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Allahu Akbar

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as hadoo Allah

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Illa Illa Allah

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ash had to

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Ash Haddow and Nemo ham murder rasuluh

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as Heather and Nemo hum Delroy Zulu or

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how you either saw allah

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how you either Salah

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how your island

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how your island with

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a low IQ bottle

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hiya ALEC is out there all the Mustafa de Samia Sumati Kabira tion, Jelly will Kaduna raffia Vickery matar limited your legal berghahn for him in Izmir Brasilia Amy was in the Cathedral of fraud. Jimmy Lisanna Aegis Zilla aka image GB dua Amelia Hassan, serene Hey savvy Shadi delay kabhi le mila Darby Aziza soupon when I shall do a la ilaha illallah wa the hula Cedi Color Fill Hello Okay, well when a shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah who rasuluh

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I remember also ill as for the Willa Nara and minority we shudder Hey, so they were very Vic was sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was Harvey Alladhina whom hola SatoLA tabula rasa. Welcome to holla at boggle MBR I'm about to do for ya Yohannes Wahidullah for in that cell Hiratsuka RT What's up Allah say netzach Allah Mila Koolhaas Annette, while a combi sunnah famous Sunita daddy Lolita. Woman artha Allahu wa Sula, who *a Russia watada. What yacon will be the final be the utter daddy Elon Marcia. Warming Arcilla Hawara Sula, who vaca dava la vaca Allah Wa alaykum Bill Sun fading Allah Hibben merci Marcin with the roofer in whom he would die in was sofiero Whom did it can be a

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Malinois burnin arugula human a shaytani R rajim. What's a coup fitna? Tala to see button Alladhina wala Moomin casa.

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Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran.

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He tells us to be very mindful,

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to be very alert, and to be very conscious and deliberate.

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When there are moments when there are times of what Allah refers to as Pfitzner

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what's called fitna 10 Love to see Banda Latina Avila woman comparsa

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that there will be these times of fitna

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that will not only afflict the guilty, but they are moments. They are situations that will test everyone.

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The word fits not in the Arabic language, the origin of the word, it refers to fire, heat, intense heat, and specifically, it would make reference to when a blacksmith heats up the iron to be able to purify it and mold it into something

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useful, that intensity, that heat that fire the furnace was referred to as fitna.

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And over time, the Arabs, even in ancient Arab times before Islam, Jackie Liga, they started using that term it became used out of fun within the meaning of difficult times and situations trial and tribulation.

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And then the Quran affirmed this usage where Allah subhanaw taala use it like in the verse that I just mentioned.

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Allah subhanaw taala is telling us to be to have Taqwa

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when it comes to these situations of fitna. Now what does it mean to have taqwa in difficult times? Allah subhanaw taala explains it to us in the Quran.

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In surah, hasher surah number 59. This is a sutra that was revealed in the early part of the muddiman period.

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And this is a time where typically when we think about hardship, and difficulty, we think of the mucking period. And justifiably so.

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But the trial and tribulation of the early muddiman period was a lot more complex,

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it was a lot more challenging. And it was challenging on multiple fronts. It wasn't just a very clear cut issue, that this is the enemy. And this is the challenge, and therefore this is how you manage it. This is how you navigate it. But the challenges in the early muddiman period, were extremely difficult, and very, very challenging.

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There were there were still the external enemy

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of the Quraysh, who were still launching attacks, and were waging war against the prophets, Allah the salam in the Muslim community, the fledgling Muslim community of Medina, you had the Jewish tribes that resided in and around Medina, in which the relationship with which was becoming more and more complicated by day by day, you had the incident, but no final card, the incident banana lead, and the incident of banal Korea was yet to occur. But the point is, now you have a neighbor that is, at least at some level, supposed to be an ally, and that relationship has become challenging. And then you had maybe the most confusing your perplexing of all of them. And that was that you now have

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a pocket and you have a segment,

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a small group, within your own myths amongst your own ranks.

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That on the surface is saying and doing all the right things.

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But behind the scenes, they are conspiring against you and trying to sabotage you from within.

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And so you have all these different on top of that all the other challenges as well. People in Medina are so starving.

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There's not enough clothes to cover them properly, there's not enough food to feed them properly. In the initial days in Medina, there wasn't even enough clean access to clean water for people to be able to drink.

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And so you have all these challenging challenges coming together.

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And now you have to navigate it.

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And the recommendation, the method in which to navigate it Allah refers to it as Taqwa.

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Now, what does that exactly mean? So in Surah, harsher, Allah subhanaw taala elaborated on this. Yeah, you have Latina amanotes Akula Oh, you who believe be conscious of God.

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First and foremost, stop whatever it is that you're doing. Take a brief pause in a brief moment. Sometimes we get so caught up in just moving and going and that is a very important trait and characteristic. Why? Because obviously, we don't want paralysis by analysis. We don't want to procrastinate, but there is a such thing as being way too hasty and too reactionary to anything and everything. So Allah subhanaw taala, saying before you do anything else, even if it's a minute, even if it is a moment, take a minute, take a moment and sit down and focus and put Allah subhanaw taala at the forefront of your process your thought process and keep Allah subhanaw taala in mind

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that what are the blessings of Allah upon me? What has Allah asked of me in this moment in situation? What would be pleasing to Allah? What would be displeasing to Allah? Think of Allah first and for first and foremost.

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Number two, well tongue though Neph soon macdemid lira din

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and then let every single soul focus on their salvation.

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So that is not as a lot of times we hear in different conversations. This is not to supersede, or to undermine, or to negate any other efforts. But this is just simply saying that I at the same time while I do all the other efforts, I need to think about my own soul and the salvation of my own soul. Otherwise, there are many, many oppressed who later on went on to become the oppressors themselves. And that is what happens when you focus on a task or a mission, but there is no concern for one's own soul. Because if I sell my soul in the process, if I lose myself along the way, if I adopt shape on as my Lord and my master, on the course of this action, then what do I look like on

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the other side of it?

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Even when Allah subhanaw taala told the believers defend yourselves. In Medina, Allah said, Lena Linda Dena yukata, Luna began to whom fully moved, defend yourself. You've been attacked, you've been killed, you've been oppressed, defend yourself. At the end of it. Allah says Allah Deena in McKinna home, Phil early, but you got to make sure that when all this is said and done, and when you've won the war, and everything is over, and you are the victors you have succeeded accom was Salatu was Zakka.

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Will you be people who pray to Allah and give charity Well, I'm going to build my roof you wanna who Anil Mancha and you will enjoin good and forbid evil? Will you be those people?

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And Earth madam, no, I found out the Allahu Taala and who

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he said that Eduardo Pablo Wafaa, that you first have to make the commitment and the promise, and then it is fulfilled. And you refer to this verse, we had to be mindful and put in the thought, and the work to make sure that when we came out as victors on the other end, that we would be dutiful, and that we would be correct and deserving and worthy of that victory. And so here Allah is saying, Welcome to Nelson, every soul should think about what it is sending forward for tomorrow, we'll have the HUD who is your milk Yama, it is the day of judgment.

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It is a Day of Judgment, what have I done.

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And then in this, even cathedra am Allah Bucha Allah also mentioned how the wild didn't even want me name. This is a promise for the believers because of believers that are striving and struggling, the oppressed the muslimeen

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who are striving and struggling and persisting and surviving, like our brothers and sisters in the USA, this is a promise for them.

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But he also said well, how that were Aidan little caffeine, I wasn't gonna 15 But this is also a warning for the oppressors for the disbelievers, for the hypocrites. Let you should really think about

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what you will have to account for what you will have to answer for and what you will have to face in the hereafter for the deeds that you are doing. And then once again, Allah says what took Allah and then again be mindful of Allah subhanaw taala. Repeatedly

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thinking about Allah reflecting upon Allah going back to Allah, in Allah hubiera will be much ormolu Allah subhanaw taala is fully knowing of everything that you do be my Yama be mata maluna.

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What you are doing and what they are doing, Allah is fully aware of all of it.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala tells us well, that's a cool new Kaladin and Azula and some info so do not be like those people that when they forgot about Allah, when they forgot about what's right and wrong, when they forgot about what is correct and what is incorrect, what is truth, what is falsehood when they forgot all of that, and sovereign and Fusa, whom Allah caused them to forget themselves.

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They would not recognize the monsters that they have become, the demons that they have become,

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will likely go home will fasciae cone and when that happens to someone, someone forgets Allah, and Allah causes them to even forget themselves, and who they are supposed to be and what they're supposed to stand for, and what was right and what was wrong and what was true and what was not like a human faster than those people, they now truly start to exist outside of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and facile whom alpha is one of the linguistic kind of significance is of how Allah says this is Allah says this in the nominal form, an attribute a characteristic and equality. They are not just for this moment outside of them.

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Mercy of Allah, they exist, they live, and may Allah protect us all. But for all of eternity, they will be devoid of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And then Allah subhanaw taala consoles the believers, because by by nature of even the word fitna, that's why we started their fire, heat intensity. It's not supposed to be easy. It is challenging, it is difficult.

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Allah subhanaw taala provides a constellation that we can never be confused or deterred or demoralized. In the moment, like is that we as Hubble Nadi, was horrible Jannetty

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never will these two groups of people be equal, not in this world, not in this life, and especially not in the life of the hereafter, and they are the people of doomed and destined to go to hell, and the people that are promised and will be entered into paradise, they will never be the same, they will never be equal. And again, the linguistic interesting nuance, typically Allah subhanaw taala mentions the people of paradise before he mentioned the people of hell. But here Allah mentions that people have held before the people of Paradise because of the sternness of the warning.

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And in that moment, when bad people are doing bad things.

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Again, like we said, they forget Allah, they forget themselves, they forget everything. And they become diluted by the moment, and they become drunk with power, and crazy with control.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala is waking them up. And the believers in that moment, a lot of times feel very, can feel people who are oppressed, rather, I should say, can feel very demoralized, and defeated. So Allah again, starts by calling out their oppressors like us that we, as Hollywood Nadi, was hobbled agenda. They are not the same, they are not equal, they will never be equal, as How will Jannetty human isn't the people of paradise, they are the ones who again, Allah says in in the nominal form, they are eternally successful,

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eternal success is promised to them.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala tells us that a way to keep oneself strong through the journey through the process, how do we remain strong, because it's very easy for me to stand here and preach it? It's too easy.

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Right, just moving your mouth and just talking is very easy. But living it day in day out, is extremely difficult.

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The Sahaba Radi Allahu taala. And we used to talk about this, there were the there were those Saburo Lunella Walloon, who sacrifice in the early days. And then you had the 10s of 1000s flocking to Medina, in the Amu food the year of the delegations.

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And they would say you don't realize and understand.

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There's a narration that was sent off of Abdullah zakat mentions that in some of the battles Yamama are one of the battles during the time of the companions after the time that the prophets Allah Salam, there's a Senior Companion of the Prophet so some from the early days, and he's standing in the front line as a battle is about to begin. And there's a young, strong, energetic enthusiastic young Muslim standing next to him

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who's you know who came later.

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And they look across the battlefield that the enemy and the enemy is greater in number. A lot better equipped. Think of like button,

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arm from head to toe.

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And they're, they're about to begin the battle at the mid morning time when the sun is high.

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And he looks across

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and he says that, like your oil, Hadid

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All I see is metal.

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All I see is metal.

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Like it looks like we're about to fight like a machine.

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And he feels a little the young man says

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and the old frail Sahabi

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he looks over to the young man and he says La La caja de de la de Ville Islam. Let me guess you're new aren't you?

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Let me guess you're new, aren't you?

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son. We've been here before.

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We see things differently.

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And so we need to keep that perspective. It's very difficult and challenging. And the thing that will help us main perspective maintain the perspective Allah says an eye number 21 Lo and Santa has Allah Khurana Allah Javelin

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no matter how daunting the odds may be

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The odds are not as daunting as all the greatest mountains of the world. But if this Quran was revealed upon the greatest mountains of the world, Allah javelin, Kala huben next year,

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opened it up all the mountains of the world combined. If this Quran was revealed upon all the mountains of the world combined, Lara Atia who has Yan Moto, said the Ironman Hashem Allah, you will see those mountains shake and tremble and then disintegrate into dust from the fear of Allah subhanaw taala. So no matter how daunting our odds are,

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in front of this Quran, and the hope that it gives us the emaan that it builds in us, the faith and the hope that it provides to us the perspective that it gives us. It's nothing.

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And Allah says what typical unthaw will not deliver holiness. These are the examples and Allah says it up. This one's already revealed. But Allah says it in the active form. We are giving it to you over and over and over and over and over and over again to the people constantly renewing, constantly refreshing

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the eye out that were revealed

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at the time of the Zab for 1400 years, every single time. And even now every single time the Ummah has gone through tragedy, and difficulty and adversity has been able to revisit so number 33 Surah Al Azhar

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and find hope and perspective and courage within it.

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No matter when or where the Ummah found itself and the odds were stacked against it. They've been able to go back to the hotel and fall and solar Italia Imran

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and find courage through the eye out about the Battle of butter. Whenever heartache

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has come upon this OMA they've been able to refer back to some hotelier Imran

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and walk through the ayat about a hood and the tragedy in the aftermath of Orford

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and they found comfort and consolation within it. telecoil and Zulu Natori boo Ha, we are actively providing it to the people. Now I love them yet for karoun. But it's not just simply to adorn our walls, or to be recited at our occasions. Lala karoun We have to learn it. We have to understand it. We have to sit there with the translation and read it. We have to think about it and ponder it.

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And then lastly, Allah subhanaw taala, the last three ayat of surah, Al Hashem,

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that are very beautiful verses there are numerous narration from the Companions about how they used to find strength and courage within these last three verses, so go to Hashem. And they would recite them every single day. Morning and evening. I'm delivering ibis, I'm delivering Massoud, but not the Allahu taala, on whom they talk about reciting these verses every day. And finding so much hope and strength in these verses. Because it reminds us ultimately who we are putting our faith and trust in who Allah will lead the La ilaha illa who He is Allah, there's absolutely positively no one nothing worthy of worship, veneration, devotion, dedication, except for him. Alright, he will have AB what

00:23:32--> 00:23:40

shahada he is the complete knower of everything that is unseen, what is to come were shahada and what is happening today?

00:23:42--> 00:24:35

Allah knows what's happening today. But Allah also knows what tomorrow brings, who are Rahman Rahim and He is the Most Merciful and constantly benevolent and compassionate. Who Allah who led the La ilaha illa who He is Allah. There's no one worthy of our worship than him. Who al Malik. He is the owner of everything, the king of everything. Allah produce, he is pure, holy, sacred sovereign, a Salam. He is the grantor of peace, a movement. He is the grantor of security and helps us to maintain our faith he will never break his promise to us and more Haman. He is watching over everyone and everything and keeping the track and a record of everything everyone has to answer to

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him as his he's mighty dominant algebra, his will is dominant over everyone else's will like we seem to do our well against the other gentleman culture do no one's will stand a chance in front of the will and the decree of Allah

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forbid and he is superior to everything and anything all of it put together.

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Subhan Allah, Allah Allah, Allah is perfect, above and beyond any other associations made to him.

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Who Allah, He is Allah a Holic. He's the one who created us Albury from nothing and Musa with into the exact specific form that we have liquid Asma UL Husna and all of these beautiful names and attributes only and solely belong to Allah. You set the Hulagu, Matheson, Marathi well, and everything in the heavens and the earth praises and glorifies Him. Well, I can let a Hoonah to say hello, we just don't hear we don't understand their praises and glorification. Beautiful FCD mominul Rahim Allahu Taala says that when you hear the leaves rustling in the wind, rustling in the wind, that is the praise of Allah subhanaw taala when you hear the raindrops on your roof, that is the

00:25:57--> 00:26:22

praise and the glorification of Allah subhanaw taala the birds chirping in the morning, the insects making noises at night. All of that is the praise and the glorification of Allah, everything praising glorifies Him. And what's bizarre is that the most blessed, gifted what a word we use privileged creation of Allah, the human being

00:26:23--> 00:26:24

is the one that forgets

00:26:25--> 00:26:29

what will as he's lacking, and Allah is almighty and why

00:26:30--> 00:26:49

that has has the plant of Allah unfolded this way. Al Hakim because Allah is the Possessor of all wisdom, and only Allah knows his wisdom. Baraka Laguna welcome Philip Qurani labin whenever anyone yeah can be like it with the hacking software Allah Holly welcome Melissa Luc mean for such hero in the whole of

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hina Madhu who wanna sir I know who won as some of you who were not meant to be he went to LA when I oh the villa human surely and fusina Woman sejati Alma Nina mejor de la la medulla when when you leave for la ha de Allah.

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When Allah ilaha illallah Hua hula shady color when I shall do under Mohammed under the hood rasuluh call allah sallallahu as he gets older he'll Majeed bounder only bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. In Allah Azza wa Mala Equateur who you saw Luna Allah Nabi, you Hello Dina Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with a slimmer Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad in Africa Rasool ik wa salam ala mode meaning minute while you see me and I will miss CMAT robotic ala Sayidina Muhammad where Allah is watching you with Realty Allah is Al Islam al Muslimeen Allah Humann Sunil islam al Muslimeen Allah Medina wa DB now what's your unknown suburban eliminator? Allah Marina Allah decree cover Shoukry cover her

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say about the tick Allah Massena RP but to not fill him with equally urgent Nam In his you dunya Guadalajara Hola, como Fipronil limiter Haibo Tata la wa SallAllahu Taala Linda began carrying kala Allahu Allah Allah in the La Jolla

00:28:16--> 00:28:31

Shaniwar IJA either way in Highland fascia you will monkey will blink your eye to Kamala Allah culture the karoun oath Corolla has gotta come with whether or who your cibula come whether the Corolla he Akbar, Allahu Allah Allah Mamata sound of the masala