like for a minute no covering the process and never covered whether going to toilet over there anywhere. Hardly he used to call his head so I don't know where the pillow got this idea that you must cover your head when going for toilet or anything. You know we don't have any any any proof other nothing like that. Neither for the men

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neither for the women.

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Okay, let's take one last question from sister Anika.

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One whether doses of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, educated meaning could they read and write? And were their business woman at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Medina? And if yes, did he stopped him from pursuing their businesses.

00:28:30 --> 00:29:07

The process never stopped anybody from is not what they used to do. And they used to pay the car to like you know, a wife of Abdullah Massoud used to make things and sell and you know, she was richer than Abdullah Massoud and has the title enough to the whole family to fall for the expenses. So the Prophet never stopped anybody from the women to do farming, the Venus to do business, making things selling things. We met sometimes to be more rich than the men and the Prophet never stopped anybody. The Prophet some daughters, certainly they're educated meaning it you know, they know the Quran, they know other things. And also why is that the first lesson and most of them are maybe a very all

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of them, they learn to writing one of the wife of Prophet hussar she did not no writing then the professor asked a woman she Farben tabula rasa media teach hafsa how to write so they loved writing and reading that I had no read I don't have any information that any of them did not know writing, or writing or not very common in among other people. But since this alarm came, it has started becoming more common and the Prophet emphasized that he actually even when they're in a battle a battle happened and there were so many captors seven people were arrested from koresh. So what condition about they have to pay some money in order to be released, those who could not paying

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money under if the new writing. So the condition of the second piece of writing to Muslim children, then they can be free to see the profit of us so keen pharmacists to learn to even he said okay, if

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can't pay money just teach some people how to write and you'll be free so he wanted people pulled out you know right into ownership I went out to LA she knew writing to the Prophet asked her to teach her how to run it.

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But I don't know in my head accurate about the wiser the daughters of all the teachers but I assume there must be knowing that the Prophet was so much concern, but other people's children Why will not be concerned about his own daughters.

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Okay, inshallah, I think we will wrap it up there since it's 630. Jackie crochet for your time, as always handling and Jagmohan everyone else for joining us. Please do continue joining us every Thursday at 6pm BST inshallah, just a few quick announcements. We did launch a new short course with an icon just last week, and this is a detailed study of behind tirmidhi. If you head on to our social media, or onto our page sn n.ac.uk You can find out more. We also do Islamic scholarship programs. Shadow comm himself is the principal of SLM. He is the co founder along with his daughter. Our ISP programs will be starting soon inshallah our deadline did finish but we are still accepting

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some applicants before 10. One starts inshallah and 10. One will be starting in September. So anyone who has any questions, please head on to the URL in the on the screen now in sha Allah, where you can just ask us a question on our social media Other than that, insha Allah please do join us next week and hopefully if your question was not answered, we will answer it next week. As I said, I'm on a cover everyone

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