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Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The importance of finding the most sound copy of Karima armour in the Muslim culture is discussed, along with the use of a woman named Becca Kareem am principle to write a copy of a teacher's book and the high ranking of a woman named Becca among the top performers in cyber warfare. The transcript describes a group of people discussing their experiences with the Prophet Muhammad, including specific positions in culture and the difficulty of finding accurate information about people they are talking about. A woman named Y Boulevard died in a group of women.
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As I mentioned in the book, I have, you know, mentioned the biographies of the women from the time of the campaign Yes, until our time in every generation and a very reason at the Muslim world, wherever any woman made any contribution in the field of the Hadith, I did include her biography in my book. And amazing to really some time their contribution is a much much more than a massive contribution. But the problem is people don't know this woman has contributed. So you know, even the Quran I always say really, even if you look Quran, the Quran that you read No, it is based on the copy you know, owned or held by a woman half Southern Latina and that is the copy for I wish it was

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a man made or sis copy it was listed in that actress in the women he could easily sigo copy from hostages woman we don't know Maybe she is something she deleted something How can we trust Well, no, they trusted her and her copy while you know her copy was the one became actually basis for all the copies in the world. Now every single boost is based on the most sought after the latonya that is well known. But more than that really after the Quran in the morning session I explained to you the importance of a body that is the most sound work in the not equal to that. Now if I Buhari is certified many many many many, many versions. Because when we teach when you copy the differences

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can happen.

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Now among so many copies I Buhari so many words so hurry, people hardly know really. Which one is the most sound one. The most sound copy of say gohari people don't know. More sound copy of say Buhari by Omen, her name's Karima armour was a year

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she died in the 440 44 443 45 no 463 463 or 64 463 or 64 karema was telling me really this most sound workup is wrong. We don't understand the importance or the women. Even this, one could imagine really this most hard worker, at least men or women should be moderator. But why is it that the version that we may have got that in more sound than the Muslim, though we may have less opportunity? We might actually have you know less. Basically, in a Muslim society the way it is, it is not favorable to women. If women actually are not, it's not any farther from Dalit, but still the copy that they have got. And the way they taught that became the most important that actually more

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important than Muslim. So at the moment, if you go to anyone who says ask the people what is the most sound copy of cyber Hari, everybody will say, unless hotter uni near a naskah or a union iya made by Chateau de Armani Are you mean, at the end of the seventh SNCF is

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really not the most preferred? He said I based dismiss her on the river if Karima amavasya Karima Mara was he had no side the base of the most sound was stable hurry.

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He measured every difference even if you look at the the best commentary of a Buhari in hazardous peril is a federal body, even in their country all the time. He is referring the version of Karima was

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the most sound nurse her a copy of Georgia cyber hurry is basically coming from a lady. I still think we don't need women scholars. If we do not have women scholars, we would never actually heard this best Akaka. saperavi

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Why are talking about the best? Becca Kareem amavasya was very, very accurate. When he copied the body from our teacher, she was a very accurate copy of the book. And then she compared with a teacher to find out if there are any mistake she missed anything in the copy to she made sure that her copy exactly, basically true copy of the copy of a teacher. No nothing missing. I had nothing I did.

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But what she thought it could be possible that hurt her is tourism. Don't take this lesson. They're not they don't have this girl. What is she did? She refused to teach unless you copy your book from her. If you come to her, she certainly

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if you come to her to learn, you've got to read Buhari from your own copy. You got to buy a copy for the market. She will not allow that. What you need to do is you have to sit down and write down copy from her own copy first condition. Somebody said I came to Karima and I wanted to read to her she said no until you copy from my copy that I copied from her copy that I wanted to read to her. She said no until you compare your copy with me with my copy. I see if there isn't something missing. Once I

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Compared she was satisfied that you notice, right corrected then after that she allowed me to read

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her students say no mine has seen any woman like that, that no minor is that had hardline sign. Tomita Karima cemani said hide any human being seen in any any person that Karima should saw knowledgeable here there's a hahaha likes but on the * Buhari piety fear of Allah and Alamo Jarrah, by to light her up, she became neighbor under the house, Shiva from Central Asia. Trevor to Palestine came back came to mokoro karma unsettled there, she never left Makkah, and she remained there. And she died when she died. She was more than 100 year old. She lived and all this just serving the Hadith. She never got married, sacrifice our family life everything for the sake of body

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to Allah give so much Baraka now in Islam. After the Quran, the most solid book is the Hadith, Bihari vida. These are the most sound the sky Bukhari, the scarf Karima or amavasya Rama wa Taala. This one example that you can see that how we miss an Oscar, that is the best one I will use for many others as well anyway.

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Second thing is not only that really even the highest is another Bukhari and I mentioned the morning what is now the music. For example in between Buhari and between the Prophet are three, it is higher than those who are between them and Buhari perfect for people to follow up in our time. Mostly if I enter as I go through my teachers in India, or Pakistan or Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia or Syria, between me and Mr. Bahari will be 2020 to 23 people.

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There's a lady she has got the highest generation force in the whole world. Wide unread. Howdy Buhari throw her between me and the ending on Buhari one leaf 14 people.

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Buhari died in their 256 now to 1400 37. Nearly 200 years on the death of Buhari between me and Buhari just 14 people because this woman the women have got the most Assad was her Buhari, and also the highest chain of narration for Buhari and I tell you this, this is another to kind of count yourself

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and read the whole cyber hurry for someone in Syria called Muhammad even or de Rosa or hottie who nurse from Abu alacati who narrates her restaurant, Abdullah, a tele a Shani, who narrates from our journey a novela cigarette 40 everyone knows him who nurse from Niger moody Mohammed Allah z, who in the red from his father, but the deal Mohammed Ozzy, who nourish from our fatty Allah mizzi are discovering misogyny in Syria and Alaska. Our fatale Musial is Canary our foot in the air from Ayesha builted Ebony abdulhadi died in the year 814 or 16. She is the highest person in the city Bokhari Ayesha built in the hobby she narrates from abroad vast 100 even now Vitaly and hotjar, who

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narrates from Abu Abdullah Al Hussein in minable Baraka Zubeidi the winners from our work there are no Isa or Hara we are Cz, who narrates I will hustle otherworldy Tao the nurse for asasi and syrup sinners for our Muhammad in the use of in the matar alifair robbery, the last narrator of Bokhari for a brokerage and he was able to see between me and Buhari just 14 people and the Buhari has got hydrated is this between him and the person three people. If I read those are these are Buhari. So this is not between me and the prophets Allah will be how many 18 people

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now to 414 137 between me and the process of only 18 people. You never can find anywhere tell him he really should we now read for the women. The most sound rasa for other women. The hardest is the person who makes you near to the Prophet the woman mother used to say although will is not for a woman live or sorry, Hi this is not either near to Allah messenger. Because then between you and messenger because less people women are the one who may cause an error to Allah messenger and it's to be heard

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and why the professional actually has said that, you know, love of the women have been put in my heart, the profit loss women and we hate them.

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