Akram Nadwi – Finding ‘the source’ and ‘the consequences’ in our lives

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the danger of false rumors and the need for people to trust the source of their statement. They also mention the use of vasila in India and the dangerous nature of the virus. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following the user's beliefs and bringing their own the source of their statement.
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You know, as I mentioned,

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I mentioned you know that in the first time I mentioned to all of you that whenever you say something, whenever you do something, whenever you learn something, and whenever any idea occur to your mind, you have got two duties. first duty is to trace it back, what is the source? Second duty, what is consequences, then after that you are allowed to do it.

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Religion Dean is, Dean only can be taken from a messenger, nobody else that one must send the revelation. And the Prophet Muhammad says the seed of all the prophets after him that no prophet are going to come, if people do any practice and they make any claim. Simple question is what is the proof in the Quran Book of Allah? And what is the proof in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? If the no proof the limit does simple matter, the guidance you cannot miss guide or something else, you know, as we are not allowed to do shit for luigia We are not allowed to do shit for Nobu. Well,

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she couldn't have one means to give anybody same position either profit guidance shouldn't be taken from the profit. But if you take from someone else's, you make a shift in the world and then no one profit there are many many prophets and then everybody who from whom you take their profits, you cannot take so people do in India and everywhere else. People do this tourist tourist errata and people die they asked for their help. You know, this is very, very, very dangerous very sometime could be sure because I'm tied to her on some time. It could be luxury, because people started billing. Actually I know really, I mean some some Sophie, many people believe that the second node

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what in their heart? People believe and I knew that it said or not No, but people think like that. Some people believe that the Second World War in the heart is very very dangerous. Shaq has no idea what your people come into the headset and set had no idea sure a great people came and killed the shoe and then did not know the person's got to kill me. This also happened in South Africa they don't know these things. And people set the rosters they say you know the when in time a former Qatar was famous. And Omar said that we used to make vasila by the person Allah Salaam. Now we're making by uncle our bus, that how this actually is reacting what they say. If that is the vasila

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there in the vasila does it make a difference? Is the Prophet die alive? Why quarterback was enough after his death? actually did what most of you do anyway, they make Lassila more after death. If America metal This was ILA, then he should make a sinner by the prophet wire above. Universal Power vasila doesn't make a difference that the Prophet alive or dead? Actually, most people who do see that they do a cinephile detectable anyway, to why Omar had to sit there when the Prophet of the alive we used to make vasila by him, when he died. Now we make cosina by his uncle Abbas. Why is it like that, simply is very clear, they don't want it not oscillate is something else, the meaning,

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what were the profit over the life, we used to ask to make dua that was in a means in which to move what through him, when he died, now, he cannot make dua. Now, we asked a bus to make offers and that he did and it will collect all the Toluca, this, it did become much more clear, but if you mean by that, how this what people think it vasila then why the no argument there was the election happen after the death, why has to ask a bus. So anyway, it for me really, it is very clear that all the types of this durata and devasted and all these people do

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some of them are ship some of them are Buddha medicine, some of that is haram, but at least what I am certain none of them are useful. There are no benefits at all really, people should come to their Lord directly. He said that you know, he said oh he without the either the army when I accept when the call acceptors come before he said in the crib, I'm near to you. He's nearer to us than us really the town here is how you can ask anybody else to help you. In the period often they will say that no but you do a Syrah you climb you know roof Do you go through the stairs? And you know you may proceed or you ride the bike and you go by aeroplane you know you take a car in this world to

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why not what was in this religion? You take Waseda but tell me really if I have to move from here up to here Do I go by European

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I will become far away if a light here to why I have to go through someone to come here he just sit next to me. It doesn't make any sense to have a zero. Why would take your practice to move from here to here Tell me by aeroplane to come

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to Europe well could be faster for something better for Allah. For Allah you are the fastest just allow while you're there. Nothing can make you taller such quicker than Allah when the messenger say through me they mean what they mean through my Suna means he

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You pray I dare you to pray. You fast as phonetically you there Waseda meaning it dude The sooner for the sooner when he says nothing I care to save you from hellfire. That nothing mean that you know is the name of silver meaning his guidance when the prophets that Allah said people from by me meaning what why is why is religion there what the meaning is if you don't follow the religion if you just keep saying what saved me by the professor let us know what happened you have to follow his religion that no other way saving by him means following his religion that no other way his name will not save you that just one less me from the Hellfire because apart from bossa nova to happen he

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will save you by following his religion so Allah say me because I follow his religion or your action eemaan and how much should be there not him his name without anybody but his Dean who save you follow his Deen he man Islam that was said the people to try to understand a bit never learnt any of those vasila theories in the book of Allah and in the sooner the parser Listen, to me really that no source other than these two sources

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