NOW is Your Time to Learn What Every Muslim Woman Should Know about Islam

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The most important, the most important pre requisition to take this path of getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala is actually knowledge, why and how,

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why, and how,

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let's see,

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and which

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any knowledge.

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Now remember the word any knowledge, of course has any knowledge, any discipline.

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But the most important thing that will bring me closer to Allah

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if the knowledge and I want you to really pay attention to this word, if I am studying Islamic Studies, and I became a half year one, and I have a PhD in Islamic Studies, and it did not bring me close to Allah, I became more or arrogant, I look down at people, I am defensive, I think I am perfect. Okay, how dare someone say something about me, then everything I learned is useless.

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That knowledge, which knowledge I need to learn, and I'm struggling to get to, that means that will bring me closer to Allah. That will lead me to more love of Allah and fear and will give me more reverence and all of Allah. That's the goal.

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I love him more. I am so scared a lot of his punishment. I am scared that he's not happy with me. That's a love relationship.