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Some of my Rahim

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so among the you know books on also the second one of the Hanafi texts, which have been used for a long time in the mother Assad and the centers of learning is what is called Sula Shashi was Sula Shashi written in the more likely in the air the century of Egypt. More likely, generally people don't know the who the author is Kashi means the man from shosh shots what the name of task what Natasha, this man was from there are more than one Shashi. Anyway, you know, this text became very popular, very good TEXT conside 100, a mother to become, you know, in part of curriculum. The tech side will publish in India many many times as in Pakistan, but it never has been a good edition,

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where people do edit the book properly compared with the manuscripts arrived footnote. So I found the one of the ministers of the earlier period from Tashkent herself, and a few months because from India, very old and very good. So I did her research and heavy can editing of the manuscript, and in one publish it, and I wrote him on demand to use the word texted. And also, Luke actually had no heading subheading, I divided the book in the section and the headings and put in whatever how this has collided.

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And whatever, you know,

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that argument I put provide more argument detail from scientific text to I start the book properly, it has been published with the mocha demand for what our ship is a long time ago, nearly 20 years to get the book published. And it had been taught in every year. So this book, I am going to teach you in the fourth session four days inshallah, and that a good book, to introduce the topic of South Africa, many of you go to become alima alima. And also, let's look at the big biggest science, not everybody understand this one, because, you know, I also made effort to explain and I'm the one who do work. So I'm going to teach you and make effort to make it the major concepts of solar and then

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categories, very clear to you understand actually, what are the major discussion also, what definitions are whether people differ, what those concepts mean, why they have been introduced into effect, because some of them do not exist. later on. They have been introduced, what exactly are the concept from from Islams what are the concepts borrowed from Greek people and introduce yourself to those yourself I'll make effort and we are 100 free and murky. Other people that differ a while the different different to I'll make effort really listen, I will explain the book properly that is proper inshallah. So that is going to be a study in the force for it is, you know, hearing a salon

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