Akram Nadwi – How to deal with people who harm Islam, Protests and Islamophobia

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of protests on society, including causing people to become angry and feel sad. They suggest that protesting is not a means of achieving political gain, as it can lead to negative consequences. The speaker also mentions the use of media and media practices to highlight issues and create fear in people.
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You're not telling me really in your house is somebody's mistake, what you do in a salt protest would explain, if your son, your daughter, your sister, they do something around, whatever they do not respect the car properly, or they do something they do not play properly, uncover the head, whatever to do. I went to the protest march and in a certain newspaper, and you got to help them to understand if somebody you know, in any part of the world, they make a cartoon or get the parcel on his

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door to make a bigger thing. You know, if you have any access to that person, if that to him that you know, he's a respected person, you know, you should not do to anybody, especially when you're building your profit, if you accept the $5 exit midwifery. But when you make protests in marketing, people enjoy it more than Oh, it hurts Muslims do more. When it hurts some people, they will become more more happy. That will say in the classroom, sometimes certain things hurt certain tools, then there is because people keep saying those things again, again, you become more and more angry. And those who don't take notice, nothing happens. Now, everybody knows the world, the best thing is that

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upset muscles, they'll protest in March, you become famous in the world. write a book about Islam, you can ignore these books, they have no value. And then how the plants could fall down a shocking turn away from them, could leave them or leave them I will deal with them. Caracas, c'mon, ignore them, leave them at home, leave with them, I will deal with them. And now we want to deal with them. Not right at the very beginning, this will have hardened we have so much in Islam become very negative all over the world. If somebody doesn't like that, don't do anything, just ignore the problem will finish. Or actually when you protest, what happens? They stop because it'll become

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bigger and bigger. That I said to the police, somebody a woman said to me, she's working now against Islamophobia to essentially start working did increase or decrease. You know, it keeps increasing prices why working? There is the wrong thing anyway, you know, do something else. You keep working on these issues. It keeps reoccurring. The work is something else.

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You don't see when people's vote is broken. Do you watch the place versus broken? past there was something else?

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The worst was written by someone else you wash your face, or do you break from somewhere else, but you for something else? When you see a problem. Cure isn't very secure is not in that problem. You don't help people on their journey. It's a symptom. It's a symptom, there's a problem. Find out the real cause. You deal with it. But you want to give the symptom. It never can work. Muslims do this mistake all the time because we follow symbols just just we are not real Muslims are really strong something else. The prophets never did like that. They ignored this problem.

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It really big men have a sincere modesty. I hit all these protests really. Since this case happened in 2530 years now. I see my memory really hard without so much since then I never unlike any purpose any mark, any inner condemnation that something somebody who had less contempt make a statement the newspaper or useless. You have two sentences. Other ways to do if you want to stop killing something as a need to do if you want people to push people to build something as severe of protest and mass or distinct, they just waste of time. Actually they are more than they do. Most of them will be more horrible.

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